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No, Winter Storm Stella doesn’t disprove climate change

  • Climate change deniers are at it again. The logic goes, “How could global warming be real when your driveway is piling up with cold, cold snow?”
  • Well, there’s bad news for deniers — research has shown that extreme weather, for example, massive snowstorms, are actually linked to climate change.
  • According to the Environmental Protection Agency, which has studied climate change extensively winter storms have increased in both “frequency and intensity,” and climate change is “increasing the odds of more extreme weather events taking place.”
  • As meteorologist Eric Holthaus wrote in Slate in 2016, just after a record-breaking winter storm dropped 26.6 inches of snow on New York City in just one day, “there is clear evidence global warming is boosting the odds of recent big Northeast snowstorms.” Read more (3/13/17 6:21 PM)

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Sour Cream Cookies

1 cup sugar

½ cup softened butter

½ cup sour cream

1 teaspoon vanilla

2 eggs

2 ¼ cups flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

½ teaspoon nutmeg

¼ teaspoon salt


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly grease cookie sheets. Combine sugar, butter, sour cream, vanilla, and eggs; blend well. Stir in flour, baking soda, nutmeg, and salt. Drop by teaspoons two inches apart. Top lightly with sprinkles and bake for 10-12 minutes till golden brown. Immediately place on cooling rack. Store in airtight container. Best kept in fridge and allowed to warm to room temperate before eating.

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So daddy Darky, what's in those pants of yours? *I bite my lip and wink at you*

Dark lifted a brow, the motion sweet and seductive, even with just one corner of his head in movement. His eyes dancing, dark and rich irises pooling, his body came to an alert.

“You wish to know what’s in my pants, lovely?”

His tongue darted against the bottom of his lips, causing them to eagerly glisten. His voice dropped to a sultry, inching whisper, beckoning the ear to strain and listen.

“A snake.”

He smiled.

Naga’s head suddenly peaked itself out from the folds of his pants pocket, crimson eyes blinking innocently as she awoke from her slumber. Her black scales slid away from his figure and down his thigh, returning towards the desk.

“Yes, she fell asleep there for quite a few hours. Rather uncomfortable to try and sit with, but she’s far too precious to attempt to move.”

Slide up to me and kiss my neck. Tell me the things I’ve been dying to hear you say about sex, life, lust, love…death in my arms, life on your lips, eternity between us as we consume every ounce of each other, once again.

Say my name, slowly. Whisper it into my ear as I kiss your neck. My tongue drawing small circles of your name with every breath, as I come alive, again, and you take a grip.

Today is just beginning, tonight’s s long way off. Let me love you past the morning as you welcome every drop and every inch of my desire. Say it once again. I will lay here in the dark until you do.

I’ve never loved another, until there was you.

So why am I, still, alone…?

—  H. Murcia 10:25PM 11/23/2016

Steampunk Orrery Jewelry

I set myself a challenge last year to make an orrery (model of the solar system) to fit under a glass dome that is under an inch wide.  There is a pile of rejects on my desk - it took a long time to find the right supplies and construction. The “planets” are half beads resting on a vintage hairspring.  They needed to be very light so they didn’t drag the spring down.  I would love to have found copper tone half beads for Mars and Jupiter but I couldn’t source any.  Saturn does have her ring!  

I must stress - nothing moves on this pendant.  It is a static representation not a true mechanical orrery.  One day I would love to create tiny moving ones.  It is sealed under the glass to keep it pristine.  

The pendant is 1 ½ inches high and 1 inch wide.  The brass faceted cut cable link chain has a fixed drop of 13 inches long (from the pendant to the clasp) for a total length of 26 inches.  It has a lobster claw clasp.

I’m selling this in my Etsy store https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/steelhipdesign

Watching my rats live their little lives in their cage is one of my favorite passtimes

Doom just walked up to Gloomy, tried to wrestle him, failed, grabbed some food, waddled a few inches, dropped the food, power groomed Gloomy for like a second and then sprinted to his hammock and plopped. Hes now chittering.

Like what is your life?

