drooling and shaking

people with mental illness doesn’t always look like soft spoken skinny white girls there are mentally ill people who are large who stutter who can’t form sentences “correctly” who are always drooling who constantly shake who have bad skin who shout who aren’t white who are mean who are angry who are physically disabled who dont/cant talk who you can’t understand who scare you who are what you consider to be “ugly” and that doesn’t make them any less fucking valid or less worthy of your support, respect, and activism

Roomie (M)

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Summary: When you first moved in with Jin, you thought you had hit the roommate jackpot. Turns out, living in the same apartment with this gorgeous man is a lot harder than you thought it’d be. He didn’t do anything wrong, and neither did you. It’s just this pesky thing called sexual tension.

Member: Jin

Word Count: 6k

Genre: Fluff, Smut

A/N: Gotta give the shoulders hyung some love.

When you first moved in with Jin, you thought you had hit the roommate jackpot. Not only was he kind, he did his fair share of the housework, and he could cook. And cook well. His good looks didn’t hurt either.

… Except they did. And as the weeks went on and turned into months, you found yourself growing increasingly frustrated. It doesn’t help that it was the first time either of you had a roommate of the opposite sex. It led to situations where you’d walk out of the bathroom in only a towel, hair dripping wet, and he’d be in the living room watching a show, trying to keep his jaw from dropping to the ground.

Or when he’d come back from a morning jog and be so sweaty that he’d strip his shirt off the moment he stepped in the apartment without thinking, just wanting to get the drenched fabric away from his body. And you’d be left in the kitchen trying not to have your breakfast dribbling down your chin. It was an automatic reaction, but both of you found your habits gradually changing as time went on.

Why couldn’t you have had an average looking roommate, or even a slightly above average one?

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Yoongi - “Well, this is awkward...”

coppertopging asked: Suga. “Well, this is awkward…”

Warning: Contains oral sex and explicit language. Do not read if you’re like 10 or whatever. 

Yoongi didn’t know how it had happened. One minute, he’d been going out to dinner with Namjoon, the intention being a casual beer to bring an end to their promotional trip to New York. The next, he had found himself underneath a thick American girl - one he’d met in a club - her lusciously rounded hips grinding rapidly over him, pussy rubbing against his clothed erection and causing a groan of pleasure to snake from his mouth.

How the idea to visit a club had come up, he had no idea. The problem with Yoongi was that he wasn’t very good with alcohol - a few beers often had him drunker than most, struggling to remember how the night panned out. The only image he had to remind him of the events leading to his current predicament (if he’d even call it that) was of Namjoon insisting that he experience American club culture at least once.

In all honesty, Yoongi hadn’t seen much difference between the Korean clubs he’d been to, the same humid buzz of alcohol and sexual tension mixed with the choking scent of stale smoke suffocating those inside. If it wasn’t for Namjoon, he wouldn’t have even bothered to pretend to be interested. But once the drinks started flowing at the restaurant at dinner, he’d relented, the alcohol already flowing through his veins telling him it was a good idea.

And maybe it had been, because the sweet scent of the woman who had stood next to him at the bar had offered him an opportunity he’d always been interested in - sleeping with a foreigner. It interested most Korean men, he was sure of it. They all watched porn. They all saw how much more willing western girls seemed to be compared to Koreans, their uncontrolled moans tearing through hidden headphones and filling the listener with a desire that seemed unsateable. Yoongi much preferred watching western porn to Korean for that exact reason, but he wasn’t naive enough to think they weren’t acting. Still, as his eyes had skimmed the club before settling on her, he couldn’t help but wonder.

The rest of the night had been a blur, Namjoon acting as translator-and-wingman-in-one before the girl had kissed Yoongi, her breasts pressing firmly against his chest and perky nipples fleshing through the skimpy tight dress she had on to prove she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her mouth had tasted of cheap alcohol and dirty cigarettes, but the scent of her perfume and curvaceous figure made up for it. And so he had decided to take her back to the hotel.

He’d left without telling Namjoon, too embarrassed to admit his fantasy to anyone but himself and too drunk to remember who he’d come with. Even the cab ride itself was a distant memory clouded in the fog that the alcohol had caused to settle into his brain. One thing he couldn’t shake from his head, though, was the way she’d so casually stretched her fingers over his growing crotch, her hands light as they unzipped his pants and feathered their way over his erect member. He’d almost cum at her first touch, but the taxi driver had caught his eye in the rearview mirror and he’d almost choked in fear that he knew what was going on.

‘What’s your name?’ He asks, his English broken and the words struggling to come out through his panted breath. Her hands slip over his bare chest to tweak against his nipples, his eyes refocusing on the spot the sensation was coming from. Not for the first time, he is struck by the contrast in their skin tones, his own ghostly yellow far different from her own.

‘Y/n.,’ She purrs, the dulcet sweetness in her voice washing over him. ‘Yours?’

