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Break Down

So here is a langsty idea: Lance finally breaking down but at something small 


Lance sits, cross-legged opposite of Blue. He was holding a paintbrush dipped in polish to her claws.

He diy’ed some polish and made it to be highly resistant to damage. Swords? Lasers? Bullets? Not a crack in sight. It was tougher than nails.

“If only it could help with my self esteem right, Blue?” She raises a mental eyebrow, unimpressed by the joke. He chuckles.

“A few more strokes…”

“…and…we are… done.

Lance leans back grinning as he admires his work. Nicely done. Sky blue was definitely her colour. Blue thrums in agreement.

Lance had waltzed into her hangar a few hours ago declaring that it was spa day. He had spent it repairing, cleaning, and buffing out the dents in Blue.

This wasn’t a rare occurrence. They would usually do this every once a week or after a mission that leaves her badly wrecked.

He does it with joy. He does it remembering the days on Earth cleaning the heck out of his house with his family.

But today he was doing it as a distraction.

Blue knows.

“You are sad.”

A loud metal clang echoes throughout the room. Lance winces.

He was so caught off guard by the blunt statement that he dropped the metal lid used cover the container full of paint.

The floor was blue.

Why can’t you do anything right?’

“Fuck,” He cursed under his breath. Everything building up from the past week spilled over at the minor inconvenience.

`Seventh Wheel.’

Fuck,” A tear threatened to fall, prickling at the corner of his eye. This wasn’t suppose to be a big deal. This wasn’t suppose to set him off. The lid rolled away from his grasp as he tried to pick it up.

‘You should be more like Keith.”

FUCK,” He gave up chasing the lid, choosing to slam his leg into the metal can and it flew into the air and across the room.

He could almost catch a glimpse of the bright sky back on Earth. It fell back down, wet against his face like rain.

The paint stung.


Every breathy gasp held frustration. He repeats the word over and over until the it was strange on his lips. He basked in the bittersweet relief it gave him.

“Lance,” something in Blue`s voice grounded him, A soothing hum reaches out, washing over him through the bond. “Breath.”

He stops.

Inhale. Exhale.

His pulse evens out

Lance paused for a good few ticks before proceeding to lie flat on his back on the floor. The only thing that reached his ears were the ocean waves hitting against rocks through their bond. He stayed like that for awhile; staring puffy eyed at the white ceiling. 

He shifts his body to the right, facing the lion.

“I deserve to die.”

Helpless (M)

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Jimin x Reader

Plot: He won’t stop until you learn your lesson. // Dom!Jimin.
Warnings: Sexual content, M18 - It’s basically just porn
Words count: ~2000 words

I’ve tried my best to edit, but if it happens that you’ve found any mistakes I apologize~

Jimin’s jaw was clenching, the little bone popped out below his cheek for a second as he stood there and threw a glare at you. His phone was still gripped tight between his tensed fingers and it looked like he could easily crumble the device. Your scared nerves jerked up when he tossed that behind, let it thump on your black leather couch.

“Why did you do that?”, he grunted in his heated breath. You found yourself trembling, for you had never seen him like this before.

You knew that it wasn’t your fault but the guilt still built up to your neck. If you had known that you were filmed while being drunken asleep, on your sober work buddy’s shoulder, then you wouldn’t have drunk at all. If you knew he would be as nasty as massaging your breasts, while your brain was numb and you thought you had dreamt, you wouldn’t even have been sitting there and begged for more. The party last night with your work friends was a disaster that only humiliated you for being the most lustful person in the office and you already sensed being teased for your whining nature. Now you’d made your boyfriend pissed. You had no idea how to apologize to him.

“Jimin, I didn’t do anything,” you tried to reason. “I was drunk.”

He seemed not to be moved by your argument, the way his sulky expression, his dropped lids, still were freezing like a picture. He looked like thinking about something when his eyebrows pulled to clench. You were about to take a breath and please for an apology, but he suddenly busted out his uproarious sigh and marched away from you - direction upstairs. You felt your heart being torn with each of his steps.

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The Wetter the Better

this is a short blurb based off of this ask and also this ask :) 

Waking up next to my boyfriend of more than a year was something that never got tiring. Hearing him stretch and yawn out of his sleep, watching him twist and turn his half naked body in noisy grumbles as he fought off the need to actually get up out of the bed….it was one of the best parts of my day. But waking up next to my boyfriend, who was more than eager for his first day visit to the Masters, and seeing him doing a silly shirtless snapchat that he would send out to all his fans, now that was something that would never get old.

Rolling over in the bed to face him, I watched him pull a funny face into the snapchat camera, my hand cupping over my lips as I struggled to contain my giggles. He was the biggest goofball, mostly saving it for me, but every once in awhile he’d share his silliness with the world and that made me love him even more. But also I couldn’t help but want to poke fun at him for it. When he finally finished his early morning gift to his fans, he tossed his phone down to the end of the bed. “Mornin’, love,” he mumbled out to me, eventually slinging his arm around the dip in my waist over the covers and nudging my sleepy frame towards his.

