drool pant

Give me long-term relationship level shenanigans where Keith and Lance have been together for years to the point that they’ve lived through the honeymoon phase (which was a lot of Lance mooning and Keith trying hard to not to let that adorable fucking sap make him melt in his goddamn mid-calf boots but failing miserably), the big fights (because sometimes Keith was too cold to feel how desperately Lance wanted to reach out to him, and his knee-jerk reflex was always to push push push everything and everyone away when he didn’t know what else to do, and all Lance wanted was to hold him up out of the carnage as everything fell to pieces around them), the long-distance stretches (Jesus, Lance, the galaxy was only a few quintants away and their lions had basically the best video chat service in the universe), and the real talks™ (“So, I love you, okay?” “Um, okay? I love you…. too?” “What the hell, man? Why is that a question?!” “You asked it as a question first!” “Ugh, shut your quiznak and kiss me, you asshole.” They kissed, then, “You actually did ask it as a question fir–” “Oh, fuck you, Keith.”).

Give me long-term Klance/Laith where Lance will just walk up to Keith reading on the couch and roll into his lap for the idle head massage, and Keith will very considerately wait until Lance wakes up to grumble about the giant drool spot plastering his pant leg to his thigh. Give me Keith getting worked up about something and instead of bottling the frustration up as bruises from the gladiator he rants it out to Lance, who is 100% attentive to what his boyfriend is saying but also manages to clean their room, wash the sinkful of dishes, and alphabetize all of Pidge’s “Learn Altean” book things as Keith sort of trails after him, still flailing wildly in his impassioned tirade. Give me the two of them sitting in silence as they do their respective tasks but also subtly play footsie with their socked feet under the table. Give me Lance trying desperately to stay up until Keith is finished training but ends up sprawling out on the floor and Keith has to half-drag and half-carry him to bed while Lance is sleep-delirious and paying Keith super-sweet compliments on how pretty he is and Keith’s face is a literal tomato. Give me Keith feeling so secure in their relationship that Lance works his charm on everything that moves and Keith just smirks at him knowingly and discreetly slips his hand into Lance’s so their palms are pressed together.

Just… long-term Klance/Laith being perfectly imperfect and still fighting and bickering and shit but also being the kind of tender that comes so naturally they aren’t conscious of doing anything soppy until Hunk or Pidge call them out for being an old married couple (and they think it’d be kinda cute to walk around together as old dudes with matching colour-coordinated canes in similar states of balding despite Lance’s obviously superior and less-wrinkled skin).

I'm Not Gay

D.va: MCCREE, are you SURE you don’t like Hanzo? -3-

Tracer: Ya can’t hide a rainbow from me, Jesse. You know that.

McCree: … *singing* I’m not gay guys, that ain’t me! I’m just comfortable with my sexuality. So I can admit when I see a guy, who’s got a handsome face and pretty eyes-

*starts imaging Hanzo*

and a rock hard chest….and rippling abs…and the tightest ass…..and those sculpted calves…..and the bulging quads…and that perfect bod…..and oh my g o d take your pants off *drooling*

D.va: oh m y

Tracer: …..called it

Hanzo: ………………………… *Hanzo.exe has stopped working*


Forgive Me Father

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Description: Halloween/role playing? Idk man, it was a 5 am, no sleep, thought, just roll with it.

Warning: Smut and Sinning

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Say what you will, but everyone knows October is the best month of the year. It’s finally Autumn, you can bust out the oversized sweatshirts, hot chocolate every day is completely acceptable, and the entire neighborhood is decked head to toe in decorations. Thirty days straight of horror movies and those cute animated kids movies. It’s just such a lighthearted month, the holiday is pure fun, no stress for money and presents like Christmas, no anxiety over having to get together with family you hate on Thanksgiving; Halloween is #1. And the best part? Halloween parties. Pros and cons of being an adult, you can’t trick ‘r’ treat anymore, but you can get shit faced drunk at the parties your parents never let you come to. 
And that’s exactly what you and Johnny were up to. 
The music blasting shook the walls of whoever’s house you were in, lord knows it didn’t matter if alcohol was present. For a cliche costume party, the host really went all out. It truly felt like a club; lights flashing in the living room, unlimited alcohol, and countless bodies pressed against each other, grinding away. Johnny was already rethinking his idea in costume, regretting the joke idea of going as a priest and sexy nun, seeing you dressed so scantily forced him to continuously have a hand on you, keeping you by his side. Drinks were located, and consumed by the cup full, you somehow found Yuta and Taeyong among the ocean of people swarming the house and mingled about. Before long your body was buzzing and you two joined the ‘dance floor’. Everyone was tipsy, Johnny had pulled you back against him, just having a fun time and dancing.
Very quickly, fun dancing turned into you and Johnny just grinding against each other and making out, and trying not to bump in to any of the sea of bodies surrounding you two. You maybe have been conscious of not knocking in to other people, but some drunks dancing weren’t as concerned, and a couple of boys crashed right into you and Johnny. One managed to spill his entire cup of god knows what down the front of your costume; he apologized profusely before being dragged away, but there was no way you were continuing with a drenched, smelling, quickly becoming sticky costume and decided to call it a night and headed back home and continue the party by yourselves. 