‘I’m? My name… It’s Yoongi.’ He tries, the foreign words thick and heavy on his tongue. Her hands rub one last time against his nipple before she trails them down his torso, shifting her hips upwards to grab onto his underwear and pull them low down his legs. He kicks them off the remainder of his leg before his erection slips into full view, her silken hands wrapping deftly around it as her entire body lowered. Instinctively, his hips jut upwards at the contact, her palms rolling smoothly over his twitching erection.

‘Yuh-gi?,’ She questions, large eyes refocusing as he opened his legs, allowing her body to nestle between his creamy white thighs. ‘Yuh-gi.’ She tries again, the pronunciation so off he can’t even be bothered to correct her. It wouldn’t have mattered if he did, because her mouth was soon occupied by the tip of his cock, her pink pout pressing over the very end. Again, his hips jut upwards in a sharp motion, shoving his dick fully into her mouth.

‘Oh, yes… Very… Very good.’ He tries again in English, the wet warmth of her mouth surrounding his sensitive member. His hands reach for her hair, fisting it into a messy ponytail, a method to control her movement as much as possible. His hips rise up to meet her sloppy pout and he levers her down onto his hard cock, her mouth filling with him.

The deeper he manages to sink himself into her throat, the harder it is for him to contain himself, and when his balls finally manage to hit her chin, a thick throaty gag erupts around his cock. The impact is beyond belief - hard, strong hums of vibration that cause him to push himself deeper into her still, a soft cry of pain causing him to pull back completely.

When he does, he takes in her face. Her cheeks are flushed, eyeliner smudged and tears dripping with the effort of taking his force. He can almost make out the faint imprint of her lipstick on his cock, and a coy smile plays across his lips. Any other time, he would have been mortified to see himself like this - no sympathy for the girl perched between his legs, his only focus chasing his own high. But the combination of her exotic nature and the dozen or so beers he’d consumed, it only fueled his desires more.

‘I like… you. Mouth, okay?’ He tries again in English to at least attempt some compassion, pointing to her throat and raising his eyebrows sympathetically. She nods eagerly, and his hands wrap around his member to slap it lightly against her lips, his attempt dissolving in a fleeting second. ‘Open, please.’ She obliges his broken English, eyes closing to take his full length again. Wordlessly, he rams himself back into her, hand grasping her roughly matted ponytail to slip further into her mouth. The choked groan shatters against him again, and he pumps his hips to fuck her mouth as hard as he can, slipping between her silky lips with ease. He loses count of the pumps, mind lost with every gag around his thickness, and stops only when he sees the tears pricking her eyes again. As he pulls out of her mouth, a trail of spit leaves them remaining connected.

‘Jesus, you’re rough.’ She giggles words completely lost on him, the line of spit breaking as her mouth moves, falling with a wet plop onto her chin. Yoongi shifts his hand up to wipe the line of drool, but she shakes her head, hocking back in her throat as both hands clasp around him and reign a thick load of the same spit on his dick. The lubrication causes her quick movement to be silky smooth, rapid in lapping over his rock solid erection.

Yoongi groans, the friction blossoming against his hard member. It twitches in response, hips raising into her cupped palms to maximize the effect she is having on him. He knew he wasn’t far away, but her movement was so rapid he couldn’t slow himself down. The alcohol, the sensation of her hands gliding over him, the eroticism of her foreignness, that delicate scent of her perfume he was sure would mark these sheets for days. It was all too much for his senses, and within a few more pumps of her hand, his orgasm was rocking through him, cum spilling from his tip in juttering and uneven spurts. His eyes close and he allows the overwhelming sensation to fill every inch of him.

‘I’m coming. Fuck, don’t stop. Your hands feel so fucking good.,’ He cries in Korean, his teeth snagging at his bottom lip. ‘I’m coming.’

Eventually, his hips slow to uneven juts, her hands frozen around his member. His eyes open, peering down at the foreign women between his thighs, eyes wide with shock and cum splattered all over her face and chest. He’d surprised even himself with how much he’d let go, how much he’d released. But the way she was staring at him, he could tell something was wrong.

‘You… okay?’ His tone is as cautious as he can make it sound in the foreign tongue. Her head nods to behind him, and Yoongi’s upper torso twists towards the hotel room door, now wide open and framing the tall statue of Namjoon’s body.

‘I just came to find you because you didn’t say goodbye when you left the club… But I can see you’re fine.’ 

‘Well, this is awkward…’ Yoongi mutters to himself in quiet Korean, dipping his head in shame.

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We demand junkfuck hc's ಠ u ಠ

And lol everyone’s different at bangin at different times and scenarios so how about dom Rat with somebody he’s rrreally into. Maybe hasn’t seen then in a while, maybe it’s their first time together, maybe they just had a nice explodey romantic night lol idk but have fun

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Jimin’s Wish (jimin x jb x reader)

Here you go @emilyleloves i can’t promise it’ll be the dirtiest thing I’ve ever written because I don’t have a plot so it’s just coming from the blue but I’ll try.


