drools over them


‘’ He has too much of his father in him—– ‘’

Honestly I’m so grateful for Carlos Valdes and also the writers of The Flash. Because on paper, Cisco Ramon had the potential to be one of the most tiresome and unoriginal characters on the show. Given how “nerds” in media today are often portrayed all the same: the jokes about never getting the girl “cause guys like me, blah blah blah”, name drops a bunch of niche sci-fi bullshit without any context to make it seem like they have depth, salivating over every “hot” chick that walks into the room.

 But Cisco was never like that. You’re actually able to laugh at his movie references because it is delivered in a way that doesn’t seem forced or like he just wants you to know that he watches a lot of movies. He treats all of the women he knows with respect and he doesn’t drool over them or do the “woe is me, I’m a nerd and I can’t get a girl because of it, spiel”. He doesn’t explicitly state it but it is implied that he was bullied in high school because not only was he a nerd, but he was a brown kid in S.T.E.M. and that’s fucking hard, but he’s still one of the most genuine, loving and good people on the show. He’s also not a pretentious piece of shit about whatever nerd culture stuff he likes.

Like we could have really been looking at a Big Bang Theory situation where the writers just have him name drop things for the sake of showing that he knows them but they don’t. And there is actual humor and depth to his character and his comedic timing is spectacular. He’s probably one of the most genuine examples of what it’s like to just be a regular person who is enthusiastic about science fiction in a way where they include other people in their excitement and it’s contagious. Cisco Ramon is not and never will be a Howard Wollowitz character and fuck if I’m not grateful to Carlos and the writers for that. 

Summer Lovin: Nalu Grease AU

Wow I haven’t written anything in exactly three months so sorry if it sounds like I’m rusty cuz I am. @beaxnalu here’s your request and I hope you like it!

Title: Summer Lovin
Word Count: 1,327
Pairing: Nalu
Summary: Nalu Grease AU. After a summer fling the two never expect to see each other again but what happens when they find themselves together in the same high school?

Summer loving had me a blast. Summer loving happened so fast.

Lucy held her school books close to her chest, her blonde hair pulled up into a high pony tail much like a couple of her cheerleader friends. The halls were crowded as the new school year begun. The jocks were pushing each other around in an attempt to show off their masculinity while the cheer leaders watched, practically drooling over them. The nerds fended for themselves by quickly trying to sneak through the hallways and to their classes without being tortured.

And then there were the Greasers and the Pink Ladies. They stood out the most at the school, the Greasers with their slicked back hair and white shirt, leather jacket combo and the pink Ladies sporting black clothing as well and darker lipstick colors than most girls never dared to wear at school.

“So Lu-chan, how was your summer?” a petite girl with light blue hair asked her. Her hair was tamed by a thick black headband and she wore a cute summer dress that looked new.

“It was fun. I went to the beach a lot,” the blonde answered truthfully. She missed the beach and the sun and the times in between. Memories flashed across her mind…

Met a boy cute as can be Summer days drifting away to oh oh the summer nights

“Meet any cute guys while you were there?” Levy elbowed her friend and knew the answer to her question seeing her friend’s blushing face. “Really?! Who is he?”

“He’s no one,” Lucy quickly tried to dismiss the topic. “It was just a summer fling. I haven’t seen him since.”

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My favorite part about this episode wasn’t the awesome view of half-naked ikemen or the doki doki moments of Kohana and the other main guys (don’t get me wrong I love drooling over them as much as the next fangirl), but the moment between Kohana and Todo-sensei left the most impression on me in this episode. Seeing THIS much emotion in Todo-sensei’s eyes felt so heartbreaking for me. He clearly had romantic feelings for Kohana’s mother and was probably one of the few people, besides Kohana, who took her passing the hardest. Yet, he’s here quietly watching over Kohana and feeling happy over her accomplishments and progress as an Artista. After reading @smallersocksx theory about him being Kohana’s father, I felt that Todo-sensei became a much more important and significant character. Even if he isn’t her father, he’s still one hell of a teacher. 

