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Anchor Me

Prompt: where reader is in the FAHC and none of them know they’re immortal so reader and either Ryan or Michael are out on a mission and they get caught in an explosion or they have no way out and they’re going to die, reader asks if the other can hold them and as they “die” there’s feelings and then maybe they kiss whoever’s with them and after they recover there’s the question of, “You kissed me?”

Pairing: Ryan Haywood x female reader

Warnings: Angst, fluff, light kisses, mentions of fire and explosions, gunfire..


You groaned as you woke up and rolled over, seeing the sunlight pour through your curtains. You huffed and sat up stretching, and heard a knock at your door. “You almost ready, you’ve got that job today.” “Coming!” You called out and made your way out of bed. You took a quick shower and got dressed in some black jeans and a blank tank top, holstering your gun on your hip and shouldering a machine gun nonchalant and walked out to the living room.

Michael sat on the couch, already dressed to go, though he was messing around on the xbox. “Sup Jones?” You called out and ruffled his hair to which he protested by swearing. You made your way to the kitchen and set your gun down on the table. Jack turned around and put her hands on her hips, “How many times do I have to say it?” She said and you remembered and took your gun off the table and dropped the shoulder strap on your chair instead. “Honestly Jack, you’re like Eleanor.” “That’s right, now breakfast?” “I’ll just have a granola bar or something, I imagine the guys want to get going.” “Nonsense, no one in this house is going without a good breakfast.” “Okay Mom.” You said but you smiled knowing that’s just how Jack was.

So after your breakfast of cinnamon french toast and orange juice, you, Ryan, Michael and Jeremy made your way out and into the city. You pulled your bike to a stop just down the street from the warehouse. “Looks good.” You said and nodded to Michael. He grinned and hefted his bag and took out the first block of C4. He went behind the building and started stringing up the explosives. While you and Ryan went inside to check out the files, while Jeremy stood watch.

You were combing through files with Ryan when you heard gunfire. You whipped your head up and then turned to look at Ryan. You just had time to reach for your gun when an explosion shook the building. You stumbled but regained your footing and shouted, “What the hell was that?” Another explosion and the glass blew out of the window to the room you were in. “Let’s go.” Ryan said and pulled you by the arm as a series of explosions went off in the building.

Soon you found yourselves trapped at the top floor of the building, unable to get to the roof or to the floors below. Fire and smoke were engulfing the rooms, but the room you were in was clear, except for being blocked. “No way out.” You said as the weight of your situation hit you like the rubble that was falling all around you. Ryan cursed, “We’ll find a way out, don’t worry.” He said as he tried shifting some rubble but only caused the flames to leap higher. “Shit!” You went over to him and gently placed a hand on his chest. He turned to you and noticed the glisten in your eyes, “Ryan.” You said slowly, “We’re gonna die aren’t we?” “No, we’re gonna be fine.” He tried to reassure, but you both knew how detrimental Michael’s explosives were. Being trapped in here for whatever reason would be the end to both of you.

“It’s fine, we just, we have to..” He trailed off again when you called his name. He looked at you as you played with the fabric of his shirt. “Can you hold me?” You asked as more rubble fell and the flames crept higher. Ryan’s face broke. He brought you over to a small piece of undisturbed ground, shuffling some bits of building out of the way and sat down, pulling you with him. He went to speak but instead didn’t. And as the building came apart and exploded all around you, with a huge chunk of ceiling letting loose to crush the both of you, you turned and kissed him.

Outside Jeremy was standing guard while you and Ryan checked through files. He didn’t find anything wrong until he left his post out front and went to check on Michael. “You almost done?” He asked and Michael looked up, “Yeah almost, what’s it’s look like?” “Clear. You sure they said there’d be anyone scoping this place?” “Geoff said their boss likes to check in on his warehouses once in a while. Never know, we could be in for a fight, or not.” Michael said, moving away a little with Jeremy following him saying, “Let’s hope not, I have a bad feeling about being here today.” “Why’s that?” But before Michael could find an answer to Jeremy’s unease, there was a pop of a gun and the explosive Michael just set went off.