Sorry for the lack of updates, but 2035 went to sfr last weekend, and made it to the finals!! We almost beat 254, but our alliance member’s hang dropped about an inch when the buzzer rang and we lost by 19 points. But our goal is always to bang heads with the big boys, so id say we had one of our best runs yet!

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What would you do if Lissa shows you she can carry you bride-style?

“If I were to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? I would probably have a heart attack.” Maribelle felt weak in the knees just from the mere inch Lissa had managed to lift her; given a few more months, perhaps even years…

Maribelle didn’t even want to think about it. Not because it was undignified (rather, it was probably the most romantic, fairy-tale-like gesture one can do for another), but because she didn’t want to be dropped, and would coil around Lissa’s neck like her darling’s strange pet until she choked her into dropping her. For every inch Lissa carried her, ‘twould knock a fair few years off her life. Not to mention the early gray hairs she would later discover.

And Maribelle preferred to keep her years and her hair, thank you very much.

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It is 7 am where I live and I just finished watching The Bee Movie. How's your life going?

Sometime between the hours of 3am and 9:30, the sky dropped three inches of snow and i am angry about it

Apple replaces iPad Air 2 with cheaper 9.7-inch iPad
Apple has refreshed its iPad lineup, dropping the 9.7-inch iPad Air 2 and replacing it with a device simply called the iPad. The specs of the tablet remain largely the same as that of the Air 2, but with the old A8X chip replaced with the 64-bit A9, first seen in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. The price of the iPad has also been dropped in comparison to its predecessor, with a 32GB Wi-Fi model starting at $329, and 32GB Wi-Fi and Cellular model going for $459. Read more

     she heaves a box of ammunition, back taut and rigid so as to not show the quiver under the weight of the load. she feels her arms quake and her feet in her boots ache but august renz is a soldier ! august renz is an infantryman, a servant of the state, and soldiers do not keel or bend or break carrying a box of supplies, of all things. so at last when she reaches the armory’s tent, she breathes a sigh of relief when the crate is dropped mere inches from her feet. the relief is short lived, however, as she knows that she has to go back and haul another load. all in a day’s work, and she wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

     hands wipe themselves on her coat before turning her heel to resume her duties —— though stops dead in her tracks upon noticing the TOWERING figure in front of her. it takes a beat of a moment to recognize that face, grateful that the flush in her cheeks brought about by tiredness from manual labor disguised the new burst of red on her cheeks.  feldmarschall beilschmidt ! ” the greeting is automatic, back straight and arms clasped behind her back; it takes everything in her power not to crack a smile, especially at the thoughts in her mind: it is good to see you; you are so handsome in person.  to what do i owe the pleasure ? ” it’s ballsy for an infantry grunt to assume such a high ranking soldier had sought her —— him, for he knew august renz, not a certain miss prochaska —— out himself, but irregardless of whether she was eleonore or august, the brazen manner in her speech and personality did not waver. @konigreich !

Jaspearl fic: Cry

Highschool AU ~ can also be read on ff.net ( fyi this is a different AU than my other one.  I just wanted to do a little jaspearl hurt/comfort drabble.)

Pearl was kneeled over on the floor struggling with a roll of tape.

“Come on,” Jasper groaned in annoyance.

“I-I’m going as fast as I can,” she retorted.

The two were currently in the school hallway hanging up large posters for the upcoming school election.  And while Pearl was happy to help out, Jasper was less than willing.  She’d rather be in class than stuck here with this goody-two-shoes, prim and proper girl.

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Perhaps that’s why no one noticed the green spell groping from the tip of Dolohov’s wand. Perhaps that’s why Gideon, the eldest brother (“by TWO minutes!” Fabian would protest insistently every time it was brought up) widened his eyes in shock before he collapsed in a broken tangle of limbs. Perhaps he simply had no one watching his back.

Fabian faltered, his wand dropping an inch or two. His face slumped. His knees felt weak. His heart stopped beating, he was sure of it. Or maybe that was just the part of him that belonged to Gideon, who was sprawled out, hazel eyes staring unseeingly up at his baby brother. The red stubble that clung to his chin, forming a small beard, was smudged with blood.

