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Videographer captures some spectacular shots over the top of lava channels and zooming in on surface flows, from the ongoing eruption at Kilauea volcano, Hawaii. Original caption:

  • Tears of Pele -

It has been a dream for three years. To finally return to a volcanic eruption. To get back there with proper gear, proper experience and courage. And drones. Ever since the Holuhraun eruption I fought with myself - back in the days I was not prepared. I did not have the right gear (yes, sometimes gear matters), I did not have the right experience. My old Phantom 2 was just not on top of things to capture this event adequately and I was not couraged enough to risk it all.

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Seal Team 6, the other night, shot and killed an unarmed 8 year old American citizen in Yemen.

They murdered her. Personally, up close, not via drone but through the sights of a rifle. Several other children were murdered during the same raid.

At the same time, legal residents of the United States are being illegally detained in secret detention facilities by a branch of the Federal government refusing to acknowledge the lawful orders of another branch demanding their release and the suspension of the detention & deportation proceedings.

Either one of these on their own would be egregious but together they represent the first week of a kleptocratic tyrant’s stay in office.

(via Eagles are being trained to take out illegal drones)

In collaboration with raptor training company Guard From Above, Dutch police taught an eagle to recognize a DJI drone. Once in sight, the bird flies toward its mechanical prey, snatches it with its enormous talons and then takes it to safe place. The eagle is one of the two “physical” methods the force are trialling – the other being a safety net – but a trained bird of prey gives officers more control over where the offending drone is brought down to earth.

What makes eagles effective drone hunters? Their feet have four powerful toes that are strong enough to grip and carry heavy objects, whether it’s a wild animal or a heavy UAV. But even though they have toughened talons, drone rotors could still damage the bird. A spokesperson says the force will look at ways to better protect their flying counterparts while they conduct trials over the next few months.

protect their talons