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I think the big difference between Ryan Evil™ and Jeremy Evil™ is the systems they operate in.

Jeremy Evil™ utilizes systems specifically designed with evil in mind (e.g. using blood magic to gain special weapons and powers) whereas Ryan Evil™ takes perfectly ordinary systems and repurposes them towards evil (e.g. using dispensers to drop farm animals several hundred feet just to watch them go splat)

Closed for Business

600 Follower Celebration Fic for @casownsmyass and my Kink List #16 Dry Humping.

Summary: Dean is getting ready to close the bookstore at 9, when an incredibly attractive blue-eyed customer walks in.

warnings: Destiel, dry humping, frotting (thru clothes), surprise ending! (lol)

word count: ~1400

Dean was nearly done with his shift at the bookstore, having put all of the shelves back in order and swept the floor.  It was three minutes until 9, so he went over to the cash register to start counting the till.

He finished counting quickly, making notes in the books on the day’s earnings.  He had just turned to lock the cash drawer up when the front door jingled, signaling a customer.

“Hey, sorry but we’re clos-“ Dean started, turning toward the door.

Standing there, looking absolutely delicious, was the most handsome man he’d ever laid eyes on. Piercing blue eyes were watching him, and the messy dark brown hair on his head just begged for fingers to tame it, or mess it up even more.

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Misc. ‘True Love or Something’ Headcanons

Some headcanons that haven’t made it into the body of my ‘True Love or Something’ series.  If you’re wondering what that is, it’s my ongoing Klance modern AU found…here on Ao3! http://archiveofourown.org/series/602497
And feel free to message me if you ever have questions about ‘True Love or Something’ or any of my other fics!
- Keith is a terrible cook but really wants to be good at it.  He thinks of it like one of those ‘normal adult achievements’ he needs to unlock. The only thing he’s semi-decent at is breakfast food and anything involving a microwave or a campfire.
- Hunk is a phd student at a nearby university with a fairly generous stipend. He also fills in at a local restaurant every now and then for extra cash. (the gang aren’t allowed to know this - otherwise they’d never leave the restaurant when he’s on-shift)
- Shiro chose nursing over other medical professions because he could get an associate’s degree and start working as a registered nurse in a little over two years and wouldn’t have to pay for malpractice insurance. He loves it, but is considering going back to school to become a nurse practitioner.
- Shiro keeps trying to share proceeds from his book with Keith since it first came out. Keith is having none of it. They’ve been mailing the same check back and forth for weeks.
- Lance calls his moms every week just to check in and see how everyone’s doing
- Keith frequently mixes up Shiro’s stepsisters’ names but is too embarrassed to admit he can’t remember which one is which at this point. But he has all of Lance’s sisters’ and nieces and nephews’ names memorized and he’s working on the cousins.
- The interns house-sit and cat-sit for Klance whenever they’re away for several days.  The interns actively fight over who gets to watch the house this time.  This mostly ends with all of them camping out at the duplex for the weekend.
- Lance and his sister Carly communicate mostly by texting each other memes and gifs. They’re very close.  

-  Lance loves his whole family but things used to be very tense between him and his sister Jamie after she dropped out of college to start her organic farm. Her dropping out made their parents put a lot of unintentional pressure on then-high-school Lance to achieve.  There were some tense years but they’re mostly over it now.  
- Lance’s sister Val didn’t really know what to do with him most of the time when they were kids; they’re very different people.  But they actually like each other a lot as adults.
- Lance’s sisters Andrea and Sofia are really close.  Sofia had a very hard time when Andie went off to college. Surprisingly, Keith helped her put Andie’s departure in perspective.  He knows something about being the left-behind little sibling.  (I might write a fic about Keith hanging out with Lance’s sisters sometime)
- Keith and Lance have a whiteboard in the kitchen they use to keep score of who’s ‘winning’ in their very competitive household chore schedule. Pidge changed it to a ‘it’s been X number of days since our last nonsense’ board and the change stuck.  They haven’t managed to go more than seven days without some nonsense.  
- Keith’s hair ended up in a kind-of-sort-of mullet before he and Lance met because Shiro is terrible at cutting hair and Keith isn’t much better. Lance has been half-heartedly trying to get Keith to not cut his own hair and actually go to a hairdresser for a long time.  Half-heartedly because while he likes bickering about it, he likes Keith’s hair more.  
- Different alcohols affect Keith differently - beer makes him sleepy/snuggly, wine makes him mean (but like, low-key, sarcastic mean), and vodka makes him happy/affectionate.  

…I have way more headcanons for this verse than this but this post is too long already…

Come To Me


(SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Shorts)

Genre: Angst/Jealousy/??

Author: tedryse/satansoori

Summary: Y/N can’t stand her roommate, Hoshi, coming to their room drunk and always bringing a girl to fuck. Especially when they didn’t notice that she’s in the room with them. She can’t help but make the right choice on what she’s going to do the next time he brings another girl over in their dorm.

