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i have another request to do but this was something i ended up drawing on my own haha. ive been reading a lot of su criticism and it’s been v interesting, and lapis seems to get adressed a lot. ppl rly appreciate beta lapis so i thought about redesigning her resembling that version and expressing more personality with her design + experimenting with shapes. for her i decided to go with a tear drop theme. it still needs adjustments as i figure out how to draw her fast and consistently so her forehead might get a little smaller but otherwise im very glad with this design! i honestly wanted to draw something so that was rly nice

i made her darker and with gold accents for personal taste, with darker muted and less saturated blues going along with her depressed and mostly negative personality, and the splash of bright gold to go show her bits of her that are funny, silly and light-hearted.  i imagined her freckles would show up dark when corrupted, lighting up gold once steven healed her. they might even glow when shes really happy one day! and for the rest of her i decided to focus on more rounded long shapes.

Just Do It

Idk if you’ll write smut but I have a request if you will.  A very nervous, virgin reader is with a very confident Spencer for the first time.  He’s gently and makes her feel all kinds of things.

I can most certainly do this!  Here is your smutty one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Sighing as you walk into your studio, you drop your go bag and head for the kitchen.  The case had been a tough one, and one that you ultimately couldn’t weigh in on.

After all, you can’t knowledgeably talk about sex if you’ve never experienced it.

You remember the chuckles and wide eyes from Morgan, and the pitiful glances from Hotch and Rossi.  You remember the questions from the girls.

But most of all?  You remember the constant confusion from Reid.

You kept asking him why he looked so confused.  You kept repeating the fact that he needed to go to someone else with his questions, because even though you two always worked as partners, you knew nothing of sex and, therefore, couldn’t answer his questions on what the women were feeling.

And as the kills became more and more sexual, and the journal entries became more and more descriptive, you ended up excusing yourself from the case.

“Call me if a crossword puzzle without a penis pops up,” were your exact words.

And now?  You were standing in the middle of your one person studio, tears streaming down your face as you recount the unfamiliar feelings and terminology that had flown around your ears all week.

The women were always brought to orgasm before being killed.

Their bodies were positioned in various sexual positions.

Doggy style seemed to be his favorite enactment.

Sighing as you open your eyes, the darkness of your apartment flooding your irises, you hear a light knock at your door.


Furrowing your brow as you walk over to the door, you slowly crack it open and take stock of the tall, slender Spencer standing on your porch.

“Can I come in?”

Moving past, not bothering to wipe your tears as he slowly snakes in, you shut your door as you turn around, his hands jammed into his work pants pockets as you take in a deep breath.

“What do you want, Spencer?” you breathe.

As silence permeates the room, you feel him step closer to you, his breath audible to your ears as he searches for the right words.

“How have you never had sex?” he asks, barely abouve a whisper.

“Thanks,” you mumble, shoving past him and starting for your kitchen.

“No,” he says, grabbing your arm and whirling you around, “I-I…I didn’t mean that as harsh as it came out.  I just…”

Turning towrds him, the anger in your reddened eyes striking him hard, he furrows his brow in sorrow as he brings his free hand up, wiping away at your tears as you sniffle lightly.

“You’re just so…incredible,” he says, his eyes scanning you as you cock your head lightly.

“I’ve just never…found someone that I dated that I trusted enough,” you say matter-of-factly.

Watching him nod as he lets your arm go, you take a step forward, your hand reaching out for his face as you slowly guide his gaze to yours.

“But it’s about time?  Isn’t it?”

“Not if you’re not ready,” Spencer counters, his eyes filling with worry, “don’t make this case pressure you to do something you’re not ready to do.”

But he didn’t step away.

“Do you think I’m pretty, Spencer?” you ask, your voice light and hopeful.

“Oh, yes,” he breathes, his eyes twinkling in the darkness of the room as you snicker lightly.

As he searches your eyes, the gears in his head churning and creaking as he debates on what to do, a light smile crosses his face as he nuzzles into the palm of your hand.

