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What is the most dangerous animal in Australia???

A) Dingos
B) Kangaroos
C) Magpies
D) Jellyfish
E) Stingrays
F) Crocodiles
G) Drop Bears
H) Spiders
I) Cassowaries
J) Stonefish
K) Sharks
L) The Penis fish from ‘Round the Twist’
M) Octopus
N) Cone Shells
O) The Sun
P) Wild Camels
Q) Cane toads
R) Bogans
S) Tasmanian Devils
T) Seals
U) Tony Abbott
V) Emus
W) Koalas
X) Rabbits
Y) Ticks
Z) Just living in Australia

Welcome to Australia

The Drop Bear is typically described to look like a powerfully built koala but be the size of a large dog. They are often sighted in south-eastern Australia but are never seen near roads or areas that humans call home. Drop Bears are carnivores and hunt by ambushing its victims by dropping from the trees. The impact of the creature falling initially will stun the prey and give the Drop Bear its chance to kill its victim. It is said that humans have been attacked by Drop Bears but none of the attacks have been fatal. Although it has never been proven effective, some people say that putting Vegemite behind one’s ears will deter the Drop Bear.