“Hey. Heyyy. Wake up __” Jaebum’s hands pushed at your shoulders as he watched you sleep laughing to himself how gone you were. Lips parted slightly and it almost looked like you were drooling. He chuckled shaking you more and when he knew you weren’t going to get up, he moved your covers down your back until your plump ass was shoving, your laced panties slipping between your ass cheeks a bit. He slapped your ass gently. When you didn’t move he let out a sigh rubbing his hands together before slapping your ass harshly making it sound off. 

You jumped up out of the bed yelling a loud ‘what the fuck’ looking around for the bastard that hit you. Eyes landing on Jb you instantly pulled him down on the bed tackling him as you both rolled around causing him to laugh at you. Pinning him down because he didn’t expect it you glared down at him, your shirt raised up over your smooth skin, hair still disheveled and frizzed out from your shower last night. 

“Damn baby, you look so fucking good on my lap. Look at that pretty pussy.” Jb teased reaching his hands up to grip at your ass from where you tried to pin him down flipping you on your back quickly he wiggled his eyebrows. 

“Go away. Gooo away!” You whined softly because he was making your stomach flip when he said things like that. He let his finger trace against your hipbone shaking his head no he eyed your body before slipping his hands under your shirt to cup your bra less chest. His thumbs and index fingers pinched on your plump breast only to stroke the pert bud causing them to harden up, little groans leaving your lips as you squirmed under him, not objecting too much. 

“Damn fuck you! Why are we friends again?” You asked bracing your hands on his biceps as he shifted to get in between your legs grinding his hips down against your panty covered pussy.

“Because you love me. For more than just my fame.” Jb purred softly rubbing his crotch harder against yours hands gripping harder on your breast, his eyes turning dark as his pants started to tint.

“So you came over to get my pussy wet and fuck me? Morning sex huh you kinky little shit.” You teased letting your hips roll up against him arching your back. He leaned down smirking kissing up your stomach towards the valley of your breast, pushing your shirt up to expose your breast he licked over each of your nipples cupping them together he played with your nipples only to pull back and get off the bed leaving you confused, angry and needy.

“I wish I could because you don’t usually take me so good. You never give in so easily. But Jimin is downstairs and he wants to talk to you. And I don’t want to keep his nervous ass waiting anymore. You know how he gets when he’s nervous.” Jaebum admitted and you were suddenly intrigued to find out both of your friends were here. Nodding your head you got up to push your shirt down grabbing onto Jaebum’s outstretched hand walking in front of him. 

“Alright, but you don’t get to fuck later if you get needy.” You purred softly leading him towards the front room seeing a peek of blonde hair over the back of your couch.

“Trust me, you’ll change your mind.” 

You wanted to ask him what he meant but all too soon you saw Jimin pacing back and forth in front of the couch, finally standing up. He was always so cute, his blonde hair slipped back from his forehead a bit, dark blue denim skinny jeans and a long gray T-shirt he looked at you with a soft timid smile before looking back over at Jaebum. 

“Have a seat please?” Jimin asked you and you gave a nod of your head, walking forward to calm him down you wrapped your arms around his neck kissing his nose and you swore to yourself you heard the hitch of breath he took in. But not wanting to tease him because you didn’t even know what was bothering him you decided to let it go, turning around to walk towards the couch you sat down on your ass bringing your feet up in the couch looking at them. Jb letting his eyes immediately drift to your ass Jimin cleared his throat to grab both of your attention. 

“For starters you know that I love you.” Jimin started. 

“What did you do and who do I have to pay off to make it go away?” You asked immediately annoyed and offended. You had gotten them both out of trouble when it came to their fans and the media but of course no one knew about that because you didn’t let anyone know that you were friends of the famous boys because no one but your close circle of friends needed to know it anyway. 

“It’s not like that- maybe I should go.” Jimin sighed raking hands through his hair and Jb pulled him back before giving you a shut up look. 

“No one did anything. Jimin is trying here. He came to you because he needs you to do this for him. Or rather he prefers it to be you to do and he trusts you the most. So please hear him out?” Jaebum asked or rather demanded. Giving a curt nod you relaxed back against the seats looking up at the both of them. 

“Well.” Jimin started looking at you before he squared his shoulders. “As you know next week we start off another world tour. And I am thrilled about it, but some songs old and new that we are doing, involves us thrusting a lot as you know it. And some of the song meanings, I get them because I helped right them but I don’t really get them.” Jimin said slowly chewing on his lips before sighing looking over at Jb. “I can’t finish it hyung can you help me?” He asked softly at the elder was more than happy to perk up walking towards you.

“Long story short. Jimin wants to eat you out and fuck you.” He put it short and plain causing Jimin to slap his arm and you damn near choked on your spit.