I breathed out a smile. “Giving your fans a little treat, huh?”

“Shit, I’m excited, baby,” he mentioned as he shrugged his shoulder and turned the one corner of his mouth down, “and I do what I gotta do to keep ‘em on their toes, you know that.”

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teen pregnancy bughead??

Okay, here we go! This is slightly AU, I feel like this is at least 6 months after they started dating, possibly to a year. I hope you enjoy.

Teenage Pregnancy

Betty wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, flushed the toilet, and left the stall.

Veronica waited outside with a bottle of water for her. She was looking at her pointedly.

“What?” Betty demanded.

“You know what.”

Betty took a swig of water and spat it into the sink. She accepted the piece of gum Veronica handed her, then washed her hands.

“No, I don’t.” 

“B, that’s the third day in a row you’ve been sick.”

“So?” Betty took a small sip of water, praying she’d keep it down.

Veronica took a glance under the rest of the stalls, checking for feet. After assuring they were alone, she took a deep breath. “Are you pregnant?” She asked.

“Oh my god.” Betty’s face blanched. “No. No, I can’t be. We’ve been safe.”

“Safe in what way?” Veronica murmured.

“Condoms,” Betty blushed.

“Well, those are only 98% effective, my love. When was your last period?”

“Like, a month and a half ago.. two months ago, maybe. I’m not exactly regular, though, Ronnie. I’m not pregnant, I just have a bug.”

Veronica nodded. “Okay, B. Off to lunch, then?”

Betty nodded, shoved the bottle of water in her bag and followed Veronica out the door.

They sat down opposite Archie, Jughead and Kevin.

Veronica bit into the apple on her plate first, immediately joining a conversation between Archie and Kevin about music.

Jughead was stuffing his face with french fries, nodding along.

Betty scooped a plate of potato salad into her mouth. She spat it into a napkin, gagging. 

Veronica looked at her quickly, raising an eyebrow. 

Betty took a few gulps of water, hoping to ease her queasy stomach. 

Betty took out her phone, texting Veronica. Will you go to the pharmacy with me?

Now? She got back a second later.

Now. Please. Betty typed back hurriedly.

Veronica stood up first, placing her apple back on her tray. 

“Where are you going?” Kevin asked lightly. “You just sat down.”

“Girl problems.” Veronica said. 

Maybe it was the fact that it was only three guys at the table, but they didn’t ask questions.

Betty’s face was bright crimson. She stood and walked with Veronica past the packed tables, through the grass, off campus.

“I’m scared, V.” Betty murmured as they pulled open the door of the pharmacy.

“Just breathe. I’ll buy it, don’t worry.” She said as if reading Betty’s thoughts.

They made their way through the aisles, Veronica walking slightly in front of Betty, as if to guard her. She grabbed a two-pack of pregnancy tests and a small bottle of anti-nausea pills, then made their way to the front of the store.

Veronica paid, cocking her eyebrow at the cashier, daring her to make a comment.

The two girls made their way out of the store, Betty holding onto Veronica’s arm. 

“What if I am?” Betty murmured.

“If you am, you am.”

“This is not the time for Sex and the City references.” Betty muttered.

“Sorry. We’ll figure it out, Bets. You gotta take the test first.”


“Mm?” Veronica said, patting Betty’s arm.

“Thank you.”

Veronica squeezed Betty’s hand, continuing the walk in silence.

Since they skipped the last few classes of the day, the Cooper residence was empty.

They walked up the stairs, Veronica passing the bag to Betty. They headed directly to the bathroom.

Veronica stopped at the door.

“What are you doing?” Betty asked, knitting her eyebrows together. 


“Come in with me.” Betty urged.

“You sure?” Veronica asked.

“Yes,” Betty started, her hands shaking as she started to open the box. “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“I’ve never taken a pregnancy test, either, Betty.”

“Read me the back?” Betty said, taking both tests out of the box, handing Veronica the packaging.

She set one test on the ground, keeping the other in her hand as she sat on the toilet, lid down.

“Okay,” Betty breathed. “Okay.” Betty stood, lifted the lid, dropped her pants and sat back down.

“So, hold the white tip under your… stream for at least 5 seconds.That’s basically it. Wait three minutes, then we’ll see.” 

Betty tore open the package, hands shaking. “Can you turn on the tap?” She basically whispered.

Veronica nodded and turned on the tap. She stayed turned towards the mirror to give Betty a little privacy.

“Do you want to take the other one now, too? A little reassurance?” 

“Might as well,” Betty answered shakily. 

Veronica handed the other test to Betty, then turned back around.

“Okay,” Betty whispered after a moment. She stood up, then placed both tests against the sink.

“Three minutes starts now,” Veronica whispered, setting a timer on her phone.