“If trust is an issue, I could-”

Stopping himself as he swallows hard, you lay your head on his chest as he brings his hand to your hair, the fingertips on his lanky fingers slowly caressing the skin on your neck.

Taking a deep breath as you stand up on your tiptoes, you slowly place your lips against his in what would be your first kiss, the sensation warming your face as you feel his hand drop lowly on your waist.

Feeling him place his other hand on your cheek, he guides your face back to his, his head lobbing off to the side as he slides his tongue into the cavern of your mouth, your hesitant tongue trying to figure out the dance as he drops his hand, his arms drawing you in close as your palms press against his chest.

Feeling his lips trail lightly down your neck, you feel the skin on your arms pucker up as you breathe out a content sigh, your hands traveling to his hair, exploring his back, and digging into his shoulders as you try to find a position that suits the two of you.

Feeling his teeth lightly rake over the crook of your neck, a light whimper escapes your lips as your eyes widen, your lips curling up into a smile as you chuckle at yourself.

Feeling Spencer pull back, his eyes find yours as a smile upticks on his face.

“Everything alright?” he asks.

“Yeah, just…that sound.  It…”

“…wasn’t intentional?” he asks.

“Yeah,” you say, giggling as you tuck a strand of hair behind your ear.

“If you want…we could, uh…”

Searching his face as you step back, your feet slowly guiding you towards the couch, you find your body sinking down as you pat the cushion beside you, Spencer kicking off his shoes as he hurries over and sits down, his hand on your knee as he leans back in and kisses you furiously, your hands flying to his hair as he slowly pushes your back down onto the couch.

Feeling his hand trail up your leg, you feel a fire start churning within your pelvis.  A sensation you weren’t familiar with.

But you didn’t want it to stop.

As his fingers find their way up your dress, he stops just shy of the cotton material of your panties, his hands hesitant on their next move as he breaks the teeth-clattering kiss, his breath coming in heaves as he searches your eyes.

“Just do it,” you whisper, your eyes pleading with him.

Watching as he dips his head into the crook of your neck, his breath hot as his fingers find their way to the side of your panties, you feel the fabric being pushed to the side as his teeth find your pulse point, a groan emanating from your throat as your eyes roll into the back of your head, his fingers dancing in your new-found wetness as his lips trail back up to yours.

“Please tell me if you get uncomfortable,” he murmurs against your mouth, his tongue darting out to slide across the roof of your mouth as your leg twitches.

Your mouth swallowed his chuckle at your reaction.

Feeling his fingers swipe up and down your slit, you brace as he slowly inches one of his long fingers in, your legs beginning to shake as you squirm at the unfamiliar sensation.

“Let me know when you’re alright,” he breathes, his lips close to your ear as your chest heaves against his.

Nodding quickly, you feel him swirl it around, your body jumping as he scrapes along the roof of your swollen walls.

“Now for two…” he whispers.

Feeling his hand shift, you whimper as he pulls his finger out, only for your eyes to widen quickly as he inserts two of his beautiful fingers inside of you, working his soft skin against you as he expands and contracts his digits, attempting to strech you out without pain.

Grunting and whimpering, he shoots his head up to you as his eyes connect with yours, his mind whirling as his brows furrow.

“Are you alright?” he asks.

“Yeah,” you whimper, letting out the breath you were holding, “yeah, I’m good.”

“Do you want to stop?” he asks, his eyes flickering between your two beautiful E/C ones.

“No,” you breathe, shaking your head vigorously as your hands fly to his cheeks, pulling him in for a crashing kiss.

“Please don’t stop,” you whisper against his lips.

Feeling his right arm snake around, bracing your lower back as he helps you elevate your hips, his left hand begins to pump slowly as you feel his thumb exploring, the pad of his finger finally knocking against something as your body jumps.

“Hoooo, my god,” you whisper.

“There we go,” he groans, his thumb finding that sensitive bundle again as he begins to work it in slow circles, your lips forming a tight “O” as your hands fly to his hair involuntarily, gripping it tight as he buries his face into the crook of your neck.

