drool worthy

Bless the person who invented gray sweatpants...

ICE CREAM COOKIE SANDWICHES Vegan Gluten Free and Oh sOOo Drool Worthy Style😛🍦🍪💃🏽ahh these are sooo fun and gooood! let me know if ya want the recipe ! ~ no oven needed for this slightly crunchy slightly chewy sweet n salty cool'n creamy sink your teeth into goodness 😉 inspired by my mom who use to always make ice cream sandwiches with Rice Krispie treats growing up! This is a healthy vegan alternative of that fav treat growing up! (Oh and as you can see you can also make lil energy balls with this recipe too). Yew !! Will be posting 4 more entries from #talineandandyschristmascomp on insta story today ! And one recipe feature tonight ! It’s the season!!🍦🍪🍦🍪🍦 📹 shemmy xo (at North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii)

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itshaejinju  asked:

Some domestic Gladio HC: grill master steaks are his specialty. Beer enthusiast. Mr fixit like anything he can fix. Will get rid of any pest for you with skill all catch and release. Never forgets a important date will jokingly forget just to surprise you big time. Camping vacations to a log cabin. He cuts his own fire wood shirtless. (Drool worthy right there) collection of muscle cars but owns a big truck as well. Writes on rain days. Sings in the shower. Dances in the kitchen with you.

The visual of Gladio singing in the shower is so cute omg! Imagine him singing and then he hears his s/o singing the harmony outside the door before coming inside and joining him ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


Just a few Soo Hyuk expression gifs… because I can.

Me, watching the first two episodes of Moorim School...

Cuz all dem shirtless scenes… 

anonymous asked:

But what was Hunk's question for Lance's dad?

ok so hear me out. 

lance’s mom has this world famous recipe for buñuelos (traditional cuban fried dough), right? it’s like, drool-worthy. anyone who tries it would tell you it must be infused with crack or something.

lance’s birthday was coming up and hunk was very aware of how homesick lance had been, so he was asking for lance’s mom’s recipe. hunk knew it wouldn’t be exactly like how mrs. mcclain makes it (especially without the right ingredients) but it’s the thought that counts, right?

(after the initial shock of accidentally texting keith, hunk just texted lance’s mom and got the recipe from her directly… she was happy to share it with him because he’s a sweetheart and also mrs. mcclain’s favorite)

OMG… His facial expressions are life.