Betty washed her hands. “Veronica I’m going to go crazy, distract me.”

Veronica grabbed Betty’s hand, leading her out of the bathroom. She sat her down on the bed in Betty’s room. “Tell me what you like about Jughead.” 

“What?” Betty said, dumbfounded. 

“You like him, right?”

“Of course I like him,” Betty blushed. “I love him.”

Veronica smiled. “Well, what do you love about him?”

“Where do I start, V? I love the way he treats me. Like there’s nobody else in the room. Like I’m a princess.” Betty looked up, smiling. “I love that no matter what hand he’s dealt in life, he’s kind. He gives people the benefit of the doubt. He’s got these hopes and dreams that.. that for someone else, they might seem so far away. But he’s going to make his dreams come true, V. He’s so smart. He’s so witty.”

“What else?” Veronica asked.

“The way he smells.” Betty laughed. “Is that weird? I love the way he smells. I sleep in his tshirt as often as I can because it feels like home. He knows things about me that I didn’t realize I wanted someone to know. Does that make sense? I guess it’s just because he pays attention, but it feels like… so heart warming. It makes me happy that he pays attention, that I never had to tell him these things. He knows how I like my coffee, and how I like my tea, and when I want which. He knows my favorite movie - both of them. The favorite movie I tell people is my favorite, the favorite that is actually my favorite.”

Veronica laughed.

“He knows my favorite ice cream, my favorite toppings. When I need him to make me laugh or if he shouldn’t say anything at all, and just be my shoulder to cry on. He knows I’d rather have a forehead kiss than a hug, because forehead kisses calm me down.”

Veronica had tears pricking her eyes.

“I love that he’s tall enough for me to hear his heartbeat when I hug him. I love that he references books and movies that most guys our age haven’t even heard of. I just… I love that-” Betty was cut off my Veronica’s alarm.

“It’s time, Betty.”

“That was a good distraction tactic.” Betty murmured. She slid off her bed, grabbing Veronica’s hand.

They walked slowly to the bathroom, Betty’s palms sweating.

“You have to look, I can’t do it.” Betty murmured as they entered the room.

Veronica nodded. “Either way, it’s going to be okay. I promise.” She said before picking up the tests.

“Okay,” She breathed.

Veronica picked up one test, set it back down, then picked up the other to see if it had the same result.

She set that one down, too.


“It’s positive, Betty. You’re pregnant.”

Betty dropped onto the bathroom floor. “Shit,” She whispered. 

It’s Complicated- Part 3 (Jason Blossom x Reader)

REQUEST(S): Part 2 to “Its complicated” is sooo good omg!!, Part 3 to It’s Complicated? 🙏🏽🙏🏽 , Jason blossom complicated part3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleaseeeee.

WARNINGS: A few swear words


A/N: So, this is  the last part. I ‘m so happy you guys loved them so much! I had so much fun writing them. Requests are open so don’t be afraid to leave one, I love writing your ideas <3!


You didn’t immediately go to your house. You wandered around aimlessly for a few hours before you decided it would be a good time to get home. The alcohol had left your body and you were practically sober, something you didn’t want to be right now. The shock of what had happened started to kick in and you found yourself hyperventilating in your bedroom, tears streaming down your face. You felt your heart burn and you cried out. You hurt all over, your heart, your head. You Mum and Dad burst into your room and called out your name but they sounded so distant, so far away. You reached out to them and they bundled you up in their arms, your father held you in his arms and your Mother stroked your hair. You cried for what felt like hours into your Dad’s shirt, your Mum shushed you, trying to calm you down. As your breathing returned to normal, your Dad picked your limp and exhausted body and placed you into your bed and tucked you in. They sat on the edge of your bed, looking at you with concern. (Y/N), what happened?” Your Dad ask. You sigh and close your eyes.
“Jason and the new girl, I caught them kissing in his bedroom during the party.” You say. You feel your Dad tense and hear your Mum gasp before covering her mouth. You wipe away the tears that had spilt from your eyes and grabbed your parent’s hands. “It’s okay, I can get over it, I can move on.” You assure them. They look at each other before squeezing your hands.
“We’re right here if you need us Sweetie.” Your Mum says before kissing your forehead before leaving your bedroom.” Your Dad does the same, turning off the light and closing the door while giving you small smile. Your exhaustion takes over your body and you feel your eye lids drop before being pulled into a dreamless sleep.

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A miracle

Words: 1000
Joe Sugg x reader

“Baby will you get the door” I shout to my boyfriend fiance Joe. I hear his feet shuffling towards the door and take that as a yes. Joe had proposed to me about a week ago and it was the best moment of my life, today we were having everybody around our house to celebrate- an engagement party as such. 