Insecurities (Newt)

{Requested by anonymous}

Request/description: Scorch trials request? Where Newt basically tells the reader he finds her more attractive than all the group B girls coz she feels insecure after meeting Sonya and Harriet and she’s scared Newt will leave her for another girl.

A/N: Sorry this one was a little short

Warnings: None

Word count: 549


Their names were Harriet and Sonya. And you were sure they’d be the end of you and Newt. They were the prettiest out of the girls in group B, in your opinion, and you knew you weren’t the only one who thought so. Most of the guy Gladers were drooling over them. They never did that to you though which only proved your point further.

Newt was talking with them and you watched, feeling belittled. You knew it was ridiculous to be worrying about who was prettier right now, but you couldn’t help it. What if Newt left you for one of them? They were just as funny, strong, and good as you were. Maybe even more so.

Newt eventually walked back over to you and your gaze immediately went to your feet. Newt noticed and frowned but didn’t say anything. Maybe you just didn’t want to talk.

“Newt,” you spoke up which surprised him. “What made you like me in the first place?”

You knew it was an odd question to ask and would raise more from him, but you wanted to know.

“That’s a…different question. I mean, ever since I first saw you in that box, I knew there was something about you that was special.” He smiled and you furrowed your eyebrows with a growing lump in your throat.

“Special because I was the only girl?” You stared down at your fingers and picked at the dirt under your nails. You tried to keep your voice from wavering but you weren’t sure if it was working.

“No, special because you were strong. Different. Beautiful.” You knew Newt meant what he was saying and a little part of you felt better.

“But, they’re strong and different and beautiful and everything yet so much more than I am Newt.” You stopped picking at your fingernails and looked up to his eyes. They looked completely confused but also sympathetic.

“Who? What are you saying?” He put a hand on your shoulder and waited for your response, rubbing his thumb in circles.

You sigh and fight back tears. “Sonya and Harriet. They’re pretty and unafraid and…” You stopped talking in fear of letting your tears spill.

Newt scoffed. “Well that’s a load of rubbish.”

You blinked a couple times in surprise. “What?”

“No,” Newt began again. “That’s actually a load of klunk. Okay, so they may be pretty, but that doesn’t make you any less gorgeous. They may be unafraid, but you’re fearless.”

Your mouth was open slightly and you didn’t say anything. Couldn’t say anything.

Newt put his hands on both sides of your neck gently and rubbed the space behind your ears with his thumbs. “You are more beautiful than any of those other girls, alright? I wouldn’t have anyone else by my side, because it wouldn’t be the same. I could never love someone like I love you.”

Newt brushes his lips on yours softly. When he pulls away, his eyes are full of nothing but affection for you.

“You asked me what made me like you, yeah?”

You nod. Newts eyes rest on yours and he speaks with complete certainty.

“I liked you because you were different, but I love you because you’re mine.”

Got7 college au

~imagine the boys of Got7 in college. This is a short description of how they would be. I’m thinking of making it in a Fanfic on wattpad :) ~

Them?  They are the popular ones. A group of 7 boys known by the entire school and its surrounding area. All the girls drool over them while the boys are either jealous or friends.  No in between.

Let me introduce them to you. First we have the leader, or the parent of the group,  im jeabum.  He is the responsible one. Always making sure everyone goes to their classes, is doing okay and keeping them out of trouble.

The last option most of the times applying to kunmipook, also known as bambam. Bambam looks like a real cutie with his coloured hair and he is, most of the time. But sometimes his personality turns around 180 degrees
degrees. That is the time you don’t want to be near him as he would probably be capable of killing you.

Most likely youngjae will be there to calm him down.  Youngjae is often described as a literal ball of sunshine. Always happy and making sure everyone around him is happy as well.