The blow from the bomb caused Jeremy and Michael to get blown back and land hard on the ground. Not only that but the explosion of one caused the chain reaction Michael wired up to trigger setting the other ones off. Michael was the first to regain his bearings, “Jeremy!” He called out and soon saw Jeremy slumped over with small cuts on his face from the brick breaking up in the explosion. He ran over to him and rolled him over, only to then have to rush him behind cover.

There was a shootout and Michael was the only one there to take them out, what with Jeremy being unconscious. “A little help here J!” Michael called as he blind fired and caught a guy in the shoulder, peppering him more to really season him with bullets. He took out three of the ten guys that were there and he was starting to take hits. A ricocheting bullet his him in the arm and he fell to the ground, pain coursing through him but he pushed through and then he heard glass shattering. He looked up from behind cover to see a room in the building with the window blown out, and you and Ryan in the frame.

“Fuck!” He yelled and popped up from behind cover, “Die you fuckers!” He shouted as he rained fire down on the enemy. “My friends are probably gonna die now! Why’d you have to show up?!” He was spouting nonsense now because as soon as the albeit rhetorical questions left his mouth, the guys he was shooting dropped dead in the street. Michael managed to kill them all before the revving of trucks coming told him there’d be more. “I’m sorry.” He said to the air around him and then heaved Jeremy up and went to his car. Strapping Lil J in the back seat he started his car and revved off, calling Geoff along the way.

Michael hardly ever cried, but that phone call to Geoff was one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do. “Geoff..” Michael’s tone instantly told him something was wrong. “I messed up Geoff.” He said as he blearily made his way back to the penthouse. When he got there Jeremy was starting to wake up, coughing as Michael pulled him into the elevator. “What happened?” He asked and stopped when he saw Michael’s tear stained cheeks. “Michael..?” Jeremy trailed off as he looked around the elevator, only seeing Michel beside him. “Where’s (Y/N), and Ryan?” Michael remained silent and Jeremy fell quiet as well.

When they entered the penthouse Geoff opened the door and Michael collapsed into his arms. “I’m sorry Geoff. I..” He trailed off and just sobbed. After calming down a bit and hearing a little of what happened from Jeremy before he’d gotten knocked out, Michael filled in the rest. “I know how potent my bombs can be. If I had just done a touch less nitroglycerin…” He trailed off and Jeremy put a hand on his shoulder, “It’s not your fault Michael. Maybe they made it out.” Michael pushed Jeremy away, “Maybe you should’ve stayed at your post.” He seethed and then frowned. “I mean, I..” He stopped and then apologized, “I knew you were just checking in on me. I’m just.. Aargh! I blame myself, I’m the explosives expert I would know if they made it, wouldn’t I?!”

Michael didn’t ask for it but Jeremy hugged him, “You saved my life. When my body just decided, oh hey you’re no longer going to be helpful and conscious, you got me out.” Jeremy pulled away and thanked Michael. “Well, yeah. I’d do it for any of you fuckers.” He said which caused a chuckle from Jeremy and then Michael cracked a small smile. His smile soon returned to a frown though as he said, “It’ll be a miracle if they survived that.”

You opened your eyes to see nothing, not even black would be the appropriate colour to try and describe what you were seeing. You felt nothing at all and you were quiet. To test where you were you tried speaking but nothing would come out. You wondered if you were dreaming, but then you felt a tightness around and in your chest and you gasped.

You coughed, spluttering and hacking as you reached out with your arms to shove off whatever was on you. Your fingers scraped over rough rock and cement and you remembered the ceiling caving in. “Ryan.” You called out, your voice weak with strain, and being filled with smoke. “Ryan.” You said again more loudly and turned your head to the side to find Ryan’s arms still holding you. You nudged him and he didn’t respond. “Ryan?” You asked, panic setting in your voice. You pried yourself free from your position under chunks of ceiling and Ryan’s arms and checked his pulse.