I check my makeup and hair in the mirror, exhaling before standing up and heading downstairs. I see that the buttercream boys have arrived so I hurry down the stairs. I head straight for Jack wrapping my arms around him. He laughs and lifts me up spinning me around. 
“congratulations” he cheers. I smile and he sets me down. 
“thank you” I say and move over to hug the other boys. The doorbell rings and I run to the door. Jim, Tanya, Naomi, Mark, Marcus and my best friend flood in. Joe and I all give them hugs. Joe’s parents and grandparents are next, shortly followed by mine. The last to arrive is Zoe, Alfie, Poppy, Sean and Mark. I give hugs to everyone and they all break off into their own little groups to chat. The music is playing and the drinks are flowing. I’m getting a crisp from the food table when an arm snakes around my waist. I look up and smile when I see Joe. 
“you haven’t drank at all tonight, are you ok?” he frowns. I nod with a smile. 
“just don’t feel like it” I shrug. He frowns but I lean up and peck his forehead smoothing the creases away. 

“and here’s the happy couple! can I vlog this?” Zoe asks. I laugh and nod. 
“Joe’s video is out tomorrow so say what you want” I smile. She grins and pushes Joe out of the way hugging me. I cuddle into her. 
“I can’t believe we’re nearly related” she sighs. I laugh. 
“I know crazy right, who’d think anybody would settle down with your brother” I tease glancing at Joe. He pouts and I lean up to peck his lips. He smiles and I smile too. 
“stop this is too cute” Tan interrupts, also vlogging. I’m whisked away by Zoe, Tan, Naomi and Poppy. 

“we’ve been here this entire time and you haven’t shown us the ring” Poppy tuts. I gasp and fling my hand out to show them. They all grin and we end up squealing like little school girls. I look over at Joe and he smirks. I roll my eyes playfully and look back to the girls. 
“I can’t believe you’re getting married” Naomi mutters. 
“I know, I remember when you first started dating him, after your first date you were texting me saying you don’t think he’s that interested” Zoe giggles. I blush. 
“And now I’m going to marry him” I exclaim getting a bit emotional. All the girls coo, catching the attention of pretty much everyone. Tan pulls me into her side and I giggle wiping my eyes. 
“Can I steal her back ladies?” Joe comes up behind me. The girls smirk and I turn to Joe. He grabs both of my hands pulling me into him. 
“I love you” I grin putting my chin on his chest. He tilts his head down at me.
“I love you too” he replies leaning down to kiss me. I pull away. 
“I have a present for you” I grin. He raises his eyebrows. 
“oh yeah?” he taunts. I nod with a big smile. I unwrap my hands from his and run upstairs to get the bag. I hurry back downstairs. 

“uhm everyone can you all go into the living room?” I shout turning the music off. Everyone’s eyebrows furrow but they turn going into the living room. They all fill the couch and the sides, a few people having to stand. Joe sitting on the edge of the couch and I stand in front of him. 

“thank you all so much for coming we really appreciate it. Its not always easy to see everybody and I miss you all a lot when I don’t. This party is obviously in aid of Joe and I’s engagement” I smile holding up my ring hand and everyone cheers. “But I also have a surprise. It’s been a really hard year, as some of you may know earlier this year I got told I wouldn’t be able to have children and that really took a toll on me but Joe was my rock and I couldn’t have gotten through this year without him” I choke out starting to get emotional. Joe smiles and grabs my hand. I squeeze his and continue on with my speech. “so for that I got you something, really special. You may all want to, if not already vlog this” I giggle. People who weren’t quickly whipped out their cameras. I pick the bag up and pass it to Joe. He frowns and takes it. Everyone is waiting anxiously. 

He takes the box out and lifts the lid. He immediately drops the lid and holds his hands over his mouth. 
“are you serious?” he stutters. Everyone is trying to see what it was. I nod and he lets out a sob standing up and pulling me into a bone crushing hug. 
“what just happened?” Joes mum laughs nervously. Joe laces his hand in mine and faces everyone, looking at me for approval. I nod. 

“we’re pregnant” everyone gasps and we are thrown into many hugs and congratulations. 
“HOW?” Zoe asks. I shrug. 
“I went to my doctor and she said its a miracle” I laugh. She smiles wiping her tears away. She goes over to Joe to see what it was I got him. 

I hear her laugh loud and grin. Joe smirks at me. 
“this is the best present you could ever give me” he whispers. I kiss his lips and pull back with a grin. 
“I try my best” I say flicking my hair over my shoulder. 

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A woman is calling in a complaint on me to customer service because she didn't print out a coupon. She told me she KNEW she had to print it to use it (it tell you on the actual coupon) but she didn't feel like it and we would just have to take it anyway. Well, bitch, we CANT. SO. She blew her lid and dropped the f-bomb in front of her 12 year old multiple times.

29 - Kai Parker

[Can you do an imagine where the reader and Kai are in love with each other but they both don’t know that. And then the reader is almost dead and Kai is crying and tells her that he loves her. And the reader tells him that too. She will survive because a spell. Thank you 💗]


“Y/N!” I scream, my hand flying backwards. “Ow.”

