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Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Did Louis write Back to You and, since he needed a new beard, they decided to bring Eleanor back because they could really make a story out of it?

Or was Elounor 2.0 already in the works to replace Douis, and Louis wrote Back to You to fit the story line (with an alternate and probably more authentic interpretation of going back home, to appease those of us who know Elounor is a sham)?

Considering he tweeted on February 4 about how excited he was about something he’d just written directly after name-dropping Digital Farm Animals in another tweet, and kicking off Elounor 2.0 on February 16 by randomly liking her IG pic of her in the Vetements sweatshirt, I’m pretty sure Back to You was part of the stunt from the beginning.

They really can’t just let him be an artist, can they?

Misc. ‘True Love or Something’ Headcanons

Some headcanons that haven’t made it into the body of my ‘True Love or Something’ series.  If you’re wondering what that is, it’s my ongoing Klance modern AU found…here on Ao3! http://archiveofourown.org/series/602497
And feel free to message me if you ever have questions about ‘True Love or Something’ or any of my other fics!
- Keith is a terrible cook but really wants to be good at it.  He thinks of it like one of those ‘normal adult achievements’ he needs to unlock. The only thing he’s semi-decent at is breakfast food and anything involving a microwave or a campfire.
- Hunk is a phd student at a nearby university with a fairly generous stipend. He also fills in at a local restaurant every now and then for extra cash. (the gang aren’t allowed to know this - otherwise they’d never leave the restaurant when he’s on-shift)
- Shiro chose nursing over other medical professions because he could get an associate’s degree and start working as a registered nurse in a little over two years and wouldn’t have to pay for malpractice insurance. He loves it, but is considering going back to school to become a nurse practitioner.
- Shiro keeps trying to share proceeds from his book with Keith since it first came out. Keith is having none of it. They’ve been mailing the same check back and forth for weeks.
- Lance calls his moms every week just to check in and see how everyone’s doing
- Keith frequently mixes up Shiro’s stepsisters’ names but is too embarrassed to admit he can’t remember which one is which at this point. But he has all of Lance’s sisters’ and nieces and nephews’ names memorized and he’s working on the cousins.
- The interns house-sit and cat-sit for Klance whenever they’re away for several days.  The interns actively fight over who gets to watch the house this time.  This mostly ends with all of them camping out at the duplex for the weekend.
- Lance and his sister Carly communicate mostly by texting each other memes and gifs. They’re very close.  

-  Lance loves his whole family but things used to be very tense between him and his sister Jamie after she dropped out of college to start her organic farm. Her dropping out made their parents put a lot of unintentional pressure on then-high-school Lance to achieve.  There were some tense years but they’re mostly over it now.  
- Lance’s sister Val didn’t really know what to do with him most of the time when they were kids; they’re very different people.  But they actually like each other a lot as adults.
- Lance’s sisters Andrea and Sofia are really close.  Sofia had a very hard time when Andie went off to college. Surprisingly, Keith helped her put Andie’s departure in perspective.  He knows something about being the left-behind little sibling.  (I might write a fic about Keith hanging out with Lance’s sisters sometime)
- Keith and Lance have a whiteboard in the kitchen they use to keep score of who’s ‘winning’ in their very competitive household chore schedule. Pidge changed it to a ‘it’s been X number of days since our last nonsense’ board and the change stuck.  They haven’t managed to go more than seven days without some nonsense.  
- Keith’s hair ended up in a kind-of-sort-of mullet before he and Lance met because Shiro is terrible at cutting hair and Keith isn’t much better. Lance has been half-heartedly trying to get Keith to not cut his own hair and actually go to a hairdresser for a long time.  Half-heartedly because while he likes bickering about it, he likes Keith’s hair more.  
- Different alcohols affect Keith differently - beer makes him sleepy/snuggly, wine makes him mean (but like, low-key, sarcastic mean), and vodka makes him happy/affectionate.  

…I have way more headcanons for this verse than this but this post is too long already…


Ever wanted to learn how to spin yarn with out a spinning wheel? great! … because humans figured it out before spinning wheels were invented! 

