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Hi hi scenario where jimin is your boss and likes you since you starded working for him. He gets jealous and angry when he sees his worker flirt with you and take his anger at you. (You think he hates you but sometimes he is really nice to you the sweet side him makes you like him) at late night work you two fight it drives you to quit but he doesnt want to let you go and things leds you to sex (kinky, heated and with a lot of dirty talk) later he confesses to you... LOL sorry to detailed

Office Wars:

With an indignant growled your hands balled up at your desk seeing the large file that was just dropped down by your boss’s assistant. You clicked your tongue nodding your head, slowly trying to get your anger down and under your belt. But Jimin always did something that would seem to piss you off whenever you came into work. It made no sense it was like he fucked with you on purpose because he knew that he could get under your skin and cause a reaction out of you.  You pressed your feet into the ground one into the other your hands drumming against your leg as you made your way towards his office. Knocking harshly on the door, listening to his receptionist shout “he’s busy” well too fucking bad! Storming in you saw Jimin there his hands pressed down on the desk in a general meeting. All his fellow company heads sitting down looking at you, and their looks were anything less than intrigued. You had on a simple dress that was skin tight and curved up your body but the ends flared out in a wave motion, the dark soft blue dress bringing out your eyes. Your heels were thigh high boots that you just had to wear on this cold day (and you knew that Jimin would be looking) but seeing him right now you regretted all of it.

“Miss Y/N.” Jimin said sternly after getting over his shock of seeing you and of course you looked breathtaking like always but today you had gone overboard with him always bursting through his doors as if you owned the place, it was time to put you in line.

“I’m.. Sorry I can come back.” You muttered quietly as you tried to back up.

“No. You wanted to come in and interrupt us. Please tell me what was so important that you would interrupt a director board meeting.” The way Jimin said those words made your skin crawl. And looking at him, the black suit and white shirt with a black tie looking good on him. His light brown locks falling into his eyes and a golden earing shined from where he stood. He was so sexy, his thighs looking firm and taut in those slacks. Swallowing you sighed not wanting to do this in front of all his friends, all the fire in your system down and dead now. Hesitantly you opened your mouth holding up your file.

“This is too much work on top of everything else, I can’t finish this tonight.” You were going to keep going but one of the men started laughing, looking up at you he tilted his head.

“Did you really come interrupt the head of your company to tell him you couldn’t do his work? Didn’t know you let your workers run so.. Wild here Jimin.” The male with dark brown hair stated, a goofy deep laugh from his throat as he watched Jimin whose ears flared up.

“Excuse me?” You asked steadying your feet because that was over the line. “Wild?! Did you call me wild?”

“I said all of his employees and I certainly didn’t stutter but it warms my heart to know you can hear. Now if you will excuse us grown men are talking.” He called himself dismissing you, and your eyes opened wide a few dry laughs from your throat as you took a step forward the heat from your anger radiating off your body.

“Grown man?? You sound like a fucking child who just lost minutes at recess. How about you watch your mouth and don’t tell me what to do because you’re not my fucking boss and even if you were which you would never be I would never-“

“Y/N!” Jimin shouted your name harshly. The fire in his eyes told you that it would be in your best interest to keep quiet. “Right now, you are acting like a child and I am very disappointed in you, either do the work or pack up and don’t come back.” Jimin warned causing you to slowly back away from him and storm off in a heat of emotions. And ever since that day a week ago, you had never stepped foot in his office again or even bothered to say shit when you were tired and overworked.

“Don’t feel to stressed Y/N I have to do the same work that you do and I know together we will get through it.” A cute nerdy co-worker told you, his hand on your shoulder as he tried to comfort you and soon he was hugging you close around the waist, his hands tightly gripping onto your hips. Jimin saw all of this and he became more upset at you and the guy touching you, to the point where he had his assistant drop a massive stack of files onto your desk. Seeing the stack, your mind went blank. You couldn’t go into his office and demand he talk it out with you, it would only end in you possibly getting embarrassed by someone again. Sighing softly, you leaned back in your chair waiting for the day to end.

Chuckling lightly with your feet propped on your desk you made sure that you were not doing a fucking thing during work. Playing on your cellphone watching the images pop up on your screen as you dashed the little cookies across the flat surface sighing in contentment. Once the last person from the job packed up their shit and was leaving, you grabbed the files and shut down everything at your desk walking towards Jimin’s office because you knew he stayed late on the weekdays so he could go party on the weekends. Meaning his assistant was gone as well. Hearing slight grunts and groans you pushed open the door of his office seeing Jimin hunched over his paper work, annoyance in his rigid position. He had taken off his suit jacket leaving him in just a white shirt that had the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, his tie loosened a bit, and from what you could see it looked as if he had on gray pants and a belt.

“Unless you’re here to say you have finished my work I told you that you could go home Ms. Jieun.” He called his office assistant name making you smile as you slammed the door and walked up to his desk, slamming the large files on it. Some papers scattered everywhere and Jimin’s facial expression was priceless. Eyes raised behind his clear oval glasses, and mouth hanging open at the fact that the papers were getting disorganized.

“I’m not Jieun, but I am quitting so have a nice night and you know fuck you.” You smiled sweetly turning on your heels walking towards the door.

“Such a spoiled brat.” Jimin spat through clenched teeth, his eyes roaming over your curved figure, eyes going to your ass waiting for you to halt in your tracks and when you did he kept going. “What can’t get your co-worker to drool over you and do your work so now you quit you little baby girl?” He asked in a teasing small voice mocking you. Turning around on your heels you felt your anger rise more with that man.

“Fuck you, besides it’s not my fault he’s a real man.” You tried to hit below the belt.

“Baby anyone can be a real man to a spoiled brat like you. Your problem is you don’t know your place. And you aren’t quitting you’re going to come clean up these fucking papers and finish your work. Either right now or early in the morning.” Jimin stated with a shrug of his shoulders. Feeling extra smart with him, your hands crossed behind your back as you walked forward towards him. Leaning over his desk with a crooked smile you looked him in his eyes.

“Make me.” You said teasingly. In a flash your head was being brought down to the stack of papers on the male’s desk. Jimin smirked getting up as he held you in place walking around you slowly and keeping you there he leaned over you pulling your head back by your hair, his hand going down to slap your ass through your thin tight pink skirt, His hand gripped at the hems pushing it up over your plump ass.

“Gladly.” He stated as he positioned himself behind you, his eyes taking in your body greedily from head to toe.

“Y-you can’t do this!” You shouted to him and he started slapping your ass again causing you to wince and squirm under him.

“Aww does it hurt?” He tsked softly ripping at your panties pulling them from your body. He spread your legs wider looking down at your pussy his hand moving to grip and pull your ass cheek apart from the other groaning as he saw your body exposed to him. “I can do whatever the fuck I want because I’m the boss here and you’re the girl who is going to learn her place, and how to stop walking around acting as if you own the business and not me.”

You were going to retort, but Jimin even pulled away from you loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt, if you wanted to leave you would’ve did so then, you didn’t know if he would have caught you or let you go but you choose to stay here and take this from him. And he couldn’t help but feel the pride swell up in his body. Jimin let his shirt hang open, taking off his belt he sat it beside your head pushing your body to rest against the files. “Be a good girl and I won’t have to use that.” He said to you leaning down to lick a stipe up your ass cheek. He reached his hands around your body, gripping at the front of your button up shirt he ripped it open letting the buttons pop from the places that they were intact landing in different areas of his room. He leaned down to lick down your neck slowly burying his face in your neck, he slowly rocked his hips against yours moaning against your skin.

“You don’t know how long, I have waited to feel your body under mine. And I know you do this to me on purpose, swaying your hips and interrupting me because you know I’ll look at this body and want to devour everything including this cute little pussy.” Jimin reached a hand down to slap at your pussy causing your hips to jolt, a groan passing through your lips as he pulled back to look at you. Gripping at his tie he kissed your lips, his mouth moving against yours to distract you as he got the tie around your neck, pulling it back he made your body arch as he got on his knees, he pulled the tie down hard enough to bit into your skin and cut off your breathing slowly. He got between your legs his face pressing against your plump ass cheeks as his tongue made quick work of coating your pussy lips with his spit. He licked up and down slowly playing with your slit until he was pushing his tongue on the inside licking against your clit slowly, moaning at how good you seemed to taste already. He stopped seeing your hands reach for the tie, you were trying to fight it a bit, especially since he was trying to tame you. Jimin with a frown pushed himself back up, grabbing at his belt he grabbed at your hands pressing them against your lower back and tightening his belt around your wrist even looping it in ways you didn’t know possible. He tried again, lifting your body back while each hand held an end of the tie and smiling proudly he went back to his work licking up and down your folds diving his tongue in to tease at your entrance.