Next we have jinyoung, formerly called junior but he didn’t want that name anymore.  The girls often refer to him as Prince jinyoung because of this role he once played in the school drama where he was the Prince of course. Jinyoung is the nerdy one of the group. He never misses a class, finishes projects a week before they’re due and even follows extra classes because he likes to learn new stuff. If you ever need a random fact he’s the guy to go to.

To the left of him is yugyeom,  the dancer of the group.  He’s known for his amazing dancing skills.  But most girls probably remember his floor humping move from a dance off he once had with Jackson.

Jackson, well what shall I say about him. He is the flirty one. Always after girls and he has a new girl with him every week. He loves his muscles and is not afraid to show them. But I have to admit they are impressive and very sexy. But he’s not really my type, a bit too cocky for my liking.

Lastly we have mark. He’s mostly known as being the quiet one. He looks really shy but when he’s with people he knows he comes out of his shell. I’ve known him for a long time because we used to be neighbours before he moved to a different neighbourhood since his dad got a new job. We’re still friends although we don’t speak that often anymore.

i hate boys that talk about how they’re always “slept on,” yet they have all these guys drooling over them. bye don’t fucking talk to me lmao

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what kind of girls are you into? body wise

body wise?? I mean listen ain’t nothing wrong with skinny chicks or chicks that are fit etc but idk I just prefer thick girls ya know? I like strong legs n big thighs n stuff Idk I like strong girls like no joke if a chick is a power lifter or whatever and got some meat on her bones I usually drool over them lmao idk all the girls I’ve dated were curvy n fat or chubby or like weight lifters but like not body builders ya know?? Idk I love hips ya dig?? Lmao idk I just prefer thick power lifting looking chicks that’s just me ya know I’m a big ass dude just looking for a girl who’s thicc and also body slam me

‪@ the people who hated on Beyoncé last night - did you all forget that she’s an ARTIST? You know, a PERFORMER? Did you forget what symbolism is? or allusions?‬ putting on extravagant or controversial performances is part of her job description?
quit being like “omg what an ego!” or “she really thinks she’s god” just to disguise your distaste for black people lmao because I KNOW that when Lady Gaga and Katy Perry perform (not last night but in general" you guys always drool over them so….


A small post-timeskip jewel: Sanji attacks Caribou for showing his lechery over Nami, kicks him out but is incapacitated himself by her … Charm.

And look, she laughs. But not with malice, she’s clearly not disturbed by it.

That’s because she distinguishes the two things: a guy who helplessly drools over women and a guy who drools over women and disrespects them.

Nami seems more amused by the whole situation, and we can imagine why: because he kicked the sexist guy for her and because he, himself, is helpless, which is funny, not ironic. But she doesn’t judge him: every woman likes a little chivalry and compliments.

This is also to subtly, yet again underline why Sanji is NOT sexist.

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requited pining or enemies to lovers?

Shit, those are both so good!!! I think I’d have to say requited pining, but they’re both usually angst with a happy ending, which is GREAT. Requited pining is just that little bit better because watching them drool over each other is adorable <3

Think of Me Fondly is requited pining, and Hot and Bothered (but mostly just bothered) is (brief) enemies to lovers

put two fanfic tropes in my ask and I tell which I’d rather read (and if I’ve written it)

Although his biggest vice was hardcore pornography, Ted Bundy also had an addiction to shoplifting, often times purposely shoplifting the most extravagant and/or larger products just to see if he could get away with it. Bundy was also obsessed with plants- When he wasn’t shoplifting them, he was spending hours in nurseries “drooling over” them. He once recalled to detectives that he shoplifted an eight-feet tall Benjamina tree from a huge greenhouse in Seattle. He picked it up, and simply walked out with it. He then took it to his car, putting it through the sunroof of his VW Bug, but a good five-feet was sticking out the top as he drove, according to Bundy. Whilst telling this odd tale he began laughing, reminiscing that “I just.. took off. I don’t know what would have happened if somebody would’ve stopped me and asked me: ‘Sir, just what did you have in mind here?!’ “