Camera Drones Are Getting in the Way of Firefighters Battling Wildfires

Flying an aerial drone over a raging fire can be quite problematic, so much so that it can endanger the rescue and recovery abilities of fire officials. Recently, two incidents created difficulties for fire officials trying to battle a 24,000-acre wildfire in Southern California. The drones were flown into airspace over the blaze that then prevented the department from using aircrafts in subduing the fire.

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It’s a mission unlike any other. On June 27, a collective of European abortion advocacy groups say they’re going to send a drone out of Frankfurt and into the small border town of Slubice in Poland — and its cargo is a supply of abortion pills to distribute to local women. The drop is being organized in part by the Dutch nonprofit Women on Waves, which works to bring abortion services, contraception and counseling to areas with restrictive abortion laws.

The group “receives more than 10,000 emails a month from women across the world who cannot access safe abortions.”

We all joke a lot about muse but I think we can all appreciate all the things they taught us:
  • stand up for what you believe or no one will
  • always break free out of toxic situations / don’t let toxic people control you
  • let out your frustration
  • be kind
  • love is powerful
  • we are only people but we always have a say in what happens, we may be small but we are not insignificant
  • if you make a mistake you always get a chance to start over and be a better person
  • you’re never lost, you’re just searching, and you will find whatever you’re looking for
  • it’s ok to believe in aliens