I look back and laugh. “Kai?”

He rubs his cheek that I slapped by mistake. “Hello to you too.”

“In my defence you scared me.” I say, spinning around in my chair. I was playing Sims until Kai appeared. “What are you doing here anyway?”

“Well there’s nothing to do and you’re fun to annoy.”

I give him a fake smile. “I’m touched.”

Kai smiles and lays down on my bed. I shrug, spinning around to my screen. Usually Kai just randomly shows up, its because I’m only friend.

I don’t mind, Kai’s my best friend, we’ve known each for years. You see I’m a vampire and my brother, Stefan, and I stayed in Portland for a while and I met Kai.

The two of us just clicked straightaway and I was so upset when he got put in a prison world. My humanity went off and I killed a lot of people. It wasn’t a good time for me.

But Kai is back and now we’re practically joined by the hip, he’s my idiotic friend. Sure, he’s killed a lot of people, including his family, and is a vampire witch werewolf thing.

He’s still my friend.


“That’s my name.” I say, turning around. Kai rolls his eyes.

“I’m bored.”

“I’m Y/N.”

He frowns. “Don’t do that, you know I hate it.”

I stick my tongue out at him with a smile. “Well do you want to go to the woods?”

The woods is where Kai and I officially met, I was burying a body from a woman I drank from and he caught me. I was actually going to kill Kai, I was in a bad mood that day, but he talked his way out of it.

“And do what?”

“I don’t know whatever, sing, dance, scream.” I shrug. Kai hums.

“Ok, let’s go.”


“Remember the time we nearly slept together?” Kai asks me, I cringe and he laughs as I hide my face with my hands.

I move my hands and look at him. “Never remind me. Thank god, Damon came in.”

Kai smiles, nudging my arm. “Y/N, I can’t be that bad.”

“Kai, its just that…” I trail off and look away from him to the sky.

We’ve been in the woods for hours, laying down on the ground and staring at the sky. “I’m what Y/N?” Kai asks, raising a brow.

“You.” I say and he gasps. I laugh. “Not in that way but its just we’ve been friends for like ever and it’d be awkward if we did that.”

“But we kissed once.”

“You tricked me.”

Kai told me he hasn’t kissed anyone and I felt bad so I kissed him, but it turns out he lied. Kai smiles and I roll my eyes. “That was pretty smart.”

I shrug. “Kind of.”


“Am interrupting something?” I look over and sigh, seeing Julian there. “Y/N, what a pleasant surprise.”

“Hey.” I wave, I don’t like this guy. No one does.

“And Malachai Parker.”

“Kai.” He corrects. “But hi.”

“What are you two doing here?”

“Nothing much, what about you?”

“I was actually looking for you.” Julian says. “You see your brothers killed Lily.”

I shrug. I never really saw Lily as my mother, she left before I was older enough to realise. “And…”

“Well I think that this is only fair.”

“What-” My question is answered when I feel something stabbed my chest.

“Y/N!” I hear Kai exclaim as I gasp, seeing it’s a stake of wood.

Julian laughs. “My Lily dies so you die.”

I gasp, black spots forming in my vision. I hear Kai curse and a neck snap. “Y/N.” Kai says, picking me up in my arms.

He pulls out the wood and I cry out, seeing my hand getting grey. “K-Kai.” I splutter.

“No, no, no.” Kai says, sounding broken. “Y/N, Y/N, no.”

“I-I-its o-ok.” I struggle to say, forcing a small smile.

Kai has tears in his eyes and down his cheeks. “No, Y/N. You can’t die.”

I reach for his hand. “Ok, yo-you’ll be ok.”

He shakes his head. “I won’t.” Kai says, his face red from the tears. “Y/N.”

I smile, nodding and my eye lids drop. “Y/N, please no!” Kai cries. “Y/N, don’t go. I love you.”

I hate that I can’t speak because my mind slips away. Kai continues to ramble on more things.

As soon as my mind completely switches off, I gasp and open my eyes. The pain and wood has gone and I look at Kai.

He smiles. “How-” Kai interrupts me with a kiss. I kiss him back, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Never did on me again.” Kai says. I hum and peck his lips.

“Never but how did you do that?”

“A spell, I didn’t want to lose you Y/N.”

I smile, hugging him. “I love you.”

“What?” I laugh and look at Kai’s shocked face. “What did you say?”

“I love you.” I repeat. “I never realised until I heard you say it.”

Kai smiles. “I love you too, Y/N.” He replies, kissing me once more.


[End of imagine, hope you enjoyed it and no more parts. Requests are open]

Vacation in the Caribbean: Day #6


after 10 years of relentless begging on Sangria’s part… *guilty look*

which again goes to further prove my point that Midnight has a begging kink

which also shows that Sangria loves to beg ;)

fuck you, you hoe 

I live to please ;)

WARNINGS: bondage, orgasm denial, nipple clamps, knife play, a hell lot of kinky shit that neither of us ever saw coming (pun not intended)

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Female Prospect

Request from anon for a Jax x Reader based on the following prompts:

#8 - “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.”