At first you couldn’t find it and you started to panic. “Ryan!?” You said again, your voice laced with worry. “Ryan, please say something?!” You called and then you felt the jump of his pulse under your fingers. “Oh thank goodness.” You sighed out and started clearing away the debris around the two of you. You gently pet down Ryan’s hair that had come out of his ponytail slightly, seeing dust covering his skull painted face. You brushed it off gently and Ryan blinked his eyes open. He stared at you until he finally said, “You kissed me.”

You felt yourself blush and you chuckled, “Oh yes that. Well to be fair I thought we were going to die.” “But you kissed me. Why?” “Well I guess since we aren’t dead I have to explain myself don’t I?” Ryan nodded but a small smile was forming on his lips. “What better way to confess feelings for someone than coming back from the dead to do so.” You mumbled and Ryan raised his eyebrow, “Now I’m slightly annoyed.” He said and you frowned, your eyebrows furrowing and you getting all panicked. “It’s because you don’t feel the same isn’t? Oh I shouldn’t have kissed you, I’m sorry, I-!” You were cut off by Ryan’s lips on your own.

Sparks of electricity made your heart speed up and thump in your chest. Ryan pulled away but kept his hand on your cheek, “No you dummy, I’m annoyed because it took a building falling on us for you to admit how you feel?” You frowned and then pinched him, “I could say the same thing to you mister.” At that Ryan pouted, “Man are we dumb.” “Yeah.” You agreed and picked up a piece of rubble, “Michael really went all out with the bombs this time huh?” Then your eyes widened, “Michael!” You scrambled up only to fall back down, your foot was crushed and you couldn’t stand on it. “Ow. How smart of me, gets crushed by a building and immediately tries to stand.”

Ryan had faired better than you and once he found an exit, carried you out of the building. “Ah, cleaner air.” You breathed and then coughed, stressing your lungs some. “Don’t try and take in too much at a time.” Ryan offered and you jokingly said, “Oh Doc, will I make it?” Ryan chuckled good-naturedly as he set you in the passenger seat of his car, before climbing in himself. “We should get  back soon, before Michael beats himself up anymore over it.” You said and Ryan turned to you, “How do you know he is?” “Trust me, he is.” You said and Ryan started up the car and drove to the penthouse.

As predicted Michael was beating himself up over it, as was Jeremy a little but Michael took the brunt of it. You were not expecting Michael to open the door with red, puffy eyes and tear stained cheeks. At the same time Michael wasn’t expecting to answer the door to you and Ryan covered in soot and concrete dust and slightly singed clothes. Then his voice did that thing it does where it changes in pitch when he can’t believe something. Then he was crying all over again, apologizing for almost getting you killed. 

He helped you in the penthouse and everybody was so glad to see you. “We thought you died!” Gavin said and Jeremy elbowed him to which he squawked at. “Nope, we’re still here somehow. What happened by the way? We were looking through files and all of a sudden we heard gunfire and then an explosion went off, followed by more?” Jeremy sheepishly explained how he’d left his post to check on Michael and then some dudes showed up and popped one of the explosives. Michael was sheepish as well and he said next time he’d use less ingredients. You all hugged each other and labeled this one a close call.

Later that night Ryan found you on the roof, laying back to look at the smog filled skies of Los Santos. “What’re you thinking about?” You turned your head and thought about it. “Do you think we actually died?” You said and Ryan raised his eyebrow confused. “How could we have, if we’re still here?” “I don’t know. But for a moment in that building everything felt like nothing existed, I couldn’t even tell you the colour I saw behind my eyes. I felt nothing, not even a peace.” Ryan was silent for a minute before he asked, “What made you come back?” You sat up and thought some more, trying to remember. “There was a pull in my..” You trailed off and Ryan coaxed, “In your?”

You stood up and went over to Ryan’s chair, and sat down next to him. You put a hand on his shirt and played with the fabric there, “Would it be too sappy to say I felt a tug in my chest? That something was pulling at my heartstrings and that’s what brought me back?” Ryan stared into your eyes and leaned in to kiss you, when he pulled back he said, “Or maybe it was because my arms were wrapped around you and you were the one tethering me to this world, and that’s why neither of us left.” “My anchor.” You said. “My anchor.” He repeated before kissing you again.