“E-excuse me?” You questioned eyes shifting between the two.

“I know you’re not dumb. And I know that you heard what I said. Jimin wants to spread your legs, and eat out that pretty pussy you have. And then he wants to fuck that pussy nice hard and deep.” Jb nodded his head and Jimin looked as if he just wanted to float away. Fumbling over your words you sat up a bit straighter knowing that this wasn’t a joke, because it was a lot of times they did tease you but had it been, neither would have seemed so tense about it.

“But why me?” You asked stupidly but you had to know.

“Well simple, you are our friend. And you’re hot baby girl. You know you are. And I know that you and Jaebum have fucked a lot. I have been jealous and I want in on that action. But I trust you the most out of everyone. I had a lot of girls too choose from but I wanted you.” Jimin admitted as he started to pace back and forth again scared out of his mind. 

“Alright, I’ll do it.” You said after some time of just sitting there and weighing your options. You had nothing to loose and to be honest you knew you would be jealous if they had went to any other girl for such a task. And you had wanted to fuck Jimin, shit you had loved screwing Jaebum because he was great at what he did. And it showed it on stage. 

“Really?” Jimin asked like a kid who had been granted permission into the candy store. Straightening up he seemed to bounce on his heels, looking over at Jb who smirked back because he figured you would say yes. 

“I’m not saying it again Jimin. Now come over here and fuck me since you brag so much on stage. As much as you tease that dick better be worth something more than just throwing in fan girls faces.” Of course you got cocky because you were about to fuck him. It was great. Jimin took two strides over to you prying your legs apart, the shy boy no longer present in front of you as he pressed the pad of his thumb against your clit through your panties rubbing it in a quick fast circle pleased when he saw  your face twist up in pleasure and a moan slipping form your lips. 

“I’ll fuck your pussy so good you will scream and come back for more. I’ll ruin this little pussy and make it so needy for my tongue, for my dick. Your ass will immediately get wet whenever you see me. You’ll beg me to get deeper, to fuck harder. I’ll fucking ruin you kitten.” Jimin whispered hotly against your lips before he crashed his own against yours shutting up any more comments you may have. His thumb sliding up and down your slit causing your panties to form a wet spot, Your legs spread open and twitching slightly from the pleasure. 

Jimin bit harshly on your bottom lip prying your lips open with his to slip his tongue inside of your mouth tasting your warm wet cavern. His pink tongue flicking across the roof of your mouth, swirling around your tongue to create a sloppy wet kiss. Teeth clashing against each other, you pushed and pulled at his shoulders trying to get on top or at least push him down to tease, but it didn’t work because you felt a pair of hands gripping at both of your wrist keeping you exposed and a whining mess. Your body reacting to the every touch Jimin gave you, it was getting hot in the room and your shirt slowly started to stick on your skin. 

Jimin broke the kiss only to rip your panties away from your pussy, a gasp leaving your lips and a ‘fuck yeah’ leaving Jb’s lips as he looked at you over the back of the couch. 

“What the fuck do you want?” You asked him and he gave you a cheeky smile as Jimin pressed your legs flat against the couch spread for him. 

“well first I want to watch you get tongue fucked by Jimin. And then I want you to choke on my dick. I won’t fuck you til later though, it’s about Jimin for now.” Jaebum admitted with a happy smirk nodding his head down towards the blonde that was licking around your pussy lips. 

“Oh~ Jimin.” You moaned out softly resting against the couch stopping your hips from moving too much. Your nipples were poking out against your shirt too turned on by how both males were treating you, your body wanted more. 

“Touch my nipples. Play with my breast please Jaebum.” You pouted looking up at him giving a desperate look. 

“What’s the magic word?” He asked you against your ear licking the shell of it softly sucking on the lobe. 

“Shit, please daddy. Fondle me.” You grunted in want and complete need. 

Jaebum let go of your wrist to lean over your body his mouth latching onto your left nipple sucking on the bud through your shirt. Jimin started to part your lips with his fingers licking up and down your wet throbbing clit. He watched the sight before him, feeling his pants start to tighten up more. He swiped his tongue around your clit once more before his mouth latched onto the wet bud sucking harshly on it. Burying his face into your pussy he sucked harshly on the bud flicking his tongue up and down quickly against the wet bud moaning at how sweet you tasted. He shook his head side to side pulling on the bud before his tongue went to lick up and down rapidly at your clit. Jaebum moved his head towards your right breast sucking on it as well through your shirt, teasing you, he let his hand slide down the valley of your breast down your stomach to push Jimin’s head against your pussy causing his pink tongue to slip inside of your wet entrance a string of curses leaving your lips as the male lapped at your insides swirling his tongue.

