drools over them


‘’ He has too much of his father in him—– ‘’

Normani VS Camila Girls, Lauren and Ty Dolla Sign Drama

You know, maybe in Europe it’s still dawn, while in the US it’s night. But here in Asia, it’s already in the morning, on the next day. I actually went to sleep at 2.30 AM, which means I was still awake until 8 hours ago. This was happening right when I was about to sleep, but since I never see my timeline anymore, I didn’t really know what’s going on until I woke up. No, I didn’t stalk Twitter right after I woke up. I just happened to join in a lot of group chats and these are what I found. You know, it was not a pleasant thing to wake up with these trolls, and it just took me 1 second to get my mood ruined.

Seriously, I’m so enraged. As Harmonizers, you must know that we tend to associate Ally girls with being sweet and unproblematic. But, what makes me disappointed even more is that one of these fans is Ally’s stan. I won’t mention which one but you can check it out by yourself. So, Ally girls are sweet? Bullshit! Every -izers are the same. They just care about their favorite ones without caring about others. Note: I’m speaking this as a general. It doesn’t mean all of you are like that if you are one of them. And I do know that there are people who still respect the other girls even if they only stan 1 or 2 girls.

What makes me frustrated even more is that I followed one of these people. So I checked one by one and I unfollow that account. So, my decision has been right not to see my timeline anymore. It’s full of hates.

Honestly though, we know who are the object of hates here and who got the most hates. I’m gonna say it out loud, it’s Camila. Now that she’s even out of the group, it’s even easier to just throw shades and hates on her. But, here I’m not gonna defend anyone in particular cause the last time I did it, I’ve got a lot of question whether I would do the same for the others. I was even questioned, “Where are you guys when Ally got bodyshamed? When Lauren got bodyshamed? Or when Dinah was accused of being homophobic?” You don’t know me here. What I do is nothing but supporting and defending all the girls. Even right now, I should be working, but I put my time aside to write this.

That #ApologizeCamila hashtag is so disgusting tbh. I thought as a fan, we should have understood by now not to pit women against each other. The girls have been saying it over and over again. As #Harmonizers we should have known this better than anyone else in this world. If you really love the girls, you will know all about their interviews, what they have been promoting, and their advices as feminists. Should i remind you about what they said about what they have been promoting, watch this!

If you idolize these girls, then you should follow them by example. I still don’t understand how people admire someone as a person, inside and outside, physically and characteristically, but not follow them by example. Then what are you stanning? Only their sexy bodies? Their beautiful voices? Their boobs? Their asses? You wanna get inside their pants and you get horny watching them dancing around? I’m sorry, but that means you are drooling over them, NOT idolizing them. I know some of the fans are like that, but these girls are more than just their sexy bodies and their voices.

Please keep in mind that these girls are HUMAN. THEY HAVE FEELINGS. Confronting them out of something they didn’t do is stupid! Who started the war? US!!! Now, let’s trace back. Things have gotten really worse when Normani’s face was cropped and lynched. Who started it? Answer by yourself! We might not see it or we might see it sometimes, but Camila has been crying over all the hates she gets. Now who started it? Now, let’s not blame each other over WHO did it first. You keep saying, “Camilizers started it.” or “Normani girls started it.” WHATEVER!! Basically we are the ones who makes everything worse. We are the ones who started the war. And not to mention, we ARE the reason why the girls are hurt. Are you heartless or what speaking about them or even confronting them out of something that they don’t even do? Before you speak all those disgusting words, THINK, PUT YOURSELF UNDER THEIR SHOES, AND THINK ABOUT HOW THEY FEEL. Are you happy being called a cunt? A whore? Or every other negative words flowing out of your mouth so easily. We are all the same in front of God, cause we are ALL THE SAME: HUMANS. So, if you call them those words, then it goes the same with you (I have said this on my posts waaaaayy long ago). You call Normani a monkey, then you are also a monkey. You call Camila a camel, then you are also a camel. Now are you happy being called like that? ……………EXACTLY!!!

I’m not telling you who to stan or whether you should be an OT5 stan. Some of the people in the fandom indeed only stan 1 or 2 girls. Some of us are OT4 stans. Some of us are Camren shippers, but don’t really know about Fifth Harmony. Whoever you stan, please have respect to the other girls. Do a research about them as a person, what they have been promoting, and keep in mind that the world is much better if we just spread love instead of hates. You have a big platform: Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube. Some of you might have only 100 followers, some other might have more than 1000 followers, some others have more than 10K followers. Use those platform for something good, NOT for something bad. Now I’m asking you this question: IF YOU USE YOUR PLATFORM FOR SOMETHING BAD, YOU HURT PEOPLE, YOU THROW SHADES AND HATES HERE AND THERE, AND YOU SPREAD NEGATIVITIES, ARE YOU EVEN PROUD OF IT? Ask yourself this question whenever you wanna start spreading negative words and throw hates. I’m speaking this to the general fandom, NOT only to Harmonizers. I’m not a fan of her but her wisdom is also something I admire. Lucy worded it well here.

Now if you have nothing to do, or if you have a lot of free time, use your platform to support the girls instead. Vote for awards. Compliment them for what they do. Show them love. Keep reminding them that we support them no matter what. Be there for them. Cause there have been a lot of drama in these girls’ lives since 2014. Imagine yourself in their position and your lives are out there being spoken, talked, and posted anywhere. Some are true, and some are even made up stories. They have got enough drama, and don’t even add up more dramas to their lives. This is the example of the current drama.

So, that girl is Ty’s ex. Perez Hilton even makes it worse by making it like a love triangle. *rolls eyes*

Honestly though, this is more like a “love rectangle” (I’m making up a term here lol) cause Camren shippers are also going crazy out there. But I don’t believe this guy. Ever since the Fifth Harmony drama especially about the leaked picture of Lauren and Lucy, I don’t believe in media anymore. For God’s sake, he might even get paid for this.

Honestly there have been a lot of drama involving Lauren and Ty Dolla Sign before this one, but let’s focus on what happened in the past 24 hours. Otherwise, we are gonna write a novel about the girls. But, let’s see their indirect tweets about their reaction.

Ty Dolla Sign has been teasing by tweeting and deleting. And his ex also did the same. Have you ever wondered why this happened after the Camren denial? I keep wondering why drama has been put to our faces over and over again.

Now enough with the drama about Camila leaving the band or the questions like “Is Camila leaving the band?” cause she did. Ever since the leaked photos in October 2016, who are the center of all of these dramas? Other than the side projects or solo projects that have been going on, now trace back and focus on what the media has put on headlines that blow up all over the world. Everything revolves around LAUREN. Lauren’s leaked photo with Lucy, Lauren got caught in weed in the airport, Lauren tweeting about something during the Grammy that made the media put on headlines “Did Lauren Jauregui diss Camila Cabello?”, Lauren’s photoshoot with Lucy, Lauren’s denial about Camren, and now Lauren and Ty Dolla Sign dating rumors. I’m sorry, did I miss something here? Cause, it’s hard to put up with all the drama. But, have you ever wondered why it has to be Lauren being put on the spotlight of medias and headlines? The scandal is always about Lauren so far.

I’m gonna leave it there though. I leave rooms for interpretations and I leave you to believe what you wanna believe. But, I want you to keep your mind open. Have you ever wondered why they keep teasing by deleting tweets? Was it a mistake? Or are they playing with us? Are they playing with our minds? Are they playing with our hearts? If they know, it would blow up and get themselves being in the spotlight, if they don’t like it, why would they do it? They know people will focus on the deleted tweets.

I just wanna remind you this thing. Lauren is a VERY PRIVATE person. She doesn’t like her private lives to be talked in public and being posted all over the place. She keeps ranting about people talking about her private lives. Then, why all of a sudden, all of these are put on our faces like it was some kind of shiny treasure we have just found out of the clue we have been given and we are all mesmerized by it?

Anyway, I don’t wanna get delusional but Lauren tweeted that during the #ApologizeCamila was trending. Honestly, those tweet could be anything. It could show that she low-keyly supported Camila or she could be tweeting about things in general or she could be talking about her own personal lives and the headlines about Ty and her. But since we are so caught up with the whole Ty and Lauren dating rumors, we only perceive those tweets as her reactions towards it. Meanwhile, there might be other things she is implying to that we will never know what it is about unless she answers some of the fans’ replies.

Ever since the drama in 2016, especially that goddamn cursed Dec 18th, 2016, I never really believe in media, headlines, tweets, posts, NOT even the girls’ accounts. I only like Snapchat or Instagram stories since it seems like those are the only ways we can see something behind the scene. But, even now Snapchat can be staged, like the 7/27 Tour Spain when Camila was actually in the bus, but her face was not there. We could hear her teaching the girls Spanish, but then we still found only 4 girls in the camera. Sometimes, these girls just CAN’T pretend. Lauren also admitted herself that she has another Snapchat account, which means that she has a private Snapchat account and I’m sure the other girls do too.

What I’m implying here is no matter how much we wanna know about what happens behind-the-scene, WE KNOW NOTHING. No matter how much we think we know what’s going on in their lives, we know nothing. We can only watch their body languages and their expressions now as those are the most sincere language they can communicate to us, NOT some bullshit written interview or headlines on the media.

Keep your mind open and respect the girls, guys! And keep supporting these girls endlessly. They need us, especially Lauren. I can’t imagine being in her position where dramas keep haunting her life one after another.


this is the reason this blog was made (that and @daddybek and @yuratchka-speaks and @beka-speaks )

-Everyone talks about how amazING skater’s butts are. This is true.
-but have you considered
-their thighs
-SPECIFICALLY YURA’S i mean look ballet already gives you strong ass thighs, adding ice skating in the mix?
-yes that is me screeching in the distance
-Yuri worked so hard to get his “teardrop” (the muscle in your thigh that becomes hella prominent if you constantly work at it) and i bet my entire ass that he wears tight jeans/tights/leggings to show off just how great his thighs are.
-oh, and otabek drools over them.
-he already loves everything about yuri (his hair, his abs, his neck-) but those thighs.
-he has ranted to his friends about how aMAZING THEY ARE and his friends tease him about it constantly
-oh boy oh boy, when yuri wears skirts/dresses? he nearly falls to his knees in defeat. he looks too good.
(small disclaimer^- clothes aren’t gendered and i’m a guy and love wearing dresses and skirts so :))
-yuri’s thighs are great

kyogre-blue replied to your post “Pudding: *is a highly intelligent, cunning and cruel woman who is the…”

OK, but the weirdest part is that a third eye somehow makes her ugly, in this world? There’s fish people, mermaids, people who are furry for no clear reason, etc. A third eye is nothing and Pudding is so conventionally attractive otherwise, this is just wild.