“Well look at whose excited.” He snickered at how wet you were, spreading your legs wider, he pushed his tongue inside of your pussy moaning as he thrust it in and out slowly, his tongue swirling and coating your pink insides with his salvia. He moaned as he let his face press against your ass, his tongue pushing as deep as it could, thrusting and twisting so that he could find your spot. He curved it after sometime, not giving you more until he felt a slow push of your hips backwards. Looking up at you and focusing on your body he could see how your head was rolling back your mouth dropping open as strangled cries left your parted lips. He wanted more, curving his tongue and speeding it up making it vibrate on the inside of your pussy. He could feel your essence start to trail down his chin and drop onto his pants but he didn’t care he enjoyed the sound of your wet pussy as he tongue fucked you, how your breast hardened up inside of your black lace bra begging for his attention.

You were embarrassed by the fact that you were turned on already, how it felt to have him pressing his pink muscle inside of your tight pussy. Your hips were too busy following their own accord pushing back against his face, you could feel yourself become a little light headed but it only added to your excitement, your hands clasping together as you tried not to use much strength, his tongue seemed to find your spot giving a particular sharp jerk of your hips. Your body betraying you but your mind reminding you how he was your boss and this was against company policy. Damn that right now, you didn’t care you just wanted Jimin.

“Please.” You choked out hoarsely not entirely sure he heard you but he must have known you wanted something, because soon you were being slammed down on the desk, two of his fingers plunging inside of you as he loosened the tie a little bit looking down at you.

“What was that my good girl?” He teased brushing his fingers against your bundle of nerves, your pussy tightened around his fingers as you let out a cry of pleasure, his eyes searching yours as his long digits pushed and pulled in and out of you.

“Please fuck me!” You cried out, wanting to touch him, your bound hands gripping at the hems of his shirt.

“Hmm, I don’t know you haven’t been a good girl.” Jimin admitted with a frown pulling his fingers back and sucking on them.

“JIMIN PLEASE.” You growled out watching him make lewd sloppy slurping actions as he cleaned off his fingers, his eyes seemed to glow with mischief as the tips of his bangs fell into them.

“Get on your knees and prove you can be a good girl then I will.” He stated. Rolling your eyes, you almost didn’t do it until you saw him move to get his stuff. Scurrying to your feet you moved to get on your knees and you crawled over to him slowly, the carpet biting into your knees, as your boots rolled down your legs. Jimin walked the rest of the way, watching you and petting your head, he moved back to unzip his pants slowly, biting his lips as he undid his button letting his slacks drop and then his boxers. “I’ve waited on your tongue so long. I can’t wait to see those pretty lips stretched around my cock.” Jimin pulled down his boxers, his shaft lightly hitting you in the face. Your mouth watered as you saw the size and you couldn’t lie it made you a bit wetter seeing how big he was. Your tongue darted out after you took a moment to yourself, licking up the bottom of his shaft towards the tip. Jimin groaned lowly already throwing his head back, and despite hating him sometimes him letting you know he did feel you after fighting you so long made you want to do more and please him, your way of apologizing for being the brat that you sometimes were. Your tongue rolled against the tip of his shaft, your teeth nibbling on the mushroom feeling his cock twitch and the precum paint your lips. Licking it up your mouth parted as you sunk your mouth forward onto his shaft. He groaned gripping at the strands of your hair but he let you control it. Your eyes watered slowly as you forced yourself to take all of him in, pulling back to breathe and get your mouth wet you sunk back forward burying him into your wet canvas, your tongue rolling and licking side to side on the underside of his cock. Finding his veins your let your tongue play with them and trace the little paths while your mouth stretched around him, Jimin was a trembling mess trying to not rut his hips forward. But what did it for him, was when you grazed your teeth ever so gently across his shaft. A tremble pulled from his body that became littered with goosebumps. He tightened his grip on your hair, holding your head in place he started to slam his cock into your mouth making sure that he could feel the back of your throat brushing against his tip as he face fucked you. His balls slapped against your chin gathering the spit that formed there and dripped onto the floor, your eyes were becoming blurred with wetness, the outline of him not becoming apparent until you blinked away some of the wetness. Your eyes stare at him wanting to burn the image in your brain of how good he looked with his head down back and stomach tightening those define muscles popping out and the lines of his abs hardening with every clench of his stomach. How he called out your name in a husked voice dripping with lust wasn’t anything less than arousing and your pussy was creating a puddle on the floor itself. You were choking for him, the burn became more as you gagged a bit but willed yourself to hold it down, the sounds only adding to Jimin’s throbbing erection. He felt close, too close. Pulling back from you he slapped your face twice on the left cheek, gripping at your cheeks to squish them together causing you to moan.

“You dirty fucking girl do you see what you do to me? You got to fix this now, I’m too hard. And I’m needy for you. But at least it will be the real thing and not my hand getting me off. “Jimin admitted picking you up by your hair. He moved to quickly push you to the desk on your stomach first. His hands spreading your legs wide.

“A-aren’t you going to move the papers?!” You asked him as he ground his hips against yours his shaft becoming extra coated by your juices as your hips impatiently pushed back against his.

“No.” He said simply looking you in the eyes. “You get to clean it up after I fuck you.” Grinning in victory he slammed himself inside of you, his hands undoing the belt he grabbed at your hips steadying himself to bury himself balls deep inside of your walls. He made sure you took every inch, the warm wet walls causing a loud groan of pleasure to ripple from his parted lips. How his face twisted in pleasure as he slammed into you. Some of the paper files started to slide off the desk, in the manila folder and falling on the floor scattering faintly. Jimin didn’t care it made him fuck you harder to see how many files he could ruin while he ruined you in the process. His hand came up starting to slap at each of your ass cheeks, watching as your hips rolled from the slaps and took him deeper it seemed the slick smooth walls wrapping around him. He gripped your hips tighter, holding onto the skirt so that he could slam into your harder the smacking sound of your hips colliding bouncing off the walls and his hands pulled the fabric up some, watching your ass bounce against his shaft. Jimin grabbed at one of your hands spreading your ass cheeks wide with his free hand he pressed your middle finger against your asshole. “Fuck your pretty little asshole, I can’t double penetrate you properly so I want you to do it for me.” He commanded.

Before you could enter your finger inside of you he brought your hand up to his mouth sucking on two of your fingers coating them with his spit and keeping his eye contact with you before letting them go. Your skin burned slightly from becoming flustered by you found your puckered star pressing your slim middle finger inside of your tight asshole. Groaning slightly, you pushed it as deep as you could, moving it in and out slowly as he grabbed at both of your ass cheeks spreading them wide to watch you. “Look at how greedy that whole is too. How you just take my cock so well and your finger? You’re such a little slut that just likes to get filled, aren’t you?” When you didn’t answer Jimin slowed down moving agonizingly slow. “I asked a question.” He commanded wanting you to answer.

“Yes- yes Jimin! I’m a dirty slut alright now fuck me like it!” That was all he needed to hear. Pulling out of you he turned you onto your back, slamming you down to scatter more papers. You gave him a dark look and for the first time that day you saw a sheepish smile appear on his lips as he spread your legs back wide wrapping them around his chest. He leaned over you latching your mouth on his as he pushed back into you rocking his hips forward. Slowly fucking you until he built up speed, he continued to abuse your pussy winding his hips forward and making sure that his hips didn’t disconnect from yours too long. His tongue slipped into your mouth drinking up your cries of pleasure as your tongues tangled together. Your free hand moved to grip at his locks pulling them as you desperately tried to control the kiss which you had to submit too as he switched his hips to swirl and slam against your spot using that against you. It was like he was trying to shove his tongue down your throat, tracing it over every inch in your mouth until spit seemed to drip from your lips again he pulled back going for your breast. He pulled your bra down with one hand freeing your hardened nipples his mouth latched onto the skin taking his time sucking each one of them with his tongue lapping at the skin flicking up and down. He bit harshly on your nipples causing your head to roll back as his hand went down to your clit. He started a process of rubbing your clit in a fast circle with his index finger, only to stop and tap against the throbbing bud. Your hips pushed back against his and Jimin loving the fight you gave picked you up off the desk.

He moved you pulling out of you so that he could sit down and situate himself. Your hand moved from your tight asshole and you pouted slightly at the loss. He gripped at your hips once he was ready helping you slide down onto his stiff cock that penetrated you even deeper from this angle. You tried to push from him. Planting your hands on his lower stomach so that you could move and ride him but Jimin wasn’t having that knocking your hands from under you Jimin made sure that you were laying back against him. His hand reached around to rub at your clit as his hips snapped up. You cried out, body shaking on top of him. “Look at me.” Jimin urged biting on the inside of your arm.