Messily jamming the key in the door, Johnny finally managed to swing it open, the wood crashing against the wall as you two stumbled into the living room. 
“I-I’m gonna go upstairs,” You explained, wobbling on your feet. “You um…uh..”
“Get water?” Johnny asked.
“Yeah! Yeah, you get water, I gotta get this off.” You motioned at your now sticky costume and drunkenly made your way upstairs, somehow managing not to break your neck on the stairs and tripped into the bedroom. Balancing yourself on the side of the bed, trying to work the tight material off your shoulders proved to more difficult that your brain could handle in the moment, and you had to back peddle, attempting to work it over your hips instead. Unlucky, you got stuck there too, the fabric too constricting to work over your chest, you could already head the threads pulling apart in the back. Huffing your breath, you started to yell for help, “Joh-”
“Don’t move.” His voice sounded from the doorway and you turned to see him before he spoke again, “Stay still. Look forward, that’s it. Don’t move, and do as I say.” 
You obeyed, but a frown crept on your face, “Johnny, I’m stuck, help me please?”
He didn’t respond, but you could hear him move closer to you, the warmth radiating off his body as his arms reached around you to place two glasses of water on the bedside table. “Why Sister, you look like you’ve gotten yourself in a mess, haven’t you?”
“’Sister’? Johnny, what are you ta-”
“Hush now,” Johnny leaned down, letting his warm breath tickle your neck, “Look at you. Dress hiked up, you expose yourself when you know I’m here, and you reek of alcohol.” His hand curled around your exposed hip, fingers teasing at the lace panties that were once hidden beneath your costume, but now on full display with the fabric bunched around your waist.
“Johnny, I-” You voice cut off with a shriek as Johnny’s hand came down full force on your ass, spanking the flesh harshly. 
 “Sister, you ooze sin. And you need to repent for your sins.” Johnny cooed mockingly against your cheek, you could see the smirk on his face from the corner of your eye before he spoke again. “Kneel, and say your prayers.”
A hand on your shoulder forced you down, legs buckling as you fell to your knees and your torso pressed to the side of the bed. Shuffling behind you, you turned to see Johnny shedding the suit jacket he wore, tossing it to the floor and kicking his shoes off, kneeling behind you. His chest pressed against your back, knees tucked between your spread legs, he took your hands in his and pressed them together, “Pray, and cleanse yourself of your sins.”
Giving up, you began, “Our father who art in heaven,  Your kingdom come, your will be do-”
Johnny’s hand left yours, and swiftly brought his palm down on your lace covered bottom again, your thighs clenching together in response.
Tsk tsk, Sister, you pray to the wrong God.” Your breath grew ragged, as Johnny decided to start toying with the fabric covering your core, he did adore the black design, but it really was obstructing the view of his favorite sight. Leaving your hands to pray on their own, Johnny snapped the elastic band of your panties against your skin, smirking as you jumped, before yanking them down all together, until they were stuck at your kneeling knees. “Start over.
Feeling Johnny against your now naked backside, you could feel the bulge in his pants making its presence known, pressing into your bare skin as you began again, “Father Seo, who belongs in me- ah- let me-oh.”
Your train of thought broken, Johnny’s spit slick fingers brushed over your core, rolling your clit between his long digits. Hips twitching at the pleasure, your head fell forward on the bed, trying to roll your hips back to Johnny in a silent beg for more. Unfortunately, Johnny’s touch stopped the second you ceased your prayer, “Ah ah, Sister. Only those that worship shall be given the pleasure they deserve. Continue.”
Moaning in frustration, you wiggled your hips in an attempt to egg him on, but got nothing in return. “Let me please you! Seo, your will be done! On ea-ah-earth as it is in…heaven…”
“Good, good,” Johnny cooed, leaning forward to nip your neck as he pressed lightly at your entrance. “Keep going.”
“Oh this isn’t fair!” You groaned against the blanket, but complied. “Uh John-give us…this day our daily bread, and…oh fuck..and forgive us our d-debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And-shit- lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil!”
“So obedient,” Johnny chuckled against your neck, “Very good Sister, you certainly deserve a reward for this, yes?”
Desperately pushing your hips back for some form of stimulation, you begged against the comforter, “Yes! I’ve been good Father, please reward me!”
“Very well,” Johnny hummed, brushing against your clit again, he pushed two fingers in knuckle deep, moaning at the wet heat that engulfed his digits. Your hips instinctively pushed back at finally getting some pay out, your own fingers clutching the blanket as his fingers moved inside you, massaging your warm walls as he rolled his clothed cock against your bare ass, searching for some release. “So wet, Sister, does praying turn you on this much?”
Moaning a pitiful yes that made Johnny chuck at your desperation, he curled his fingers, expertly finding your button and pressing it hard, forcing your back to curve and a gasp fly from your mouth as the pleasure shot through your body. Having enough of you grinding back against him, Johnny removed his fingers much to your whining in protest, and hurries to unbutton his pants, not bothering to remove them completely and just pushing them to his thighs, sighing at his hard cock finally being free.
Hand wrapped around himself, your slick arousal on his fingers aided him in pumping his member, thumbing the drops of precum, slicking his cock for you.
“Are you ready?” Breaking character, Johnny preps you well, but he always had to ask.
“God yes!” You whined, wiggling your hips pathetically, “Please fuck me already, Johnny, hurry up!”
Johnny panting harshly at the sight of you bent over and presenting just for him, begging for his cock. Done with the teasing, Johnny pressed the head to your core, feeling your body twitch and tense in anticipation. Inching closer,Johnny slowly pushed the blunt head inside you, tossing his head back and groaning loudly at the warmth surrounding his cock as he bottomed out; you in no better shape, desperately pressing back against him to take every inch, walls already convulsing around his length as you moaned in the blanket. 
Ah fuck..” Johnny swore, biting his lip harshly as his hands took hold of your hips, thrusting maddeningly slow at first, reassuring himself you were able to take him without pain, but seeing you practically fucking yourself back on his member, he threw that idea out the window, straightening himself out, and delivered long, deep thrusts into your willing body. The coin in your stomach already tightening, arousal dripping down the inside of your thighs. 
“That’s it, yes,” Johnny grunted, snapping his hips sharply, sending sparks of pleasure through your body. “Take your redemption.”
Johnny’s thrusts deep and hard, making you sob against the bed at the impossible pleasure, he started to lose himself, thrusting erratically, grinning to himself as he shifted and  your back curved as the head of his cock brushed your g-spot again, watching your shiver, and pant, and drool on the blanket in pleasure. Determined to make you cum first, his hand disappeared between your thighs again, rubbing your clit harshly while continuing to pound that perfect spot inside you, your entire body tensing.  
“I-Johnny I’m so close.” You moaned, giving in to biting the blanket in an attempt to keep your screams in. “I-ah-Johnny harder!”
“Me too,” Johnny panted. Breathing heavily, “Let it go.”
Johnny sped up his thrusts and pinched your clit, your scream so loud Johnny begged that the neighbors had gone out for Halloween too, he kept thrusting, letting you ride out your orgasm before you started whining that it was too much. Johnny ripped himself from you and quickly pumped his slick cock and with a grunt, shot his cum over your back and crumpled costume. Breathing harshly as he stroked his spent cock, Johnny breathlessly chucked, “Sister, I do believe your sins have been forgiven.”