Yeeep. This is crappy on two levels. One is that, like you said, the Grand Line is just filled with non-typical humans. We’ve got mermaids, fishmen (and women), giants, dwarfs, actual literal furries, Longarms and Longlegs, Snakenecks, and plenty of people who are just have unusual shapes and features! And nearly all of those people are a part of Big Mom’s kingdom. Regardless of her motives (which pretty much boil down to self-advancement and greed), her kingdom is possibly the most diverse place in the world. 

But despite that, we’re supposed to believe that Pudding, a DAUGHTER OF BIG MOM and a person who is simply half descended from a group of people who all have 3 eyes (and are literally called the Three-Eye Tribe), was ostracized and bulled since her childhood for having one extra eye? Her oldest brother has a tongue that’s like as big as his arm. She has a sister who is half shark. She has another brother who looks like some kind of dripping muck monster. Oh, but Pudding having a third eye is just too much. It’s the crap with Baby 5 all over again but actually even less well developed this time. 

And it’s not just unbelievable within the story. It’s unbelievable to the audience. No one—NO ONE—looked at Pudding when we first met her and went “Oh wow that third eye is so weird/ugly. Poor her I bet she gets a lot of shit for that.” Most people just thought, “Oh cool, a cute girl with 3 eyes.” And yet now we have a feature that absolutely no one thought lessened Pudding’s attractiveness in any way being treated like some horrible deformity that Sanji should be lauded and applauded for for finding beautiful. It doesn’t work. At all. 

Sanji and his reaction to Pudding’s eye, compared to his and other characters’ reactions to other women in the story is the other problem here. A woman is half fish? A woman is half dog is covered from head to toe in fur? A woman has 3 eyes? All great, all wonderful, all hot and beautiful and Sanji is going to drool all over them. 

A woman who isn’t young, thin, and cis?

Oda treats women with fictional qualities better then he treats actual, realistic women. Don’t worry female readers of all ages! Oda wants you to know that if you have a third eye or are literally half dog or fish, Sanji will blown away by how gorgeous you are! 

But do you weigh any more than a woman with a waist like this? 

Lamo it’s time for *jokes*

Ashton Irwin - Are you ready now? Pt 1.

Word count: 2,585


I think you’re gonna wanna read this one :D 

“You’ve never done it before?” I said in blissful shock.

“You say it like you’re surprised, Y/N.” He took another sip of his tea.

I sat above him on the stairs in complete silence. My best friend has never had sex in his whole life. How come I’m only just hearing about this? He looks like the type of guy who would have any girl melt at his fingertip.

“I dunno, I guess I wasn’t ready for something serious like that.” His long fingers combed through his curls.

I couldn’t help but look away when he did this. It made my heart skip a beat. I shouldn’t be looking at my best friend that way. Ashton looked up to me for a response. My fingers played with the red lip stain on the white tea cup, poking at it and occasionally smearing it.

“Your first was with that arse, Calum, wasn’t it?” I could see fire in his eyes.

I didn’t want to talk about him.

“I can’t believe you actually loved that prick.” He rolled his eyes.

“I had my reasons, Ashton.”

He made a sound of disgust, “What was he good in bed?”

I’d had enough. I stood from my seated position leaving my tea and Ashton behind on the stairs and marched to my bedroom, slamming the door behind me. How dare he. He wouldn’t know how it feels to be in love, obviously. He’s never been with anyone like I have. I felt tears streaming down my face and wished Ashton had never came over today. I found comfort in my bed sheets.

Where had I even gone wrong with Calum? It was like one minute he was there and the next he was telling me goodbye and leaving for the states, taking everything but me with him. Ashton was there for me but he didn’t get it. He hated Calum ever since we started dating. They used to be friends until we got together. Ash said he knew Calum would always break my heart, it was just who he was.


I knew I wanted to give myself to Calum the night he brought me back to his flat from the pub. I’d gotten into a pretty bad brawl with another girl for getting too close to Cal for my comfort. When he told her to back off for the third time I pulled her off the bar stool onto the floor and started hitting her. Calum later said it was the sexiest thing I’ve ever done, sticking up for him like that.

“You look hot in my shorts.” Calum growled, jumping into the bed, his hair still wet after the shower.

I giggled as he grabbed his game controller and began to furiously play a game of FIFA. I brought my bottom lip between my teeth and fiddled with the string on the over sized shorts adorning my smaller waist.

“Hey, Cal?” He hummed over still concentrating on the screen.

I crawled over, pressing pause on the controller. My legs straddled either side of his waist and he grabbed hold of my arse, the game controller falling to the carpet.

“I wanna try something.”

He raised an eyebrow and his eyes grew wide when he knew what I meant, his lips forming an ‘o’.

“Are you sure, baby?” He whispered.

I nodded, “I want you.”

-End of flashback-

A knock on the door brought me out of my deep thoughts of Ashton and Calum. I didn’t turn to see Ash walk in the room. My bed tilted but I refused to meet the gaze I knew was focused upon me. He touched my hand.

“I’m sorry.” I looked at him, his head down now.

“You don’t know what that feels like, Ash.” I felt a lump in my throat just thinking about it.

I needed to feel loved again. I needed that connection. Ashton was my best friend but sometimes it felt like I wanted him to be more. I didn’t know if he felt a mere portion of what I did.

“Are you ready now?” The words fell from my mouth before I could think about what I was asking of him.

He just stared at me his mouth slightly agape. Ashton was an open book, but right now I couldn’t read him. His pupils were dilating. My heart was pounding against my chest as I waited for an answer. I squeezed his hand.


Ashton forced his mouth onto my own, his hand flying up to catch my face. My hands found themselves tangled with his mop of curls. He smelled like rich peppermint and my favorite cologne. It was then it dawned upon me: I was going to be his first.

I broke the kiss and moved my lips to the spot just below his ear, sucking the skin. His hiss was all the conformation I need that he liked it here. I sat up and threw my legs over his own to straddle his lap. Ashtons hands settling on my abdomen and arse. I bit down harder this time intending to mark him. Rolling my hips forward into his we both moaned at the increased friction. His bulge was becoming more and more prominent through his jeans.

“Fuck, Y/N.” Ashton hissed rolling his head back.

I used his disarrayed state against him, licking a bold line up his atoms apple and gently sucking it. Ashton rose up off the mattress begging for more contact.

“You like that, daddy?” I felt Ashton twitch when I called him that.

My crotch rubbed against his clothed erection and I couldn’t help but throw my head back in pleasure. Ashton was getting restless, rocking his hips up to meet mine.

“Please.” He puffed out in my ear.

I slid off of his lap but not before needingly pecking his lips one last time. He ridded himself of his shirt and I stood before him in awe. I’ve seen Ashton shirtless before plenty of times but this was different. He was at my mercy and I was at his. I came to sit on my knees, undoing the buttons on his pants. Ashton raised up for me to pull them down his legs. He kicked them off of his feet and were left in just his briefs. I took my bottom lip between my teeth as I freed his erection from the grey material and tossing them out of the way. His length slapped against his stomach. I could feel his eyes burning down on me.

Holding the length in my hand I pumped it a few times. My thumb rubbed over the pink head and Ashtons hips rose off the bed, hissing. I kitten licked over the tip before taking it in my mouth. Ashtons moans filled the room. I hollowed my cheeks to increase the pleasure and started twisting my hands back and forth over his length. He confused me when he pushed at my shoulders, causing me to release him from my mouth making a popping sound.

His hands came down to the hem of my t shirt and tugged it over my head. He already looked tired, his eyes drooping low and sweat decorating his forehead. I wasn’t nearly done yet. We haven’t even gotten to the main course.

Ashtons eyes grew wide when my head dipped back down. My tongue followed the patterns of his veins before I took him whole again, pumping harder this time. He held back my long hair. I massaged his balls with my free hand and it was enough to send him over the edge. A thick white liquid burst into my mouth.

“S-shit.” Ashton jerked up, hitting the back of my throat.

I finished sucking him clean of the sticky mess. When I looked up he was breathing hard and heavy, little hairs stuck to his forehead and his eyes were sealed shut. I smiled pushing them out of the way so I could see his hazel eyes. My lips came up to his in a lazy kiss.

I brought his hand down to the button of my skinny jeans, a weak smile on his face. He unhooked them, struggling to pull them down to my feet.

“How’d you get these on?” He joked.

I stepped out of them and waited for Ashton. He didn’t come back up. I giggled watching him stare at my red laced knickers nearly drooling over them. I let him guide me back to the bed and sit me down. Was he in control now?

Ashton licked his lips, running his long fingers up my thighs and over my crotch. I couldn’t help but whimper at his touch. He left kisses on the inner side of my thighs sucking the sensitive skin. He was marking me. I threw my head back on the mattress. His hot breath fanned over where I needed him most. I tangled my fingers in his hair.

“Ashton, please.” I begged.

He hooked my panties to the side and collected some of my excitement onto his finger and sucking it off. He hummed in satisfaction. I imagined his lips against me while he hummed like that, adding to the pleasure. I moaned at the thought.

“Cha’ thinking about, baby?”

“Your lips…”

He kissed my folds, licking up them. My breath hitched. I needed him. His bottom teeth grazed up the nub of my clitoris. Fucking hell.

“Ashton.” I moaned.

Without warning Ashtons tongue was inside me sucking all of my juices. I reached down for his hand that rested on my thigh, entwining our fingers.

“How the fuck are you so good at this?” I breathed.

He chuckled against me, sending vibrations through my core. Shit. My legs closed round his head before he pushed them back apart. It was too much. Ashton came up for air with a smile on his face showing off his prominent dimples. He was obviously proud of himself. He licked my excitement off his lips. With one swift movement my knickers were on the floor and my lower half was at his mercy.

He brought his lips up to my ear, teasing my entrance with his finger. I arched my back only for him to use his free hand to hold me down.

“How do you like it, baby?”

I thought back to all the mind blowing times Calum and I had done this. It would always be different. Slow and sweet. Loving. Rough. Fast. It didn’t matter to me, however they felt like pushing me over the edge worked.

“Surprise me, daddy.”

His eyes grew darker. The playful side of him wasn’t there anymore. This was going to be fun. He bit down on the skin of my neck hard and he growled. Rough. His finger slipped past my folds and into my heat. I whimpered as he pumped it in and out at a fast pace. I had to bite onto Ashtons shoulder to keep from screaming out. I didn’t want any fucking noise complaints from the old woman next door.

My walls were clinching round his finger. He added two more and pumped even faster. I couldn’t breathe. My nails clawed at his sides begging for a release. His thumb began rubbing circles into my clit. My breaths were coming out in pants in his ear.

“Come for me, Y/N. I’ve got you.”

My toes curled and my back arched up off of the mattress, Ashtons three fingers and his thumb riding out my orgasm. I felt bare when he extracted his fingers from my dripping crotch. He brought them up to his lips licking them clean.