You did as told, your hands gripping onto his hair. Your eyes searched him as he rubbed your clit harder with two fingers this time his hips slamming up against yours to press against your spot.

“Hnng~ ah-ah Jimin! Fuck Jimin!” Your voice and words were falling you, a mix of made up words leaving your lips until you couldn’t do anything else but moan for him. Trying to signal you were close but your head kept rolling back. Jimin smirked speeding up his ministrations on your body drinking in the sight of you now loosing yourself on top of him. As your orgasm got closer he paused his dick inside of you just rubbing your clit. Sure enough your hips raised off of him your orgasm sweeping through you and cum sliding from your body as he worked on your clit. He moaned seeing your essence shoot from your pussy slamming upwards to enter you again he made quick shallow thrusts into you, he could feel his own cock throbbing but he sought to get you off again, feeling the familiar clench of your walls around his cock. He had you cumming again in no time, almost breaking the chair as he let out a growl. He pushed you forward back on the desk gripping your hips to keep abusing your sweet spot the overstimulation had you grabbing back at him but he only gripped at your hand to hold it with his.

“In or out?” He asked short of breath his eyes rolling as he throbbed inside.

“In! In please Jimin give me your cum. I want your cum. I’m your dirty little slut I want to feel all of you just like in my fantasies!” You blurted out in the heat of the moment. Jimin gasped the news was too much for him and he came spilling his seed deep inside of your pussy. His hips jerked forward bruising your ass until he felt his cum leaving his system, slowing down his hips he leaned over you kissing up your arm slowly until he was kissing your temple, your sweaty baby hairs resting against your head as you gave him a lazy look.

Jimin scooped you up gently sitting back down with you in his lap, his fingertips rubbing at your sides as he gave a goof crooked smile.

“So.. You think about me. Like a lot lot right?” Hearing the boyish giggle from his lips had you rolling your eyes as you pushed at his shoulders, feeling the blissful silence be ruined.

“Go away you fucked up a perfect moment!” You complained but you were secretly happy to see this side of him once again, the side you loved so much.

“Well I don’t think we are getting anymore work done tonight, so how about I take you back home and you show me how I do it in your fantasies?” He asked kissing on your neck and you hummed smiling sweetly.

“They also include breakfast in bed and baths with Mr. Park.” You grinned kissing his lips.

“Always?” He asked in a shock tone peering at you through his bangs.

“Nope. That fantasy just started a few minutes ago.” You teased him shrugging your shoulders. Wrapping his arms tightly around you he stood up slowly sighing as he pulled out of you helping you get undressed.

“Like I said, spoiled princess but I would rather have you be mine… Are you?” He asked once again as you were walking to his door with him.

“I will agree to some terms and conditions.” You admitted smiling widely as you grabbed his hand leaning into his side.

“Well good because we don’t get to talk about these terms and conditions until your pretty ass is bent over picking up my papers and then maybe I’ll bend you over my desk, but all in due time little one. For right now I have a few of my own fantasies to live out including an elevator quickie.” He admitted picking you up and carrying you towards the elevator at the end of the hall, leaving the ruined office for someone else to deal with because he was not letting you leave his bed the next morning.

The Black Cat

Summary: In which Dan Howell is gay, homeless, and also part cat, and Phil Lester is the nicest stranger ever.

Word Count: a whooping 9.3k!!!

Includes: an actual story, and of course, neko smut

this fic is for my best friend @ominousdan!!! it’s cayla’s birthday and without her birth nobody would be getting to see nine thousand words of neko!dan so please go follow her and tell her happy birthday in thanks (ily cayla i hope you love this and also me)

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Bts reaction to their s/o getting overworked:

Anon requested:  Hello! Could I ask for reaction where you are studying and working and the same time and it become too much so you end up being exhausted all the time and one day they find you sleeping on your desk with coffee in hand while studying? Thank you!💖

A/N: So I found this lonely request at the bottom of my inbox and I feel so bad rn it’s so dusty. Anon please forgive me and take care of yourself :)


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His heart would shatter in two, like when you press tumblr’s unlike button. Seokjin would pull you away and talk you in bed but he won’t bring it up until late next morning, no matter how disapproving he is.


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On one hand I see him hating it but only dropping a couple or so comments on it as he doesn’t want to tell you off about something he is also doing. On the other I see him getting fed up and arguing about it till he can convince you.


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“please don’t do this to yourself” Hoseok will whisper in your ears after having won the battle of “just a few more minutes”. He is going to nag you about it non stop whenever he can because seeing you in pain causes him to feel the same.

Rap Monster:

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He isn’t going to be nice. Like when other members try to coax you into leaving your books and taking a break he will just come over and pull you like that’s it go to bed. Namjoon will take strict measures after that night as he has been turning a blind eye to your situation for too long.


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His methods would be so cute and considerate. He knows that you can’t stop and while he offered to help you and you refused jimin found that the best way to tame the situation was by joining you. It all started with that one night, when he saw you practically drooling in your sleep over your papers. “Baby, how about we go to sleep and we’ll wake up tomorrow together to get finished.” He would be constantly checking on you to make sure you aren’t overworking yourself alone.

V/ Taehyung:

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Little distractions. Let’s have a snack or let’s watch this episode. Look at what happened today or let’s take a shower. He knows he can’t pull you from work for too long and that night, when you clutched the half finished mug of coffee with a sleepy fist, he knew that from that day forth, you’re sleeping in his arms. On special days, when he is miraculously free, Taehyung might as well drop by your work or drive you himself home for a crazy round of cuddles.


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Irritated and angry. How could his precious one be in so much pain and he just has to sit and watch? Jungkook just stood at the doorway fighting tears back and choking on your name. His solution would involve taking you out on every opportunity he got. Grocery shopping or dinner at a restraunt. And whenever you stuck by your no he would just sit around you, careful for any signs of tiredness.

“The skaters go out for tea or dinner or something after the GPF, right? And Yura is still riding the high from his Gold win and not thinking and he’s just so happy and beaming at Otabek like a proud little kitty like "are you proud of me too, Daddy?” And Beka is just smiling back like “Damn right I am, Kitten. You did so well on the ice.” And there’s too many people at the table so some smaller kiddos have to sit in laps so Viktor pulls Yuuri into his and Yura crawls into Otabek’s and Yura is sitting directly on top of Otabek’s cock without realizing it but he’s still so wiggly and happy from his win and Otabek goes still and quiet sighs huge ass blush on his face and Chris nudges Otabek like “you okay, bruh?” and Beka just nods quickly and tries to shift Yura over a little but Yura pouts and repositions himself like “No, Beka. I wanna be right here dammit!” And Beka’s grip on Yura’s hips tighten and he FINALLY gets the hint like “Oh! OOOOOOHHHHHH!!” And he gets this bratty smirk and glances behind his shoulder at Otabek with the worst mischievous shit eating grin on his face and batting his eyelashes and Beka is like “you’re so getting spanked when we get back to the hotel..” But! Yura would never let another see Otabek’s 19CM trouser snake since it’s for his eyes only! So Beka pretty much uses him as a shield and Yura shakes his little booty for Daddy when he leads them to the little boys room. Beka locks the door so they aren’t interrupted and fucks Yura hard over the sink, his baby boy drooling and panting and whining for that dick all the way because it’s perfect and stretches him so well and reaches so deep! The best way to end the night is with 3 loads of Daddy’s cum in his ass cause you know they fuck more when they get back to the hotel cause they’re truly insatiable for each other! 

absolutely fabulous hc by @the-sassy-sister  ❤❤

15/50 - “That was a perfect example of how not to do things.”

Fandom: All for the Game/The Foxhole Court
Characters/pairings: Neil, Andrew, Fox children/andreil

A/N: I don’t think this is what you wanted but here you go. It became an andreil babysit the Foxes’ children with two lines about a cat. I’m sorry.

Who’s who is at the bottom.

“Kitty!” One of Dan and Matt’s toddlers squeals. Cameron.

Amalia sighs and rolls her eyes. She looks down at the tablet in her lap, rereading stats, then up at the television. She laughs watching her mother shove her father into the wall. Tobias joins in her laughter because as always he wants her to think he’s cool.

“Kitty, kitty, kitty!”


“Hm?” He doesn’t take his eyes off the television.

Andrew stares at his useless, Exy-obsessed junkie. He’s tempted to turn off the television, a common occurrence in the Minyard-Josten apartment, but Amalia is here. As much as he still likes telling Kevin no, Andrew wouldn’t dream of upsetting Kevin’s little girl.

(Secretly he was enjoying watching former Ravens shove each other around for charity. Kevin didn’t have a chance when the other side kept putting Thea or Jean on him. The former Ravens all knew each other a little too well.)

