drop my.

man i’m just like constantly revisited by feelings of hopelessness lately

i’m just so tired and people constantly need me for things but i have no support

i just feel so alone in my pursuits. i feel like no one cares if i succeed

my dad is a space case and constantly pesters me for dinner and my mom seems to think all i’m good is to help her around the house and gets mad/ passive aggressive at me for doing hw or having alone time. meanwhile my sister is just so busy trying to make a living and so we babysit her son a lot and it’s so exhausting and i feel bad for feeling that way - work is constantly calling me to come in that i feel guilty having days off sometimes - my best friend of a couple years doesn’t talk to me anymore but that’s kind of my fault i guess but i forgot how lonely it is

i just feel so disconnected from everyone i want to run away idk what to do