“You have no idea how good you taste.”

Ashton went over to his jeans pulling a silver packet out of the pocket. He ridded the condom of the piece of tin and threw it in the bin. He slid the condom down his length.

“What’s with guys carrying round condoms in their pockets?” I joked.

He smiled, dimples popping into either side of his cheeks. They drove me crazy. Ashton took his length in his hand before I stopped him.

“No. I want to.”

I wanted to make his first time his best. He knew what I was asking, flipping us over so I bestrode his lap. I positioned him at my entrance and slid down it. He was so big inside me. Ashton grabbed hold of my abdomen, his thumbs pressing down hard. I don’t think he was meaning to hurt me. He didn’t notice how strong he really was compared to my smaller figure. When I winced in pain he eased up a bit, apologizing. Once I adjusted to his size I began rocking my hips forward into his. Ashtons moaning and groaning was all the conformation I needed to keep going. He used his hands to help me move more swiftly.

My back arched and it was then I noticed my bra was still on. I grabbed one of Ashtons hands and moved it to the clasp on my bra strap. In an instant he had it unattached and thrown across the room. Hungrily his head came up to my breast and bit down at the tender skin. Ashtons long fingers fell to my crotch rubbing back and forth on the small nub.

“Hmm, shit.”

“Ah, f-fuck Ash, there.” I threw my head back.

I wasn’t going to last long. My grinding became harder against his hips and our moans filled the quiet room. His member twitched inside of me and from experience I knew he wouldn’t last from here. I licked up the base of his neck biting roughly on the smooth skin. His breathing became erratic, chest rising and falling below mine. Within seconds I felt his length release inside the condom. I rode out his orgasm hitting mine only moments later shouting his name out. Screw the neighbors.

We sat in each others arms for what felt like hours. I couldn’t believe we had actually done that. Ashton was my best friend. I’d just had sex with my best friend. I’d just stolen his virginity.

“That was incredible.”

I giggled looking up at him through my eyelashes. He looked exhausted. Love bites were trickled from his ear down his neck and abdomen. I couldn’t imagine I looked any better. Ashton dipped his head and placed a lazy kiss on my mouth.

I sighed upon hearing a knock at the front door. It was probably my flatmate, Jessica. She was always at UNI so she would occasionally forget her keys here and having to get another copy. I slipped away from Ashtons warm hold and quickly dressed myself in pajama shorts and a tank top.

My hair covered majority of the bruises on my body. I made my way down stairs and towards the door, Ashton right on my heels. He didn’t bother putting on a shirt, just his jeans, the hem of his briefs sticking over them. I giggled as he grabbed at my bum, my hand patting his away. I sped walked to the door, opening it. My smile drifted away and my heart immediately sunk. It wasn’t Jessica.


His hair was cut shorter now in a military buzz cut, just leaving a little on the top, enough to style in a quiff. Tattoos decorated his tanned skin. He wasn’t scrawny anymore, muscles showing through his grey t shirt. I could see his jaw clench at the sight in front of him. Why was he here?

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Finding Daryl asleep with the newborn would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Aaawww Daryl Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him looking at them with a little smile as he strokes their hair and pulls their blanket to get them cozy

-Him speaking to them in a quieter tone as he encourages them to fall asleep, all while kissing their head and then their cheeks as brings them up closer

-Him nuzzling to them as he wraps his arms tighter around them to make them understand he isn’t going anywhere

-Him falling asleep with his head on top of theirs, making you laugh and smile to see them

-Him mumbling sweet things about them like, “I ain’t letting anyone taking you away from…us…”, “You’re cute…little ass-kicker…”, “Y/N…we have our own little ass-kicker…”

-Your child shifting around to be comfortable and him doing the same, to hold them close to him

-Him getting hit in the cheeks as your child stretches their arms and yawn but him not even minding it, making you laugh

-Him being so deep asleep he drools over them, making you approach and wipe it off, slowly waking him up

-Him reaching to hold your wrist and instinctively asking you what time is it and for you to just smile and tell him

-Him holding you tightly and them as he sleepily begs you to just stay by his side for the time

-Him pulling you to lay next to him and just bragging about how great he is when it comes to be a dad


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  • So this is one AU, they all fit together
  • Wonho is Shownu’s best friend
  • They grew up together and have been inseparable ever since First Grade when Wonho saw Shownu sitting alone at lunch and just sat with him and started talking(bragging) about the Yu-Gi-Oh! cards he just won from some other kid
  • He has this stereotypical badboy/player image in high school once he starts dying his hair blue and skipping class 
  • All the girls want him, he’s like this intangible being that just exists in the same place as everyone else and they’re all like ?? how does he exist
  • Rumours about him sleeping around etc
  • Hasn’t really slept with any of these girls(/boys bc some swing that way and would brag about getting some from him, who wouldn’t) but lets them pretend because he doesn’t care enough about what people think of him to correct them (also feeds his ego and he finds it funny)
  • so ‘Monsta x’ is a name the group got which started out as a joke…
  • but …they actually grow to like/use the name
  • Wonho especially, is involved with a lot of … illegal things, to put it lightly
  • Everyone knows that Monsta x is basically a gang so its not a surprise
  • May possibly be currently/have previously been a drug dealer but no one can prove it so …
  • Probably the most badass out of the group, and that’s partially why girls are obsessed with him
  • Knows everyones secrets because he’s more of the acting leader while Shownu acts more of a quiet backbone, so they all come to him with their issues
  • The only one who knows about Changkyun’s family
  • So now onto how he meets you
  • You’re new in town and wow it sucks being the new kid but you just kind of deal with it
  • You’ve moved because your dad is a doctor and he just got offered the position of (temporary) Chief of Medicine at the local hospital because the current CoM is gone for Mat leave
  • But it’s not the first time you guys have moved because of his work so you’re tired of trying to make friends and then having to leave them
  • So you’ve basically decided that you’re not going to even bother, you’ll just stick it out for as long as possible until you guys leave AGAIN
  • You come into class on your first day and have to do the whole introduction thing then take your seat and everyone’s staring at you
  • you catch his attention because you don’t drool all over them the second you walk by them and when the cocky popular girls approach you to try and be friends because you’re cute as heck you just walk past like ‘no thanks ? ya’ll seem bitchy af’
  • and he notices after you introduce yourself to the class, you sit in the furthest seat to the back that’s free and don’t talk to anyone even though the guys (and even some girls) are staring at you
  • Because of his extremely laid back and almost indifferent attitude, Wonho’s known for not really taking any interest in girls, to the point where some guys joked about how he might just be gay (they came to class the next day with a black eye and a busted lip and never spoke of it again)
  • But when you show up and Monsta X notice his eyes linger in your direction for a second too long they start to tease him until his glare shuts them up
  • Minhyuk being the most outgoing one feels bad that you’re sitting alone and not talking to anyone so he goes over to talk to you
  • Kihyun tries to stop him saying that you’re new and his personality is too overwhelming and he should give her time to adjust to the new environment, but it’s too late and he’s already at your desk
  • because you’re on the other side of the room, they can’t hear what you’re saying but all Wonho can focus on is the smile on your face after something Minhyuk said
  • and he’s sure it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen
Off Limits (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 1

Pairing: Chris x OC

Requested by anon. I turned this into an OC thing because I’m trying to distance myself from the reader inserts. But you can just overlook the first name and simply imagine it’s you. I will probably physically describe OC at some point, since you requested she’s William’s sister, I figured they’d look alike.

Synopsis: Mara Magnusson has always had everything she ever wanted in life, except for one thing. The boyish charm of her brother’s childhood friend had wrecked her poor heart and ruined her for any other guy – you can trust her, she has tried. She could see the way he looked at her, though she knew there were rules about not hitting on your best friend’s little sister. Luckily for her, there were no restrictions when it was the other way around.

Word count: 1.4k

A/N: From now on I won’t be able to spend my entire days writing like I did with Play Me, so to make sure you won’t have to wait too long between each chapter I decided to write short chapters (yes, Yours Truly has finally decided to become a reasonable person) Enjoy this little foretaste!


>>> Part 2

Other Chris x OC fic: Play Me

Some things are simply not meant to be. Even when people maximized their chances by doing everything in their power to achieve their goal, it wasn’t always enough. Like in this maddening scene in Titanic where Jack can’t get on the floating door, and after everything he has gone through to be with Rose, he just dies. Well, maybe this was a little bit dramatic, chances are you won’t die in real life, you will just be really, really frustrated because all your efforts are thrown into the trash. But she was drifting from the subject.

Somehow, Mara’s brother had befriended the one guy who was simultaneously the absolute worst and the best thing that has ever happened to her. William and Chris were inseparable friends since- since always. As far as her memory goes, Chris has always been in their lives. He was like family to a certain extent – and that was precisely her problem.

Keep reading

On The Door Step - part 1

Parings: Dean x Sister!Reader x Sam

Summary: In 2000, John Winchester opened the door to his current motel room and found a little girl at his feet, sleeping peacefully with a fuzzy white blanket tucking her in a wicker basket. Now, nearly 16 years later, (Y/N) has still yet to find herself in the world of the Winchesters.


Warning: Slight season 10/11 spoilers, moody teenager, cursing, angry Dean, mentions of character death

Words:  1,332

A/N: Hi again, just wanted to thank everyone for the notes on the prologue. After a while of thinking over the story, I have discovered what I wish to do with it! And I apologize in advance for long periods between posts. Enjoy!

My bare feet feel cold against the bunker’s tile floor as I make my way to the kitchen in the dark. The sleeves of the huge hoodie Sam bought me last Christmas cover my hands, keeping them warm from the chilly air. Expecting to see my brothers sitting at the table, their faces glued to computer screens and bodies jittery from caffeine, my heart sinks closer to my stomach when I find the kitchen empty.

“Where the hell are you?” I breathe into the empty space.

I check my phone, reloading my messages. Nothing. Radio silence.

Sam left me at the bunker a week ago, telling me he had to stop Dean from doing something stupid again. He’d given me a hug, a kiss on the forehead and then rushed out the door in a blur. Other than a message explaining how I have to stay in the bunker and that they’ll call me out of school until further notice three days ago, there’s been nothing.

Balling the ends of my sleeve into my hands, I cross my arms and sink into the floor, pulling my knees to my chest. The dark thoughts I have been fighting so hard to keep back come creeping back in.

I haven’t even heard anything from Castiel or Charlie… At least one of them would give me some kind of update.

I run my fingers through my hair, slightly pulling at the strands as I can feel the tears weld up in my eyes. They can’t be dead. They’re Winchesters.

Just as I’m edging on the ledge of an anxiety attack, my phone lights up and vibrates against the tile floor. I scramble to pick it up, dropping it in the process of switching the small green icon to answer the call from Sam.