#33 - “Bite me.” “If you insist.”

Originally posted by georghiaaa

“(Y/N)! Get over here!” You groan and drop the bin bag you’re holding, the voice of the club’s president distracting you from your current assignment. Being a prospect hadn’t been too bad in the beginning, but after six months of constant hell, you were starting to wonder whether you still wanted to be in SAMCRO at all.

“Yo, Priss! Am I talking to myself?” Your blood boils at the nickname, a huff leaving you as you begrudgingly walk, or more so stomp, towards the voice. Once you get to Jax’s room, you knock, plastering a fake smile on your face, and enter the room.

His shit eating grin is enough to make your fists clench; he knows that he gets under your skin and he just loves it. He’s sprawled out on his bed, wearing nothing but a pair of grey sweatpants, your eyes aching to slip down and admire his physique. You would, you’d love to, but he notices everything, and you’d rather not give him yet another reason to act like a twat. “You called, my lord?”

“Can you pass me my shirt?” He gestures to a white tee, sitting just inches away from him. You raise your eyebrow, knowing he could’ve easily have got it himself. However, the look on his face, the anticipation laced upon his skin; he wants you to crack, wants you to give in. Yet, somehow, you manage to pass him the shirt, curtsying after you do so, just for a little sass.

You know you probably shouldn’t have the attitude. Nevertheless, being the only female prospect, and knowing that Jax can take a joke, even if he acts like a prick 99% of the time, you know you can get away with it.

“Thanks, priss. Have you finished cleaning yet? That party last night was pretty wild, I’m sure it’ll be a challenge for you.” He stands up and slides the shirt over his head, part of you thankful that the distraction is gone, the other part slightly disappointed.

“I’m sure it was.” You say sarcastically, rolling your eyes. All he does is chuckle in response as you lean on the door frame, his legs carrying him across the room to grab a clean pair of socks. “I’ve done most of it though, I’ll probably be finished soon.”

You observe him silently as he sits on the edge of his slightly messy bed, putting on his socks and shoes. The gesture is so simple, yet everything he does seems to mesmerise you. Not that you’d ever tell him that, of course. Apart from the obvious fact that he is fucking hot, everything else about him is pretty shit.

“Good girl, at least you women are useful for something.” Just like that, the attraction is gone. It seems to you that every time he opens his mouth, he pisses you off, whether it’s on purpose or he’s just a jerk 24/7.

“Bite me.” You snarl, crossing your arms and standing up straight, the hairs on your back standing up, like an animal ready to fight. A deep laugh leaves him, his tongue slipping over his bottom lip cockily as he sways over to you.

He’s a little taller than you, his eyes looking down at you as he stops right in front of your frame. The smell of soap and mens deodorant whiffs up your nose, the slight tinge of cigarette smoke mixed in with it. You stiffen up as he leans down next to your ear, his warm breath fanning on your neck.

“If you insist.” He whispers, nipping playfully at your neck. Your lids drop shut involuntarily, his lips placing a soft, open mouthed kiss on your skin before pulling away. You open your eyes, the smug smirk on his face letting you know you’d reacted just how he wanted.

Scoffing, you shove him, his body stumbling back a little before he catches himself, still smirking. You step back closer to him, standing as tall as you can, trying to prove you’re not affected by his presence.

“Stay away from me, Jax.” What is supposed to be a warning, comes out unconvincing, your voice slightly shaky from his actions moments before. He hums, that panty dropping smile on his face, his eyes looking you up and down, sizing you up.

“Mhm, you’re fucking hot when you’re mad.“ His voice is husky, his words knocking you breathless as you’re completely caught off guard, your body unable to pull together a response. You just stare into his pupils, caught in his web as you find your face drifting closer to his, like a magnetic force is pulling you together. You can feel his breath on your face, his soft, inviting lips just hovering above yours-

A bang from outside interrupts you both, and you’re not sure whether you’re thankful or pissed off. Jax seems as put out as you feel, a layer of annoyance covering his face before its covered with that all knowing smile again.

You groan, frustrated, before spinning on your heel and storming out of the room, feeling hot, unsatisfied, but mostly confused.

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KJ/CS fic: Openings

Summary: Killian leaves behind Emma’s engagement ring in pursuit of clarity. Takes place between 6.12-6.13. 

Word Count: ~1100

Rating: PG/K

Killian pulled the rectangular card from his vest pocket. The smooth, cream-colored paper was slightly bent and warm, with the words “Archibald Hopper, Psychiatrist” in a rich green, reassuring type, centered upon it. He picked at the edge of the card a few times, deciding whether or not he should use it, before placing it on the kitchen table in front of him.

