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Thoughts on SPN 12x19
  • Poor Kell. That suicide scene was intense, sad and well done. I think a lot of AKF’ers out there who deal with thoughts and urges like these felt that knot in their stomach.
  • Sam researching the Nephilim makes me proud. Ash was a genius, but damn, Sam! College boy is on a roll!
  • Uh-oh… Cas just came home after curfue. 
  • Okay… let me just… recap. Did Dean make Cas a fucking mixtape with his favorite Led Zeppelin tracks?!?!?!?! I’m not a Destiel shipper perse, but last time I checked boys who make mixtapes for you, want to be your bae, just sayin’…
  • You, me and Sam… We’re just better together.” *goes to the corner to cry*
  • Team Free Will! HELL YEAH!! 
  • Through out the whole mixtape scene, Dean has such a raw edge on his lowered voice *wipes the drool of my keyboard*
  • Cas? What the fuck are you doing?! You’re bailing?! Again?! And you stole the fucking COLT?!?!?!
  • The audio of that gameshow while the angels stake out the house. Chapeau, editors!
  • Uh… Dean? How does Cas know you keep the Colt under your pillow?
  • Luci is getting emotional about his missing kid. Am I a bad person for feeling for him?
  • Did Cas just Google how to fix a truck? Hihi
  • Awh… Cas feeling the baby, that’s so cu… YELLOW EYES WHAT THE HELL?!?!
  • Cas trying to keep the Winchesters out of harms way is very sweet, but oh honey… 
  • Dean throwing Cas the keys to the Impala is my new favorite thing
  • Kelly!! You don’t go stealing the Impala!!! I know you wanna die and go to heaven, but that’s just desperate!!
  • Oh poor Cas, getting his ass kicked once again. 
  • Yeey! Sam and Dean to the rescue! Nice gun reload skills there, Sam.
  • THE COLT!!! NOOOO!!! *screams louder than Dean* NOT THE COLT! I LOVED THAT GUN!!! *cries ugly*
  • Did that kid just juice Castiel up and gave him Super Saiyan strength?! Oh, this can’t be good.
  • Cas healing Dean’s broken arm now added to list of things I love about this episode.
  • No Cas… Don’t knock them out. No, Cas, don’t… Never mind…
  • Cas is different. Either he’s manipulated, or that damn Nephilim is calling the shots, but this is not the Cas I know *goes to stare at my black TV screen a little while longer*


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What better therapy for a disappointing week than to put on my hat of judgement and preside over another edition of Rose Reviews TXF! I probably could have thought of something better tbh but I ran out of creativity on Tuesday and I can’t pass go or collect $200 till the 28th so… here we are again. As usual, gifs, sarcasm and swears await under the cut. Lower your expectations sufficiently and you may even have fun!*

*fun is not guaranteed

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andromedadarkblade  asked:

(pardon me while I wipe the drool off of my keyboard...) so I found your blog earlier today. I squeed. a lot. I have so much trouble finding my favorite knb pairings because I only recently discovered AO3 and usually stuck to FFnet. but, now that I've found you, can you direct me to any Murasakibara fanfics? I don't care about the pairing, but I'd prefer no Akashi or Kuroko. smut is okay. smut is great. I hope this isn't too much to ask? please and thank you~

Ahhh, your message makes me so happy waaah, ; 3; and please be as specific as you want, it’s all good! It actually really helps me when I’m looking for fics ahaha, so thank you~

Yes, No, Maybe by Antiago on AO3

Summary: Kiyoshi accidentally eats one of Murasakibara’s candies. While giving due punishment, Murasakibara accidentally gets a taste of Kiyoshi. He may have found his new favorite flavor.

Notes: MuraKiyo, Smutty

Not Really Courtships by heihua on AO3

Summary: The sort of (not really) tale of how Murasakibura and Kiyoshi get together.

Grip by stephanericher on AO3

Summary: He breathes in the familiar scent of potato chips and something fruity before he realizes that Atsushi is pulling the flaps of his jacket around both of them and zipping it up so they’re trapped inside together.

Notes: MidoMura, hella UST, cuddling and smut

Because of Reasons by stephanericher on AO3

Summary: ”Shouldn’t you be doing your homework?”

Atsushi pointedly ignores this question. “Hey, Mido-chin, what are you wearing?”

Snapped by stephanericher on AO3

Summary: Murasakibara interrupts him. “Eh, Mido-chin? You can’t see? How many fingers am I holding up?”

Notes: Make-outs and second hand embarrassment.

A Thing by rustandstardust on AO3

Summary: After the Winter Cup, Himuo is a little distant. Murasakibara finds a series of text messages and starts to see just how close Kagami and Himuro were once (still are?) and is more than a little jealous. When he brings it up, feelings are discussed and…proven true, in the way that teenage boys are known to do.

Notes: Smut.

Warm by rustandstardust on AO3

Summary: Himuro is good at keeping Murasakibara warm, and he likes that.

Happy reading!

- Mod M

snarky-and-bitter  asked:

So what'd you think of episode 10 of Yuri on Ice?