“Sammy?” I ask weakly, biting on my thumbnail and hoping it’s not an officer calling me because they found their bodies.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Sam says calmly and releasing a sigh. “I’ve been meaning to call, but things have been… busy.”

I roll my eyes. They’re always hiding things, or trying to hide things from me. They dropped me off at a library before they asked the man who cut off his arm questions and they also tried to cover up the fact that that man’s family was going to burn the bunker to the ground (I wasn’t home for that either, they thought it would be best to drop me off at Jody’s for the weekend).

They can never tell me everything.

“Is Dean okay? And have you heard anything from Charlie, she hasn’t been answering.”

Sam takes a moment to breathe deeply, and I can just imagine how tired and stressed he looks. A heartbeat later, Sam’s ready to talk.

“(Y/N), Charlie’s dead.”

“What?! When?!”

“She’s been dead for a couple of weeks, (Y/N/N).” Tears well up in my eyes, and I have to fight them from falling. “Dean killed the men that did it.”

Of course he did.

“Castiel isn’t doing to well, but the three of us will be home soon.” With that, Sam hangs up and I close my eyes as a few tears trail down my cheek. She was my best friend. How could they not tell me? How come it took so long to tell me?!

I can feel the slow simmer of my blood beneath my flesh and my eyes flicker to the digital clock on my phone’s screen. I have an hour to get to school.

My fingers hold the ice pack against my eye lid as my body shifts in the chair across from the principal’s office door. The secretary judges me from her thick pink rimmed glasses, and I glare back at her in response. My leg bounces with the left over adrenaline from the fight that had just taken place in my math class. To be honest, I don’t know the kid that I started this fight with, I’m not even sure he deserved it, but I had to do something.

“Winchester,” Principal Young calls from her office door, just as Dean and Sam walk into the front office. They both catch the eye of the secretary, and I snicker as she ogles at them. Dean glares at me, silently asking me if I think this is funny (he’s completely unaware of the old woman practically drooling over them). 

I quickly make my way to the small office and take a seat in front of the wooden desk, my hands between my legs and my head ducked down. Young takes his seat at the desk, pointing to the other two uncomfortable chairs for my brothers to sit. Once they do, he sets to work, explaining that I have one last chance to clean up my act or I’ll be expelled.

Young finishes by giving the same spiel that he’s given me before. “You’re a good student,” “You have good grade, you just need a better attitude.” The same tune… yadda yadda.

Frustrated, I drop kick the ice pack into the parking lot once we were excused. Dean is the first to speak up.

“So, what? We come home and you decide you just have to punch the first kid you see?” He hollers, tossing my book bag at me. My bag drops to the concrete, the zipper undoing and spilling the contents. I watch the blank notebook papers dance in the air, tucking my hair behind my ears before bending down to pick it up.


“No, Sam! I wanna know!” Dean continues to yell, tossing his hands up. “Every time we’re gone, you’re “the best student of the school” but when we’re here, you seem to lose your fucking mind!” 

“Dean!” Sam shouts at our brother, pulling on his shoulder to force him to stop. “You’re making it worse.”

My body feels extremely warm and my cheeks are damp with tears I hadn’t realized I was shedding. My stomach clenches tight and my vision blurs with the unsheded salty water and my shoulders quiver and the palms of my hands dig into my eyes as the reality really sets in that Charlie is gone.

“(Y/N)?” Dean kneels down and places a hand on my shoulder.

“I miss her,” I meet his eyes, my voice quivering. I haven’t cried this hard since Sam dragged Dean’s wounded body to his room, telling me that Metatron killed him.

Dean pulls me into his chest, my fingers wrapping tightly around the flannel. Dean hugs me tight, smoothing out my hair, mumbling, “I miss her too.”

After several long minutes of my brothers giving me hugs, Sam walks me to the car with me tucked under his arm, promising me that we’ll get back to the bunker and we’ll sit down and watch whatever movie I want. No matter how cheesy and romantic it is, we’ll watch it.

Castiel greets me with a weak smile as I take my spot in the back of the Impala, and my eyes drift to the cuffs around his wrist. My eyebrows raise, “why is he cuffed?”

“Rowena did something,” Sam answers bluntly. “We’re taking precautions.” Nodding along to Sam’s words, I tuck my bag between the seats and smile at Cas.

“Would you like me to heal that?” Castiel huffs out, slowly raising a hand towards his own eye. Before I can speak, Dean interrupts.

“Cas, you need your strength.” Cas seems to ignore my brother, still watching me as he waits for an answer.

“No, I’m good.” I sniffle, forcing a large smile. “It adds character anyways.”

Castiel smiles weakly before resting his head back and slightly closing his eyes. Dean speeds out of the parking lot, Sam grumbling something underneath his breath, and I lean back into the seat, my eyes growing heavy as I watch the trees pass by.

I’ll never forget you, Charlie. I close my eyes, hoping that maybe, just maybe, she can hear me wherever she is.


Bimbettes Headcanon: 

The girls are probably the closest REAL honest to goodness friends Lefou has ever had. They know his secret. They’ve been aware of it ever since they were young kids. They helped Lefou to avoid stigma in town by acting like he has a huge crush on THEM forever- looking longingly at them, sighing everytime he passes them. They aren’t annoyed by this other ‘rival’ for Gaston’s affections. They tried to convince him Gaston was a hopeless dream for ages, to no avail. It hurts Claudette, Paulette and Laurette to see their friend’s heart so taken by Gaston. They can SO relate to his unfulfilled longings and even feel like they ‘adopted’ Lefou as a 4th sibling. 

After Gaston dies, the girls help Lefou by taking note of EVERY man in the tavern who doesn’t drool over or hit on them. After all, besides Gaston, it’s the rare man who can resist the lovely Triplets! But whenever there’s a man who DOESN’T, the girls quietly point him out to Lefou, whisper “That one,” and pour a tankard of ale to give to Lefou so he can serve the guy and start a conversation. 

Why Us?

Another FNAF theory, and encase you weren’t sure; There will be spoilers. This theory is about why Ennard choose our body in Sister Location. Now I can here you guys and gals complaining, saying that Ennard did that as revenge for all the horrible things the “Purple Guy” did to all those kids. Well you would be wrong.

The final night we check the two rooms where Funtime Foxy and Ballora are found, only to see a man in each room hanging. Later in the night we have to go into Funtime Foxy’s room to get to the ending. In this room we hear something dripping and as you walk through the room it sounds like our character is walking in something wet and sticky. If you watch MarkiPlier’s Video Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location - Part 4 (link right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJ7xi4GzLwc&list=PL3tRBEVW0hiDL09lO0xjKEix84OY27xet&index=47) at 6:14 Mark asks why things are so wet.(I recommend you watch and see what I’m taking about.) Look back in the picture, the person there is hanging by their neck. If you hang someone by their neck, they die of suffocation, or a broken spine depending on how the noose was made. Being hung from a noose thou does NOT cause the body to lose bodily fluids. Try to argue that it might be drool, or them decaying over time, but in truth they were there for ONE DAY. Not enough to decompose and fall apart. So what are we stepping in in Foxy’s room?

Those technicians were scooped. Not to see if the scooper could work on a human. Oh no much worst than that, they were test suits. Ennard had scooped them first and tried them on. They didn’t fit right, maybe too big and the skin sagged the wrong way, or too small and mechanical parts began to show. Either way, our main character wasn’t the first choose, he was the last. This is a theory I haven’t seen and I feel like it needed to be noticed.

I do NOT OWN the video, that belongs to MarkiPlier. (He was the only person I saw that noticed the sound too. I recommend watching his stuff, since I’m a big fan.) I don’t own the pictures as well. Tell me what you think in the comments below. Take care.

in broad daylight

… or my first fan fiction ever. i hope to develop as a writer so that my writing will be a better quality. feedback is always appreciated! - sen

summary: jeongguk is the chaser of the gryffindor quidditch team, and he seems to think of you as more than a friend.

genres: fluff, mild angst?

word count: 9.3k

pairing: jeongguk x reader

warnings: mild swearing, mentions of sexual violence(tw!)

Originally posted by sugutie

Jeongguk was a boy of multiple charms. Not only magic with his wand, but magic with his words. He could use language in a way that could make anyone’s heart twist in their chest, cheeks turn red and hands shake out of nervousness. But when it came to you, words wouldn’t come out.


Jeon Jeongguk, who could make anyone drop on their knees, was loss at words because of you. And boy, did it infuriate him.

You were very endearing to him. You were known as the quiet nerdy girl, who devoted her life to studying, and therefore held the title for the best student in Hogwarts. You didn’t brag about it though. You just genuinely enjoyed studying and seeing the results of your hard work gave you motivation to work even harder than before. You never caused any trouble, you kept your circle small and although there were boys drooling over you, you ignored them. Nobody but your best friends knew this - but you were a hopeless romantic. You didn’t want just anybody. You wanted that someone who would make the butterflies burst in your stomach, and make the colours of your world a little brighter.

Jeon Jeongguk was in the same year as you, in the same house as you, Gryffindor. He was a Chaser in the Quidditch team, and he managed to keep his grades up fairly well. He was handsome and charming, the girls in school knew it and so did he. The girls didn’t spark his interest, though. He only had eyes for one girl, even if he knew the girl would never notice him romantically. And that girl just happened to be you.

Sure, he had grown to be your friend through some study sessions with your mutual friends, but he could only dream about you considering him as more as a friend. The idea never left his mind though. It would always linger in the back of his mind, whisper sweet what if’s and make his heart jump to his throat everytime you’d flash that blindingly beautiful smile of yours. Just the mere thought of ever being able to hold you in his arms, look you in the eyes and stutter out the three words that he so fondly believed in could make his face light up.

“Mr Jeon, I can understand that you may not find interest in my class, but I’d truly appreciate it, if you could at least pretend like you’re listening.” That awoke Jeongguk from his daydream about you. He has had those so many times, he has lost count. He shoots the Transfiguration professoran apolotegic, goofy smile. “Yes, Ms. McGonagall, I’m sorry”, he answered and chuckled at the quiet giggles from the girls sitting behind him. He tried to steal a gaze from you, but you kept your attention at the board where Ms. McGonagall returned to write down the exercises for today’s class. Of course. You wouldn’t let someone else ruin the learning from you, of course you wouldn’t. Even if you found it slightly funny. Jeongguk dropped his gaze back to the pergament and focused his thoughts on how to turn glass bottles into plastic ones.

“Y/N! Wait up!” You heard a familiar voice behind you. It was one of your closest friends, Eunjin. You turned around and faced your friend with a smile. Others had given a lot of thought on why you were friends. You were quiet, reserved and preferred to keep your issues and joys to yourself. She was loud, open to all kinds of ideas - even if they were absolutely terrible - and if you gave her a little something to drink, she would spill all her secrets out, along with everyone else’s. Yet you managed to grow really close with each other. You knew each other’s fears and needs, along with deepest secrets. Yours were the only ones she would lock up in her pocket. Maybe that’s why you two had grown so close.