Flipping open his phone, he pressed the numbers printed at the bottom of the card into the keypad, checking to make sure he didn’t transpose any of them, then pressed the “send” button as Emma had shown him to do so long ago.

The phone began ringing on the other end and Killian waited, listening for Archie to answer. A click signaled the end of his wait, and Archie’s voice sounded in his ear.

Hello,” he said. The Cricket had a soothing voice, Killian had to give him that.

“Archie, it’s—”

…reached the office of Dr. Hopper. I’m with patients all day and am currently unavailable. If this is an emergency, please call 9-1-1 to reach emergency services. Otherwise, let your conscious be your guide and leave me a message. I’ll return your call at the end of the day, or sooner, if possible.”

Killian sighed as the message ended with a long beep.

“Uh, Archie, it’s Killian Jones. I was hoping to, uh, talk with you. Perhaps another time.”

He snapped his phone closed and tossed it on the table then ran his hand over his face, scratching the growth covering his chin while he slouched in his chair. The house was silent, save the thoughts tossing about his head, stormy and dark.

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Mental Clarity Shower Spell

~Shower spell for focus, clarity, and understanding~


1. Coconut Oil

2. Dried Mint

3. Empty jar or container

4. Peppermint oil

5. Organic Sugar

(These aren’t brand specific, this is just what I happened to have in my pantry.)


1. Mix together equal parts coconut oil and sugar in the empty container

(this is about how much sugar I used)

2. Ad 2-5 drops of peppermint oil, and a layer of dried mint

3. Stir together well

4. Use as any other sugar scrub in shower, focusing on scrubbing away confusion and revealing clarity


1. 5 drops of peppermint oil creates a very strong smell. I am currently Allergy Queen of Congestion Land, so it was great for me, but if you aren’t stick to less drops.

2. If the lid of your container is metal, remove it before you get in the shower to avoid rust.

3. If mixing the coconut oil and sugar is difficult, microwaving the coconut oil melts it and makes mixing easier. However, if you intend to use it immediately, if the coconut oil is still melted when you are done, pop it in the freezer for about 20 minutes to re-solidify the oil.


Lid vid! One of a few lid demos from @flowerpottery: This lid drops down into a vessel, measure more carefully than I did for this demo. The wall at the base should be angled so the lid can’t get stuck inside
#cvceramics #ceramicsdemo #lids #ceramics #highschoolceramics #dropdownlid #potteryvideos

#potterymaking #pottery #wip #handmade #wheelthrowing #lid #wheelthrown #demo

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High on This - Pt. 1

Jimin x Reader FWB AU

Genre: Smut
Word Count: 2437
Jimin only needs two things: dance and sex. The only things you need are his moans.

A/N: I’m maybe a little too addicted to Minnie’s moans. And calling Minnie Minnie. This fic wont have full sex. I mean.. this part’s a blowjob we all know I have a thing for blowjobs but.. Idk I just feel the feel with these random alternatives lol. Next part goes down in a bathroom oops

Originally posted by tae-kooks

Jimin’s mayday message was pretty straightforward – a text consisting solely of an overabundance of crying emojis that had you humming under your breath and shuffling out your door to go find the kid. He texted you while you drove, directing you to the studio he and his crew had been holed up in for the last few days under the strict pre-showcase regimen enforced by the crew leader, Hoseok. You knew the way by heart, having spent as much time there as your own home, solely because of your best friend.

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Sam Winchester-Doll faces Part 3

Title: Doll faces Part 3

Pairings: Sam Winchester x child reader

Word count:1179

Request:Oh please tell me there will be a part three to Doll faces! I love it so much!!

Request:Omg doll faces part 2 was amazing thank you so much I love it part 3 maybe

Request:Can you do a part three to dollfaces, it was really good

Request:Will you do another part to Doll faces and A sister?

Request:Did you do another part to trouble in tattoos or doll faces

Links:Doll facesDoll faces part 2

Smiling gently at you Sam lifted his large hands as he waited for you to move. You glanced at the younger Winchester, fear and guilt welling up in you as you innocently looked at him. 

Sam gave you a reassuring nod as he motioned for you to take his hands so he could help you off the bed. You finally placed your small hands in his larger ones and he helped you to jump down. 

You stumbled slightly, loosing your footing as you stood. Sam spotted your shaky figure and catched you before you could hit the floor. Your cheeks lit up a dark red, flushed and embarrassed as he held onto you until he was sure you had a steady hold. 

You gave him a nod as he let go, fingers brushing your arm with a weary but trusting glance. He noticed your red cheeks and said nothing knowing it would only provoke you if he tried to reassure you not to be embarrassed. 

He walked in front of you, leading you out his room and into the main room of the bunker. He nodded his head when he got close to Dean, signalling that you were okay. 

Dean sighed in relief, a exhausted expression falling over his soft features as he rested his palm on the bunker table. Sam ran his fingers through his long knotted hair that was finger combed back behind his ears. 