“The skaters go out for tea or dinner or something after the GPF, right? And Yura is still riding the high from his Gold win and not thinking and he’s just so happy and beaming at Otabek like a proud little kitty like "are you proud of me too, Daddy?” And Beka is just smiling back like “Damn right I am, Kitten. You did so well on the ice.” And there’s too many people at the table so some smaller kiddos have to sit in laps so Viktor pulls Yuuri into his and Yura crawls into Otabek’s and Yura is sitting directly on top of Otabek’s cock without realizing it but he’s still so wiggly and happy from his win and Otabek goes still and quiet sighs huge ass blush on his face and Chris nudges Otabek like “you okay, bruh?” and Beka just nods quickly and tries to shift Yura over a little but Yura pouts and repositions himself like “No, Beka. I wanna be right here dammit!” And Beka’s grip on Yura’s hips tighten and he FINALLY gets the hint like “Oh! OOOOOOHHHHHH!!” And he gets this bratty smirk and glances behind his shoulder at Otabek with the worst mischievous shit eating grin on his face and batting his eyelashes and Beka is like “you’re so getting spanked when we get back to the hotel..” But! Yura would never let another see Otabek’s 19CM trouser snake since it’s for his eyes only! So Beka pretty much uses him as a shield and Yura shakes his little booty for Daddy when he leads them to the little boys room. Beka locks the door so they aren’t interrupted and fucks Yura hard over the sink, his baby boy drooling and panting and whining for that dick all the way because it’s perfect and stretches him so well and reaches so deep! The best way to end the night is with 3 loads of Daddy’s cum in his ass cause you know they fuck more when they get back to the hotel cause they’re truly insatiable for each other! 

absolutely fabulous hc by @the-sassy-sister  ❤❤

Alec walked into the loft and dropped his gear by the door. He sighed lightly as he rolled his shoulders to relieve some tension from the day. With war raging between shadowhunters and downworlders, things at the institute had been hellish. He was happy to finally be home.

“Mags,” He called, walking further into the loft. “You home.”

“I’ll be right out.”

The warlock’s voice floated from his study. Alec knew better than to disturb him while he was finishing up work, so he went over to the drink cart and starting pouring. He looked up when he heard footsteps coming down the hall.

Magnus looked as gorgeous as ever. His shirt fit tightly over his arms in a way that made Alec nearly drool. He pants were perfectly tailored over his shiny black shoes. His make up flawless, from the glitter above his eyes to the shimmering gloss painted on his lips. But there was something different about him today.

“Hey, you put the colors back in your hair.”

Magnus nodded, reaching for his drink. “I did.”

“I like it,” Alec walked closer to him. “It’s…sexy.”

Magnus smiled at him, sliding his hand up Alec’s arm and neck. “Sexy? Really?”

“Really,” Alec murmured, leaning a little closer. He saw Magnus start to smirk as he closed his eyes.

Magnus’s hand on his cheek brought their lips together in a soft kiss. Alec sighed softly as Magnus’s mouth moved against his own. He had been craving this all day, the feel of Magnus in his arms, solid and strong against his chest, the taste of his tongue, his hands on his body.

He wrapped his arms around the warlock’s waist, ready to draw him to the bedroom when the front door slammed open.

“Clary’s been kidnapped!” Jade shouted. Alec broke the kiss with a groan.

Of fucking course.

Only On Thursdays: Chapter One

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Story Summary: You’re dead.

Okay, well technically you are cursed. But still dead. Zombie. Living corpse. Whatever name modern society wants to give you. In a world rife with supernatural creatures and blatant unbelievers, you live and hunt alone. Only your giant wolf hound gives you company. It’s not much of an afterlife, but it’s yours.

But one atypical Thursday, your dinner gets stolen by the most annoying, elitist, insufferable asshole vampire. His name is Ivar.

And your quiet, lonely afterlife will never be the same again.

Pairing: Vampire Ivar x Zombie Reader

Chapter One TW: blood, killing, blood drinking, mild body horror, mild derogatory language, brief mentions of zombie meals

Read below the cut or on A03 here

A/N: Hey guys! New story here, for  @synnersaint‘s idea that we write Monster Ivar for October/Halloween! My idea kind of ran away with me, so if you guys like this it will be multi chaptered. Please heed the warnings. Thanks to @pokeasleepingsmaug for being beta!

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Now I know why Gotham doesn’t feature too much Zsasz…

It’s because my heart can’t take it. (Or is it my underpants? I’m not sure anymore.)