“Yeah? What’s up?” You asked with a genuine smile smothered on your face. Eunjin flashed a smile right back.

“So. You know that the Slytherin against Gryffindor match is coming up… Hoseok and all the others are going to be play there and I know finals are coming up, but could you just take a break to come to the match? Pretty please? You’ve been doing so well in school, as usual, I thought you could use a little break”, Eunjin said in a suggestive tone that had a slight turn towards a whine. You chuckled.

“Eunjin…” You started, but you couldn’t finish off your sentence.

“Y/N please! You know you’re gonna get straight A’s, even if you skip one day of studying!”

“We already know that we’re going to win against Slytherin. Why should I drag myself to a match, when the result is already clear? I can join the celebrations afterwards, I’ll have the morning all to myself if everyone else is watching the match”, you pointed out and Eunjin pouted.

“Pretty please? It’ll be fun, trust me! Besides, Jeongguk is playing too, and I know you want to see him shine on the field. Just consider it? You can have one day off and not fail every class, trust me”, Eunjin said while looking straight at you with those puppy dog eyes. She knew you couldn’t resist, she knew it very well. Goddamnit.

“Okay, okay. I’ll consider it. The match is on Saturday, right?” You asked, and Eunjin answered you with a nod.

“Alright then. So far, I’m in. But if you mess with me or my studying, the deal is off. I cannot risk failing my courses”, you said, a tiny bit of regret already lurking inside you. Your friend jumped in air due to excitement.

“Yes! I knew you’d say yes, Y/N! I promise you, it’ll be fun. Both Quidditch teams have been training like crazy, the match will be be exciting. Even though we all know Gryffindor’s going to win, right? Gosh, I can’t wait to tell the gang about this, they’ve been wanting to see you watch Quidditch since day one, they’ll be so exci-”

“Okay, Eunjin, I get it. Let’s go eat dinner now, yeah?” You laughed and looked at Eunjin’s overly excited face while the both of you started making your way to the great hall, joy filling the both of you.

You slammed the thick book close and let out a frustrated sigh. You understood the stuff, but why wouldn’t the words just come out in a way that would please you? Jeongguk lifted his gaze from his own book and turned it to you. He looked around, Eunjin and Hoseok were cuddling (and most likely snogging, too) in some corner, Yoongi, Jin and Namjoon cancelled and Jimin and Taehyung were most likely trying gather enough people to throw a party in the Room of Requirement. Jeongguk looked back at you and gave you a slightly confused look.

“What’s wrong? The smart girl isn’t so smart anymore?” Jeongguk said teasingly with a cheeky grin on his face. You glared back at him, but he knew you weren’t really mad. The warmth in your eyes gave it away.

“Oh trust me, I’m still smart. I just can’t pour out the words for this essay. I want to impress proffessor Snape, you know how he is… He doesn’t let any Gryffindor off his hook, even if we knew better than the Slytherins”, you sighed with a look of exhaustion on your face. Jungkook’s grin softened to a kind smile and he rested his face on his palm.

“C'mon now, smartie. I know you have it in you. Besides, there’s like 5 days before the d-day, don’t stress yourself about it too much”, Jeongguk said with an assuring sound in his voice. It made you break a small smile - even if Jeongguk teased you often, he knew how to make you feel even slightly better on stressful days.

“I know, I know, but Jeongguk. You know how much I need the A’s, I can’t risk it… God, this makes me so frustrated, you know? I only want to get good grad-” You were cut off but Jeongguk grapping your hands. You furrowed your brows slightly and lifted your gaze to his chocolate brown orbs. They had a small glimmer in them, the one that makes you feel like time is going to stop.

“Y/N. I, Jeon Jeongguk believe in you. You will get that A from Snape, even if you do not finish the essay tonight, alright? You already overwork yourself enough. Let it go, just for tonight, alright? For me?” He said, and there was something in his voice that you couldn’t get a hold of. Was it admiration? No, that couldn’t be. Jeon Jeongguk wouldn’t fall for a girl like you, not in a million years. You might’ve given a thought to it, but you had pushed it aside. You could not risk getting your heart broken, especially not if you were friends with him.

You answered Jeongguk with a faint and gently squeezed his hand. You then let go and the atmosphere could be described as slightly awkward. Jeon stratched the back of his head and then sighed, closing his book as well.

“Well, Y/N. You know what? We - and I mean us two, forget about Hoseok and Eunjin - are going out. The air in this stupid library is making me sick”, Jeongguk said and stood up. You looked at him with a confused look on your face.

“What do you mean out? We’re not allowed to go there anymore! Anyone could catch us”, you answered with a judging look smothered look on your face. Jeongguk answered back with a smirk and pulled out his bag.

“You know, I’m not as stupid as you might think. In order to be a prankster like me, you need to have a little something in here”, he said while gently knocking his head. He then pulled out a cloak and you let out a silent laugh.

“Invisibility cloak? Seriously? God, you sure know how to keep me entertained.” If it was Eunjin asking you, you would’ve strictly declined. But you seemed to give in to Jeongguk’s silly suggestions more easily than to others. Eunjin saw that as a clear sign of love - you usually just laughed it off. Love is a strong word, ain’t it?

Jeongguk chuckled at your answer and took your hand in his, letting electricity spark all over your body in the process.

“Follow me, m'lady.”

The night air was warm during this part of the year. It wasn’t too hot that you would sweat, and it wasn’t too cold that you would freeze. It was warm enough for you to enjoy the night without a trace of uncomfortability. That’s only one of the reasons why you loved spring. You also loved spring because new lives begun. All the death and coldness from winter was stepping aside for the new and beautiful lives. Trees grew their leaves, flowers bloomed. It felt like a new beginning. You loved the bright colours of new-bloomed flowers and the sweet scent of them.

Jeongguk stole a look from you and then returned his sight back to your interwined hands. He felt happy. He was holding your hand and having you close, one of his endless daydreams was real! He smiled to himself and looked around him. Sure, you were under an invisibility cloak and no one could ever know about this, but it was something. The thought of this happening again in broad daylight, with more affection showing filled his mind and Jeongguk had to focus hard to wipe off a stupid grin away from his face. It wouldn’t happen, he thought. It would never happen, and he knew it.

When the two of you climbed up the hill and reached the big oak, Jeongguk looked around to make sure it was secure to take the invisibility cloak off. When the route was clear, he took it off you in a gentle way, laying it under you. He then fell on top of the cloak and you followed his actions, placing yourself rather close to his broad chest. It felt good to be this close to Jeongguk, admiring the stars and breathing in his scent. It smelled like peppermint, newly cut grass with a hint of something sweet that you couldn’t get a hold of. Maybe it was his cologne, you didn’t know. The scent was amazing nevertheless.

While watching the stars, Jeongguk hand somehow slipped in yours. You turned your gaze to him, only to find him already staring. He felt rosy blush colour his cheeks and he gave you a goofy smile. You answered back with a smile - you didn’t mind holding his hand. It felt good, it felt natural. Jeongguk was the first to return his sight back to the shining stars, and you followed. A comfortable silence was set on you. You were the first one to break the silence, after a while. You turned to you side and investigated his face.



“I just wanted to thank you for bringing me here. It’s really pretty here, under all the stars. It makes me feel a little less stressed about Snape”, you said with a faint smile painted on your face. Jeongguk couldn’t turn to face you, but you saw that he had a smile smothered on his face. Jeongguk himself was a nervous wreck. He knew that if he turned to look at you, he could not keep it inside him. He’d press his lips against your soft ones and even if it felt tempting, the back of his mind kept telling him to not to. He would just ruin things, and he’s wasn’t ready to lose you, if by chance you weren’t ready for anyone.

“Don’t mention it. I’m glad you like it, you work so hard. I figured that even a smartie like you could use a break sometimes. Even if this is against the rules”, he said with a grinny look. You giggled back in answer and Jeongguk swore he felt his heart twist in his chest. He finally gathered the courage to turn to look at your laughing face, and a smile was immediately brought to his face. My god, did you look beautiful. Your eyes’ glistening accompanied by the moonlight and your bright smile. That was a killer pairing for Jeongguk, he simply just couldn’t stop his feelings.

“What is it Jeongguk? Cat’s got your tongue?” You blurted out with giggled and Jungkook laughed with you.

“Ain’t nothing. I’m just… I don’t know. It feels great to be here, with you. If I was here with Taehyung-hyung, he probably would’ve already let the whole castle know we’re here and I would get in trouble”, Jeongguk answered laughing, which you joined. Taehyung could be a bit of a troublemaker, everyone knew it. But he was a great friend and a great Quidditch player, you had to give him that.

“Well, be happy that you’re here with me. You know me, even if someone found out we were here, I could talk us both out of it. But that won’t happen, right?”

“No, Y/N. It won’t. We’re safe.”

Jeongguk and you talked about all kinds of stuff during that night. School, Quidditch, and funny stories of Hogwarts and the people living inside there. Your tummy hurt from all the laughing you had done with Jeongguk, along with your cheeks. You had somehow managed to roll really close to Jeongguk and he didn’t seem to mind so you stayed there.

“Jeon Jeongguk… How about we play 20 questions? As we both ask each other 20 questions about anything we want. We have to answer them all? I feel like we could know each other a little more. I only know Eunjin’s secrets, you know”, you suggested with a grin on your lips. Jeongguk raised his left eyebrow and chuckled. He felt a small knot of nervousness becoming tighter on the bottom of his stomach. What if you ask something too personal and he’ll just have to confess? What if he crosses the line with you and you get mad? What if he says something wrong and then you’ll get offended by his silly words. There were so many things on Jeongguk’s mind but he only let you see him grinning at you.

“Everyone knows Eunjin’s secrets.”

“Shut up, not anyone can take alcohol as well as others. She’s a sweet girl.”

“Just saying. But alright. Let’s play the game then. Ladies first, right?”

The game started off pretty smoothly. You asked him a question about Quidditch and he asked you about studying. It wasn’t anything too nervewrecking, but you both knew it would be inevitable to avoid the questions about romantic or sexual stuff. Neither of you just wanted to be the first one to ask.

Finally, after what felt like a million years - in reality it was 5 questions from each - Jeongguk finally sighed and looked deep in your eyes. Your felt your breath hitch in your throat, it felt like oxygen was running out. His eyes were magical, you could stare into them forever and never get bored of them. He had you under his spell, and you were unable to decline.

“Okay, Y/N. Here comes one. Have you ever dated anyone?” He said with a slightly higher tone than usual. You saw him blush slightly, and you blushed as well. You smiled faintly and shook your head in denial.

