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i hope every episode of rwby from now on includes mysterious freckle boy doing completely mundane farmer things. like, we’ll see rnjr running around fighting grimm and being all badass but then – cut to freckle boy like. milking a cow or something.

we never receive an explanation or even acknowledgement from the crwby. fans go crazy with theories about how freckle boy must play into the larger storyline, there must be a reason for his inclusion. but no. it is just a boy and his humble life as a farmer.

The backdrop to the racist Right’s 1980s resurgence was a crisis in the U.S. agricultural economy, more severe than any since the 1920s.  In the 1970s, farmers were encouraged to expand their businesses.  Then inflation drove interest rates up.  Those farmers who could still pay their loans saw their land prices plummet between 1981 and 1987, while they read about Wall Street speculators becoming millionaries through insider trading and other crafty means of moving number on paper.  The magnitude of the farm crisis was staggering.  In Minnesota, the average price of an acre of land fell from $1,947 in 1981 to $628 in 1987, amounting to a loss of paper wealth of between $20 and $40 billion for that state alone.  The U.S. farm population dropped from nine million in 1975 to less than five million in 1987, as absentee investors assumed an ever greater percentage of farm ownership.  In Iowa, an estimated 30 percent of the farmers were threatened with the loss of their land.

Individual farmers saw everything they had worked for fall into the hands of bankers who foreclosed on their property.  In that context, the racist Right took advantage of a rare opportunity to spread their spurious conspiracy theories about Jewish control of the financial system.

Beginning in the 1970s, a loose network known as the Posse Comitatus (meaning ‘power of the county’) had emerged in the West Coast and MIdwest regions. A 1976 FBI estimate of seventy-eight Posse Comitatus chapters in twenty-three states placed total membership between 12,000 and 15,000, with as many as ten to twelve times that number of peripheral supporters.  From California to Wisconsin, each Posse leader developed a slightly different style.  Common to all was a belief in white supremacist Identity Christianity and variations on a few 'constitutionalist’ themes: Jewish bankers manipulate and control the Federal Reserve Board, if not the whole U.S. financial system; the income tax amendment was never legally approved by Congress and, therefore, 'sovereign citizens’ need not pay taxes; the United States is a 'republic,’ not a 'democracy’; and the only lawful authority is the county sheriff and his appointed 'posse’ of adult men who reside in his jurisdiction.

Through the Posse Comitatus’ pre-existing network of Farm Belt groups, the Midwest became fertile ground for the spread of racist and anti-Jewish propaganda during the 1980s… Had mainstream farmers not taken serious steps to educate AAM’s rank-and-file about infiltration by the far Right, the extent of the damage might have been much worse.  One AAM faction sponsored guerrilla warfare training and classes on the making of pipe bombs; another faction advocating violence formed a Farmers’ Liberation Army.

—  Roads to Dominion: Right-Wing Movements and Political Power in the United States by Sara Diamond

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I wish I could offer some blizz store mounts or minipets, but alas I don’t have the funds for that at the moment

so instead I picked one of my favourite minipets, the dark whelpling, and leveled it to 25 for you


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