Lust x Fell
  • (Gotta say, very dirty sinful sex up in here, letting you people know, you been warn~ hope yah all love it as much as I do, and enjoy every hot sexy moment of it~ I regret nothing, also, give a like and reblog lol)
  • *In UnderLust*
  • LustSans: Heya bro, I'm heading out to Grillbyz, k
  • LustPaps: -Sighs- fine.. but don't over drink.. Can't stand to always end up dragging you back home from you always getting so drunk all the time..
  • LustSans: Ah g Paps, don't worry, I ain't gonna be dra-gon you down, with me over drinkin, heh
  • LustPaps: ... Really... you just couldn't help yourself..
  • LustSans: Hehehe, welp, anyway, I'm off, cya
  • *Teleports*
  • LustSans: -comes in the front entrance of door- Heya guys, miss me?
  • CrowdInClub: Hell Yeah! Lust is Back!
  • LustSans: Heh, I take that as a yes~ -walks inside and sits on stole, looks to grillby- yah know what I like grillby~ -winks-
  • LustGrillby: of course, same as always -serves him the ketchup shots- Your brother seems to be getting tired of you drinking more often then usual here
  • *Music bumpin and blasting, loads of strippers and drinkers in kinky sexy clothes dancing*
  • LustSans: -drinks- eh, got no where else to go for some fun heh
  • LustGrillby: -smiles bit- right, just try to not over drink today, your brother text me to remind you that
  • LustSans: -rolls pupils- ok ok, I heard him the first time, ain't much change around here, always same thing, over and over -looks over to the others dancing, partying, drinking, and stripping-
  • LustGrillby: Think something might change for you? -leans to bar with arms crossed-
  • LustSans: Heh -drinks another shot- I wish grillbyz, I sure wish, that something new could happen for once, instead of the same ol thing I see everyday, somethin, interesting, more fun and exciting yah know?
  • LustGrillby: Sure lust, maybe something will change for you
  • -phone rings-
  • LustGrillby: ? hold on lust, I have to answer this -heads to the back in storage room and answers phone-
  • LustSans: Eh ok.. -keeps drinking-
  • *after couple shots later*
  • CrowdInClub: -chant- Dance! Lust! Dance!
  • LustSans: ? -hic- ehehe.. welp, since yah all ask -gets on a pole and strip dances for them, is drunk-
  • CrowdInClub: -Chant, Cheers, and Whistles in Hot Tone-
  • *After a long late night partying, he ends up walking threw the forest*
  • LustSans: -still drunk- *hic* wooo -chuckles- *hic* that was some parrrttyy~ -blushing from effect of drinking and pupils are heart shape purple-
  • -As soon as he almost makes it back home, a mysterious portal appears, right infront of him, out of no where-
  • LustSans: ? -tilts head- *hic* wha this?.. -goes closer to take a peek- hmm?..
  • -The portal suddenly sucks him inside and closes behind him-
  • LustSans: !?! Hey! WTF?!
  • -He tries to escape, but the force of the portal pulls him more and more, with no escape-
  • *Next Scene, In UnderFell*
  • FellSans: Boss.. I'm heading to Grillbys.. and cmon home late.. so don't be a ass callin me all crazy to come home..
  • FellPaps: Hmph.. your already a ass to me.. whatever.. go get yourself drunk for all I care...I'll be at the Royal Guard -walks out the front door and slams it behind self-
  • FellSans: *ToSelf: Bitch..
  • -As Soon as he was gonna teleport, a portal appears in front of him-
  • FellSans: ? What the Fuck? -looks at it with hands in jacket pockets- what is this shit?...
  • -the portal sucks him in-
  • FellSans: !? -teleports before it could- what the fuck was that. . . -walks threw forest- least it didn't get me..
  • -portal appears underneath his feet and he falls in, portal closes-
  • FellSans: . . . I should of know...-pupils slightly opened, with a pist off look- where the fuck is it taking me..
  • *Back to LustSans Scene*
  • -portal opens and drops him on ground, and he faceplant-
  • LustSans: !? -muffles- ow.. -slowly stands back up,rubs face, looks around- where am I?.. geez.. I need to get back home
  • -he tries to teleport back to his au world, but for some reason, it only teleports him back to where he is right now-
  • LustSans: ? what the hell -keeps trying- what's goin on here.. why can't I teleport back?.. shit.. this isn't good
  • -he roams threw the forest, soon stumbles upon a empty house-
  • LustSans: -sees- ? hm.. seems empty, do I dare?.. Ah freak it, where else could I go, and its getting pretty dark out
  • -he heads inside the empty house, towards the living room, lays upon couch, slowly falls to sleep-
  • *Back to FellSans Scene*
  • -portal opens up and drops him-
  • FellSans: -lands on feet, grunts- what the fuck.. what's this shitty place.. I'm outer here..
  • *same result as LustSans, he only teleports to the same spot*
  • FellSans: ?.. Son of a Bitch.. guess I'm walkin..fuckin fantastic..
  • *As he roams threw the forest, it starts getting darker with night approaching, he soon stumbles upon the same house that LustSans is in, him not knowing he's there*
  • FellSans: -sees it- looks dead empty.. -looks around- to quiet out here.. might as well spend the night there till morin, and figure out on how the fuck I'm gonna get back..
  • -heads inside, pupils glow red for light, looks around-
  • LustSans: zZzZzZz -Snores-
  • FellSans: -hears- ? not empty.. -heads towards the snoring sound, suddenly seeing him sleeping on couch- ..... *Whispers to self: What the fuck is he doing here. . .
  • LustSans: zZzZzZz
  • FellSans: *Whisper to self: ... of all the Au's....-grunts- fuck sake...-sighs- maybe he might know what happened -grunts- n-no.. what am I saying.. I shouldn't talk to the sex addicting freak.. -back turned- there's gotta be someone else that can bring me back to my au...and explain, on why the fuck I'm here...