Your back arched as you cried out for Jimin, his tongue felt so good swirling in and out of your dripping pussy. Tongue lapping hungrily at your insides he sucked on your pussy trying to pull your juices from your body. He was skilled at what he did you didn’t understand why he needed help. Jb moved his hands up to under his shirt starting to fondle your breast groping on them and squeezing them together. “You like that don’t you baby? He’s good on his tongue work because we practiced on ice cream all week. The only difference is your pussy is tight and wetter than the ice cream.” Jb moaned hotly against your ear leaning a hand down to rub against your clit. Two fingers going hard and fast as your clit, Jimin took over shaking his head side to side burying his tongue against your spot. It was heaven. 

Jimin curved his tongue upwards to hit your spot, eyes looking up at you he gripped harder at your flesh nails digging into your skin as you gasped and whimpered for more. Hands gripping at Jimin’s hair you ground your hips against his face, trying to face fuck him and he kept up letting you have your fun your hips moving at a face pace. It sent your stomach clenching and tightening up, you were so slow to your orgasm. 

“Fuck~ oh fuck Jimin! Yes Jimin please don’t stop!” You cried out throwing your head back as he continued to thrust his tongue in and out against your spot making it vibrate as he tongue fucked you. It took only a few more thrusts for him to have you cumming, stomach tight and breath ragged. Your back arched off of the couch as you continued to circle your hips, Jb letting his fingers continue to ghost against your clit causing a little water to squirt from you. Once you felt your orgasm pass down you lay back against the couch panting, body heavy and tired but you could go another round. 

Jimin moved to stand up, he started to strip slowly for you grinning as he started to do one of Bts’s famous dance. “La la la la la~” He started to sing before he discarded his shirt. His pants and boxers went off he winked at you walking towards you before he dug his knees into the couch. 

He let his dick rub up and down your slit, both of you moaning he let his dick get wet from your pussy moaning more. “I think I can’t wait to fuck your pussy kitten. Gonna get my dick nice and wet inside of you. You’ll be screaming. I’m not going to stop until you are cumming around my dick with your tight pussy. I want you to squeeze that pretty little pussy around my dick when you cum alright?” He asked slapping your breast together with his hands. He gripped the base of his cock before he slide into you slowly inch by inch. You felt the couch dip down beside you and he was completely naked. 

“Come on baby wrap those pretty pink lips around daddy’s thick cock. I promise not to fuck your throat too hard.” He grinned while watching you moan. He gripped harshly at your hair pushing your mouth down on his dick making you take him inch by inch. You moaned around his shaft, Jimin completely feeling you up to the brim. Your hips pushed down against his and he gripped your hips starting to pound slow and hard into you.

His hips rolling and grinding into your tight pussy he rubbed against your spot, Jaebum waited until you were somewhat adjusted to his dick before he started to slam his dick in and out of your mouth. Wet lewd and sloppy sounds were made from both the choking from your mouth and Jimin pounding away at your pussy. The couch moving under each thrusts and roll of hips. The only other sound that was heard were your muffled cries of pleasure and their grunts and groans. Your eyes looked down to see Jimin hitting against your body his balls slamming against your ass. 

“She’s so fucking sexy and tight isn’t she? Feels good to be in that tight little cunt don’t it?” Jb questioned Jimin who nodded his head giving harsh grind motions of his hips. 

“I want to fuck her until she can’t even fucking speak. But you got that part down hyung.” Both men shared a laugh and a high five. You squeezed around Jimin’s dick mewling around the thick shaft in between your lips. Your mouth stretch out around him, the spit slipped down your chin and you slurped on him trying to get the excess spit up. A hand reaching up to play with his balls as Jimin fucked you senseless. Your eyes rolled back one hand grabbing at Jimin’s shoulder. He fucked you so hard your breast flopped up and down, your pussy making smacking noises every time he slipped back into you. You were close but you weren’t able to say it because both male’s had you feeling pleasure that ripped through your back and made you shudder.

Your back arched stomach coiling as you squeezed your pussy lips around him as tight as you could. Jimin felt it and he urged you on to cum on him, his finger moving to rub against your clit. Your hips jerked a bit and Jimin got erratic with his thrusts your tight walls making his eyes roll back and mouth drop open as he cried out your name. 

Jaebum was the first to cum, filling your mouth up with cum, he slipped your head all the way down to the base of his cock his finger gripping at your nose to cut off your breath as he filled up your mouth. “Fucking swallow it all, that’s my good little slut, swallow it so daddy can let you breathe.” He moaned out watching as you swallowed it all up. Your ears starting to pop as Jimin brought you to an orgasm slamming in and out of you, your eyes rolling back and body going limp. Jb let your nose go so that you could breathe and tears slipped down your face, your body shaking and writing under Jimin who was the next to cum, filling you up with his cum some slipped out of you. He moaned slowing down the pace milking himself inside of you. 

“Damn that was good.” Jimin moaned falling down on you and Jb slide into the couch beside you. All three of you panting and seeking air trying to suck it in the room hot and your bodies sweaty. 

“So.. Do you think you’re ready now?” You asked Jimin softly trying to regain the feelings in your thighs. He looked up at you after a second with a boyish grin on his lips. 

