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First Day of School (Feysand + Nessian)

@highlady-of-slytherin asked: “ OMG YES MORE FAMILY FICS!!! They are so good like I can read them all day!!!! How about dropping off the kids at school for the first time?? I LOVE YOU AND YOUR FICS 💕💕”


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Stopping under the shadow of an oak tree, I scanned the mass of students and parents that filled the courtyard. A few faces I recognized from frequent nights around Velaris, but many more were brand new. My back went rigid as my mind whirled. So many unknowns made me nervous- any one of them could be an enemy in disguise, waiting to strike-


Nesta’s sweet voice broke through my rising panic, her fingers working to uncurl my clenched fists. My eyes darted around me, accounting for Feyre, Rhys, Oryn, and Konane. The two young boys were laughing together, clearly not the slightest bit nervous about the day ahead. I sighed, relieved, and let Nesta take my hand.

“I’m sorry, I just get worried,” I murmured, thumb tracing circles on her smooth skin. She smiled up at me, reaching up on her tiptoes to kiss my cheek.

“He’ll be fine,” she reassured me, turning back to where Konane and Oryn were talking with Feyre and Rhys. Nesta’s sister appeared to be entirely calm and collected, but Rhys on the other hand, appeared to be moments away from sobbing like a baby.

I called our son over, crouching down to look him in the eye. He fidgeted on his feet, chock full of restless energy. He never had been able to sit still; he always had to be moving, whether it be shaking his leg, playing with the tiny ring adorning his thumb… I smiled at him, resting my hands on his shoulders.

“Now remember what I told you-“

Dad, I know.” Konane pushed my hands off his shoulders and rolled his grey blue eyes. I rose a brow at him skeptically, and he parroted my earlier words. “Be nice to the teachers, don’t pick fights, stand up for the little guy.” I smiled proudly, hugging him tight.

“It’s the first day of school. I’m not leaving you forever, just eight hours.” Gods, he could be so dramatic sometimes, and I couldn’t keep the grin from my face as I hugged him once more.

“I know, buddy,” I said, glancing over at Feyre and Rhys, the latter of which had tears in his eyes as he hugged their son, Oryn. Rhys caught my eye and blinked back the moisture, and I gave him a watery smile.

Nesta bent to hug Konane as well. “Be careful, my darling,” she murmured, fingers fretting over his thick curls. She had tried her best to tame them this morning, but they were already beginning to frizz at the edges.

“Mom!” he protested, swatting at her hand. “Stop fussing! I look fine.” His small gray wings rustled in agitation and he backed up a step. “Don’t embarrass me when you pick me up, okay?” Konane smiled brightly, retreating another step as Oryn ran over and waved. I waved back before wagging my finger at the duo.

“Don’t cause any trouble, got it?” Oryn laughed, slinging an arm over Konane’s shoulders.

“Who, us? Never.” The warning bell buzzed, and both boys startled at the loud ringing.

Feyre and Rhys joined us, and Feyre beamed at the children. “Go on, you two. Best not be late on your first day!” The boys bounded up the steps, stopping one last time outside the doors to wave goodbye.

“Elain and Lucien are luck that Selene isn’t old enough for school yet,” Rhys remarked, hiccupping lightly. He wiped a tear from his violet eye, and Feyre rubbed his back comfortingly.

Nesta rested her head on my shoulder, my arm wrapping around her waist. “I miss them already,” she remarked, swiping at her eyes. Feyre chuckled lightly, leaning into her mate and kissing his wet cheek.

“How are you so okay with this?” I asked her, nervousness roiling in my gut. Sure, the boys could take care of themselves, and no one would dare tease or harm them, not when everyone knew who their parents were.

“They’ve got it covered,” she said, turning to smile at us. “And besides, I’ve already talked to each of their teachers. I can check in anytime I want.” She tapped her temple and raised a brow. I tipped my head back and laughed.

“Why am I not surprised?” Rhys murmured, kissing his wife’s hair lovingly. Feyre shrugged, snaking her arm around his middle and starting down the sidewalk. Nesta sighed, threading our fingers together and following them.

“You think he’ll be okay?” Her blue grey eyes- the ones that Konane had inherited- beseeched me. I could read the fear in them, worrying that our son would be teased and prodded as she had been when she was young.

Shaking my head, I whispered, “He’ll be fine. He’s got Oryn, and those two can charm anyone into being their friend.” Nesta chuckled lightly, her shoulders relaxing.

“I guess you’re right.”

“I’m sorry, can I get that in writing?” I grinned at her pointed look.

“No, you can’t. And don’t get used to it, that’s the only time I’ll admit it!”

on a scale of september 30th to november 30th, how much do you want to drop out of school and live the rest of your life in a tent, evading authorities and enjoying the moonlight with a canine companion and a harmonica?

because for me the level of “i’m done with this” is about the same, from september to november, but i’m always interested in how other people live their lives. 

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A middle/ending scene to some random sanvers au I thought of.


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good for the soul 

  • Jungkook: Have you ever noticed how eyelashes are supposed to keep stuff out of your eye but whenever there’s something in your eye it’s usually an eyelash?
  • Jungkook: How eye-ronic.
  • Jimin: …You have spent way too much time with Jin-Hyung...