  • LustSans: -slowly wakes, hearing a voice, lifts head, and sees him- ? *To Self Whispers: ooooo heh, well well, how interesting that FellSans is here as well. Maybe, in the mean time, since were now both struck here, I could spare the time for some fun with him~ -gets up slowly, and approaches him quietly from behind, with a sly grin-
  • FellSans: *To self: Who ever brought me here with this "Freak" is gonna p-
  • LustSans: -Arms wrap around him- heeeyyy felly~ -chuckles, with pupils glowing in purple heart shape-
  • FellSans: !?! Oh Hell Nah! -Shoves him off- Don't Touch Me! -backs away-
  • LustSans: heheh~ Aww did I scare you felly~
  • FellSans: -raises non existing brow- fuck no... and don't call me that....
  • LustSans: Heh, weird how it brought you and me, together, isn't it~
  • FellSans: Don't Fuckin Touch Me. . .or I'll break you..
  • LustSans: -Leans forward, licks him on mouth- You talk bad~ I love it~
  • FellSans: ! -shivers- what the fuck is with you! you creep me the fuck out.. -clenches fist- Stay the fuck away from me!! Got That!
  • LustSans: or what, yah gonna, Pun-ish me~ *winks*
  • FellSans: First of all, good one, second, not to whatever your thinking...
  • LustSans: -chuckles- C'mere yah sexy bones~ -hands to his face and kisses him on mouth-
  • FellSans: !?! -swings a punch-
  • LustSans: -miss- lol
  • FellSans: -pupils flame red, blushes bit- You Asshole!!!
  • LustSans: -blushes- hehe~ you taste good hot stuff~
  • FellSans: ugh... -shivers- just. don't.
  • LustSans: Aww cmon, its just only you and me here~
  • FellSans: I.. don't give a flying fuck..
  • LustSans: I do~
  • FellSans: -flips him off- Fuck You!
  • LustSans: -loops fingers and puts in center of his middle finger- Fuck Me~ *winks*
  • FellSans: . . . -eyesockets go black, and twitches bit, growls- errr....
  • LustSans: Yah cute when your mad~
  • FellSans: I'm Not Cute! I'm Deadly!
  • LustSans: Oh sure yah are, yah also such a big ol softy~
  • FellSans: -raised voice bit- Stop. It. Now....
  • LustSans: Yah outta try somethin fun for a change sexy bad bones~ and not act like a pussy~
  • FellSans: -Triggered, slam him upon ground, pins him down- Shut Your Sluty Ass Mouth Up!!!
  • LustSans: -gets startled bit, sinful grin, legs wrap around his waist and pulls him down on me- Soooo Hooott~ -grabs to his collar and pulls down, licks on his neck-
  • FellSans: Gahh!?! -flinched and shivers, blushes more, tries to escape-
  • LustSans: -doesn't let him, arms around and over his shoulders, pulls him more down on me, legs still around his waist more tight, looks to him with a sly smile-
  • FellSans: . . . .Let...go..
  • LustSans: heh no~ -tongues him deep in the mouth to his tongue-
  • FellSans: !?! Mmph!-muffles- Stop! -struggles, blushing hard-
  • LustSans: -wraps tongue to his-
  • FellSans: Mmmph!! -can't take it-
  • LustSans: -breathes heavily- ahh heh~ -makes out to him, drools bit-
  • FellSans: a-ahh..-gives up, makes out back to him more roughly-
  • LustSans: -slathers tongue to his neck-
  • FellSans: ahh~ -pants hard, bites bit hard to his neck-
  • LustSans: -Jolts up bit- Ah!~ so naughty~
  • FellSans: *InMind: What the fuck am I doing.. This is so wrong yet.. -grunts- It feels so right* -hand grips to his ass-
  • LustSans: -Jolts bit from feel, blushes hard, yells out in pleasure- ohh felly!~
  • FellSans: -gets kinda turned on, turns him around to his stomach, pulls his shirt off and mine, licks his spine-
  • LustSans: Ahhh!~ -pants heavily, trembles-
  • FellSans: -blushing, whispers- I..hate..you.. -pulls his pants down as I pull my shorts down, bends him over and penetrates him hard and deep in his ass-
  • LustSans: !! Ahhhh!!~ -moans loudly with tongue dripping and drooling bit-
  • FellSans: -pants hard, pounds in him harder, faster, deeper, gripping to his ass, spread wide-
  • LustSans: Ahhhh!~ hhhhhn!~ -moans louder, legs to knees get shaky, breathes heavier, hands grip-
  • FellSans: -breathes much heavier, sweating, keeps pelvic thrusting further and further in deeply, and much faster- ahhh~ mmmhh~ -huffs and puffs hard to his back of spine, with tongue out drooling on it-
  • LustSans: Ahhh!~ -moans out- fuck yes!~ -pants deeply, sweating and drooling from tongue- hhhhhhn!~
  • FellSans: -goes all the way in at limit thrusting deeply harder and faster- ahhhh~ f-fuck~ hhhhhn~ s-shit~ I'm g-gonna~ -full grip on his ass and cums- Ahhh!~
  • LustSans: Ahhhh!!~ -screams in pleasure, from feeling his cum in me all wet- ooohh felly~~~ -blushes deeply-
  • FellSans: -pants, blushes hard, looks down on him and grins- I'm not done yet.. -turns him facing me, lowers his head, hand on back of his head and shoves my dick in his mouth-
  • LustSans: Mmmmppphhh!~
  • FellSans: Get to sucking you thirsty bastard~ -sly and grin smile-
  • LustSans: -sucks deep and hard-
  • FellSans: -pants hard, helps him go faster and deeper-
  • LustSans: -sucks deeply and faster, at sametime, jerking and stroking with bit of grip and squeeze to it, drools- Mmmmpph~ Mmmmh~
  • FellSans: -moans- ahhh~ g-god d-dam mmmhh~ hhhhhn~ -drools from tongue, staring at him, heavy breathing-
  • LustSans: -breathes heard from nose hole, goes deeper in throat, tongue slathers all over it soaking wet, goes faster, grip stroking-
  • FellSans: Ahhh~ -breathes deeply heavier- f-fuck~ Ahhh!~ mmmmh~ hhhhhn!~ -grabs to his head and thrust all the way in and cums- Ahhh!~
  • LustSans: Mmmmpphhh!!~ -gulps it all, pants hard- *huff* ahh~ *puffs* -licks around mouth, blushing more deeply-
  • FellSans: -looks to him, blushing harder, kisses to him-
  • LustSans: -kisses back- That was fun~
  • FellSans: f-fuck yeah, it was~
  • LustSans: -pupils glow in purple heart shape with a sly smile, says in sexual tone of voice- lets have some more fun~
  • *To Be Continued*

