drop dangle

hiatus fridge logic:

  • In Jackady, on the Monday morning before the episode’s events, Ladybug is shown catching a police helicopter. 
  • In Pharaoh, Alya gets Ladybug’s textbook when she drops it, dangling from a… helicopter.
  • The blog post from Pharaoh was dated May 21st. So, the helicopter incident took place on May 21st. 
  • If we assume that it’s the same “helicopter incident,” Jackady takes place after Pharaoh.

So! Enter Volpina…

  • ‘Volpina’ is canonically the last chronological episode of the first season. Aside from the cliffhanger, we get a continuity nod to Jackady: Ladybug doesn’t walk in on Adrien in the shower. 

But, Lila’s interview on the Ladyblog is dated… May 21st.

  • Even if you say that the two scenes with helicopters could be from different akuma attacks, you have to accept that Lila was introduced the day after, if not the day of Pharaoh.

tl;dr: continuity is a joke. If you think you can figure out the “true order” by looking at background details, you’re mistaken. Embrace the chaos that is the season one timeline.