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The Reunion & All That Is Unspoken.

Bear with me for some mortifying self-indulgence: In some ways, my biggest fear with the Black Sails finale did actually to pass - I was confident Thomas would return, but was concerned it would be a reunion scene with Flint without any dialogue. (Mind you, it would have been worse again to have a cutaway ending with Flint going to find Thomas, or just seeing Thomas in the distance.) Whilst my fear did come to pass, let us thank the casting director gods for the acting calibre of Toby Stephens and Rupert Penry-Jones. Whilst there was no verbal dialogue with the reunion scene that the audience was privy to, Stephens and Penry-Jones gave the audience completely transparent inner monologues for both James and Thomas, along with a tangible unspoken back and forth dynamic between the two on screen. In the hands of lesser actors, it could have felt clichéd and trite. Instead, it is raw and euphoric all at once, and manages to carry the genuine weight and loss of two people who have been separated for ten years.

None of the above is an easy task for an actor, especially when so much is riding on the pay-off for the finale. In a normal situation, making actual dialogue sound naturalistic can be hard enough. It’s even harder again to convey a natural inner monologue without being over the top. In the case of Black Sails, Stephens and Penry-Jones have to give the audience a natural inner monologue, whilst also carrying the emotions and weight of a ten year reunion scene! It’s a tall order for any actor, that could have so easily gone wrong. Stephens and Penry-Jones completely exceeded each and every expectation, and managed to make the reunion scene both grounded yet still deeply emotional. (Talented jerks.) The following is my personal interpretation and breakdown of the reunion scene. I know everyone would have their own interpretation of the scene, including the actors themselves. We all no doubt color the scene a little differently depending on our own personal viewpoint. I’d love to read other people’s interpretations!

Until the finale, I had always assumed that Thomas would have been told that Miranda and James were dead, like they were re: Thomas’ fate. Considering Thomas’ inital reaction to being reunited with James is one of shock and joy, and not confused grief, I now have to wonder if the answer was just that Thomas never knew what happened to them both. Thomas had continued on, never knowing if they were alive or dead. Unlike James and Miranda, who had the loss and grief eating away at them both, Thomas might have been sustained all these years by even the slightiest possibility of hope.

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Some thoughts from Theory Realm:

Faith kissed Rodney and promptly fell asleep because she was drunk. Consider the parallels: Faith and Eric have a misunderstanding and consequent row, in which they push each other away; Faith gets drunk and goes off with Rodney; an ambiguous morning-after scene in which we don’t quite know how far it went because vagueness - and in which Faith is wearing yellow; Faith basically assuming the worst because she was too drunk to really remember until Rodney informs her that they only kissed before she went to sleep; Faith’s remorse and regret for how she treated Eric. No one tell me these scenes didn’t play out this way, in an episode with a fairly heavy Aaron/Robert focus, if they weren’t purposely alluding to The Theory.

And now consider the heavy focus on the theme of time across the show these days, but tonight… Rodney came between Eric and Faith, and he stole that watch - a pocket watch no less, thank you SSW Theory! - pretty much right from underneath Eric’s nose. And now consider the fact that, even after all of this, Aaron still has Robert’s watch…

The idea of this, we think/hope, is for Robron to rebuild themselves stronger, right? And the only way to do this is to rebuild themselves as individuals first. This means breaking them down - which they did in spectacular fashion, alas - to their very core and addressing the issues which have been buried away there. For both characters, most of their issues have originally stemmed from their respective childhoods and relationships with their fathers. Which is why through so much of this, Aaron’s issues manifested themselves through the prison plot and the visual representation of Jason. And Robert’s issues have manifested themselves through his dealings with the White family and the visual representation of Lawrence. I still believe it was no coincidence that Jack’s headstone was damaged in the same episode that saw so many parallels between Lawrence and Robert himself, with Lawrence very much breaking down on the surface while Robert continued to internalise his own breakdown, and that it was the talk of Jack and his headstone that brought about the “reconciliation” between Robert and Lawrence. We’re yet to see how this plays out of course, but consider Aaron’s plot with Jason…

By not fighting Jason, Aaron’s cycle of self-destruction - the way his issues manifest themselves as “Old Aaron” - has come full circle, from having attacked Kasim all those months ago. (Which Rob even made a call back to tonight!) Not only this, but he stood up to Jason and even threw him out of his house - the house that he resented having to buy with Gordon’s money.

So now consider Robert’s cycle of self-destruction - the way his issues manifest themselves as “Old Robert”… Already we find him coming full circle from his little revenge plot with Ross and Aaron’s comment of him going after Ross just to get his money back - Robert paid Jason, and has given no indication of wanting to try and get his money back. Perhaps this was a reason why the random briefcase of money saga was thrown in, and that maybe some things which at first appear entirely as plot devices are actually driven more by character development than we are initially aware..? So if Robert is coming full circle with this element, he will eventually come full circle with them all, too. I believe that is where we’re heading now and tonight’s episode was a massive nod to that. It was literally confirmation that the moment Aaron admits that he wants Rob back, Robert will drop Home Farm and the Whites quicker than the press can say “Robron”.