“I don’t know. Only the second round will tell.”

For @sterektrashbag because she’s been feeling a little down lately and Sterek cuddles always make me feel better when I hit a low. Based on the Taylor Swift lyric one night he wakes, strange look on his face, pauses, then says “you’re my best friend” and you knew what it was, he is in love.

Thank you to @hoechlindylan for being a beautiful beta.

Stiles kicks back, startling awake.

He’s certain the dream is real; Derek is gone, he knows it. This time, he’s really dead.

Bracing himself for the worst, Stiles prepares to turn around; he can’t breathe, the sweat dripping down his face stinging his eyes. His head swims as he imagines Derek covered in blood, cold and lifeless - exactly as he was in his dream - but when he finally turns, he’s met with nothing but a sleeping face.

“You’re okay,” he whispers, touching Derek’s cheek.

“I’m okay,” Derek whispers back, smiling reassuringly instead of opening his eyes, bringing his hand up to cover Stiles’ shaking fingers.

Stiles tries to swallow the lump still in his throat, burying himself a little closer to Derek’s warmth, breathing him in. He doesn’t know if dating a werewolf has changed him much but lately, breathing Derek in, scenting him as hungrily as Derek scents him, has become the only comfort Stiles knows he can rely on when his head becomes too much. “They took you. I couldn’t get to you.”

“You would have,” Derek says, no hesitation.

Stiles shakes his head, clenching his fists. You were in so much pain. I couldn’t do anything. “I wasn’t enough.”

“You tried. That’s what matters.”

Stiles snorts because it’s expected of him, because Derek is teasing; laughs, even though it’s not funny. You died. Died because Stiles failed to get to him; because that’s what happens when someone loves him, they end up paying for it, regretting it.  

“Stop thinking,” Derek chastises, pulling him closer. “You’re perfect. Maybe not to everyone else. Maybe you’ve done some shit. But you’re perfect to me and - wherever she is, I know she’s proud of you.”

He doesn’t realise he’s crying, doesn’t even notice his eyes are wet, until Derek rolls them both, cradling Stiles under him, shushing him. Stiles hates it when Derek tries to quiet him like this, like a child, but right now he welcomes it, shamelessly pushing his face further into Derek’s neck, filling his lungs with as much of him as he can, silently pleading for him not to disappear.

He doesn’t remember falling asleep. When he opens his eyes again, Derek has pulled back but he’s still there, close, real; staring at him, a funny look on his face.

“What?” Stiles asks, touching his pillow. “Was I drooling again?”

Derek shakes his head, even though Stiles can plainly feel he was drooling.

“Then why are you looking at me like that? Oh god,” he groans, “please tell me I wasn’t snoring. I am already the world’s most unattractive sleeper, I don’t need this too.”

“No, not snoring,” Derek leans in, surprising him with a kiss, “and for what it’s worth, I think Sleeping Beauty needs to hold onto her nightcap. You’re a beautiful sleeper.”

Stiles narrows his eyes. There is no amusement in Derek’s voice - he doesn’t even roll his eyes - and Stiles knows something is up. Derek always rolls his eyes; whether he’s teasing, playing or arguing. It’s their thing. They roll at one another. It’s how they say-

“You’re my best friend.”

Stiles blinks. “What?”

Derek shrugs, ducking his head, his tell-tale sign he’s blushing. “You’re my best friend. You don’t have to say it back or anything. I…just wanted to tell you.”

Stiles’ breath hitches. Derek has never used the L word before and Stiles has never asked him to; he doesn’t need him to. It’s in everything Derek does, from the way he gives Stiles his jacket when it’s cold out to the way he holds his hand for no reason at all; in every jar of peanut butter Derek makes him because he knows Stiles hates the store bought ones; in every blanket he covers him up with when he falls asleep researching. Stiles understands why Derek is afraid to say it; every time he has, something bad has happened, someone has died.

He exhales shakily. “Yeah?” he asks, even though he knows; he knows what Derek is trying to tell him.

Leaning in again, Derek kisses him for a second time and Stiles kisses back, heart pounding. “You’re my best friend,” he repeats, louder this time, beginning to shake a little.

Stiles slides his hands up Derek’s sides, uncertain which one of them he is trying to reassure. “You’ll always be my first call, Der,” he whispers back, cupping the side of his face. “You’re my favourite. You know that, right?”

Derek smiles, nods. “I do now.”

Rolling his eyes, Stiles laughs, the last bit of tension leaving his body. “You’re a dork, you know. You fool no-one, Hale.”

“Your dork,” Derek noses at him, nipping at his jaw playfully. “Do you want to know a fact about dorks?”

Stiles nods.

“They never leave you.”

You don’t know that, Stiles wants to say. Instead, he nips Derek back, eyes fluttering shut at the rough texture under his lips.  