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Okay, so if Matt and Shiro graduated together, then imagine the age difference between Matt and Pidge. That is 10 years. This is giving me an intense need for half-sibling Holts.

Hear me out. What if Mrs. Holt is Matt’s step-mom? Mr. Holt may have had Matt with another woman, who then left him or died (idk which is better). He would have then been too busy having a job as a scientist and a single father to start dating again.

Cue (soon to be) Mrs. Holt. Maybe she went to a conference he was presenting at. Maybe they were lab partners. Maybe she was Matt’s teacher. Who knows? But they met, and even though they obviously liked each other Mr. Holt couldn’t make the time to date… until Matt made it known that he adored Mrs. Holt. Who could say no to that little dork that gets excited over Space Ice?

So they start dating an all is good. They get married and later Katie Holt enters the world.

Now comes to the point where Matt becomes a big brother.

(More under the cut because this got long!)

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So I posted this screencap: 

And then @thefifthmutantturtle wanted to see Raph’s chip and said it was blocked in every shot, so since I was too lazy to find the old promo and do a screencap, I did a Google image search on “tmnt lone rat and cubs,” to find this for thefifthmutantturtle:

I went back and re-watched this beautiful little clip of baby turtle cuteness we’ve all been drooling over today and did my usual play*pause*play*pause routine and saw THIS:

It’s not there!

So I guess we’re going to see this poor baby get the chip in his shell after this scene which is ridiculously inconsistent because as I’ve been pointing out for years:

…Ciro originally had it happen when their bowl fell to the ground and they mutated.


Title: lemonade jealousy

Kind: donghyuck gets jealous after seeing mark’s flirting(he dosent actually) w the girl in lemonade love mv, they had a fight and mark keep looking at donghyuck all along the concert. Slight angst but you won’t cry i promise. It has a happy ending cause im a trash for happy endings 😊

Warning: none ?

Note: original idea’s owner is @d0pedead-gorgeous 💙 i just mixed it w the idea i thought today(that making hyuck jealous of the lemonade mv girl) 😅 hope you’ll like it dear 💙

Original aff link: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1271617/lemonade-jealousy-markhyuck-marklee-markchan-haechan-leedonghyuck

Second note: i know lemonade love’s mv came out very recently but im guessing they started the filming of it earlier so yeah 😅








“Babe ?”


“Donghyuck ????”

Mark turned around in his chair to look at donghyuck who was lying on his(their actually. Cause let’s be honest mark slept in donghyuck’s bed more than his own) bed, reading a book.

“Babe ?”

Mark got up from the chair and walked towards donghyuck but donghyuck didn’t answer again so mark sat down on the bed.


Mark tried to hold donghyuck’s free hand that was lying on the bed beside him but donghyuck pushed his hand away.

“Don’t touch me.”

“What ? Baby why ?”

Donghyuck turned around and lied on his left side, looking at the wall.

“You fucking know why.”

Mark sighed but still talked softly “donghyuck, baby, mind to explain what happened ?”

“Oh i don’t know. Why don’t you ask that lemonade girl ??” Donghyuck said angryly, still looking at the wall, holding the book so tightly in his hand that his knuckles were turning to white.

“What ? What lemonade girl ?”

Donghyuck turned around to yell at mark’s face “LEMONADE LOVE GIRL THAT YOU LOOKED AT SO FLIRTIOUSLY!!”

“Oh…” mark said then laughed “oh my god donghyuck really ?”

“Stop fucking laughing mark fucking lee”

“Come on hyuck we talked about it before. No cursing.”

“Yeah right. Tell it to that….girl.”

In other times donghyuck would say “bitch” but he didn’t blame the girl this time. No it was all mark’s fault. Poor girl would of course get effected by such amazing boy like mark lee. Donghyuck couldn’t blame her. But mark. Oh yeah he blamed him. He blamed him so hard.

“You got jealous when i made a collab with seulgi noona too hyuckkie.”

“Yeah but i knew seulgi noona. And i knew she has a girlfriend. But i don’t know this girl and i’m pretty sure she dosen’t have a boyfriend.”

“How can you be sure hyuck ?”


“Baby you are overreacting really” mark tried to hold his hand but donghyuck pushed him away again.

“No. Okay ? No. You literally flirted with her in front of my eyes. You knew i was watching while you guys were filming the mv. But you still flirted with her.”

“It was for the mv and you know that too hyuck.”

“Oh really ? that’s why you kissed her hand ?”

“I didn’t kiss her hand! She said she started using a new hand cream and asked if it smells good  so i smelled it.”

Donghyuck rolled his eyes “yeah right. Just…” donghyuck sighed “just go away hyung. Really. I just wanna sleep. I don’t care anymore. Go flirt with her. Or anyone else. Leave me alone.”

“Come on donghyuck don’t be like that plea-”


Donghyuck yelled and pushed mark away to get up from the bed and walked out of the room. Mark heard the front door of the dorm slamming and sighed. Donghyuck was overreacting again. How the hell he could even think that mark would cheat on him ?? When he is that much in love with him.


“Is he still angry ?”

Mark sighed “you know donghyuck so well don’t you ?”

“So he is still angry.”

“Yeah….i don’t know what to do anymore jaemin. He had been being cold to me for days now. And i am getting mad cause he is acting like a child really. We are not 5 you know. And i hadn’t even flirted with the girl. That’s what makes me so mad. He blames me for something i haven’t done.”

“I get it…had you tried kissing him ?”

“What ???”

“They say kissing can stop the tension between couples”

Mark rolled his eyes “kissing can’t stop that tension. He dosen’t even look at me.”

“Not when you are looking”

“What ?”

“Donghyuck always steals secret glances from you mark. Even before you two started dating he was always looking at you. Just you didn’t notice that.”

“No i would notice that.”

“Are you sure bro ?”


“Yeah i thought like that too” jaemin said and laughed.

“Ugh i just…really don’t know what to do. You are his best friend jaemin tell me what to do please”

“You are his best friend too”

“I’m his best friend plus boyfriend. So this dosen’t help me in this situation”

“Don’t you all have a concert to attend tomorrow ?”


“Then my suggestion is; make up with him somehow and don’t fuck up in the concert.”

“I…how i will make up with him ?”

“I don’t know. But just do it. I don’t wanna hear donghyuck’s whining anymore. Hearing him sad makes me sad too. Also i gotta rest you know but none of you let me” jaemin laughed at the end of his sentence, clearly just joking.

Mark sighed.

“I wish you were here nana”

“I wish that too”

They both sighed.

“I gotta go now. Oh can you please tell jeno i will cut his dick off if he keeps flirting with renjun ? Just because i’m not there dosen’t mean i ain’t seeing what’s going on.”

Mark laughed “imma tell him that.”

“Good. Bye then ? I gotta take some pills.”

“Don’t choke on them again” mark joked and jaemin laughed “i won’t don’t worry. I got used to them anyway. Bye mark”

“Bye nana. Get well soon ok ? We miss you”

“I miss you all too…i’m going now. Bye.”



“Hey donghyuck can we talk a bit ?”

“Why ? What do you wanna talk about ?” Donghyuck said in an annoyed tone and mark breathed deep to stay calm.

“Look hyuck we gotta talk and solve this problem”

“Oh ? But i don’t see any problem tho ?”

“Come on hyuck you haven’t even looked at me for days. There is a huge problem.”

“Maybe i don’t wanna look at you anymore ? Maybe i found a lemonade boy for myself ?”

“You…you wouldn’t…”

“Oh really ? Why not ?”

“Y-you love me.”

“You love me too. But it didn’t stop you from saving that girl’s number to your phone did it ?”

“She asked for my number first! What should’ve i do ? Say no ?”

“Of course you should’ve say no mark. I can’t believe you are even asking this. You have a fucking boyfriend for fuck’s sake. People who have boyfriends don’t go and give their numbers to a girl who just flirted with them.”

“Yeah but i couldn’t tell her that i have a boyfriend who is also my bandmate right donghyuck ??”


God damn it mark was right at this. Donghyuck shook his head and sighed.


“No. We will talk.” Mark said and held donghyuck’s arm hard, stopping him from walking out of the room.







Mark slammed the door when he got out of their room.

“I’m guessing you won’t sleep in your room tonight ? Wanna sleep in our room ?” Taeyong asked at mark who was just standing and breathing angryly in front of his and donghyuck’s room’s door.

Mark just nodded and followed taeyong who made a long and boring af talk with mark about how fights between couples are normal and their relationship will become stronger after they made up.


‘Oh no he just didn’t’ mark thought but he just did.

Lee freaking donghyuck just took of his jacket and threw it somewhere in the stage while they were performing “cherry bomb” making all nctzens go crazy, screaming their hearts out.