And now think about Aaron when he was in the ring… His talk of his family rallying behind him - and they were all there, each offering him support. Except Robert, who was still intent on making Aaron see sense and talking him out of it. And what did Robert say earlier that day? “Trust me.” And of course Aaron scoffed. But what did he do in that ring, which made Robert so damn proud? He stood there, he faced Jason, and he walked away. He did exactly what Robert asked, begged him to. He listened to the one person who wouldn’t give up the argument, who was determined to stop Aaron self-destructing again. He trusted Robert. And what did Aaron vow to do? “To trust” Robert. Perhaps this is the first very small stepping stone to that journey of them coming to realise they both meant the vows they made that day…

So now consider this: Aaron walked away from his cycle of self-destruction, he turned a corner, away from “Old Aaron” and faced his issues. So maybe, someday soon, Robert will too. Maybe he really will have Home Farm and that life finally in his grasp, and he’ll walk away. And we can have a glorious parallel to the 2015 scene of him standing in the driveway looking up at the house like a lost little boy, after Chrissie threw him out despite his saving her from Eric, with Robert standing outside the house where the door lays open for him, turning his back on Home Farm and walking up that drive, a free man on his way home to his beautiful husband. And finally together they will try to let go of the past, not allow it to keep holding them back, as they finally look towards that bright future; the rebirth of Robron.

As much as I still wish this storyline had never had to happen (or not quite so soon, it is a soap after all), there are still traces of absolute positivity shining through the darkness and I’m clinging to them, as ever, in the hope that there really has been a point to all of this all along. And that is “a new start” for Robron.

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Don't mind me, I am just going to crash into anyone... and EVERYONE! *runs in with the basilisk mount*

To be honest, I baaarely use mounts. I think the two that see the most use are slime (since I get it early frequently and it has a few good uses, especially in Expert mode against some bosses), and the flying saucer (on the two characters who don’t have a press-down-while-flying-to-nyoom accessory).

As for favorite mount that I almost never use because I’ve only ever effing seen it drop while farming after it’s been made obsolete by wings?

Ain't No Grave


Once upon a fucking time, I fucking died.

Now I know what you’re thinking.

“Negan how the fuck are you gonna tell a fucking story if you’re fucking dead?”

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Drove an hour and a half to the dog farm.

Dropped Babylon off and cried a little with the woman who runs it. I’m surprisingly ok with taking Babylon back, though. She just never quite fit and it’s better this way for all the animals and she’ll be able to find a better forever home than i could give her. I think of myself as her foster mom now. I got her fresh off the track and prepared for a life of pet-hood. Taught her how to climb stairs, learned she wasn’t cat friendly, leash trained her, etc. And i think Iggy will survive, because now she doesn’t have to compete for food or attention. It’s all hers.

Then i drove the hour and a half home with the radio up as loud as i could stand it to distract myself from everything. Buuuut certain songs made me cry so i had to turn it off. Then my dumb brain started thinking fucking thoughts because now that I️ can stop dreading the dog goodbye i have alllll this free brain space to think about other shit, so i had to turn the radio back on. And cry some more. While i ate a Taco Bell burrito. And driving. It was truly a sight.

Prompt #183


After Conner and Fem!Tim had a pregnancy scare, Conner freaks out and leaves. He had only meant to leave for a few days but it’s been five years now. And at 25 Conner finally drop by his grandparents farm in Smallville, on their fireplace mantle were pictures of twin toddlers that look eerily like him sitting between an older Fem!Tim and a tattooed man. That’s how Conner learns convenience store pregnancy tests are not a hundred percent accurate and his kids are being raised by another man.

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for the AU pairing thing, can you do Snibs on a Farm? I just think that'd be hilarious.


so the snarts are like, city kids through and through. it shows. mick, farm boy au natural, is sick of it. his last straw is
lisa: len put down your parka so i don’t have to step through this puddle
len: it’s canada goose
lisa: it’s jimmy chop

so mick drops them at a farm ten miles away from central city, says he’ll be back in a week, and takes the car
len: we should escape
lisa: and run ten miles? too much
len: he knows us too well

so they make a small effort to keep the farm running so they can, you know, eat. lisa does more of the livestock stuff and len does more of the crops. so he’ll be, idk, shucking corn or smthn and she’ll be milking a cow.

mick comes back and, surprise surprise, this is the rogues best week in history. they’ve stayed on task and robbed three banks, only people they want dead are dead
hartley: please ……… don’t bring them back

mick drives to the farm and len and lisa bring approximately 300 jars filled with various substances with them. jam, milk, honey, mystery meat.
mick: ……. okAY then