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(I just had to do this with chubby! Eren. I just love the idea so much. And sorry for the delay, I passed the fuck out right before I received this)

Levi was sure that he had just died and gone to heaven as his boyfriend stepped into the room.

They had been planning on visiting the beach for a while now, and as their trip grew closer and closer, Eren grew more excited. The day before, they had packed everything that they would need on their trip. They had talked to each other about what sunscreen they were going to bring, what snacks they thought would be good on the beach, and other necessary things. But what Eren didn’t talk to him about was what he was planning on wearing to the beach.

Levi’s jaw dropped as his eyes landed on Eren’s cute little shorts. The faded jean shorts almost looked as teal as Eren’s eyes. Levi looked up to see that Eren wore a loose white tank top over the shorts and some cute little rounded shades, but his eyes quickly snapped back down to look at Eren’s cute little shorts. They looked perfect on him.

He had only ever seen Eren in long sleeved pants, and during the summer he could tell Eren felt miserably hot in them. He had tried to talk Eren into wearing shorter pants before, but Eren had told him that he was fine and Levi didn’t need to worry. Levi still did though. He laid in bed that night wondering if there was a way to talk Eren into wearing some more summery clothes without sounding like a creepy, pervy boyfriend. Levi was pretty damn sure that Eren wasn’t wearing more revealing clothes due to self-consciousness, but Levi really didn’t want to assume that and look like an asshole.

Levi stood up in his chair and took a few steps forward to admire Eren a little bit closer. Eren smirked and turned so Levi could see a few different angles of him in the pants, he could see that his boyfriend was practically drooling over the pants and made a mental note to wear them more often.

Eventually Levi snapped out of his trance and pulled Eren into a quick little kiss before grabbing their beach bag in one hand and taking Eren’s hand in the other.

Mama Part Two

Honestly if someone were to request a series of adopted mom reader I would die, I love writing Mccree and Reyes as a family. Part one, part two, part three

Jesse was snoring gently against your left thigh, his cheek smooshed up towards his eye and his hat completely askew as he drooled lightly onto your pants. You had propped your legs up onto the coffee table and you were leaning back against Gabriel as the TV screen faded to black. Your left hand stroked Jesse’s hair and the other intertwined with your husband’s, you missed evenings like this, you were more than glad to have them back.

You’d insisted that Jesse invite Hanzo over for dinner and that your two boys would make a formal apology while you watched over the proceedings, you needed the Shimada to know that the matter had been dropped and everyone will continue as if nothing ever happened. While you would have handled that situation differently you can’t say you blamed him for his hasty actions, Overwatch could have been in danger once more and that wasn’t something anyone was prepared for.

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19. “And that’s how you ruin a life. Congratulations.”

Prompt fill request! Sorry this one took a while! 

Dick sighed heavily when he found Jason snickering from beside him, holding his stomach as he tumbled around on the bed, his laughter progressively growing louder.

“Jason, I told you we shouldn’t have,” Dick breathed, completely out of breath and collapsed alongside his boyfriend on the bed. 

He was chuckling, sucking in a breath as he tried to calm his giggle fit. “Hey—“ he started and choked on air, coughing loudly to clear the irritation in his throat. “I mean, it was hot.” Emerald eyes rolled over, attention falling on Dick and he gazed at him lustfully, eyes half-lidded as his lips pulled into a smirk. 

Dick shook his head, amused and chuckled to himself. “I guess, yeah.” He admitted because it was hot. He could still feel his lips burning, all wet with his own saliva. Could still feel Jason inside his mouth, so thick and full, filling him to the brim and rubbing against the back of his throat. It was sore and scratchy, but it didn’t matter because he loved deep-throating the man. 

His chest was slobbered with his drool, and he was panting, still trying to catch his breath as he lay there limply on his bed. Jason shifted, crawling closer towards Dick and pressed a thumb to his puffy red lips. “So fucking pretty,” he murmured and pulled him into a passionate kiss.

Dick beamed into the kiss, allowed his boyfriend to tip him over onto his back and then climbed on top, parted his legs to settle himself in between.

“Did you lock the door?” Dick quirked a brow as Jason was about to start fingering Dick.

“No?” He stopped mid-way, the tip of his rough fingers just grazing his puckering hole. 

“You should maybe lock it—“

And then suddenly, the door slammed open and in came their adoptive father, Bruce, who had his foot partway inside, hand on the doorknob with a brow arched. And from beside the doorway, completely hidden out of sight, they could hear Damian shouting at Bruce, calling Jason and Dick indecent and a lot of other words, how they scarred him and everything and that Bruce should ban them from doing such things again. 

Dick groaned loudly and narrowed his eyes to stare at Jason. “And that’s how you ruin a life. Congratulations.”

Canadian Girl

Chapter One

Pairing: Steve Rogers x OFC | Word Count: 1920 | Warnings: stereotyping of Canadians (I’m allowed, I am one)

Had Kennedy Jones know three years ago just who it was she was interviewing with, she would have run hard and fast for the hills. As it was, when the headhunters came knocking, asking about her research into genetics and cellular regeneration, chemical compound deconstruction, and microbiology, advising her their client was willing to offer her a very lucrative, and progressive career, she’d still done her due diligence. She just hadn’t delved deep enough, however, to realize she’d been hired by none other than Tony Stark. Not until she’d arrived for orientation on her first day to find herself at the foot of Stark tower.

Now, there was nothing really wrong with working for Stark. Not unless she counted Hydra, aliens, Asgardians, and insane robots which try to take over the world. Sure her lab was state of the art. Sure almost no one ventured down there. They left her alone to work and do her thing. Sure she spent the day doing the fun stuff she loved, but still, there was a very real chance at some point in the future, she’d be shot at.

Kennedy disliked guns. It wasn’t because she was unused to them. She’d grown up around weapons, could fire a rifle with relative ease, she just didn’t like to. Bad things had a habit of happening when she did. Hunting had never appealed to her, and when her family used to make their annual hunting trips, she’d go along to horseback ride and relax. She could enjoy the beautiful scenery, but avoided the hunting.

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yooo but what about drunk Keith with caretaker Lance and Hunk. Keith starts saying Angsty™ things/revealing secrets from his past. Meanwhile, Lance and Hunk are SHOOK and keep exchanging worried glances all while making sure Keith doesn't choke on his vomit.