“Go to sleep, Stiles.”

“You first.”

“This isn’t a competition.”

“Like hell it isn’t.”

Derek rolls his eyes, sighing long and suffering, before manhandling Stiles onto his side, tucking himself in behind him. “Last one to fall asleep is a rotten egg.”

Stiles grins, lacing his fingers with Derek’s, squeezing them. “Original,” he says. Derek kisses his neck in return, snuffling at it, knowing it makes Stiles squirm, ticklish.

Derek puts a hand on his leg, stilling him. “Sleep.”

Stiles’ grin widens and he pulls Derek’s arms tighter around him. Love you too, Der.

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How the characters would act during and after a mid-day nap.

How cute~

Yoosung sometimes gets drowsy after a long day of school and gaming on LOLOL. You’d come over to see him face down on the keyboard, snoozing the afternoon away. He looks so cute when he sleeps, his eyes closed so peacefully, his breathing long and steady, his cheek squished over one eye. You’ll have a hard time waking him up because your conscience wants to watch him sleep a little longer. When he wakes up, his eyes sparkle from seeing you’re there. He’ll yawn and rub his eye with a smile, “Oh… Hey, (Y/n). Sorry, I must’ve dozed off… Alright, I’ll go to my bed. But… will you join me?”

Zen’s canon to be a night owl, so it’s not all surprising to catch him catching some beauty sleep in the middle of the day. You’ll probably find him asleep on the couch in his living room, his script open and laid on his face, his left arm drooping off the couch. You figure he wants to catch up on his sleep for his rehearsal tonight, so you carefully climb on top of him and nuzzle your head against his chest. To your surprise, he stirs to play with your hair. Half asleep, he mumbles “My princess… You’re so cute, haha..” before he continues to drift away in comatose.

Jaehee? Napping? That’s a first. The only time she’ll take a break is if she gets really exhausted and just passes out in the middle of doing work at her desk. You’d notice how beautiful she looks with her hair mangled and her glasses off, her plush lips taking in relaxed breaths. You worry she’ll get aches if she continues to sleep like that, so you encourage her to go to bed to nap, but she mumbles something like “I need to finish working”. You have to be firm in order to get her to finally comply, having her lie down on the bed and covering her with a duvet. “I really shouldn’t have fallen asleep… but then again, even I should relax once in a while. Thank you, (Y/n).”

Jumin manages to get Jaehee ticked off because he doesn’t show up to work and he misses an important meeting, so she asks you to get him there. You find him snoozing while sitting on the sofa, his arms crossed. His face is stoic like he spent time in a coffin, his head tilted slightly downwards. When you attempt to get him up, he grabs you by your wrist and pulls you towards his body, his back falling onto the sofa cushions. Before you can say anything, he silences you by nuzzling his face in your neck as you’re laying on top of him. “I’m aware I have business to attend to, but… I rather stay like this all day.” You better believe he called Jaehee to cancel all of his plans for the rest of the day and evening.

Seven pretty much sleeps during the day anyway, so this is nothing new. You come over to his place to see it being a total pigsty- empty Dr. Pepper cans and Honey Buddha Chips scattered everywhere. You don’t see his maid anywhere, so you go to his computer room to see him K.O’ed on his keyboard at his desk, snoring and drooling like no tomorrow. You shake his shoulder lightly to get him up and he scARES THE LIVING SHIT out of you by jolting with an outburst like “FOURTH WALL BREAKING”. As soon as he realizes you standing there, he’d quickly wipe the drool of his lip and chuckle sheepishly. “Hehe, It’s you, (Y/n). Don’t worry, ahaha! I’m going to bed. Only if you join me though~” He’ll lay with you and get comfortable in your arms, kissing your cheek before he gets comfortable. Right when you expect him to be sleeping, he whispers, “Hey (Y/n)? What do you call a sleepwalking nun? … A roamin Catholic. :D” “SAEYOUNG I SWEAR TO GLOB–”

Questionable Item

I don’t even know where to start. So many questions, so little to no answers.

Headcanon is, he bought it from Tanaka. [ cue TV shopping song ]

>> Removable comment: A super random idea while eating Tacos with mimeowendormi. I derped and made the pillow small. Just ignore that hurrrrr…

Paper, Pencil + SAI.

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I want to see Kuroko broken into a writhing mess underneath me. I want to put a cock ring on him and ride him and fuck him while he has it and see how he begs me to take it off. I want to see him drooling, crying, shaking and sweating. I want to see him shamefully beg me for pleasure and see his face when I continue to tease him... Haaahh, Kuroko's dace contorted with pleasure and torture turns me on so much.

She Changes the Weather (Karamel)

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PROMPT: [anon] Hi its me the silly anon who bombarded you in your other account. I would love for you to write a fic set after 2x08 Mon-El reverts back to his old ways (bad boy/flirtatious/extrovert) due to the denial of the kiss and feelings for each other. Kara stays away from him (bc she helplessly gets jealous/nervous & awkward around him) annoyed enough, she eventually gives in & shows him two can play his game. Give me back&forth realistic tension!