Dean didn’t have a clue what to do. He found no clues on where to start, no idea what could have been in the bunker and he was also stressed at the situation with you and Sam. 

He was worried Sam was getting too close to you. This life was risky, you could die, not to mention that you had to leave anyway. 

Sam was too close to you, he had a connection that nobody else did. He already got you to open up to him a little and Dean knew he wasn’t going to stop there. 

Taking Sam’s elbow, Dean dragged Sam to the corner of the room. Sam frowned, brows knitting together, unsure of why his brother had pulled him over. 

‘’Sammy…I think you’re getting a bit too close’’Dean stated softly as he stared at him brother with sympathy. Sam frowned, the corners of his mouth dipping down in confusion. 

‘’Huh?’’He repeated, not fully understanding what his brother meant. Dean rolled his eyes as he stepped closer, making his voice more hushed. 

‘’The kid.’’Dean said. ‘’You’re getting to close to the kid, Sammy’’Dean repeated with a softer tone. Sam scoffed in shock, eyebrows forcing upwards.

‘’I am not, Dean!’’Sam defended, glancing back at you. ‘’Anyway, so what if I was. She has no one Dean, she’s misunderstood. What she needs is patience and time but nobody is giving it to her!’’Sam growled, voice raising a little before he quietened down. 

Both brothers glanced back at you, spotting you sitting on the chair as you fiddled with your fingers. 

‘’Oh so you know what’s best for her now?’’Dean scoffed with raised brows, copying his brothers features. 

‘’Yeah I do, Dean’’Sam snapped. ‘’because..’’He trailed off.

‘’Because?’’Dean pried, pushing his younger brother. 

‘’Because I was misunderstood too!’’Sam yelled, causing you to jump. Dean’s mouth fell open as he fell silent. Sam spun around, eyes locking on your spot to find you where gone. 


‘’Great!’’Sam snarled, cutting off his older brother. ‘’I know where she is’’Sam sighed as he left the room, leaving the room silent and thick with tension. 

Sam padded down the hallways regret and guilt forming on his face as he found a corner. He spotted your huddled figure, knee’s pulled to your chest with your arms wrapped around them. 

Sam sighed as he knelt down. 

‘’Hey’’he coo’d, peering up at you through your lashes. ‘’I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled’’Sam whispered. He looked at you pleading , his brown puppy dog eyes staring into yours. 

You looked up, catching his gaze. Sam gulped, swallowing thickly when you stared at him for a long time. Your eyes were so intense. Although you face devioded you of any emotion, it was your eyes that gave it all away.

Your soft orbs were full to the brim of pain and sorrow and Sam saw it all. Sam could of guessed how you would have reacted but he would have never guessed what you did now. 

You hugged him.

Sam was still in surprise, it wasn’t till he realised what was actually happening that he actually hugged you back. 

He didn’t know what came over you or why you did it, maybe you finally felt safe in front of somebody? But he was glad you did. 

He wrapped his arms around your small frame, a relieved smile forming on his face as you finally let him comfort you. Sam’s face fell for a moment when he realised Dean was right. He had gotten to close.

Shaking it off Sam spanned your whole back with his large hand as he rubbed soothing circles on your back. 

‘’You’re alright’’He soothed, hand petting your hair. ‘’You’re okay, I’ve got you’’. Sam pulled you into his lap as you rested your head in the crook of his neck,

After letting Sam sooth you for a while you began to feel your lids drop closed. You fought to keep them open as you started to squirm in Sam’s arms. 

‘’Shh… hey, it’s okay. You’re safe’’Sam reassured as he tightened his grip on you. It wasn’t to scare you but he knew you probably had never trusted anyone like this before and began to get scared. 

‘’It’s okay.. sleep’’He instructed softly. You squirmed a little making Sam frown as he waited, hoping you would stop. You finally let yourself slump against the younger Winchester, giving in as he sighed out in relief. 

‘’I’m just gonna pick you up’’Sam explained so you wouldn’t feel patronised. ‘’You’re okay’’He repeated as he got off his knee’s slowly. He made sure his actions were slow and gentle so he wouldn’t startle you. 

You whimpered, fear flooding through you. Even though you knew you were safe you were so used to pain that on instinct you just grew scared. Your whimper reached Sam’s ear.

He continued to rub your back, whispering soothing words like ‘you’re okay, you’re safe’ and ‘I’ve got you darling’, ‘that’s it, just relax’. Although you were tense still, this was a record for Sam since nobody could even look at you without you backing away, so to let someone actually pick you up. 

Sam didn’t want you to sleep in your room in case this thing came back. For safe measures he took you to his room since he would be in the living room and that was close to his own room. 

Making his way towards the bed he leaned down, prying your fingertips from his shirt. 

‘’Easy there, Easy there little one’’He soothed as he let your trembling form go. 

‘’You’re okay, go to sleep’’He whispered, smoothing down your ruffled hair. 

‘’You’re safe’’