droog week

Aradia Week Day 6: Megido Family

This was a prompt that I was especially excited for, as the Megidos are one of my favorite fictional families. I had a lot of ideas for this prompt. However, since we were recently blessed with our lord and savior Aradia Jr., I had to draw the family coming together to meet the newest addition to the family.

Just… imagine. Emotional Aunt Damara, who’s gonna make damn sure that nothing DARE hurt this baby. Grandma Rammom, who’s species isn’t even supposed to live long enough to meet their children’s descendents, so she feels extremely blessed every moment that she’s with Aradia’s daughter. Grandpa Diamonds Droog, who’s always showing baby pictures to the entire crew. Grandma Handmaid, who’s gonna spoil this baby girl rotten.

And, of course, Mama Aradia, proudest mama in the entire world.

Such a wholesome family.



Homestuck: Independence Week

On Ao3

Summary: One day, for no particular reason, Dave Strider finds himself unstuck in time and ends up messing with a dangerous criminal. From their vantage point in normal chronology, the readers boggle vacantly at his non-linear shenanigans, with only the assistance of “Items”–useful illustrations–to give them any idea what his personal order of events is. Highly experimental, may be confusing. Requires some degree of brainwork.  Are you taking notes? Jesus, get a fucking pen or something.

Wordcount: 9530

Illustration Count: 31

Lost in Translation

Such a sudden arrival, of course, would not go unnoticed in a house of trolls, even if it was just outside on the moss that seemed to grow over everything. 

Gazes flicked between the inhabitants, from violet to teal, to the curious heterochromic ones that signified psionic power. None of them actually wanted to be the first one to go out and greet their guest, even if the Demoness had sworn he was a going to be gentleman. Nobody wants to be the first one to reach over the veritable wall that was not having a shared language.

Eventually, the tealblood stood up, muttering under their breath and a justing the strip of gray leather that kept their right eye covered. They weren’t as tall as the others, looking only about 7 feet, but they walked outside with an air of authority as they approached the carapacian man.

A hand is extended down, the pointed tips of nails harmlessly extended back as to not scratch their new hivemate. At least, their hivemate for the week.

Diamonds Droog?” Hopefully he could recognize his own name, when haltingly pronounced according to different diction rules.

It was going to be a long week.