Someone grabbed Fabian from behind, jolting him out of his numbed state. He thrashed, screaming and kicking out, sobbing and calling for his brother to wake up, WAKE UP GODAMMIT. He ignored the flashes of multi-coloured light and shouts of spells. The fight was just background noise.

Hands on his shoulders spun him around and through his tears, he saw a bloody Caradoc. Dorcas was further ahead. Caradoc was saying something, although the words died on his ears.

He knew the remaining five Death Eaters were behind him. The ones responsible for his brother’s, his best friend’s, his other half’s death. Fabian looked Caradoc directly in the eye and shook his head. The other man looked bewildered, and started saying something, reaching for him but Fabian had already set of running back to Gideon’s body. When he reached his side, he slumped to his knees, clutching at Gideon’s lifeless corpse.

“Now I know what you felt like,” he said quietly. “Spending those two minutes alone.” Fabian kissed the top of his brother’s head softly. “I’m sorry, Gideon,” he cried. Tears falling freely, he lifted his wand and fired non-verbal spells at the Death Eaters who were coming closer and closer to him. Five of them. Against one of him.

He could vaguely hear Dorcas screaming his name, and the pounding footsteps that followed but then he was rendered breathless, and Fabian crumpled to the floor beside his brother, reunited for the final time. 

Read the rest here: (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11117569/3/Marauder)

All I wanted was to take care of you and protect your broken soul from this beautiful, broken world. I wanted to take you in the palm of my hands. But you’re so full of fears and secrets, and sad old mysteries that you never shared with me. So full of things I don’t understand because you just won’t explain them to me. So full of stories and dark thoughts. Full of complications and, sometimes, hurtful actions.

But you never looked more handsome to me than bare skin, underneath the heavy clouds. Water drops fell from your body, softly, as your chest went up and down each time you breathed. I watched them and it reminded me of how the rain drops gently kiss the flower’s petals after the rain: carefully, due to how fragile the nature is. Those water drops were kissing every inch of your body, and I wanted to help them by kissing your lips.

Please let me take care of you. Allow me to touch those stitches and scars on your skin. Let me kiss them until you would no longer feel scared of your heart being broken again.

The most destructive part of a typhoon isn’t the wind. It’s the water. Even after being weakened to a tropical storm, Typhoon Nepartak dumped torrential rain on Taiwan and China. This astonishing shot of debris choking a bridge in the Fujian province city of Bandong Town shows just how devastating it was.

Nepartak started brewing on July 2 and hit Taiwan five days later with winds approaching 150 mph. Nepartak weakened to a tropical storm after landfall, but still carried tremendous moisture. It dropped nearly 20 inches in some places, flooding communities, capsizing cars, causing a highway flyover to collapse and triggering landslides.

MORE. Here’s Proof That a Typhoon’s Biggest Peril Is Rain, Not Wind

Colossalcon is coming up in three months and MY BODY IS NOT READY. Who wants to be Colossalcon FIT BUDDIES with me, Cowbuttcrunchies, and SadnessSuccubus?

Today is DAY 1! Each Thursday I’ll be posting my progress with the hashtag #FitForColossal:
☆ Which days I worked out, what exercises I did, & for how long!
☆ Cardio: my average running pace per mile for the week!
☆ Strength Training: my 3x5 (3 sets of 5 reps) max lifts for the week!
☆ Pounds lost / waist inches dropped!

Want to join? Pick your cardio of choice (walking, biking, swimming, dancing, etc.), your strength training of choice (free weights, weight machines, body weight training), or anything else you do for fitness (yoga, etc.) Reblog this post with your STARTING STATS! Then, each Thursday reblog or post your updated stats as you work out each week! Don’t forget to hashtag it #FitForColossal so we can follow it and cheer you on ☆☆☆

☆ Frequency: Currently working out 0x a week (ugh!!)
☆ Cardio: ~11 minute/mile average pace
☆ Strength 3x5 maxes: 115 lbs barbell squat, 105 lbs barbell deadlift, 45 lbs barbell bench press, 15 lbs dumbbell military press, 15 lbs dumbbell
☆ Pounds lost: 0; waist inches dropped: 0