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Yo one of the most amazing things to me about seeing SHINee live was being able to see just how HARD Taemin goes when he dances. I legit thought the boy was going to break his ankle or something bc of the amount of power and passion he dances with. Truly incredible.

RuPaul's Fiercest Fashion Moments in Drag Race Herstory

RuPaul’s Best Drag Race Runway Fashion

Season 7, Episode 12

RuPaul served flamenco dancer emoji REALNESS during season 7’s final judging panel. With her signature golden locks teased for the gods to show off her stunning diamond-drop earrings, the 6 foot 4 inch queen worked every inch of that sparkling sequin red gown. Annnnnd what.

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Season 8, Episode 4

RuPunk! The versatile queen took on a blue sequin two-piece look to judge the ‘80s style New Wave girl bands. Her peplum top perfectly accentuated her waist, while her long legs looked slim in skin-tight pants. Topping it all? A mohawk with hot pink accents. Werk.

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Season 2, Episode 6

Speaking of rock stars, this black tulle gown from season 2’s “Rocker Chicks” episode was what every '80s girl dreamed of wearing to prom - down to the black gloves. But only Ru could make that hair work.

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Season 7, Episode 9

Sorry, but your fave could never wear a long-sleeve tube gown with a naked image of herself on it - with a matching white afro and hoop earrings to boot - and get away with it. Ru? She can. Disco. Graffiti. Queen. Eleganza.

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Season 5, Episode 11

The race got sticky during the Sugar Ball challenge - but Ru was sweet as can be in this hot pink animal-print gown. Pebbles Flintstone wishes she was this sunning.

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Season 7, Episode 10

Upon first glance, you’d think this prancing queen’s high-cut, floor-length, golden nude illusion gown can’t get any better - until Ru rips the bottom part away to reveal a sexy shorter hem. Has any gown ever had a better day-to-night transition?

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Season 7, Episode 10 Continued …

Can you even?!

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Season 7, Episode 3

Channelling a greek goddess and a ninja at the same time can be done, as Ru proved in this neon green pant-bodysuit combo, teamed with a layer flowing black silk. And that braided high pony? Life!

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Season 2, Episode 9

Ru wore this look to season 2’s Diva Awards, and she was the one who took home the top prize in this all-black dress with red silk origami-like appliqués cascading down its side. Shantay you stay.

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Season 4, Episode 3

RuPocalypse Now! Bringing Grace Jones futuristic realness, this hooded metallic gown was the ultimate declaration of power. Cladding her curves perfeclty, Ru topped the foiled, fierce look with the perfect peek of her blonde hair. We’re not worthy.

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Season 8, Episode 9

Could you just GAG? For the final challenge in season 8, the ladies starred in the music video for Ru’s single “The Realness.” But it was Ru’s stunning off-the-shoulder dress we couldn’t stop staring at thanks to it’s shiny fabric sparkling from every angle on the runway. The gown ended the season on a major fashion moment. RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9 premieres Friday, March 24 (at 8 p.m. ET) on VH1.

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"Do you want to take a nap with me?" |spontaneous need for fluff Hello|

The synthetic Lion’s head shot up from her perch on top of- what was it, Sendak’s coat? Probably. She’d stolen it from Red, as the two had been on-and-off stealing it from each other due to the silky texture of the fabric. Quite pleasant beneath the paws, and it was temptation enough to risk the wrath of her smaller sibling in order to fetch it back. However, the prospect of napping with her own busy paladin was a temptation of greater caliber, well worth abandoning her current prize. 

A pleased chirp had her leaping down from her perch and twining around his ankles, careful not to get stepped on as she slowly herded him towards her hangar. She knew that he was not a fan of sleeping in the lion- unlike his teammate who practically lived in his lion. The bunk was almost too small for him, and while she liked being folded and twisted like an Altean savory treat, he didn’t always contort so easily. Or happily. 

{Preferably somewhere quiet.}
            Offship was a good prospect.
                                    Space was always quiet

She pauses, letting out a small murble as she feels his hands around her middle, being quickly lifted from the floor and set against his chest. Claws scratch at her ears, and she pushes back into them, her own claws scratching and kneading lightly at his shirt (and it was a shirt, for once, rather than the near constant armor he wore). 

{Ah, I take it the locks to your private apartments have been repaired since Green’s paladin’s last experiment?
           {   Not up to napping in space today?} Whiskers twitched in a laugh as she licked his chin before bumping the top of her head up under it, fitting herself comfortably beneath his chin. 

            { If you’re worried about the others wandering off,}
              { I’m sure there’s a leash here somewhere we can attach to the ship.}

so yesterday I was cleaning my ears and I ended up pushing ear wax way back in there so like I have partial hearing loss in my left ear now and I constantly have a clogged feeling and I’m dying my dudes