SHIPS: Kara/Mon-El

WARNINGS: N/A (relatively fluffy)

A/N: I really really really hope this is to your liking! I had a lot of fun writing it, and I really hope you like it :) Also: GIF ISN’T MINE!

CHAPTERS: One-shot :)


“…About what?” Mon-El frowned, and it was very convincing, but for a second Kara couldn’t believe he couldn’t remember what had happened hours before. “What did I do?”

She was about to say it, but she froze. In the midst of the words “You kissed me” leaving her lips, she held her tongue. Immediately she went for comic relief–

“You drooled!” She said suddenly, cursing herself.

“I–what?” he said, “Oh god–”

“–You drooled all over yourself!” She laughed. It sounded so forced to her–he was going to know, she could tell, she wasn’t convincing–

“Ooh,” he laughed, covering his mouth, “that’s–that’s bad.”

She giggled, and he smiled up at her, “But uh…that’s it? Nothing else…?”

“Oh, no.” she waved it off. They stood awkwardly for a moment and then she nodded, “Okay well, get some rest.”

He nodded and watched her leave. He couldn’t help but think she ran away so fast. The moment she got a chance to get away from him, she was off. Maybe it was better that she thought he didn’t know. Maybe they’d both be better off if he continued to inhibit himself from showing her that kind of affection.

He turned back towards the wall and looked down at his hands as they sat folded in his lap. Suddenly, he couldn’t help but feel a bit bitter about the whole thing. He cracked his knuckles and looked up, scowling immensely hard.

“Hey crazy man,” Winn teased easily, standing to Mon-El’s side, “what’s with the scowl? You look like you’re gonna pop something.”

Mon-El didn’t reply, only stood and pulled the IV out of his hand. “It’s nothing.” he said, brushing quickly past.

“Hey–wait!” Winn protested, “Where are you going?”

Mon-El walked quickly out, past Eliza, Alex and J'onn. Winn jogged after him. “Hey, Mon-El–!”

“–Where’re my clothes?” Mon-El stopped abruptly, turning on his heel and almost making Winn run into him.

“We got rid of them, we thought they had the virus on them–where’re you going?” Winn asked quickly, Eliza and Alex coming up behind him.

“Home?” Mon-El said as though it were obvious.

“Oh, Mon-El, I don’t know if that’s a good idea–” Alex began,

“–You’ve just gotten better we really should keep you for observation–at least overnight.” Eliza offered and Mon-El sighed,

“Listen, I’m done being locked up in here.” He said bitterly, “I want to go home, and I’m going to go.”

“Mon-El–” J'onn began with a more stern tone, but without any warning, Mon-El disappeared, papers in the arms of agents passing by flying in his wake.

*    *    *

Kara walked out of the photocopy room, tucking a folder underneath a pile she had stacked high in her arms. She sucked on her bottom lip and seemed generally pretty happy.

“Kara.” She looked up and jumped.

“Ah!” She yelped, dropping her folders.

Alex raised her eyebrows, giving Kara a very concerned look. “You okay there?” she said as they both bent down in unison to pick up the beige cardstock.

“Oh, yeah,” Kara shook her head as they stood, touching her glasses nervously, “I’m good, I was just…not…thinking.”

“Oh, you weren’t thinking?” Alex said skeptically, placing the last folder on top of the pile.

“Yes.” Kara said unconvincingly, walking past Alex towards the elevator, pressing the button aggressively.

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{ a stranger and an insignificantly significant experience }
      → for all those enjoying sunny skies this summer
                   and ravyngrace who’s been lovely from the very start

AU: Summer, Airport
Pairing: Akashi x Reader (Semi-platonic)
Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst
Words: 1443 
A/N: Way longer than I intended lol I’m sorry but I hope you enjoy!


Fantastic. You had rushed to the airport, thinking that you were going to be late thanks to the terrible weather and your flight gets delayed instead thanks to the terrible weather. You huffed as you listened to the woman’s voice echo throughout the airport, telling all the passengers that all flights would be postponed until further notice. Meaning, you weren’t going to board the plane anytime soon. You huffed as your shoulders slumped. Just great.

This vacation was already starting off horribly.

The redheaded man next to you cursed under his breath, muttering something about being late to a meeting. Wow, the start of summer vacation and he still had work. It must suck to be a workaholic like that. “Do you know when the new flight times are going to be posted?”

“They said they’re delayed until further notice.”

“Fuck,” he spat out absentmindedly. His eyes widened slightly as he turned to you, “I apologize. I didn’t mean to use such crude language.”

“No big,” you cleared your throat, finally noticing the beautiful shade of his eyes. Wow. You didn’t know anyone who could pull off red eyes and still look hot. “Um, are you in a hurry somewhere?”

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