“Hunk,” Lance whined, flinging his arms in aggravation. “I give up. I open my mouth, he calls me a dipshit. I tell him to go to bed, he takes a swing at my face! And the last one barely missed!”

“How much has he had?” Hunk asked dubiously.

“I lost track after he started humming the Knight Rider theme,” Lance deadpanned, obviously of the opinion that the song was the most offensive melody in the galaxy.

“Oh, boy,” Hunk cringed, swiping a hand over his face.

“Um, yeah,” Lance snipped, hands perched on his hips as he followed Hunk’s gaze. “I don’t even think he recognizes me. Keeps calling me Kashi, whatever the hell that means.”

Hunk froze, eyes narrowing as he fixed Lance with a trepidatious glare. “Wait. You mean like…Takashi?”

Lance’s eyes widened with the realization.

“Oh, shit,” both boys mimicked in despairing unison.

“I — crap, I forgot,” Lance stammered, rubbing awkwardly at the back of his neck. “I got so used to ‘Shiro’ and I guess I just…didn’t remember. Shit.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t either,” Hunk offered Lance a sad smile, nudging his shoulder. “Not until you mentioned it.”

“At first I thought he was making fun of me,” Lance muttered. “But he just looked freaked out when I called him Mullet. I should’ve known. It’s just — it’s Keith, you know? He’s like the last person I was expecting to have to babysit. Usually it’s the other way around.”

“Well, it’s too late now,” Hunk sighed as they watched Keith topple off the stool and crash ass-first onto the floor, taking a tray of neon-purple shots down with him.

The other bar patrons were neither surprised nor fazed by the disruption, seeing as how most of them were just as intoxicated. No one even seemed to notice as Keith sprawled on the floor, laughing at nothing in particular.

“This was a bad idea,” Lance sighed, rushing over to help Keith up. Hunk shot him an unamused scowl at the unnecessary comment.

“All right, here we go,” Hunk looped his arms underneath Keith’s armpits and hoisted him into a sitting position. The boy giggled, nose mushing against Lance’s shoulder as he slumped forward.

Lance couldn’t help but smirk at the whole ridiculous situation as he patted between Keith’s shoulder blades. “How you feelin’, buddy?”

Keith’s back jolted with muffled hiccup as he did his best to lift his head. “Hey,” he slurred, lips quirking as he poked a finger at Lance’s chest. “You’re that guy.”

“Yep,” Lance smiled. “Still here.”

“The guy that was tryin’ to get me into bed!” Keith glared, chest jumping with another indignant sounding hiccup.

“Whoa, yeah, definitely not like that.” Lance pulled away, holding the other boy at arms length as Hunk disguised a snort behind his hand. “I was just trying to make sure you got to bed without breaking your neck. Excuse me for caring, jackass.”

“Hey, be nice,” Hunk chastised, reaching out to rub Keith’s back. “I’d be upset if some random dude was harassing me, too.”

Lance promptly landed a solid punch against Hunk’s bicep. “You’re not helping!”

Keith’s head swiveled to the larger boy and his flushed face lit up with an uncharacteristically excited smile as he exclaimed, “Hunk! Hey, man, where’ve you — hic! — been?” Keith awkwardly scooted over to wrap his arms around a startled Hunk’s shoulders in a sloppy embrace.

“Okay,” Lance interjected, voice pitched with annoyance. “That’s not even fair! How come he recognizes you, but I’m a pervert?”

“I’m huggable?” Hunk gave an innocent shrug, immediately wrapping his arms around Keith to steady him. “Sorry, dude. I don’t make the rules.”

“My pants are wet,” Keith pouted, glowering at the sticky puddle of alien booze soaking into his trousers.

“Yeah, time for bed,” Hunk nodded to Lance, encouraging Keith to sit up as he looped the smaller boy’s arm around his neck and hauled him to his feet.

Keith swayed, sagging against Hunk’s side as he cupped a hand over his mouth, barely suppressing a wet sounding burp. He blinked up owlishly at the other two, seemingly surprised by his own outburst.

“You good?” Lance quirked a tentative eyebrow.

Keith swallowed, frowning down at his boots. He gave a slow nod, features pale and eyes dazed, then abruptly shook his head as his shoulders jerked with a silent heave and he doubled over.

“Quiznak, Hunk, hold him up!” Lance screeched, quickly bouncing out of the line of fire.

Hunk gripped the other boy’s shoulders as Keith drooped over his knees and retched, a waterfall of disturbingly bright-colored liquid spilling past his lips. Keith shuddered, coughing harshly before belching up a second flood of the stuff. He sagged in Hunk’s hold, panting and drooling over the substantial mess pooling at their feet.

“At least the floor was already wet?” Lance shrugged sheepishly.

“Jeez, that’s a lot of…” Hunk trailed off, looking green as he turned his head away and made a valiant effort to breathe through his mouth. “Okay, definitely time to go.”

Hunk hauled Keith back to his feet, dragging him away from the bar while Lance followed behind them, apologizing to the other patrons as they made their escape.

“I’ll say one thing for you, Mullet,” Lance laughed once they’d made it back to their temporary quarters. “You don’t do anything half-assed.”

Keith groaned miserably as he collapsed on one of the cots, cradling his head in his hands. He jolted with a residual hiccup, swaying precariously over his lap. Hunk knelt down to steady him, resting a large hand against the other boy’s back. Lance retrieved a trashcan and placed it within easy reach.

“Maybe you should lie down,” Hunk suggested gently, rubbing a few circles. “Sleep it off, huh?”

“You don’ have to stay with me,” Keith slurred, eyes closed and words verging on unintelligible. But Hunk certainly caught the last bit. “‘M fine, Kashi.”

Hunk peered up uncomfortably at Lance, awkward tension palpable in the small room. Lance’s face immediately fell and he shook his head, reaching up to scrub the back of his neck.

Keith’s smile disintegrated as he opened his eyes, staring at Hunk as if he didn’t want to believe who was crouching in front of him. Hunk felt a surge of panic as he realized that Keith’s eyes were wet, breaths hitching softly and chin dimpling as it wobbled under the threat of tears.