“No. Someone might say that I don’t want to date anyone because I’m too focused on studying. But the truth is, I can’t seem to find interest in the people I meet. Sure, there are cute boys and girls in this school, but none of them feel special. Nobody but Eunjin knows this, but I’m a hopeless romantic. I want that special someone, someone who makes me break into smile even if the days seem dark. Someone to bright up my day, even if they just say hi to me. Someone to… Wow. I must’ve gone really far with explaining”, you wandered off with a nervous laugh. You looked at Jeongguk’s face and you felt yourself kind of… Strange? He looked like he wasn’t happy with your answer. Had you said something wrong? You felt your smile wear off and you bit your lower lip.

“What about you then, Guk? I know you’ve dated some people, but has someone ever been… Special to you?” You asked with a faint voice. Jeongguk smiled at you and brushed his hands through his hair.

“To be honest with you? No. Don’t get me wrong, I never get into a relationship if I don’t think it would last for more than 6 months, but somehow all the girls I’ve been with haven’t felt right. They’re nice girls, pretty girls. But they don’t have that special spark that you described. I’m looking for a similar spark too. But right now, I don’t think I could handle any kind of an relationship. I… Maybe no one here has that special spark. I guess I’ll just keep looking now”, Jeongguk answered, not facing you. You felt a stab in your heart. Dreams of Jeongguk ever liking you back crumbled like pastries in your hands. He didn’t like you, that was for certain now. He didn’t like anybody, you were simply just a friend to him. You’d knew this all along, but why did it hurt you? You just nodded in response. You closed your eyes and let yourself rest against Jeongguk. His scent, which was so magnificently charming and wonderful in the beginning, suddenly felt like too much.



“I think we should head back. I’m tired, and I have Charms tomorrow morning.”

“O-okay. Alright. I’ll take you back.” He said and got up really quickly. You looked at him and you felt like there was something you needed to say. Something that you wanted to, needed him to know. The words were left in your throat though, and they never came out. You got up yourself and wiped the dirt off your clothing. Jeongguk lifted the invisibility cloak off the ground and put it on top of both of you. You started slowly making your way to the castle, both too frightened to look at each other.

“Jeongguk?” You asked when you reached the Gryffindor Tower.


“I really enjoyed tonight with you.”

“Me too.”

“Another time maybe?”

“Yeah, maybe.” With that, you both went in to your dorms and lay on your beds. Slowly, you drifted off to sleep, the only thoughts in your minds being each other.

The next few days before the match made you twitch in anticipation. Eunjin kept blabbering about the match, but somehow all your thoughts wandered off to Jeongguk and how he thought about girls. You tried telling yourself that he was talking about all the girls, but it wouldn’t help. It felt like your heart had been picked on with small needles and that it was bleeding every time your stress-filled life continued. You tried to remember that you and Jeongguk weren’t an item - you’d never had anything romantic with each other, but the words still stuck to your brain, as if they were tattooed there. You tried to focus on your studies and somehow it helped you to keep your mind off of Jeongguk and Eunjin’s pointless blabbering about how great his boyfriend Hoseok looks in that red and gold Quidditch outfit. At least someone has a good time with their significant other.

“Y/N? Are you listening to me at all?” was what woke you up from your studying. You looked around you and saw Eunjin’s annoyed face.

“Yes, sorry. You were saying?”

“For God’s sake, this is like the 3rd time that I have to wake you up from your endless daydreams. What’s up with you? Who’s the guy or girl that got you so whipped?” Eunjin asked while tapping her long, painted nails on the wooden surface of the studying table. You let out a frustrated sigh.

“It’s nothing really, all is well.”

“That’s bollocks and you know it yourself. C'mon. I’m your best friend. You can tell me”, Eunjin whined and looked at you in the eyes. God damn those puppy dog eyes. You sighed again and the words started coming out about the night you shared with Jeongguk under the stars. From the tiny details to the things you told each other that have been bothering you ever since. Eunjin listened and it seemed like she actually cared, which made you a little less nervous. After you finished your story, Eunjin took your hand in hers.

“Well well, my friend. It seems like the top student in school, master of all charms and spells has fallen in love. Finally. Took you long enough”, Eunjin said with a smile. You tried to smile back, but it felt twisted and wrong. You couldn’t be in love, you wanted to deny, but you felt defeated and too tired to start saying something against her.

“Now, now. Don’t look so sad. I understand that it may be hard to get over, but why do you think that your feelings are one-sided?” Eunjin asked and you knew she had just said something she definetely should’ve not.

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing. Just stating a casual fact. You know Jeongguk, he says dumb shit at times. Maybe he does have a special someone he likes. But you sure as hell did not hear that from me”, Eunjin says.

“I think I have to use Obliviate on you”, you heard Eunjin mutter to herself as she let go of your hand.

“Promise me, Y/N, that even if you fall in love and admit it to yourself, promise me you won’t forget me? You falling in love is a new thing and I don-”

“I’m not falling in love, Eunjin.”

“I don’t want you to leave me. You’re my best friend, after all. I’d choose you as my best friend today, tomorrow, and in a million years. And that won’t change. Same went for me when I fell for Hoseok. You and I until the world crashes, and even after that?”

“Yes. You and I ‘till the world crashes.”

“Okay. Now, let’s get our smartie Y/N something to eat, I think I have some extra sweets from Honeydukes…”

“Good playing today, team. If you play like this in tomorrow’s match, we’ll snatch that golden trophy from the stupid Slytherins. You’re dismissed. Jeongguk, can you wait for a little while, I have something to tell you in private”, Park Jimin, the captain of the team told his teammates, and while others left off to wash themselves, Jeongguk and Jimin stayed on the field.

“Hyung, what is it?”

“Listen, Guk. You’re a great Chaser and all. You do your work well, you might just be the best Chaser I’ve faced during these years. But there’s something off. What is it with you? You play well enough, we’ll win the match but this isn’t your best. You can tell me, I’m your friend”, Jimin said while placing his hand on Jeongguk’s shoulder. Jimin was slightly shorter than Jeongguk (the younger would never stop teasing him about it) so Jeongguk looked down on his friend. Jeongguk shrugged his shoulder.

“Ain’t nothing off. Finals are just stressing me out”, Jeongguk answered, not looking Jimin in the eyes. He couldn’t just lie and look his friend in the eye. He wasn’t that person.

“You know Jeongguk, you’ve always been a bad liar”, Jimin said with a laugh, but anyone could hear that there was no humour added to it.

“C'mon. Tell me. I promise that everything that you tell me here, stays here on the field”, Jimin said while spreading out his arms to make his point even more clear. Jeongguk just sighed in defeat and investigated Jimin’s looks. He was a good guy, Jeongguk knew Jimin keep his secret ‘till the end of time. Jeon tried to find his way out, but realised that Jimin wouldn’t let him go until he spilled out all the problems bothering him. So, the younger sat down on the grass with Jimin and poured his heart out. From the beginning, the first time he saw you and fell for you, to the words he slipped out of his mouth few nights back. The words felt so toxic then and they felt so toxic now. Jimin listened silently, adding a few oh’s and mmhmm’s inbetween. It felt good to let his feelings out, it felt like some sort of a weight was lifted of his heavy heart. After he had finished off his story, Jimin ruffled the younger one’s head and smiled goofily.

“Our silly boy… Completely smitten. Y/N’s a good girl, you chose the target of your love very well”, Jimin smirked and Jeongguk hit his arm playfully, laughing silently. They laughed with each other for a little while, until the laugh drifted off to the quiet night.

“No, but seriously, Jeongguk. I know I may be bad at love, but if you meant every single word you said -”

“I did, hyung, I did.”

“Well then. Who should stop you from telling her? I mean, even if she said that she doesn’t find anyone interesting, how do you know? Maybe she was just shy to admit that she likes you”, Jimin said, saying the latter part quietly. Jeongguk raised his left eyebrow - a habit he didn’t seem to get rid of - and gave Jimin a smirk.

“How come?”

“I didn’t say anything. She might like you, she might not. You’ll never know unless you confess your feelings to her. Now, enough with this sappy thing. You smell awfully like sweat and love, go get a shower. You’ll never charm a girl if you smell like that.”

“Isn’t that the smell of sex?”

“No. You smell like a pathetic Quidditch player who’s foolishly in love.”

“You’re the only pathetic one here”, Jeongguk said while cockily hitting Jimin up with a smirk and getting up the grass, making his way towards the showers.

“Yah, Jeon Jeongguk!”

The morning of the match was nervewrecking for every student in Hogwarts. Slytherins were only in it for themselves, but everyone else wanted Gryffindor win. Slytherin had won for the last 2 years in a row, and nobody wanted them to win again. For Jeongguk, this meant the world. He wanted to win, he wanted to show everyone that he can do it. Well, not everyone. Mainly you. He knew that you understood how good he was, but he still wanted to show off. Especially since this was the first time that you would come to any Quidditch match ever. It was tearing his nerves apart.

“Come on, Jeongguk. You need to eat something. Otherwise our amazing Chaser won’t get all the goals”, Hoseok said while putting a piece of toast on Jeongguk’s plate. The Great Hall was filled with anticipation and excitement - it was usual. But this time, it felt way bigger than usual. Everyone was counting on Gryffindor for this one. That didn’t make Jeongguk lose his appetite though. It was the fact that you were there to watch his performance on the field.

“I’m not hungry, hyung”, Jeongguk said and shot a glare at the toast. The toast didn’t do anything wrong, but it seemed like everything was at fault for his nervousness.

“Shut up and eat your toast, punk. Your hyung wanted you to eat it, so you will”, Yoongi said while shooting Jeongguk a death glare. The younger one knew he could beat up Yoongi any time of the day, but something in his tune said that the older one wasn’t kidding, so in the fear or Yoongi, Jeongguk took the toast in his hands and took a bite. It tasted surprisingly good. Or at least better than before.

“You know, Jeongguk. We’re all looking forward to your playing today. You did amazing last time”, Namjoon said while drinking a sip of his orange juice. He spilled a bit of it on his white shirt, and with a sigh and a whisk with his wand, the stain was long gone. Namjoon might’ve been clumsy, but he sure was intelligent and knew any spell from any book. He was almost as good as you. Almost.

“Thanks, hyung. I hope I’ll be able to play”, Jeongguk said with a quiet voice. He heard some random year 4 girls wish him good luck with the game, and he just answered back with a smile. He appreciated the good luck wishes. He really did. But if they weren’t from you, they didn’t have that speciality in them.

After Jimin got up and yelled at the team to go change and get ready, Jeongguk hesitantly got up from his seat. He felt like his legs wouldn’t support him anymore. He walked to the door, when he heard his name being yelled by a very familiar and very much needed voice.

“Jeongguk! Jeongguk, wait!” You yelled and ran down the stairs, your hair prettily framing your face. Jeongguk turned 180 degrees and faced you with a sunny smile on his face. You had remembered him and his important day! You returned his smile with an equally wide and genuine as his.