'Fluffing tease’ mark thought and stole some more glances from donghyuck like how he did in all of their performances they had that day. He knew this was donghyuck’s way to make mark jealous. Showing the whole world how fucking good looking he is. Like his solo dance part wasn’t enough…

Mark wasn’t a jealous type actually. People praising donghyuck was making him so happy and proud all the time. His heart was filling with joy whenever he heard nctzens’ screams at donghyuck’s parts. But this time was different. This time donghyuck did it on purpose to make mark jealous and mark knew it.


'So how did the concert go *winky emoji*’

'It was fine. Oh i took of my jacket’

'Oooh me likey *winky,flirtous emoji*’

'Ugh shut up it was too hot to wear that jacket in that weather’

'I bet weather wasn’t the only hot thing if u know what i mean *winky emoji* *winky emoji*’

“Oh boy stop it *winky emoji*’

"Who the hell is "lemonade boy” ?“

Donghyuck jumped in his chair when mark talked suddenly. He didn’t even notice mark was standing behind him.

"Oh my god mark i almost shat my pants what the hell ??”

Mark came to put his own jacket on donghyuck cause his back was so sweaty and mark didn’t want him to get sick.

“I said who the hell is lemonade boy ?”

Mark’s look was cold but his voice was even colder. Donghyuck gulped. He never saw mark that angry before.

“J-just a friend.”

“Just a friend ? He was flirting with you.”

“Y-yeah. So ?”

“So ?” Mark slammed his hand on the table and donghyuck almost fell from his chair cause what happened to the softie mark he knew ?

“Does that boy know you have a fucking boyfriend ??”

Donghyuck gasped “did you just curse ?”

“Answer me donghyuck!”

“H-he knows.”

Mark leaned back and shook his head, smiling so bitterly.

“And i was feeling guilty as fuck for making you sad. How stupid i am.”

“Mark no wait a second” donghyuck held onto his sleeve but mark shook his hand off

“What ? Do you wanna say that you are offically over me right to my face ? Do it then.”

“No i just-”

“You just what ?! I had been trying so hard to make up to you donghyuck. I tried everything and you just pushed me away. Now i can understand why.”

“No mark i-”

“Don’t. You don’t have to explain anything to me really. I wish you two will be so happy. Imma just go now. We can talk with hyungs to change the rooms later so you ca-”


“What ?”

“I…wanted to make you jealous so you can understand how i felt. I never talked with any other boy like that than you mark. I just changed jaemin’s name in my phone and told him to send me some flirtous messages so you will see them and get jealous then apologize and we will make up. Maybe with a kiss. i don’t know jaemin said kisses are great to erase the tension between couples.”

“………” mark just looked at donghyuck with a blank face

“Mark say something please. I’m so sorry. I just didn’t wanna lose you to that girl. Please i just-”

Mark pulled him into a hug and wrapped his arms around him tightly.

“Lee fucking donghyuck you did the most stupid thing you can ever do.”

“Y-you don’t hate me.”

“No. I can never.” Mark said and held donghyuck’s head softly, pulling him even closer if possible. “But you scared me so much hyuck. I was SO scared. I thought i lost you and thought you were secretly dating with another boy now.”

“I’m sorry mark. I really am. I know what i had done was so stupid. I was just…I…i love you so much okay ? Maybe too much. When i saw you kissed her hand i got so mad cause you are mine. Then you gave her your number and i got even more angry. And when i heard you talking with her on phone after our fight i thought you…you replaced me already. I just…never wanna lose you…and i just i felt so hopeless…i had to know you still care about me. I had to know okay ?! So i did something so fucking stupid. And now i regret everything cause i just turned into such a stupid lover and you probably don’t love me as much as you used to cause you saw my weakest side and i can understand if you wanna break up cause i had been really stu-”

Of course mark did the best thing to shut donghyuck up. Pulled away from the hug and pulled donghyuck by the back of his head to a kiss that blew donghyuck’s mind off. Donghyuck held onto mark’s shoulders to not melt away.

“W-why ?” Donghyuck whispered when they broke the kiss.

“Who said i don’t love you as much anymore ? Who said i wanna break up ?”

“Y-you talked with that girl. A-and i-i behaved so stupidly. So i thought-”

“I talked with her that’s true. But i called her to ask her to delete my number and never talk with me again. I told her my girlfriend got jealous and i can’t make the love of my life sad.”

“Girlfriend ?”

“I couldn’t say i have a boyfriend.”


“And about what you had done.”

Donghyuck looked up again when mark caressed his cheeks softly.

“Yes it was unnecessary. Yes It got me so mad. Yes it was our biggest and hopefully last fight ever. But i don’t regret it. We both made some mistakes. And we learnt from those mistakes. I shouldn’t have give her my number in the first place. I thought she just wanted to be friends. And you. You shouldn’t overreact like that. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be jealous. But you shouldn’t have overreact hyuck.”

“I know…”

“Look donghyuck. I love you. I love you so much with all of my heart. You know you are my first love and will be the last.”

“You can’t be sure. We are both still so young.”

“True. But i’m sure. And let me finish my god damn sentence for once.”

Donghyuck chuckled at mark’s chest. “Okay”

“I love you. And i can understand how you felt when you saw me with someone else. And i’m sorry for making you sad. I just want to go back to how we were before. Make jokes about my hair again. Roast me again. Be the little devil that i love so much with all of my heart.”

“I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t overreact. I should’ve trust you. I…i love you.”

Mark pulled donghyuck to his chest again “can we go back to before all of this mess ?”

Donghyuck nodded.

“Good."mark said and smiled at him sweetly. "Oh by the way tell jaemin that i will pretty much kill him when he came back.”

“Oh my god mark ple-”

Mark pecked donghyuck’s lips and winked “no one can flirt with my boyfriend”


“Did you guys made up already ?”


“Did you kiss ?”


“See ? I told you. Kissing erase the tension.”

“Na jaemin i swear to god”

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Reactions to their child teething on something they shouldn't be? Both.

Ayato: “Please- put it down.” He cringed at his baby sitting in the floor, drooling all over his basketball…his favorite one, “Please…please just-.” He was scared to take it away, afraid the baby would start crying. He walked over, “That’s so gross, that basketball has so many germs- give it back.” He slowly took it away from your baby girl, and she threw a fit immediately. Ayato just sighed and shoved his finger into her mouth, “I hate babies- why did I do this to myself?”

Laito: Laito sat in the floor, across from his baby girl who was chewing away on his fedora. He sat there, his hands folded and staring at her. He took a long breath, “I-I don’t like this.” He looked defeated. Everytime he reached out to take it away, your daughter would start to cry.

“Just let her chew on it Laito, I’ll wash it off later.” You giggled at him, he was so conflicted.

“But- That’s my favorite.” He laid in the floor and waited for your daughter to quit.

Kanato:S/O HE HAS TEDDY!” Kanato screeched from the dinning hall, you came sprinting in to see Kanato having a come apart in the floor as your son chewed on the bear.

“Oh- my bad.” You walked over and quickly pulled the bear from your son’s grasp, he began to cry.

“Dumb human!” He stomped his foot towards the child, causing him to scream and cry more.

“Kanato, he doesn’t know any better.” You picked up your son and rocked him.

“Well- now he does.”

Reiji:Oh.” Reiji looked down to see his son chewing on a tea cup, he looked displeased, “S/o, dear- how did our son get one of my cups?” He called.

“The hell if I know.” You called back from down the hall.

“Language dear,” He sighed, “Come here, don’t do that.” He picked his son up and took the cup away carefully, “Broken glass is very painful, especially in your mouth.”  His son leaned forward and grabbed his hand, sticking his finger into his mouth. Reiji sighed, “Oh…”

Shu: “My headphones…” He sighed and picked his daughter up, “Give me those.” he pulled them from his daughters mouth and pulled her to his chest, “You’re just like your Mother, meddling in all of my things.” 

Subaru: “Why does she keep trying to chew on my hair?” He kept tilting his head away from his daughter.

“I’m not sure…” You shrugged.

“She doesn’t do it to you!” He blushed and kept moving his daughter away from his hair as she reached for it.

I’ll do the M later! This is taking longer than expected!

a belvafore drabble (of sorts)


Damon’s hands are tucked in his pockets.


Caroline’s thumb rests on her bottom lip as one arm rests on the folded one.

“You think it’ll just… stay like that?”

“Oh, God, I hope so.”

“Same.” After a beat, he adds, “’cause I got a meeting at five.”

She shoots him a panicked look. He radiates total nonchalance. He glances at her like she’s got crazy eyes… which she probably does.

“You can’t just leave me alone with it!” she hisses.

“I have no choice?” He waves her off. “You’ll be fine. Bon said she’ll be back by five-thirty.”

