Scokov mermaid AU.

Falling in love was like drowning. It started with a deep breath and ended with no way out.
Scotty had always been afraid of drowning, and perhaps, that was exactly the reason why he was so afraid of falling in love.
Pavel had never been afraid of drowning, nor afraid of water. He was born out of it after all. And one day, he would become it again. It was his past and his future.
There was absolutely no reason for them to be together. No logical reason at least. But lets get real here, most fairy tales are quite illogical. And those always have a happy ending.     

If I ever talk abou ‘baby Spock’ that’s the kid Jamie and I are gonna adopt okay just so you know….
Honestly, the only reason why we’re gonna call him Spock is so we call scream “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR VULCAN MIND? GO TO YOUR ROOM, RIGHT NOW!” When he’s misbehaving I mean man what a dream

oh look, I made you a thing

that includes some of your(more like our) favorite things

it has

James Norrington & Captain Jack Sparrow because that is where it all started for us right hehe WE OWE THESE FUCKERS

A very hidden Draco Malfoy, because we used to fangirl over that little fucker like no other

Some Scotty & Chekov because of obvious reasons

A tiny little bit of Johnlock because we had I ♥ Johnlock on our foreheads once and that was great.

Some Thorin Oakenshield because he is a fucking badass

Some alpacas, again for obvious reasons

Hannibal because EAT THE RUDE OMNOMNOM

Some Silva, because he is our baby

A lot of Simon pegg, because well simon pegg

And some zanger Rinus for the lolz

Also pay attention to the text thingies because they are also relevant (◕‿◕✿) 

//The thing that this might look silly to someone. To anyone who doesn’t understand our relationship basically. Makes me a little sad. Because believe it or not, we’ve been friends for about 5 years (Wow!) very good friends for  five years. 
We have the strangest inside jokes. The strangest obsessions. And yet. We fit. You’ve seen me change in those 5 years. You were there when my English was basically nothing more then ‘yes how do you do’ and you have been there when this depression hit.

When I think about you, I think of warmth, of nights spend behind that stupid screen with Omegle on and skype online. Of plans for fanfics and RPs. Did we ever finish one? Not at all! Do we care? Nahh! 
When I think about you I think about Alpacas and Llamas. About cosplay ideas and the efteling. 
When I think about you I think about home. And that’s a great thought.