“Good luck. I believe in you, I really do. You’ve been working so hard for this. You better snatch that trophy and bring it to the tower tonight!” You said with happiness filling his ears. Jeongguk smiled so wide, he feared he might just permanently damage his face muscles.

“Thanks, Y/N. I promise, the trophy will be ours”, Jeongguk answered and he swore that when you let out a giggle he thought his heart might just stop right on that moment.

“Come on now lover boy! We need to get changed, Jimin is gonna do his special speech in a few minutes and we can’t miss it!” Hoseok yelled from the entrance of the castle and you both felt the blush colour your cheeks bright red. You showed Jeongguk one last smile before running off to the Great hall, while Jeongguk ran to his teammates.

“Okay, listen up kids. We have trained so hard for this match, and we sure as hell are going to win. We have me, an alright Keeper”, Jimin said and everyone started yelling something along the lines of ‘What do you mean alright, you’re the best one we could ever ask for.’ Jimin laughed and shot a glare at his teammates.

“We have two _amazing_ Beaters. Three _magnificent_ Chasers”, Jimin continued, giving Jeongguk a glare that gave off the feeling that Jimin really trusted him. He appreciated that.

“And we have a wonderful Seeker, who will win us the golden prize. Alright? Nothing can stop us. Absolutely nothing. Today is Gryffindor’s day, okay? Now, let’s go and win that fucking match. Goddamnit”, Jimin muttered the last part under his breath, standing up, throwing the broom over his shoulder.

“Very emotional, Jiminie.”

“Shut up Hoseok-hyung, you wouldn’t know a thing about emotional speeches.”

You made your way towards the field along with Eunjin. Why did you feel nervous? You weren’t even playing! When you found your way to the audience, you were seated next to some Gryffindor boy. He was a year above you. You couldn’t remember his name. Not that it mattered to you - you’ve never speaken to him anyway. Eunjin sparked a conversation between her and you and you were lost in it until you heard the host of the match introduce every player. The Slytherins booed everytime a Gryffindor’s name, but their display of dislike was lost under the cheers of Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. Then Slytherins were introduced and the booing got so loud you had to cover your ears from all the noise. You didn’t join though. You weren’t that petty. The captains then shook hands - it looked like the Slytherin captain was trying to smash Jimin’s tiny fingers - and soon enough, everyone was on their broom and the match had started. You smiled while trying to look for Jeongguk. You easily spotted him - you could recognise that muscular, broad body anywhere, anytime. Jeongguk moved swiftly with his broom and soon, he threw the Quaff in the goal hoop and the cheering was so loud you feared you might pop your eardrum. You cheered along anyway, you felt proud of Jeongguk. The wide smile on his face told that he was proud of himself too. You felt a hand on your thigh and you turned around, only to see the Gryffindor guy sitting next to you holding it. You gave a faint, fake smile, pushing the hand away. You weren’t taken, but you didn’t want him to touch you. The game continued and you almost forgot about the uncomfortable feeling that the unwanted touch left, until you felt the familiar hand, this time on your bum. You turned around and looked at the guy, anger flaming in your eyes.

“Get off me.”

“C'mon now birdie… You seem so lonely. You’re a smart girl, you know what I’m asking for. One time, really quick and I’ll leave you alone…”

“No. I repeat, get off me”, you said, trying to move away from his awful touch, but he held tight. It hurt a bit, and you felt tears coming from your eyes. Not because of the pain, but because of the feeling not safe and humiliated. Eunjin was too into the game, and so was everyone else. Nobody would understand if you screamed, they’d just think it’s a part of the game. You felt defeated.

Jeongguk was eyeing the audience, trying to find you. He found Eunjin’s familiar face and soon enough he found yours. But why were you crying. He moved his eyes a bit and saw the guy groping you. He felt the flame of anger flash and burn his insides. How did he dare to touch something so ethereally gorgeous as you, without your consent? He squeezed his broom harder. Oh, if only glares could kill… He noticed the guy looking back at him. The guy had an mean smirk painting his already average looks. He looked evil. That’s it. Jeongguk is flying up there and dragging you away from this monster, he thought to himself. He was already moving towards the audience, when heard Hoseok yell something at him. He didn’t have enough time to get himself together, when he felt something hit his head hard. So hard, it had him seeing stars. Then everything went pitch black.

“A concussion? Only that? Oh, that’s good. I feared for his life.”

All the sounds were hazy and Jeongguk didn’t really understand anything. He thought he heard some cheering, but maybe it was a dream? He wouldn’t know.

“What do you mean we can’t have a party? We won! Jeongguk might’ve passed out but he made like 4 goals!”

“He needs rest. Now off you go, before I make you drink Skele-Gro.”

It smelled like flowers. A familiar scent of lavender was filling up the room, and it made him happy. It reminded him of you - the ones he only seems dreams about. Jeongguk tried to open his eyes, but they felt too heavy, so he didn’t bother. He just lay back and enjoyed the sweet scent. He could inhale it in forever and never would it stop making him feel at ease.

“It’s been 3 hours, why isn’t he waking up?” Jeongguk heard a soft female voice, filled with concern. It sounded so familiar, he just couldn’t quite put his finger on it… Nevertheless, it sounded so smooth and wonderful that he didn’t care if he didn’t know who the speaker was.

“Yeah… I guess he’s really sleepy. He was hit really hard, after all”, another familiar voice was heard, this time male. Was it Jimin? Maybe. Maybe not. His eyes felt less heavier now. He sure wanted to know the owner of the sweet, sweet voice which lured him closer…

“Gosh, how could he be so distracted?” The male voice asked and even if Jeongguk was sleeping, he knew that the speaker’s face was filled with multiple emotions. Some of them might’ve not been so positive.

“Anyway. How’s it going with your new boyfriend? Hwiyoung, was it? I heard he got lucky a few hours ago… Naughty”, the male voice continued, and your face turned bright red. Jeongguk felt disappointed. The sweet voice wasn’t free. Somebody else had her. It made Jeongguk’s heart twist into a spiral. He knew the owner of the voice meant something to him, even if he couldn’t remember it.

“Jimin! He’s not my boyfriend. Absolutely not! Who told you that?” You asked. Oh, so it was Jimin, Jeongguk thought. Of course.

“He told me that. And everyone else in the process. But how come you aren’t her girlfriend? Because if you’re not, he has spread some… Questionable rumours about the relationship between you two to the Quidditch team.”

“No, he just groped me and tried to tell me all kinds of things he’d do to me. He has tried to hit on me before, but I’ve always ignored him. He isn’t that amazing, honestly”, you answered, embarassment filling the room.

“Well, shit. I’m gonna tell them to not believe him, okay? No damage has been done yet, my teammates wouldn’t spread things they’re not 100% sure about. Okay? I won’t let the guy destroy you. Especially if he grabbed you without your consent. Because that’s some disgusting bullshit, I’m telling you”, Jimin said with irritation filling his voice. Jeongguk furrowed his brows. How could anyone hurt a girl like that? Especially someone like you, with such a graceful voice. Jeongguk tried to say his opinion, but only a muffled hum would come out.

“Jimin? Did you hear that? He’s gonna wake up! He hummed, I swear he did!” You said with an excitement in your voice that could make anyone break into a wide genuine smile.

Jeongguk fluttered his eyelashes and soon enough, his eyes were opened. The room was white and bright, and Jungkook wanted to close his eyes again immediately. The pounding on his head was too much.

“Well good day to you too, wonder boy. Way to go man, you got knocked out by a damn Bludger”, Jimin said while chuckling. Jeongguk gave him a sheepish smile and turned his gaze to his left, and there you were. With your ever so beautiful smile and face.

“Hey Jeongguk… We won. We won over Slytherin. The party’s still going on, it’s probably gonna end around 2am when the Head of the House is gonna come and yell at us. Madame Pomfrey said you can leave an hour after you wake up, okay?” You said and Jeongguk just nodded. Your voice sounded even more beautiful when he saw you using it.

“Y/N and I are going to the tower, head there when you’re released. We want to congratulate you on our win, you made it possible. Even if you passed out, silly kid”, Jimin said and got up from his seat, and you repeated his actions.

“T-thank you, Y/N. For being here”, Jungkook managed to say with a quiet, crooked voice.

“Yah! I was here too, you little brat”, Jimin said with an annoyed tone.

“Yeah yeah.” Jeongguk whispered, still looking straight into your eyes. You smiled at him and he thought that the whole Hogwarts, maybe even the whole word could hear his heartbeat. If only they could hear his heart beating, just for you.

“Don’t mention it”, you said, imitating Jeongguk’s voice, and with that, you were gone from the room, along with Jimin complaining how much a punk Jeongguk was. But the guilty one didn’t bother to think about Jimin. All he could think about was your smile and the fact that you actually cared enough to watch him wake up. That’s the only thing that mattered to him right now.

Madame Pomfrey was hesitant on letting Jeongguk go to the party. Every single person in school knew that parties could go wild, but after Jeongguk kept whining and whining, Madame had no other choice but to let Jeongguk leave. As he made his way through the maze that was also known as Hogwarts, he felt someone push him against the wall. He looked at the man, and recognised him as the man who had groped you. The flame that was lit at the match was lit again.


“Me, who else? Now, I know we won and all that. But you putting on a show just because I touched my girl and therefore got me in trouble with it kind of ruined the mood.”

“What do you mean your girl? She’s single, Hwiyoung. So she’s no one’s”, Jeongguk said, anger dripping from his voice. If the guy held him any longer, Jeongguk knew he would snap. He can’t understand people who abuse girls, especially if the girl was someone like you.

“My girl. We started dating a few nights ago. Didn’t you know? Everyone else sure does”, he said, and he sonded like he was serious. Dead serious. Jeongguk face dropped, only slightly. It couldn’t be true, he swore he had heard you denying it. But maybe it was true? He had been dazing off with pain killers when he heard your sweet voice tingle his ears. He could’ve dreamed.

“Oh, so you didn’t know? Would you look at that. Your crush is with me. Heartbreaking, isn’t it? Well, now you know. Maybe now you’ll leave her the fuck alone”, Hwiyoung hissed and pushed Jeongguk against the wall, leaving the scene. And Jeongguk’s inhaling system didn’t work suddenly. He knew you were free - of course he knew. Hwiyoung was good looking, and he sure as hell was not dumb enough to let you walk past, at least not without trying. The same could not be said for Jeongguk though. He was too much of a wimp to actually get around to confess, to let out all the feelings his poor heart held, and now it payed back. And boy, did it hurt.