“Yeah, okay, but, consider this—“ she sneaks a look “—what if she’s not?

Damon grips both her shoulders suddenly and stares her straight in the eyes. She’d be unnerved if her thoughts would stay still for a millisecond.

“You are, by far, the scariest person I have ever known.” She knows he’s exaggerating—a little—but it alleviates some fear. “You can handle this.”

She bites her lip as her eyes dart away from his, and, like that, he’s walking to the kitchen. Sharing the same breathing space with it makes her skin crawl.

“You got any whiskey?” he calls from her kitchen.

She nods at him, but when she turns back, she’s staring into a red baby face, frozen in brief silence, until its contorted face releases a blood-curdling cry.

Likewise, an angry and petrified Caroline shrieks, “Damon!”


“All right, Chubby Bunny, let’s watch some TV while Auntie Caro—“

Don’t call me that!” a frazzled holler erupts from Caroline’s room. Damon gives the baby a deadpanned look as she drools over her own little fingers.

“She is such a diva,” he informs her. As if she doesn’t already know.

The little bundle stopped crying once Caroline passed her squirming body to Damon. This wasn’t his first rodeo, though it has been a while since a child has been  shoved into his care. His foster brothers and sisters had been decent enough practice. When Caroline made a comment about his amiable response to the child, he shrugged and said he didn’t want to go to juvie for killing a kid.

“Let’s watch this funny dude, huh,” he murmurs to the child sprawled on his chest as Bob Ross appears on the screen. “He’s sure to put you to sleep.”

What an understatement. Not long after, the little butter ball is fast asleep, and Damon barely lifts a finger to mute the TV.

His phone buzzes next to him, and he swiftly answers without a professional, “Good afternoon, this is Damon.” He glances down at the sleeper, but she’s out like a light.

“Hi, this is Bonnie Bennett from Boston Memorial,” his girlfriend replies with the same professionalism. Whenever she calls from the hospital, she adheres her end of the conversation to a medically-based script—just in case.

Damon grins immediately. He, on the other hand, likes to play the how-can-I-embarrass-slash-make-Bonnie-break-character game.

So far, he’s the reigning champion.

“Oh, is it?”

“Correct. This is a follow-up call for a former patient,” she responds, unaffected by what she knows is his shit-starting tone. She follows protocol by inquiring, “Is Alice Gallagher available?”

“I can’t say she is,” Damon plays along.

“And may I ask who I’m speaking with?”

“Oh, only the sexiest boyfriend you’ll ever have,” he doesn’t skip a beat.

Neither does she.

“So, you’re the father…?”

Damon’s smirk flattens, and it’s almost like Alice knows she’s upset because she’s fussing a little in her sleep. Her silence feels smug.

“Touché,” he replies quietly. “Or, should I say, douché?”

“Great,” she maintains her chipper persona. “So, tell me, how is she doing?”

“Well…” He sighs, hoping the rise and fall of his chest won’t disrupt little Alice’s sleep. “There was a big fuss in the beginning… Tons of crying, so much screaming… but eventually, I went with what I knew, and figured a shot of peach Schnapps would do the trick.”

Without fail, Bonnie loses the game.

Damon!” she demands in a low hiss, and Damon tries to control his shaking laughter. “I’m talking about Alice!”

“So am I?” he hiccups out.

Damon Whitmore,” her disbelief heightens her shrill hiss, and he’s genuinely blessed by her self-control that calls him by his chosen name, “Please tell me you are joking.”

“Sure.” He stops breathing for a second as Alice expels a big sigh. “Everything’s fine,” he assures her. “I know how to keep a child from dying.”

“Debatable.” Professional Bonnie is long gone. “Honestly, how is she?”

“She’s sleeping.”

You did that?”

“No, the Schnapps did.”

She scoffs. “Did you feed her?”


“Changed her?”


“What’s Caroline been up to? Is she okay?”

“She’s doing work in her room.” Caroline said it’s payback for leaving her with Alice until Bonnie gets home. “Seriously, babe, everything is Gucci.

 “All right, all right. I should be home by five-thirty.”

“Don’t sweat it.”

She hums her disbelief before lowly saying, “I love you.”

“Wow, these follow-up calls are wildly inappropriate,” Damon comments, “I think I need to talk to one of your sup—‘

Dial tone shuts him up.


“Are you sure you have to go?”

Caroline watches Damon adjust his tie in the mirror by the front door. Honestly, Bonnie has gladly given him a portion of her closet even though he hardly stays over, and his apartment is infinitely better. He looks at her through the reflection.

“Bonnie will be here.”

“When Bonnie says five-thirty, she isn’t accounting for the time it takes her to sneak over to the Brazilian bakery on 82nd and stuff her bag with goodies.”

Caroline lowkey feels better ratting Bonnie out. But it’s fleeting as Damon chuckles.

“Yeah, who does she think she’s kidding?”

Of course he’d be amused, that smitten, I-don’t-believe-in-love idiot. Caroline rolls her eyes with what can only be described as a huffy pout.

“It’s only an hour, tops,” Damon reassures again. “You’ll be fine. I did all the heavy lifting.” He did feed, bathe, and rock her to sleep. “She should be fine.”       

“But what if she isn’t.” What if she isn’t?

“You’re a warrior, Forbes.” He smooths a lock of hair back into place. “You can handle a little worm.”

“She’s not a worm,” Caroline defends. He shoots her a look.

“Oh, so you like her now?”

“Just go!”

She pushes him, and he laughs as she shuts the door behind him. She listens. No crying. No fussing. She lets out a sigh and listens again. Nothing. Thank God. This is going to be a long hour. This is just like the Ms. Cuddles thing all over again. Christ. At least Stefan had been there.

Speaking of which…

“…what’s wrong?”

One of Stefan’s cousins is having a destination wedding in Greece, and while he asked her to join him, she couldn’t get time off. Secretly, though, she could have pushed for it, but meeting the immediate Salvatores met her quota for now.

“Oh, shit.” She’s usually not forgetful. It’s probably night there. She covers her eyes. “I didn’t wake you, did I?”

“Oh, you know I never sleep.” The joke loosens her tense shoulders, and it’s almost like when he’s there rubbing her back whenever she’s worrying over something. “Is everything okay? How are you?”

“I’m…” She listens again. “I’m babysitting.”

The line is so quiet, she’s afraid the call dropped. Then a very concerned Stefan whispers, “What the fuck?”

She tries not to laugh as she leans back against the wall and nods, despite his presence in a different continent.

“Yeah,” she breathes, “Bonnie promised a friend to babysit, but she was on call, and Damon—“

Damon was involved with you and a baby?”

“Keep your voice down!”

“The baby can’t possibly hear me, Care.”

“You don’t know that!”

He laughs, but at least he keeps it low…er. Caroline listens over the sound of his voice. “Okay then, how did Team Daroline hold up against a baby?

“What did you just call us?”

“Bonnie used it once,” he explains offhandedly.

“Well, for your information, Damon is actually very knowledgeable about children,” Caroline confides. “He basically took care of her all by himself.”

“A man of many hats.”

“And secrets.”

“Well, what is she up to now?”

Caroline frowns. She doesn’t want to step on any loose floorboards and unleash the fury of little Alice, but she is also curious. She tiptoes her away, slowly and slightly dramatically, into her bedroom, and sees the baby awake and wriggling. Caroline ducks out of sight.

“Oh, shit, she’s awake.”

“Caroline,” Stefan laughs, “it’s okay. She’s not crying.”

“Not yet!”

“She’ll sense your anxiety.” Caroline freezes. “I mean, I don’t know if that scientifically proven, but in my experience—“

“I wish you were here.” The vulnerable confession comes out suddenly, and she tries to cover the stretching silence with, “to take care of her.”

“Yeah, I know.” His own I-miss-you-too message. Switching gears, he suggests, “Put me on speaker and pick her up.”

“Absolutely not.”

“Be the confident Caroline who demands triple shot lattes and still strikes fear in former intern’s hearts.” She smiles a little and puts him on speaker. “Be the fearless Caroline who destroys the patriarchy with every chance she can and stands up for those closest to her if someone even looks at them funny.”

Before she knows it, Alice is in her arms, leaning against her chest comfortably. She smiles down at the drooling kid and sort of pets her head, like she’s seen other women do.

“You did it, didn’t you?”

“I did,” she says one of those high-pitched, I’m-talking-to-a-baby voice. “Isn’t that right, Ally?”

“Her name is Ally?”

“Alice, but ya know, she needs a nickname,” Caroline says as if its obvious. She bounces around her room with not-crying-nor-hollering child. “She’s… cute.”

“She’s a baby.”

“You’re a baby.”

“Am I interrupting something?”

