drop dead event

Late Night Rooftop Meetings

Movie: The Maze Runner Au

Characters: Newt x Reader

Written by: Lauren :)

I hugged my knees closer against my chest as I kept my eyes locked up on the night sky, lost in my own little bubble of thoughts as I sat on top of the roof tile.  A soft fleece blanket was placed above the roof tile that I sat on top of and not far from where I was, were two plastic flutes with a bottle of sparkling raspberry lemonade. It wasn’t really anything fancy and furthermore, there wasn’t any occasion that was meant to be celebrated as I sat there, relaxing. The place was just an escape for me when I needed a break from reality or when I really missed home. Homesick when you’re far away from the place you lived in through out the entire life or without the people you love was hard to deal with especially when you were alone on these type of nights.

I sighed as memories of my childhood flashed before my eyes  then proceeded to take a sip of the drink, immediately enjoying the familiar sparkling feeling that explodes in my mouth the second it reached my tongue. Leaning back on my hands,  I cast my eyes down from the direction of the sky  to the view that was laid out before me and I felt awe filling me just like it always will.

Though it may not come close to how beautiful and breath taking the starry sky might look like, the night view of France never failed to take my breath away every time I looked at it. As the strong chilly wind blew past me from the north direction, causing my hair that was let down to fly all over the place, I couldn’t help but allow my eyes to go over each and every single detail of Paris from where I sat.

Bright orange lights were lighting up like little Christmas lights, casting a warm orange glow over the city , and from afar, cars were driving down roads like mini race cars on the tracks. Parisians were filling up the long pathways that had stores stationed by the side, some on the phone busily talking to the other person on the line while others were just casually strolling around enjoying the night. Sounds of the city coming alive were not heard from where I sat and as I enjoyed the silence that seemed to reverberate around the room, a feeling of peacefulness started flowing through me like warm honey.

Though the many shop houses and busy roads were part of the night beauty that was laid before me, the one thing that stood out from the rest was the tall bright lit up tower that could be seen from far. The Eiffel Tower that stood above the city with its head held up high seemed to be even more brighter with the dark background that the night sky provided, like the flame of a candle within the abyss of pitch darkness. Just like the quote from the book that I had read previously, it would not take a monster to destroy a monster - but light, light to drive out darkness.

At the presence of a comforting breeze surrounding me, I closed my eyes out of habit, before proceeding to enjoy the peaceful silence that was being offered to me. However, my moment of happiness was short lived when all of a sudden, a loud creaking echoed around the atmosphere. It pierced through the quietness like a knife being swung down and immediately, my head was whipping back to see who it was. A familiar face appeared within the doorway and I smiled once both of our eyes locked.  Newt smiled back at me and I waved him over, inviting him to join me.

“ I thought you said you were going to be out with Minho and Thomas tonight,” I said, watching Newt as he walked forward and took a seat down beside me. He shrugged his shoulders and leaned back on his hands, his eyes directed to the view before us.

“ Both of them were bringing their girlfriends along so I decided to ditch them. It would have been too awkward anyways.”  Newt reached over my lap for the plastic flute and bottle of raspberry I had by my side and I immediately handed them over, helping him. He nodded his head as a thanks and I could tell from his watered down excitement that he was drop dead tired from the events of today. I watched from the corner of my eye as Newt opened up the bottle and poured himself some lemonade, sighing as a sip reached his mouth. Inching closer to him, I couldn’t keep the grin off my face as a funny comment popped up like a light bulb.

I nudged Newt gently with my elbow, grinning widely at him. “ So I see, you couldn’t stand to be the third wheel or should I say.. fifth wheel huh? ”

I yelped when I felt Newt swap me on the back of my head and heard him chuckle at my reaction. He grinned back at me and I glared at him, well tried to glare in this situation.

“That mouth of yours doesn’t really help in much situations, I have to admit that (Y/N). But no, I just didn’t have anyone to be with me while I would be out with them so I just decided not to. I mean it seemed as if it was like a double date after all..” Newt added, silently laughing as he watched me rub my hand against the top of my head in pain. I mentally gave him the finger in my mind though I highly doubt he could have known about it.  I cocked my head to the side as I regarded Newt with inquisitive eyes.

“ Then why didn’t you ask someone out? I’m pretty sure one of the girls in our class wouldn’t hesitate to go with you if you had asked them.” I tried not to reveal the hint of jealousy in my tone, careful as to not give away any hints of how I felt.

Though I may be one of Newt’s close friends, that didn’t stop me from developing feelings from him which were very difficult to handle at some moments.  If I wasn’t that much of an idiot, I would have known sooner or later that I would be caught tangled up in a situation like this but I didn’t. Instead, I fell head first into this hole of feelings that I had for my best friend and apparently, it seems that there was no way out.

At first, I expected hurtful feelings of having to bear watching Newt go out with other girls and enjoy his time with them but my theory was placed wrong. I felt none of that because Newt was different. Through out the time I had been friends with Newt, never once had I known of Newt having a girlfriend and it was odd considering the number of girls who throw themselves at him.

Newt was the dream boy every girl in our college wanted, but no matter how many times a girl had tried to get up close with him or try to flirt with him, he would turn them down immediately and for what reason, I had no idea. His unique british accent and fluffy dirty blonde hair was something that the girls were usually talking about, and at times rolling my eyes was a common thing for me to do whenever I hear them talking about him.

But then, realisation would hit me and I would hear a small part of me laughing at very own self about how I failed to realise that I was no different from them. I had the same thoughts and feelings regarding Newt when compared to them so even I, wasn’t immune to his charm. Whether it was a good thing or not, that I didn’t know.