WHAT’D I THINK OF YURI ON ICE EP10………. thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to rant my friend 🙏

i had really high expectations since i bought the 5th DVD (episode 9 & 10) and lemme tell you. This episode was a gift that kept giving……… so many things happened and i still can’t believe this anime is even real

We got victor doing the narration, giving us more indepth about him and the way he thinks (which showed us he’s very wise & sensitive), but also his view on yuri and how in freaking love he is. Like holy shit. “when yuri’s searching for an answer, his eyes sparkles, even when he’s not saying anything” ? can you imagine how mesmerized this man is with yuri?????

then we got yurio & otabek. I was sure i’d love otabek but this boy is a sweetheart and he’s perfect for yurio (i don’t know if “i want them to become the best bros in the universe” counts as shipping but thats how i feel). im so excited to see how it’s going to change yurio’s agape performance ..sparkly eyes..

The rings exchange. this scene was incredible on so many levels, it still doesn’t top the airport scene in my opinion because i cried like a baby when “i wish you’d never retire” happened BUT THEY’RE FUCKING ENGAGED NOW!!!!! THEy’rE…FIANCEES…. typing this makes me feel like im trapped in a fanfic but its real they’re fiancés now everytime i see the rings my heart is just filled with love and joy and emotions and i dont usually care a single bit about marriage BUT FOR SOME REASON THESE RINGS GOT ME ON THE FLOOR HYPERVENTILATING…..

aALSO…. i think we’ll never talk about that yurio & victor scene enough. i feel like there’s so much things left in the dark and i cant wait to have more context and to fully understand what exactly happened, why victor became so violent, why he was shaking (if not because he was trembling with rage), and that sentence :  “[…] yurio’s wouldn’t have been so motivated to fight…. and neither would i have” yurio’s is fighting for the GPF, but then what is victor fighting for? Probably fighting for yuri to have the gold medal, but i’m still not sure. I feel like it’s too evasive…….

AND LAAAAAAAASTLY. the ending. the god freaking ending that left me drooling on my keyboard. Kubo’s art, Yuri breakdancing and pole dancing, how swol yuri was, the instant where victor fell in fucking love….. i loved every bit of it and i want it playing in my funeral. For 10 episodes i felt like yuri on ice couldn’t get better and every episode i was proved wrong. Episode 10 didn’t prove me wrong, it reverse slam dunked me back to my senses like i was a naked baby understanding my mom didn’t actually steal my nose. It was incredible to understand victor has been in love with yuri for almost a year and that becoming his coach just made him want to spend the rest of his days with him. And i’ve been having a blast reading all the meta posts pointing out how a lot of things pre-episode10 changed after episode 10′s revelation. yuri’s actually the playboy in eros? victor’s face when yuri said his eros is katsudon? more like crush my skull into powder and throw it in the ocean

we still have 2 more episodes but yuri on ice has been killing me with the character developments, the narration, the plot-holes-less story, the little details scattered all over the episodes… from the bottom of my heart, i want to thank kubo, sayo and everyone working on yuri on ice for blessing us with this anime. I want them to be happy for the rest of their life and have a big , well deserved rest when it’ll end. (can someone wake me up when the sequel comes out please)

Okay you’re not gonna believe this, and I know it sounds hella unlikely but I swear on my own life that it happened just now, and I am so embarrassed. I was in the middle of typing a new post, and when you do so on a laptop, this is the screen you’ll see:

My mom barges in, says “I’m going to bed” does the customary hug she gives me, suddenly she pauses…

I’m like “what?”

She says, and I kid you not; “WOW who is that, he looks hot.”

She falls onto the couch behind me, so I kinda blab around it “It’s just this blogging site, it’s just an icon on my dash, I don’t know everyone, they all use icons of famous actors and singers and what not.”

*keeping it vague* 

She’s like: “Who cares, can’t you click on it to make it larger”. 

At this point I’m sweating, knowing that clicking that icon will lead her straight to my blog. So I go for distraction, and I ask “who even do you mean, the left one or the right one?”

And she goes: “LEFT OF COURSE.”

You can see that we are related here, she immediately had her eye on Misha. 

Lucky for me, she has no clue what tumblr is or how it even works, so when she forces me to click the thing anyway, it goes to my blog and I sell it to her as it being ‘a tag of him and his character’. (Bless me for not using my name in the blog description, and for 80% of my posts including Cas/Misha.) 

She was drooling over my keyboard as I cautiously scrolled (thank God I never reblog porny stuff), and eventually pushed me out of the way when she reached page 6 and this gifset: http://destieldrabblesdaily.tumblr.com/post/145120058624/misha-collins-x

Because she wanted to see ‘the hot guy’. My mom had a glass of wine too many, and I am not sure how to feel about this. I get that a lot of people are not even gonna believe me, but I have never lied before and I never will. If I’d had a chance to discreetly turn my webcam on without her noticing, I probably would’ve done it. 

My mom has a crush on Misha Collins and thinks he is attractive just from a few pics, and I can’t help but think that it’s like a genetic thing. 


The first coffee

I don’t really have an OTP with Barba but this might be as close as I get to it: Barba and coffee (I call them Barffee)

I doubt that there is anyone else who could turn holding a coffee cup into such a sensual thing. I can’t watch it for too long because I’ll start drooling onto my keyboard.

Rafael Barba in ‘Twenty-Five Acts’ (S14E03)


(vía https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep3vHmdA33c)

I’m drooling over my laptop keyboard