Caroline twirls to see Bonnie in the doorway, and she immediately transfers Alice into her roommate’s arms.

“Thank you so much for coming home, it’s been a pleasure, bye!” Caroline ushers Bonnie and Alice out of the room, shuts her door, and dives to take her phone off speaker.

“You handed her over, didn’t you?”

“I did,” Caroline confirms, “but I also held a baby without dying.”

“Look at you,” she hears the grin in his voice. “So, since the crisis has been averted… can I go to sleep now?”

“I don’t know, can you?”

Caroline,” he groans, and she sighs. Happily. “May I go to sleep now?”

“You may. Sweet dreams.”

“Only ‘cause I’ll be dreaming of you.” He gets sappy to get on her nerves, and she smiles freely knowing he can’t see her.

“Stop being gross and go to sleep.”

“Yes ma’am.” After a noisy yawn, he says, “Bye, Care, I love you.”

She smiles again, hating the way he’s destroyed every wall she’s ever put up, but also not hating it at all. “I love you, too.”

“I love you, too,” Bonnie echoes from right outside the door. Caroline throws it open and glares at her roommate. “Don’t look at me like that! It was Alice’s idea to eavesdrop.”

The baby gurgles and smiles at Caroline, and the tense blonde manages to crack a teensy smile.

All right, all right, she's kinda cute.

Gabi: CAAAASSSSSSSSSSS. Listen, I have wanted a Daroline Babysitting Drabble since like chapter friggin’ five or something. Someone asked me about Stefan and Caroline taking care of a baby and I was like, “Yes, yes, good, but I RAISE YOU: DAMON AND CAROLINE TAKING CARE OF A BABY” - AND NOW IT EXIIIISTSSSS! And it’s so fluffy and hilarious and lovely and you nailed every character and I’m just so, so happy this exists. I adooooored the Bamon phone call and the little game they play - it’s so childish and playful and them. I also loved that you made Damon unexpectedly good with kids, since my instinct was pretty much the exact same with him. He just has this easy no bullshit vibe about him that kids respond really well to. Caroline was a total skittish cat about it and I fucking died, she’s a mess. Kol really did scar her. Loved the friendship beats with Damon and loooooved that she called Stefan and snuck in those little vulnerable moments that make them them. I always love how you write fluff because you opt for funny/earnest over saccharine, which is what I like to do too, and it makes everything feel so much more realistic. These are friends and girlfriends and boyfriends but they all work because they get each other and tease each other and support each other and crack each other up, and this drabble just captured that so, so wonderfully. I’m like so honored that you took the time to write it <3 AND YESSS, douché reference! Oh man, there are so many things to love about this, but I’m going to stop rambling and depriving the people of this glorious little gem. You nailed it and I’m so happy. Thanks so much for writing and sharing thisssss. Y’all, please give this and @lightninginmyeyes the love they deserve for this delight of a drabble.

I always keep my promises baby

Summary: You visit Shownu at dance practise and it turns really sinful.

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A/N: I wrote this to kill @yoonskookie cause she has really bad Shownu feelings lately

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Reader X Shownu (Monsta X)

Word count: 1.6 k

Why were all the people so annoying and rude today? You worked the latest shift at the restaurant and of course it was extra busy today. You watched the hours pass by ever so slowly and couldn’t wait for the moment it you left the restaurant to go home. The guests today had been extra rude and demanding and all you wanted to do is fall in your bed. You looked at the time. It was really late, your boyfriend Shownu should be home already from his dance practice.

You finally entered your shared apartment only to find it empty. With a deep sigh you took out your phone. Shownu was really dedicated and hard working so as you knew him he stayed behind alone to practice some more.

Hey babe are you still practicing?

Yes I am sorry it’s so late I promised I would be home earlier. Do you still wanna come and watch?

Of course, I’ll bring some food.

You made your way to the companies building, picking up something to eat o your way. Most of the building was already dark, not many people were left. You took the elevator to the right floor and stood still in front of the door. He was in the middle of a choreo and he looked illegal. Drops of sweat run along his skin, he was wearing a really low cut vest top, making his abs visible. The way his muscular arms looked when he was moving and how you could see his back muscles moving. This looked like sin. You took a deep breath to collect yourself and knocked loudly so you wouldn’t startle him before opening the door.

“Hey baby, I’m glad you made it here.”

“I brought food!”

“I want to go to the choreo one more time then I’ll eat, I promise.”

You laughed at him but nodded and sat down on the side. But soon you realized that this was a bad idea. The choreo involved lots of body rolls and crotch grabbing and you weren’t ready for that. You stared at him in awe as he moved. Suddenly he turned over to you and grabbed your hand to drag you up onto your feet. You looked at him confused as his grip onto your waist tightened.

“Baby you look like your drooling over me.”

His voice had dropped about three octaves as he walked you backwards till your back hit the mirror. You looked up into his eyes as he had you caged between the mirror and his body.

“I wasn’t drooling over you!”

“Oh really? Then how about now?”

And he just grabbed the hem of his drenched shirt to pull it over his head and throw somewhere in the room. Your eyes went wide as you couldn’t stop but stare. His body was shining from the thin layer of sweat over his abs.

“Yeah okay, maybe I’m drooling now.”

“You should dance with me sometime.”

“Yeah but not now that you’re shirtless.”

He spun you around so your back was pressed against his chest as his hands wandered to your hips guiding you to the music that was still playing in the background. His lips wandered to your ear nipping at it as he rasped into it.

If I can’t dance with you than let me at least fuck you now.

You breath hitched in your throat as he turned you around to press you back up against the mirror. His lips were attacking your jawline as he wandered down to your neck, leaving a few hickies for tomorrow. He pressed his lips onto yours as your hips grinded on their own accord against his crotch. When he pulled away so you could both quickly catch your breath you remembered something.

“But wait what about the food? You need to eat your dinner!”

That’s why I’ll get it right now.

His lips turned into a sinful smirk as he pulled your shirt over your head and continued with your pants. He left a trail of kisses on your belly and thighs, kissing up to where you wanted him the most but still avoiding it.

“How the fuck could you think of the food when you’re dripping wet baby?”

He pressed a finger onto your still clothed core as he rubbed small circles onto your clit. Your breath got heavy as you let out a tiny moan. His fingers hooked in your panties as he dragged them down your legs, throwing them to the rest of your clothes.

“Babe would you do me the favor and get rid of your bra as well?”

You reached behind you to unclasp you bra and threw it away.

“Yes this is a much better sight.”

You blushed as he licked one flat stripe up your folds, making you shudder. His lips wrapped around your clit as he started sucking at it. Your back arched off the mirror as he threw one of your legs over his shoulder to gain better access. He moved lower, dragging his lips down and sending heat crawling up your spine, and suddenly buried his tongue inside you. Your moans got louder as he licked into you, making you desperately hold onto his hair.  You were clenching down erratically now, so he removed his tongue from inside of you. You whined at the loss, now clenching around nothing, but he just chuckled pushing two fingers in at once, curling them upwards. You let out a long dragged out moan as he thrusted his fingers inside you in a maddeningly slow pace.

“Shownu please, I’m s-so close.”

“What do you want baby, use your pretty mouth.”


He complied moving his fingers in and out of you in an insane pace now that had you on the edge very quickly. You were clenching desperately around his digits and when he wrapped his lips around your clit again sucking harshly you were gone. A string of moans and curses left your mouth as Shownus fingers still worked inside of you.

“I’m done now, you c-can stop.”

“But I’m not baby.”

His strong hips held your hips still, giving you no chance to escape his fingers still working in an incredibly fast pace in and out of you. His thumb was rubbing circles onto your clit and the overstimulation was too much for you. You were whining, squirming under his touch, but he had you in his grip. Soon it became pleasurable again and you were already nearing your second orgasm.

“Can you be a good girl and come for me again?”

You didn’t even try speaking as you looked down onto Shownu kneeling in front of you, his eyes black of lust. You simply nodded as you came again, tugging at his hair. The only thing that held you upright was his strong grip on your waist. You were a panting mess as you stood there leaning against the mirror. A giant bulge was clearly visible in your boyfriends sweatpants and you were always surprised how patient he could be. He slowly walked you a bit from away from the mirror and stood behind you so you could see you both.

“You look gorgeous baby.”

“Well you’re not bad either.”

How convenient that you can watch in the mirror as I fuck you from behind. Hope you don’t have many plans for tomorrow that require walking around.”

He gave you another smirk as he got rid of his remaining clothes and gently bent you over. You held onto the mirror with both hands to gain some stability, your legs weren’t the most reliable things anymore. He let the tip of his dick slowly run up and down your folds not pushing inside, and you were becoming impatient. As he continued his little game maddeningly slowly you couldn’t take it anymore.

