drop earings

i work as an actor at a haunted house and this little girl who was dressed as a cat came through she saw me and was like “no thank you please dont get closer i am already scared” and i was like alright i appreciate the good manners ill back off. so her dad picks her up and starts going down the rest of my dark hall and i just hear her yell “everybody wait! i dropped my ears” so i find them and give them to her dad and she goes “thank you but i hope i never see you again goodbye” and waved over her dads shoulder. i waved back and she gave me a thumbs up. honestly this kid has a lot of guts and props for being so polite when shes terrified i hope she gets a lot of candy this year

“We just do.”

Despite many decades of computers, the humans had never stopped writing by hand.  Rachel tried to explain to her cenandi friends the differences in human brain function between ‘handwriting’ and other ways of recording information.  X’elen and Gorek listened politely, but found the concepts - well - incomprehensible.  

“But every human writes the same word differently,” protested X’elen, “how can you even comprehend that stuff?”

“There are subtle differences,” agreed Rachel, “but there are underlying conventions and similarities which allow us to read each other’s writing most of the time.”

“Its so unreliable!” exclaimed Gorek, “There isn’t a human on the ship who can read Temara’s handwriting.  Everyone just asks her what it says.”

“Ah, Temara uses shorthand,” said Rachel, “she tried to teach us, but she’s the only one on the ship who had the patience to master it.”

“So this ‘handwriting’ has multiple forms?”  asked X’elen, “How do you even know which form to apply.”

“We just do.” Rachel had tried hard to explain, but found herself falling back on the archetypical human response.  

A few days later…

Gorek saw Martin working at an angled board.  The activity was clearly ‘writing’, but Gorek had never seen a human write so slowly.  Martin appeared to be paying a great deal of attention to carefully drawing and decorating each work his pen created.  Gorek watched for a while in absolute confused fascination.  

Finally, the scrutiny penetrated Martin’s trance.  He looked up, “Hi Gorek, are you thinking of taking up calligraphy?”

“Calli-what?  I thought you were writing.”

Martin laughed.  “I am.”

Gorek’s ears dropped in complete confusion.  Would the humans ever make sense?  “But you called it…”

“Calligraphy,” Martin supplied the unfamiliar term.  “Its an especially decorative form of handwriting that we use for special occasions.  This is for Rachel and James’ wedding.”

“Rachel was explaining that writing helps human brains to process information differently,” said  Gorek, “do you need to apply special mental processing as part of the wedding rituals?”

“Not exactly that,” said Martin, “I’m just doing this because it looks nice, it makes the occasion a bit special, you know?”

Gorek clearly didn’t ‘know’.  

Martin fell back on the standard, “Its just something humans do.  Please don’t mention it to Rachel and James, I wanted it to be a surprise.”

“What is ‘surprise’?” asked Gorek.

Martin sighed.  His calligraphy would have to wait for a little while.  


Neymar during the match against Olympique Marseille | 22.10.17

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a doodle of pretty fairy kyungsoo and wolf jongin please!!!

at first i didnt really know how to draw that but then i got an idea and i got  carried away i guess lmao

anyway thanks for the request and have a nice day 💗