drones on us soil

Drones for Dorner

I can’t believe that people really can’t see how drones are totally unnecessary. They are using spy drones for a man who allegedly killed three people and wounded one other. Since when is that drone worthy?

Let’s look at the facts.

Dorner has:

  • written an online manifesto, explaining his motives and agenda.
  • clearly expresses NO interest in hurting civilians/those not affiliated with the cops that wronged him.
  • wounded one cop.
  • killed 3 people (including 1 cop).
  • burned his vehicle and fled.

The LAPD has:

  • has “stopped taking low level/low emergency calls” (whatever the fuck THAT means).
  • has several SWAT teams after Dorner.
  • has bloodhounds after Dorner.
  • has set a 1 million dollar bounty on Dorner.
  • is shooting first, and asking no questions.
  • has shot THREE civilians who were driving vehicles that matched Dorner’s (2 Asian women, 1 white man).
  • is now using SPY DRONES (thermal imaging) to try to find Dorner (and heaven knows what other means they are employing to try to locate Dorner).

Something just doesn’t quite add up. And drones, on U.S. soil, for a U.S. citizen… This doesn’t strike you as being problematic? So whose next? What’s next? Indefinite detention is coming… Right now, it’s spy drones… What about drones with bombs? How can you think that drones against a U.S. citizen is necessary? Let’s not even address the use of drones against foreign nations, and how that’s killing countless innocent people (many of them children).

Why are they trying to kill Dorner on sight? They don’t want to “bring him to justice.” They don’t want to take him into custody. That much is evident by their “shoot first” tactics that nearly killed 3 civilians. No one sees how this just isn’t adding up? How does ONE lone man warrant all that they are doing? And how is he a “public threat,” when he’s only targeting officers? Why are they trying to make us think he’s out to hurt everyone? He very clearly laid out who he is targeting, and even urged the public not to get involved.

Drones now… But what later? Where does it stop?