“You promised me to fuck me so hard I couldn’t walk tomorrow so how about you keep your promises.”

The second you had finished your sentence he slammed back in at once, pulling all the way out and repeating the action.

I always keep my promises baby.

And he did. He slammed back into you, picking up a fast rhythm as you could barely hold onto the mirror. His thrusts were precise hitting your spot every time and soon you could feel yourself on the edge again. He bent over you pressing kisses onto your shoulder blade as he groaned into your ear.

“You’re so goddamn tight baby, I can feel that you’re close again. So come for me and make sure that if anyone is still left in this building would hear you.”

His arm sneaked around your waist to hold you upright as he rubbed quick circles onto your clit, pushing you over the edge for the third time this night. As you came you could see tiny stars but then finally cleared up you could see in the mirror that Shownu was close to reaching his high as well. His face was crunched up in pleasure so you clenched down really hard one more time. That did it for him as he came with low grunts and curses. You were both left panting hard as you tried to come down from your high. He went to pick up your clothes to get dressed again as you remembered that you had brought food earlier.

“All the food is cold now, we can’t even eat it.”

Shownu laughed at your adorable pout.

“Don’t worry we will go home now and heat it back up.”

Time’s Lost Children, or: Mary Takes Care Of A Paradox

First part of a Destiny fix-it I came up with about 12 hours ago and that wouldn’t leave me be. I know, it’s been over a year, but be honest: can there ever be enough Destiny fix-its?

Rip was still shell-shocked when the Waverider touched down in front of the Refuge. Why had he not seen it before? His mission had been doomed from the start. What had he even been thinking?! He should never have gotten innocents involved! He should have returned them much sooner.

Now, Leonard Snart was dead, Kendra was kidnapped, Carter was not dead anymore, but brainwashed, and both would soon be murdered by Savage for the 207th and 208th time respectively. And after everything he and his crew had been through, Miranda and Jonas were still going to die.

He had just raised his hand to knock at the door, when it swung open and Mary stood before him with a pained look on her face.

“What have you done, Michael?”

Rip’s heart sank even further than it already had. “Are the babies alright?”

Mary waved him off. “The babies are fine, but you better see for yourself!”

Rip could feel the blood rush through his ears as he followed Mary into the house and down the corridors. He thought he spotted a wisp of strawberry blonde hair quickly hiding behind a door, followed by excited whispering. His young self was still safe, at least.

Mary opened the door to the kitchen and showed him through it. Teenaged Sara and Mick were sitting at the table, both looking spooked. Mick was gently rocking the little newborn in the dark blanket - Snart. Rip felt a jab of pain in his chest when he saw the child, now that he knew what destiny had in store for him. Behind them stood a cot from which Rip could hear the other babies cooing.

“What did you do?” he asked the two teenagers immediately.

“Nothing!” Sara insisted.

Mick shook his head. “It wasn’t our fault! I swear!”

“They had nothing to do with it,” Mary assured him and went to retrieve two cookies from the jar on the fridge to calm her guests. But she took one look inside and immediately turned to glare at them instead. Mick was suddenly very interested in the grain of the table, and Sara stubbornly held Rip’s gaze, but the cookie crumble on her chin betrayed her.

Rip turned to Mary. “What did happen?”

Mary put the cookie jar back and pointed at the cot. “Look.”

Rip did not know what to expect. Hesitantly, he peaked into the cot. There was Martin in his checkered blanket, quite large for a newborn; Jax in his green one, cute as a button and drooling all over Martin’s blanket; and… there was another baby wrapped in a dark blanket. Rip did a double take. He looked back over his shoulder where Mick was still rocking baby Leonard Snart. The children were identical, down to the adorable cheeks.

Rip blinked. “I don’t understand…”

“Neither do I,” Mary said, hands at her hips. “He just appeared out of thin air.”

“You think he’s a–?”

“A paradox? Yes, that’s my working theory.” Mary joined Rip and leaned down into the cot to pick up the second baby Snart. She gently stroke his cheek and the baby replied with a happy cooing noise. “He held himself, earlier, when you were all here. I realized it too late to stop him.”

Rip nodded, remembering the surprising image of Snart with a baby in his arms, a genuinely happy smile on his face. Again, he felt the pain in his chest. “Would that be enough?”

“I don’t think so,” Mick interjected. “Old me talked to me, and you don’t see two of me running around.”

Rip frowned at the boy. He would need more than one amnesia pill for that.

But Mary nodded. “He’s right. It only went on for a few minutes. Normally, that shouldn’t be enough for a paradox.” Her expression darkened when she turned back to Rip. “How did he die?”

There was a moment of silence as the meaning of her words sank in.

“Wait, he’s dead?!” Sara shouted, her eyes wide in shock. Beside her, Mick’s face turned pale and his grip on the baby in his arms tightened.

Rip swallowed around the lump in his throat. “How did you know?”

Mary looked pained. She had not wanted to be right. “I can see it on your face, Michael. He died and you blame yourself, so I doubt it was natural causes!”

Rip sighed. He sat down at the table and told Mary about the Oculus, about how the Time Masters had manipulated him, and how Leonard Snart had heroically given his life for free will in his partner’s stead. Sara and Mick listened with wide eyes and open mouths. When Rip was finished, Mick swallowed hard and looked down at the sleeping baby in his arms.

“He died… for me?” he asked, incredulous.

“You two share a bond,” Rip said. “He loved you very much. I am so sorry.”

Mick swallowed again and his eyes started to glisten. Sara awkwardly put her hand on his shoulder.

Mary swayed back and forth with her own baby Snart and nodded slowly. “Exploding the Oculus must have released a lot of temporal energy. That, combined with him holding himself while he was here, in this of all places… yes, that would do the trick.”

Rip stared at the baby in her arms. “What shall we do about them? I cannot return them both to his parents.”

Mick’s head shot up. “You can’t take either of them back! He’ll die!” There were tears running down his cheeks.

“Not putting him back would irreparably break time, including both your lives–” Rip tried to explain.

But Sara shot up from her seat and stood protectively in front of Mick and baby Snart. “He is a baby!” she shouted. “If you put him back you’re dooming him!”

Rip took a shaky breath. “I doomed him once already. And I’ll have to live with that for the rest of my life.”

“You can do right by one of them now at least,” Mary interrupted. Sara and Mick looked at her pleadingly, but she knew what had to be done. They could read it in her eyes.

Rip looked at her, thinking. “You want me to leave him here?”

Mary shrugged. “Do you have a better idea?” The baby boy in her arm shifted and she immediately started rocking him again.

Rip watched the child coo and thought of the brave man he would become. The man who had died as a result of Rip’s failures. “Would you really do that for me?”

“I’ll do it for him,” Mary said. “He might be the result of a paradox, but he is still a baby. And if anyone is equipped to raise a paradox-child, it is me.”

Raise him. A Leonard Snart that would grow up without the burdens of his childhood. Whatever that meant would have to be seen.

“Thank you, Mother.” Rip sighed and again looked from one baby Snart to the other. “Do you know which one is which?”

“I do,” Mary said. She paused, sadness in her eyes, as if she too was once more trying to think of any other way for this to go down, but she came up empty. Finally, she nodded at the baby in Mick’s arms. “That’s the one you brought here.”

“No!” Mick cried out, hugging the baby tightly. Little Leonard woke up and immediately started crying. “No,” Mick repeated and backed away from Rip. “No. No. No!

“Mr Ror–Mick, please,” Rip pleaded with the boy. “He has a sister. A baby sister, who will need him to protect her.”

Mick shook his head stubbornly. “I can do that! I’ll protect her!”

Rip smiled sadly. “Oh, you will. But you won’t know her without Leonard Snart in your timeline.” Mick let out a shaky breath. His eyes were desperate, but Rip’s words were convincing. “So, please, Mick,” Rip said calmly. “Give me the baby.”

Mick hesitated. He was not actively trying to flee anymore, but he also did not look like he was ready to let go of baby Snart.

“Can he hold him until you give him back to his parents?” Sara asked, and Mick looked at her thankfully. “We need time to say goodbye.”

Rip sighed and nodded. “Yes. We can do that. But I have to return him eventually.”

Mary watched from her porch as the Waverider took off with the three babies and the two teenagers on board. She figured it would still be a fight, but her Michael could be very convincing. Though, if she was right, Sara and Mick would take the amnesia pills willingly - ignorance was bliss after all.

The baby stirred in her arms. She hugged the little boy in the dark blanket and whispered soothingly to him.

“I’ll take good care of you, Leonard. I’ll take you back to the start, so you’ll blend in with my other children. Those evil Time Masters may be gone now, but one can never be too careful. Don’t worry, dear. I won’t let anything hurt you. You’re safe here, Leonard. You’re safe.”