Butterbeer cupcakes. I’ve never tasted the legendary drink from the Harry Potter books, but I sure hope it tasted as good as my cupcakes did!

The batter was so good I licked the bowl clean. I think it was the butter flavoring and my inner Paula Dean.

There was a ganache butterscotch filling that went inside. The only problem I had with this was that it didn’t thicken up very well and just absorbed into the cupcakes. Actually I did have another problem. Butterscotch chips don’t melt very well so it was kind of lumpy.

I filled it with a bottle. Kind of like a refillable ketchup bottle. I got them at the craft store. Looked easier than wasting a piping bag.

After piping on a butterscotch buttercream frosting I drizzled some of the leftover ganache over the tops. It took awhile to perfect because I have a big issue with frosting that is too sweet and not enough flavor. So I kept adding more vanilla and butter flavoring until it was perfect.

I got the recipe from a cupcake blog that I don’t remember the name of. But for me recipes are just sort of guidelines. I never stick to it and they still always turn out yummy! I refuse to bake any sort of cupcake that I wouldn’t eat because I have to taste every batter, every frosting, etc to make sure it is just right. So that means red velvet is out of the question cupcake lovers!