As mewls and whimpers escape your throat, you find your hips bucking against his hand, his lips drawing pictures against your neck as his tongue darts in and out, his teeth grazing over the protruding vein in your neck as you squirm and buck underneath him.

“Let it wash over you,” he whispers, his breath hot on your skin as your hands travel down his back.

“Oh, god,” you breathe, “Oh, Spencer…”

And all at once, your eyes fly open as your jaw unhinges, locking in place as a primal yell escapes your mouth, your back arching as you feel Spencer’s free hand place itself right between your shoulder blades, supporting your body as your walls clench around his fingers, your core convulsing as his lips trail kisses down your sternum, his face burying itself into your bouncing chest as your hands reach out and grip the parts of the couch that you could find.

And just like that, your body drops, your chest heaving and your lips panting as your legs continue to shake with Spencer thrusting his fingers a few more times, causing your leg to twitch once more as he smiles before removing his hand, wiping it on a stray blanket slung over your couch before finding your lips once again with his, catching them in a deep, warm, slow kiss as he feeds off of your oxygen.

“Oh, my god,” you breathe as your hands fly to your hair, moving it from your face as you find Spencer’s gaze, his body sitting on the opposite end of th couch as he surveys your flushed, crooked, exposed form.

“Beautiful,” he says, a smile broadening on his face as you blush, covering your face with your hands.

Throwing your legs over the side of the couch as Spencer helps you to sit up, you feel his hand rubbing your back comfortingly as you peek out at him from between your fingers, giggling embarrassingly as he slowly reaches out and pulls your hands from your face.

“Y/N, can I be honest with you?” he asks.

“Of course,” you say, furrowing your brow as you turn towards him.

“I…I don’t feel comfortable taking your virginity,” he says.

Nodding lightly as you sigh, you dip your head as you fiddle with your fingernails.

“It’s alright, no one really is,” you say.

“You just…you deserve someone to wine you and dine you.  Someone who cherishes you, and cares for you.  Someone who trusts you as much as you trust them…who will be careful and not lose himself in the moment until he knows that you won’t be hurt.”

Smiling through your tears as you watch them drop onto the couch, you sniff lightly as Spencer crooks his finger under your chin and raises your gaze.

“Sounds wonderful,” you say sarcastically.

“All of this to say…” he says as he eyes you, his knuckles coming up and wiping away your tears, “will you go out with me to dinner tomorrow night?”

And as a broad smile creeps across your face, you giggle as Spencer leans his forehead into yours, his nose nuzzling the tip of yours lightly.

“I would love to,” you whisper.


Caroline sighed as she watched the picture of her and Klaus rhythmically bounce against the bedroom wall. How Katherine could keep up that pace was anyone’s guess. Caroline could only ride Klaus for so long before they switched up positions. And how did she know that the banging was due to a type of sexual position that Elijah and Katherine were currently in causing Katherine’s bed to slam against the wall? Why from the banging of course. Elijah was always a little more cognizant of the fact that Caroline and Katherine shared a bedroom wall. Where Katherine didn’t give a shit.

Caroline was honestly still amazed at the relationship between Elijah and Katherine. Elijah was this polite, suited, well mannered gentleman and Katherine was a brash party girl vixen who could out swear a sailor. You would think that the two of them together would never work, but somehow it did. Caroline attributed the relationship to the fact Elijah was a gentleman in the streets and a freak in the sheets - at least that is how Katherine described him.

Shifting against Klaus she nuzzled his shoulder as she pulled herself tighter against him, the front of her body flush against his side. He had one arm around her shoulders holding her close while his other hand was pillowed under his head. Klaus turned his gaze from bouncing picture to Caroline’s face that was bathed in moonlight.

Caroline sighed again as she looked up and met Klaus eyes.

“Why do they never stay the night at Elijah’s?”

“Kol.” Klaus answered simply. At Caroline’s confused look he expanded on his answer. “Whenever Elijah and Katherine are having sex, Kol will bang on the wall and start making moaning noises.”

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