We want to thank you all for coming out to @valiantbrewing last night for our 284 Days EP Release show. Damn that was fun! Thanks for all the support. We love you! If you still need a CD you can order a copy on our website dronenrocks.com or at dronen.bandcamp.com //s http://ift.tt/1ElEF53


Sometimes we do covers, especially when it’s our Managers Birthday and it’s one of his favorite songs. “Someday I Will Treat You Good” by Sparklehorse // if any breweries want a rock band to play their spot, we are down. We’ve had a blast at @ritualbrewingco and @valiantbrewing recently. Contact us at dronenrocks@gmail.com // #dronen #dronenrocks #valiantbrewing #somedayiwilltreatyougood #sparklehorse #coversong #brewery #breweries #craftbeer #drinkbeer #beer #musicatthebrewery #musicandbeer #drinkbeerplaymusic #alternative #grunge #indierock #livemusic #rockmusic (at Valiant Brewing Company)

Went to photograph Daniel’s band (Dronen) for their show at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach last night. Payment? Free beverages at Cafe Lucca! ..another reason to go visit Orange more often.

above: a show-goer that got in my line o’ fire.


Notiz an mich: Wigald Boning sagt, das habe der beste Dronen-Operator der Welt gefilmt: sein Freund Stefan.

Have you heard our new EP “284 Days” yet? According to buzzbands if you were into that 90s alternative sound, you’re going to want to listen to this. Pick up a copy at dronen.bandcamp.com // #dronen #dronenrocks #284days #music #musicreview #musicreviews #newmusic #listentothis #newmusictuesday #bandphotography #bandphotos #brick #alternative #alternativerock #alternativemusic #indierock #grunge #90srock #modernrock #collegerock #buzzbands #bandcamp #flannel #oldtowneorange (at http://www.dronenrocks.com)

Dronen - Transluscent

Full song lyrics: Dronen - Transluscent

do you see me?
i’m the one in doubt
i’m the one who’s sorry now
know me…
hear me out of this place
i’m at the end of my rope
do you see me?
i’m the one who’s never around
i’m the one who’s sorry now
know me
hear me out of this place
know me
it’s all we are
never will i see the change…
never w…

Full song lyrics: Dronen - Transluscent


Also, zum ersten, ja ich habe Ego Shooter gespielt.
Und ja, ich finde Dronen gut! Privat und für SINNVOLLE Anwendungen.

Aber jetzt das. Warum will die EU jetzt Dronen mit Waffen für den Krieg haben. Warum will irgendjemand in der Welt das.

Ja, es schützt die Leben von Soldaten. Aber die schützt man auch wenn man nicht einfach Krieg spielt. Wenn die Welt sich mal ein wenig zusammen reißt!

Aber Dronen helfen hier doch nicht.
Wenn man schon Dronen nutzen will, dann doch bitte für gute Sachen. Personen in Trümmern suchen, Luftaufnahmen, what ever. Aber nicht zum Krieg spielen.

Und dann wird den Leuten die Ego Shooter spielen wieder gesagt das töten würde so abstrakt gemacht werden das man den respekt vor dem LEben verliert… Ist klar.


"The band will self-released 284 Days tomorrow; it’s a cool collection of loud riffs and uncomfortably affecting vocals—there’s muscular moments in it that remind me of Songs For The Deaf-era Queens of the Stone Age, and others that oddly recall Devil and God-era Brand New. It works."

Southern California Grunge-Punk revivalists Dronen are an example of a cash strapped monster of rock lying in the weeds on a massive catalogue of instant classics ready to unsheathe its fiery collection of sharpened chords, and drive them deep into the heart of a fractured music machine.

That sort of shock to the industry happened once when Nirvana proved to be a crossover mammoth, so it would be fitting for an outfit like Dronen, who honed their craft for the sculpting the ear-worm ragetune, while consuming a strict diet of Cobain and company, Smashing Pumpkins, and possibly even a few mix CDs infused with Radiohead.

With the pop sensibilities of the best Pop-Rock songsmiths of the 90s and frontman Daniel Olivas’ versatile vocals that range from subdued and soothing to a shredded take on those of Craig Nicholls (The Vines), Dronen brings us “Lights Out”, the lead single to the outfit’s forthcoming 284 Days EP, which is scheduled to drop in February.

“I wrote this song entirely in my head while sitting in a car,” Olivas said via press release. “I couldn’t wait to get home and figure out the chords! We’ve always loved the raw energy of playing ‘Lights Out’ live, and I really think we captured a lot of that energy in the recording, which isn’t always easy.”

Stream “Lights Out” below and stay tuned for more on Dronen.

Dronen, “The Loss of All Things Real”
Rock ‘n’ roll is dead. Or is it? California trio Dronen would probably have a lot to say on the subject—at least in how it pertains to their own mid-’90s rock aesthetic. Guitar riffs caked in distortion and thudding percussion pay homage to bands like Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins without sounding derivative, but still manage to appropriate these familiar sounds into something that is wholly their own. The band’s latest release, a five-song EP called “284 Days,” is set to come out Feb. 3.

For their first single, the barn burning “The Loss of All Things Real,” the band pairs skyscraper-sized riffs against singer Daniel Olivas’ howling voice and comes away with one of the hardest-hitting songs of the year. Aiming for your ribs but finding the center of your heart, this song punches like a jackhammer—all thrashing melodies and unstable patterns. Dronen churns and chugs along on a bed of splintered guitar necks and broken drumsticks. And when they hit that sweet grungy sound, you’ll be cranking up the volume and rolling down the windows before you know what’s going on.