When Jeongguk finally reached the Gryffindor tower, he could already hear all the cheering. People were having fun, and maybe Jeongguk could blend in, pretend to be happy that Gryffindor had won. Gryffindor’s win didn’t feel important to him anymore though. His heart hurt, and so did his head. But he had to bring on a happy face. For his team, for his house. It was mandatory - of course he had to be happy. Otherwise people would start to question his mood, and he wasn’t ready. Not yet. With that, he said the password and the painting swiftly moved to make room for Jeongguk.

“Love worries, wonder boy?” He heard the painting ask. He chuckled.

“Maybe a bit.”

“Girls will come and go. If she is the one, then the both of you will find each other eventually. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But someday.”

The second Jeongguk stepped into the party, he felt someone wrap their arm around his shoulder. Jeongguk greeted them with a smile.

“Hey, Hoseok-hyung.”

“Well hello. You’ve missed some ofthe party. But I guess it’s never too late. Quite a trick you pulled there”, Hoseok said while laughing. It was contagious, it made Jeongguk smile too, even if every single breath he took hurt him.

“Eunjin and Y/N are somewhere. You wanna go see her, right? I swear, she was so scared for you, punk.”

“I don’t really want to see her right now”, Jeongguk said, and he knew he sounded cold. But he couldn’t say it with emotion. The emotions were too much, if he let them out, there would be no turning back. Hoseok, however was a person who could spot emotions very easily.

“Hey. What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

“No. I just don’t feel like seeing her, I have to check up on my team mates, and congratulate Taehyung for catching the Snitch. Now, if you excuse me”, Jeongguk bluntly said and got off Hoseok, walking towards the center of the room, where his team was. He was greeted with smiles and pats on his back, and he smiled at them like everything was normal. To them, everything was. But to Jeongguk, his whole world had gone topsy-turvy, his heart along with it.

As the party went on, you continued to look for Jeongguk. It felt like he was avoiding you somehow. You’d see him talking to someone, but everytime you tried to approach him, he’d be gone like a feather in an autumn wind. But why was that? You had made sure Jimin would tell Hwiyoung to piss off and stop spreading lies about you, and you knew Park Jimin would never let you down. Eunjin kept you company though, but at some point during the evening, Hoseok managed to steal her away from you, and you were left alone. You felt lonely even if there were many people surrounding you with their joy and cheerfulness. You needed Jeongguk - but he was nowhere to be found. Damn that boy.

It was getting closer to midnight, but the party was still going on. Jeongguk knew he had to get out somehow, but how could he? The team would never let him go to bed at this hour, even if he complained about a headache. There was no chance. While he was leaning against the wall that was right next to the fireplace, he breathed in a very familiar scent. The scent of you. A mixture of lavender and vanilla.

“Jeon Jeongguk. We need to talk”, you said with a hard voice. Jeongguk just hummed in response, seeming so distant. He wanted to look you in the eyes, but he knew it would be too much if he did.

“I’m serious. You’ve been avoiding me all night. We need to talk right now, and there’s way you’ll wiggle your way out of this.”

“Why don’t you go talk to your boyfriend?”

“What boyfriend?”

“Hwiyoung. He sure was eager to let me know how amazing it sure is to date you”, Jeongguk said with a tune that made you inhale very deeply. You wanted to scream at something - anything to let your feelings out. Yet you heard the hurt in his voice, and it made your heart shatter into a million pieces.

“I thought Jimin told you…”

“Told me what, Y/N? That you had started dating and didn’t even bother to let me know? God, you truly are something”, Jeongguk raised his voice at you and you felt a lump in your throat growing.

“Jeongguk, please come to the boys’ dorm with me. Or somewhere else quiet. Me and Hwiyoung are not dating. He has tried hitting on me throughout this year. But I never paid attention to it”, you tried to whimper, and during the last words, your voice broke a little. You faced the ground and tried to silence your sniffs and try your tears. Not that it was effective in any way. And even though Jeongguk was mad at you, hearing the pain in your voice was enough to make him soften up. He didn’t want to hurt you. He took you under his arms.

“Hey, hey, hey. I’ll go somewhere with you, alright? We can talk. Please, just don’t cry”, Jeongguk said with an assuring voice and started dragging you to the boys’ dorm. He knew boys couldn’t get into the girls’ dorms. He also knew that people would look at him weirdly, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to make those salty tears stop streaming down your face.

“Here’s my bed. Our room is kind of messy, we don’t usually have visitors”, Jeongguk said and let out a nervous, empty laugh. You thanked him quietly and sat down on his bed, wiping away the leftover tears. Jeongguk sat right next to you, and even if it was slightly awkward, it felt natural to you. It felt good to be next to Jeongguk.

“So, what I wanted to say is…”

“I need to let this out..”

“You’ll go first.”

“No, you’ll go first.” You chuckled and looked yourselves in the eyes. Oh the chocolate brown eyes that you so deeply admired. They looked nervous, but somehow some of the nervousness disappeared when he could look into your beautiful orbs. It calmed him down slightly. Jeongguk took a deep breath and decided to tell you what happened with Hwiyoung. You didn’t answer verbally, just nodded. After he had explained the incident, he started explaining as in why did he avoid you.

“See, it would be so weird, right? Because I genuily believed you two were actually together, but you weren’t. He was just so convincing, you know? It all felt too real. And it broke my heart, because…” Jeongguk couldn’t finish his sentence, the words got stuck in his throat.

“Because what, Jeongguk?” Jeongguk let out a deep sigh. Here goes nothing right? Things were already messed up, he might as well just do it.

“Because I love you. I love you, Y/N, from the bottom of my heart, I do. So foolishly, I have fallen for you that even the thought of someone else ever having you as theirs makes me bitter and sad. And I’ve been too much of a wimp to actually let you know, I’ve always kept my feelings hidden because I’d never think you’d like me back. You probably don’t. I’ve been stacking up my emotions for so long, do you know how it feels? Being forced to only settle down with the fact that we’re friends? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved every single moment I’ve had with you, but… Fuck, how do I say this right? I couldn’t tell you, I was afraid I’d ruin whatever us two had, and I couldn’t risk that. I couldn’t risk you”, Jeongguk finished and ruffled his hair in frustration. It felt right to say those three words. It felt good.

“Jeongguk. That’s wrong”, you answered after a while of silence.

“What’s wrong? Me confessing? You know what, we’ll just forget about this, okay? Let’s pretend this never happened, I can blame it on alcohol and we’ll stay friends, right?”

“No, that’s not what’s wrong. The fact that you thought I didn’t love you back is wrong. Because I do”, you said and looked Jeongguk in the eyes. He swore his heart stopped. Everything stopped, the time, the people in the party. The only thing that was happening was you and him, right there.


“You heard me. I love you too. I’ve been hiding it and I thought it was so obvious, I felt like everyone knew. But then you said something about not liking anyone and I felt so bad and I just shut myself off, you know? God, do you know how good it feels to let this all out? I love you, I truly do Jeong-” You were cut off by Jeongguk’s lips meeting yours. And you felt like there were fireworks lighting up the sky like it was the 4th of July. You gently moved your lips against his, and it all felt so natural. As if it had happened so many times before. Jeongguk gently stroked your hair and pulled you closer. He was also the first one to pull out, facing your gaze with his own.

“Y/N, I don’t know what to say…”

“Don’t say anything. Just kiss me. We’ll talk later”, you said and then his lips were crashing against yours. It felt indescribably good and you swore you saw stars. The kiss deepened after a few seconds and you felt Jeongguk long finger creep up on your thigh and skirt. You felt yourself stiffen up. My god, did you want his touch. You wanted it more than anything. But you knew better. You placed your hand against his and after a few seconds, the sweet, awaited kiss softened to small pecks.

“Not tonight?”

“Not tonight, Jeongguk. Possibly another time. Not when there’s a chance that Jimin might just pop in”, you pointed out and the both of you laughed. He nodded - he would never disrespect your boundaries. You pressed yourself against Jeongguk chest and for a while the both of you just breathed and listened to each other’s hearbeats.



“Are we official now?” You asked with a quiet voice, a smile already forming on your lips. You felt Jungkook smile too.

“Yeah. If you want to be. God, I sounded really cocky and sarcastic. Of course I want to be official with you, you’re the prettiest girl ever walking on this pla-” you shut him up with a kiss and he didn’t mind at all.

The finals came around and somehow all of your friends passed with good grades. You and Namjoon of course got the best ones, but that wasn’t a surprise. When the gang found out about you and Jeongguk, everyone was groaning. It took you this long, they asked. Eunjin kept telling she was going to consult a therapist if Jeongguk and you would’ve not gotten on with it. It made everyone laugh, but you and Jeongguk both knew that it was supposed to be this way.

You and him, walking hand in hand in broad daylight on the school yard. It was meant to be - and neither of you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Honestly I’m so grateful for Carlos Valdes and also the writers of The Flash. Because on paper, Cisco Ramon had the potential to be one of the most tiresome and unoriginal characters on the show. Given how “nerds” in media today are often portrayed all the same: the jokes about never getting the girl “cause guys like me, blah blah blah”, name drops a bunch of niche sci-fi bullshit without any context to make it seem like they have depth, salivating over every “hot” chick that walks into the room.

 But Cisco was never like that. You’re actually able to laugh at his movie references because it is delivered in a way that doesn’t seem forced or like he just wants you to know that he watches a lot of movies. He treats all of the women he knows with respect and he doesn’t drool over them or do the “woe is me, I’m a nerd and I can’t get a girl because of it, spiel”. He doesn’t explicitly state it but it is implied that he was bullied in high school because not only was he a nerd, but he was a brown kid in S.T.E.M. and that’s fucking hard, but he’s still one of the most genuine, loving and good people on the show. He’s also not a pretentious piece of shit about whatever nerd culture stuff he likes.

Like we could have really been looking at a Big Bang Theory situation where the writers just have him name drop things for the sake of showing that he knows them but they don’t. And there is actual humor and depth to his character and his comedic timing is spectacular. He’s probably one of the most genuine examples of what it’s like to just be a regular person who is enthusiastic about science fiction in a way where they include other people in their excitement and it’s contagious. Cisco Ramon is not and never will be a Howard Wollowitz character and fuck if I’m not grateful to Carlos and the writers for that. 

anonymous asked:

Paladin's reaction when they walk in on their s/o trying on some pretty new laungerie s/o was going to surprise their paladin with later that night?


  • He has to turn around to compose himself for a second because he swears they’re going to give him a heart attack one day.


  • At first he thought they were changing, so he shut the door, but when they asked him where he was going, it clicked that they were wearing lingerie for him, and he turns super red.


  • He’s ready to get down and dirty! He’s all over his s/o the second he see’s them and he’s not letting go of them any time soon.


  • He’s super embarrassed, but he can’t take his eyes off them, because they look so beautiful. He just stands there and drools over them for a little bit.


  • They look over their s/o and nod approvingly. Their s/o really looks good in lingerie, and they suggest wearing it more often.

- Admin A