Imagine 15: Matt Nicholls & Oli Sykes

Oh Em Geez. Heh :3 Could you do one where you’re Oli’s sister & Matt(Nicholls) likes you c: & he wants to go out with you but Oli is really protective and he wont allow it. And like you hear Matt talking to Lee about how beautiful he thinks you are and all of that!! You both start dating behind Oli’s back and like he finds out by walking in on you both about to do..‘it’ for the first time.-. He get’s pissed but then realizes how much Matt cares for you and everybody lives happily ever after :)

(Hey loves, I’m getting better at this updating thing! Still not as good as I used to be but I’m trying :) Anywho, I’m not huge into writing smut atm so I’m sorry if that’s what you guys were really looking for but I’m kinda getting out of that phase now. Idk if/when I’ll be into it again. Sorry, but enjoy! OH! And in this Y/N is two years younger than Oli. xx)

Y/N’s tour visit outfit:

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the most important part being that chekov & sulu are the camera guys and are constantly just making awful jokes like “ohhh hey look at camera man #2, he must be a ghost cuz he’s drop dead gorgeous” while shooting them up and down, bones in the background being like “RECORD THE GODDAMN EVIDENCE YOU DUMBASSES”

here are the roles:

  • Kirk is the main personality/host
  • Spock is the debunker guy who has witnessed some weird shit but like…totally doesn’t wanna admit to it
  • Uhura is the clairvoyant & talks to them ghostsssss
  • Bones is ghost & folklore expert (he’s probs a teacher at a community college or something) while Chapel is his assistant and main research
  • Janice is their network manager

Chekov and Sulu trying to spook each other out.

Sulu has a pretty good brave face, but Chekov has figured out that the easiest way to rattle Sulu is to pretend to BE rattled. (It only seems to work when Chekov does it, but if he startles and looks sketchy or goes unnaturally still, Sulu starts to lose his cool.)

Chekov, meanwhile, is made of iron. Nothing unnerves him. Jump scares, creepy noises, shadows–he is unphased by all of it. Except spiders. SPIDERS. He sees something skitter across the floor in the shadows and he LOSES HIS SHIT. (Which Sulu abuses, naturally. “Oh, hey, Pav, c'mere, I think you have a–oh, yeah, you’ve got a bit of cobweb in your hair…”)

Here’s the kicker:

Kirk just wants to prove to the world that the Paranormal is REAL. He’s had dozens of encounters–he’s like a damned paranormal magnet–and capturing proof is the whole purpose of their expedition. But EVERY SINGLE TIME he’s got an Actual Entity present, Chekov and Sulu are screwing around in the background, flirting relentlessly or playing footsie or snickering to each other about some DUMB JOKE or they’ve got the cameras down or WHATEVER, and he NEVER MANAGES TO GET THE FOOTAGE/AUDIO/EVIDENCE THAT HE NEEDS.

(Also, Spock is never in the room at the same time, by some Strange Cosmic Coincidence, so Kirk is always like OH M YGOD DID YOU SEE THAT? DID YOU SEE THAT?! I TOLD YOU! SULU REPLAY THAT. SHE WAS THERE, A FULLY-MANIFESTED APPARITION, OH MY GOD, I’M GONNA BE FUCKING FAMOUS! YES! And Spock is watching with that slightly disapproving, holier-than-thou expression as Sulu rewinds the footage and camera shows nothing but Chekov’s shoelaces for like three minutes while they talk about going to the movies on Tuesday.)

Avengers 2, imagine this :

It’s the big finale battle, shits are going down in the middle of the city, Steve is fighting Ultron’s minions upon minions.

Out of focus in the blurry background, one not-actually-dead minion rises behind Steve, points his weapon, ready to kill, only to suddenly drop dead on the floor, shot in the head.

No special attention is drawn to that tiny moment, it can easily be missed, Steve doesn’t even notice (but of course we do). It’s not Clint or the other avengers, they’re not in the direct area and are very busy with their own spoonful of minions. But we can guess, we know.

It’s Bucky, somewhere on a rooftop, looking out for Steve.