“ I highly doubt they’ll accept my request even after I asked them but they don’t matter to me. None of them do except for one.” Newt’s face was expressionless when he said the last few words but that didn’t fail to raise a suspicion in me. I narrowed my eyes as I leaned closer to him, and I could see Newt eyeing me weirdly as I continued staring at me.

“Newt..” I started, thinking how unlikely my theory could be. “ Are you telling me that you, Issac Newton, has a crush on someone..”

When Newt remained silent and continued looking at me with his lips tipping at the side, I felt myself mentally collapse to the ground in shock and my heart shattering into a million pieces. But before, the sorrow and heartbreak could start overwhelming me, I immediately placed a shield up, hiding   my true feelings with fake watered down excitement.  I smiled at Newt, as he smiled back at me and I immediately voiced out, hoping my voice didn’t reveal the true feelings that laid underneath me.

“ When were you gonna tell me about this, Newt? What does she look like? What’s her name? Is she in our class?” The list of questions poured out of me like a bottle of water overflowing and I saw Newt chuckle silently, amusement filling his eyes. Newt shook his head like a silent response and I pouted, hoping it would work.

“ It’s not going to work (Y/N), not even the pouty face.”  

“ But come on Newt, I need to know who it is. Can’t you at least give me a description of her? Even if I figure it out, I would tell anyone else about it, I swear. ” I bounced up and down, the curiosity killing me slowly and after a few moment of silence passed,I heard Newt sigh before finally nodding his head.

When Newt started talking about the description of the girl he had a crush on, of course my heart deep down was being shattered into a million pieces further. His eyes had the type of love like feeling lost within his dark brown eyes as he continued to talk about her and I knew right there and then that he had fallen. With each word he said that described the girl, I could feel the cogs in my mind searching up any girl in particular that fit his choice of words but there wasn’t any who came up. As I continued to listen to Newt rambling on about her personality, I felt my heart start to slow and time around me slowing begin to stop.

Because everything he was talking about, were similar to me. The personality, the colour of the girl’s hair and eyes, the girl’s weird habits. They all sounded so similar to how I was and how I acted.

When Newt finally finished and look up from the ground he was staring at to the wide shocked eyes of mine, he finally smiled a shy smile at me. I felt my heart beginning to pound harder and faster against my chest as Newt took my hand that laid limply on the roof tile and placed it into his.

“ Its you (Y/N), you’re the girl who I have always been waiting for.”

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16/2/13 - part 1 (meeting tonight alive)

okay this was probably one of the best days of my life. i woke up at 6 to get ready and left at 8 to get the train to oxford circus. when i got there i went to mcdonalds then walked down to drop dead at 10 and managed to be like in the first 20-30 in line! tommy/the kitty mascot even came out to take pictures and keep us all entertained, i even said hi to kellins-ankles from tumblr. at around 12 i went back to oxford circus station to meet Kathy (girl i met through tumblr) and her friend Andrea. when we got back it wasnt that long to go until the acoustic set started. we managed to be the last group to fit into the first tonight alive acoustic set, which was fab. only jenna and whak did the acoustic set, they played 4 songs (safe & sound, breaking & entering, amelia and listening) but they asked us what songs we wanted to hear. jenna was kinda avoiding singing ameilia but she did it in the end, i think it was because it was an emotional song to her. when she sang it she looked like she was going to cry! i secretly wanted her to sing thank you & goodnight though. they did 5 mini acoustic sets while we waited outside for the signing (we managed to be the second group in line!).

while in line there was a dude with a camera who asked the girls in front of me if they wanted to be on camera but they said they were camera shy so i volunteered. he asked me how the set was and what my favourite song they played was. i said it was amazing and that i loved amelia and breaking & entering (hopefully it will be included in the video drop dead release on wednesday). omg i was so excited to get inside at this point and i think i was the 4th person to meet them all. Matt Best (drummer) was the first person i met, he was absolutely lovely. he asked me how i was and i showed him the tonight alive artwork i did in my music journal. then Whak (lead guitarist) became interested so they started looking through my book and asked me how i did it. i love how they were actually genuinely interested in what i had done for them, i couldn’t stop smiling haha. i was still a bit dazzled when i met Jake Hardy (rhythm guitarist) so i paused quite a lot when answering him, he asked me when i got there and how long id been waiting, i replied with “10am but it’s been worth it!” then i met Cameron Adler (bass) who is gorgeous :o aha he was also interested in my art work which was pretty cool.

omg then i came to Jenna McDougall (lead singer) i gave her my letter and i said it has some chocolate in it, she replied with “ahh thats naughty!” in her cute australian accent!“ she also looked at my art work, with cameron still pretty glued to my book, i cant actually believe they said it was amazing wow. while jenna finished singing all my things (book, album and flyer) she asked me if we’ve met before or if i’ve seen them live. i said "nope, this is the first time” then she asked for my name! omg at this point i started picking up all my signed stuff, asked for a picture with her (i got two!) and a hug. i was literally walking towards the door when Jenna said “hey come back, do you wanna take a picture for the store?”. i was totally not expecting this! somehow i acted all cool and just said “sure!”, dont ask me how! it was fab, really fab and that was just part one of the day!

oh and apparently (my friend behind me) said that all the people lined up behind us were like “omg did she really draw that” and she was slightly annoyed that i has all their attention! if you look at the picture of me at the desk on the drop dead website you can 4 of them looking at my book haha, all in all im pretty proud of that book.