“Hey, don’t do that,” Hunk whispered, desperate to fix whatever he’d done. “Keith, it’s all right. I’m sorry he’s not here, but we are. We’re here for you, man.”

Keith swallowed thickly, eyes once again slipping shut as he murmured,”Yeah. He’s gone…again. I — I forgot.” His lips twitched into a poor imitation of a smile. “Can’t ever just stay in one goddamn place.” His words bled with bitter despair and Hunk felt a painful ache clenching inside his own chest, reminded of their irreplaceable loss.

“Shit,” Lance swore behind them, voice shaky as he struggled to rein back his own tears. He sniffed, swiping a hand over his face before sitting down beside Keith. He wrapped an arm around the other boy’s shoulders, resting a few inches above Hunk’s hand. “I know you hate touching,” he sighed, rolling his eyes. “But sometimes people need a little human contact, Keith. It keeps them sane. Well, me, anyway.”

Hunk nodded in agreement. “Actually, that’s more like a crucial necessity for me,” he offered, lips twitching with a self-deprecating smile. “But, um, you guys already knew that.”

Keith reached up to wipe his running nose with the sleeve of his jacket. He turned to Lance, expression softening as his head dropped unceremoniously against the other boy’s shoulder. “I don’ hate you. I’m not very good at — ulp — being nice. I know I say stupid shit. But I don’t hate you, Lance.”

“Thanks, buddy,” Lance chuckled, rubbing his hand soothingly down the other boy’s arm. “That’s probably the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me,” he teased. Keith shivered and Lance frowned back at Hunk, concern spiking. “Keith, you want some water?”

Keith shook his head, cheeks inflating with a breathy burp as he leaned over his knees. “Think — ‘m gonna be sick,” he slurred thickly, dark hair falling in a wild mess over his face.

Lance hurriedly gathered the unruly locks back into an impromptu ponytail as Keith began gagging over the trashcan. Hunk positioned the container underneath the boy’s chin, wincing as a splash of liquid splattered against the metal sides. Keith moaned, nearly choking as he spit up another mouthful.

Lance patted his back, resigned to the fact that no one would be getting much sleep that evening. “That’s it, get it up,” he encouraged wearily. “We are never letting him drink again,” he hissed at Hunk.

Keith finally pulled his head out of the trashcan and promptly slumped into Lance’s lap. “Thanks, guys,” he mumbled into Lance’s thigh. “Wouldn’t be here without you.”

Lance stubbornly chose to ignore the implications of what that meant, and gently nudged Keith over to the cot, turning him onto his side - just in case. The other boy was already snoring as he nuzzled into the pillow.

“On the bright side, he probably won’t remember any of this in the morning,” Hunk whispered, carefully brushing Keith’s damp bangs out of his eyes.

Lance wasn’t so sure. But one thing was for certain, Keith was going to be pissed when he woke up.

dog owner psa

Hey! So it’s summer, and it’s hot out. Like, really hot out. And if you’re anything like me, you’re concerned about the doggos. So here’s a big list of ways to keep your doggos safe and healthy during the heat!

-You know those plastic kiddie pools?? The really small ones?? Those are perfect for hot doggos. Fill em up with cool water and let your doggo lie down in it

-Keep your doggo’s water bowl fresh!!!! I cannot stress this enough!!!! Refill your doggo’s water bowl as frequently as possible!!!!! You can even put ice cubes in your doggo’s water to keep it cool, but the bottom line is: Give your doggo fresh water as often as you can!!!!!

-This is an obvious one, but keep your doggos out of hot cars!!!! If you need to leave your doggo in a car for whatever reason, keep the AC on and leave a dish of water in there!!!!! And DO NOT leave them in there for a very long time, even with water and AC!!!!! If you’re parked in a public place, it’d be nice if you could put a little slip of paper that says something along the lines of ‘the AC is on, my dog is safe!’ and stick it to the car window so no one panics!!!!!

-If you’re walking your doggo, make sure the ground isn’t too hot!!! If you put your had on the ground and it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your doggo’s paws!!!!! At some pet stores, they have dog boots for this purpose!!!!! But not all doggos will happily let you put boots on them, so be careful!!!!!!

-Also, if you’re walking your doggo make sure to let your doggo go under a tree or something if it needs shade!!!! In fact, step into the shade for a few minutes every fifteen minutes or so to give your doggo a quick break from the heat!!!! And if possible, bring some water for your doggo while on a walk!!!!!!

-Make sure your house is cool, as well!!!!! Doggos can be negatively affected by heat even indoors!!!!!!! AC, fans, anything that circulates the air!!!!!!

-Watch out for signs of dehydration!!!!!! As you most likely know, dogs can’t sweat, so they pant instead. An overheated dog will: Drool excessively, become lethargic, have bloodshot eyes, and sometimes appear pale!!!!! Keep your doggo safe from dehydration!!!!!!!

-Live near a garden with sprinklers that you can access with your doggo?? The cold sprinkler water will be heaven to your doggo!!!!!

-Another good way to keep your doggo cool: Get a towel wet, freeze it, and then lay it out on the ground for your doggo to lie down on!!!!!

-Keep a close eye on your doggo if it’s outside!!!! Leave water dishes outside, make sure there’s enough shade, etc!!!!!!

-If you’re able to, leave an outside door open so your doggo can come in and out as it pleases!!!! Not all dog owners are able to do this due to different locations, but if you’re able to do this I highly recommend you do!!!!!!

-The signs of heatstroke in dogs include: Heavy panting, excessive drooling, rapid pulse, very red gums/tongue, lethargy, lack of coordination, reluctance or inability to stand up after collapsing, and vomiting. In extreme circumstances, doggos may lose consciousness!!!!!! Be aware of the signs!!!!!!!!

-If your doggo shows signs of heatstroke, cool the doggo down and get it to the vet ASAP!!!!!!!

Keep your doggos safe this summer! If you have things to add/points to correct me on, please do so!!!!