Drop Spinning!!!! 

When I was in college I started being a foster mom for angora rabbits for just the winters. I knew I wanted to try making yarn with their fluff. I looked into a spinning wheel but that totally wasn’t an option at the time due to space and school loans! After going to the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival I picked up drop spinning and bought a simple bottom whorl and practiced and practiced. With the help of some library books and the internet I was a spinning master! (ok not master.. )  it was so soothing to just pick up and create something when I came home after class or just while watching tv. 

So now I’ve decided to make a kit for beginners who want to try drop spinning for the first time.. or maybe you just want a really hip drop spindle.

check em out here!


Closed for Business

600 Follower Celebration Fic for @casownsmyass

Summary: Dean is getting ready to close the bookstore at 9, when an incredibly attractive blue-eyed customer walks in.

warnings: Destiel, dry humping, frotting (thru clothes), surprise ending! (lol)

word count: ~1400

Dean was nearly done with his shift at the bookstore, having put all of the shelves back in order and swept the floor.  It was three minutes until 9, so he went over to the cash register to start counting the till.

He finished counting quickly, making notes in the books on the day’s earnings.  He had just turned to lock the cash drawer up when the front door jingled, signaling a customer.

“Hey, sorry but we’re clos-“ Dean started, turning toward the door.

Standing there, looking absolutely delicious, was the most handsome man he’d ever laid eyes on. Piercing blue eyes were watching him, and the messy dark brown hair on his head just begged for fingers to tame it, or mess it up even more.

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So I’m enjoying Pokemon post-game, in this particular case making a ton of wild pokes faint with a team that consists of nothing but Meowths with Pickup.

And since I’m so funny, their names are Sweeper, Scavenger, Spotcheck, Stalker, Searcher, and Nanu.

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Considering he tweeted on February 4 about how excited he was about something he’d just written directly after name-dropping Digital Farm Animals in another tweet, and kicking off Elounor 2.0 on February 16 by randomly liking her IG pic of her in the Vetements sweatshirt, I’m pretty sure Back to You was part of the stunt from the beginning. That pic with Fred is most likely for a Freddie song on the album too. Idk why people are acting like his songs would be autobiographical w/ Syco lol.

Ah yes because Harry’s lyrics were literal and autobiographical. Newsflash: 1D are under syco. Newsflash number 2: a song can be so vague o be not vague at all and yet have different meanings. And Freddie?!?!?! Chill everyone. Chill.

i hope every episode of rwby from now on includes mysterious freckle boy doing completely mundane farmer things. like, we’ll see rnjr running around fighting grimm and being all badass but then – cut to freckle boy like. milking a cow or something.

we never receive an explanation or even acknowledgement from the crwby. fans go crazy with theories about how freckle boy must play into the larger storyline, there must be a reason for his inclusion. but no. it is just a boy and his humble life as a farmer.

Modern Utopian - Alternative Communities of the ‘60s and '70s

Richard Fairfield & Timothy Miller

Process, 2010Softcover

The Modern Utopian takes a look at the back to the land movement of the sixties and seventies. Reviewing the pivotal communes of the era such as Drop City, Hog Farm, and Millbrook. This definitive exploration provides a realistic account of what really went on within the idyllic hippie experiments by the people who actually lived it. Revealing the utopia and dystopia of collective living. The three hundred pages are divided into sections such as Back to the Land, Psychedelic and Art Communities, Life in the City, Politics and Revolution, Scientific Ideology, Christian, Mystical and Yoga communities and Gurus East and West. The book is written by Richard Fairfield who self published dozens of magazines throughout the seventies documenting experimental communities and proves to be authority on the subject.


June 15th - I heard about the local poppy field on Facebook, and it being very sunny and early, I took a detour on the way to work to check it out.

The field is just on the east of the Chester Road before the Wood Lane junction and is glorious. A few snatched pictures don’t do this gem justice. I will revisit it soon.

I love to see the poppy fields at this time of year, and welcome their rise since the drop in farming use of herbicides that used to kill them.I also adore the randomnesss of the places they appear - never the same two years running.

A beautiful and ephemeral thing - get out and see it while it lasts.

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I'd probably give up my firstborn for a fic of Jack getting really hyped and punchy after a really good practice and trying to roughhouse with Bitty on the ice OvO bonus points if it dissolves into everyone trying to catch Bitty at once but he's too fucking fast and slippery to get a hand on.

I don’t know why anon, but the thing that popped into my head is Bitty as a rabbit running away from the rest of the guys as hounds.

*gasp* time for an AU…

Dog-Jack gets lost since he’s determined to catch rabbit-Bitty, who keeps dropping by the farm his human Bob owns, to eat the carrots and vegetables.

(Bitty knows better but he can’t help himself.)

Then Bitty saves Jack from a bear. The bear is totally Bitty’s pal, Betsy who is like, “he’s been annoying you right? I’ll eat him for you if you want” but he’s like “nah don’t worry let’s all move on.”

Then of course Jack, who is a domesticated animal, doesn’t know how to survive in the forest. Sure he knows how to hunt but as a pack, not by himself!

Bitty is like ugh, I can’t leave him to die. Look how miserable he looks, it’s almost like somebody kicked him.

So Bitty agrees to lead Jack back to the damn farm, as payment for the carrots he has taken.

Then crazy adventure, where the two become unlikely friends and learn about the type of lives they live. Bitty is kind of jealous of Jack, who has humans to love and take care of him and never has to worry about being hungry or cold or you know, hunted.

The others (Shitty, Holster and Ransom) have escaped from the farm and are looking for Jack. They have gotten it into their heads that Bitty is to blame, so Jack has to defend him!

They say their goodbyes and it’s all very dramatic. Jack gets really depressed and doesn’t want to hunt, patrol the farm or do anything except sit where the carrots are and stare longingly in the distance.

Bob and Alicia take him to the vet, (Johnson totally Johnson) who says nothing is really wrong with him except his broken heart, and more weird and cryptic stuff.

On their way back, Jack suddenly perks up and jumps out of the window of the car, barking like mad and races off into the trees.

Bob and Alicia run after him, and find him sniffing and playing with Bitty, who also looks happy to see him.

Bitty totally panics when he sees the humans and runs off, and Jack stays because you know he does loves his humans, but he’s whining and even sadder than before.

Alicia and Bob get used to seeing Bitty from afar, coming to visit Jack (who only seems like his old self when Bitty is around) and the other dogs, but always running away from them. He’s even friendly with their cat Lardo.

So Bob puts a trap and captures Bitty, and the hell the dogs raise when that happens its pretty memorable. Jack bites his jeans and refuses to let go, while the others try to trip him and Lardo jumps on his head.

Bob puts the cage in the car and Jack follows immediately after. Bitty is panicking, and Jack is trying to chew the cage to free him, so they don’t notice where they are going till Jack realises they are at the vet.

They are there so Johnson can give Bitty a check up and vaccines because you know, what if the wild rabbit has rabies?

Bitty even gets a collar. He is excited because he knows humans put collars on the animals that belong to them, but is overall not amused by the experience, least of all the bath.

Jack suspiciously supervises the whole affair.

When they return Bob shows Bitty where Jack and the other sleep, and the bed they’ve bought for him (which goes to waste since he always ends up curling up with Jack), and let him free. While still not fully trusting humans, Bitty doesn’t leave again.

Alicia eventually wins him over by giving him a carrot everyday for breakfast, and Bitty can be seen following her around when Jack and the others are busy doing whatever it is dogs do everyday or just chilling with Lardo.

(The frogs are puppies that somebody abandons at the farm one day. Bitty is the first to find them. The puppies subsequently think he’s their mom and Jack their dad. Dex and Nursey kind of grow out of it a little once they get big -they still totally go to Bitty when they are sad or scared- but Chowder never realised that Bitty, you know a male rabbit, cannot be his mom and nobody has the heart to tell him otherwise).

Hot damn, this AU is Disney movie material.