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Dear Better Living, The Youngblood by the name of 'Soul Punk' has gone missing, but he was spotted with a group of drones in zone five. Explain.

“Soul Punk”, alias of “Benzedrine”, member of the Suitehearts and a leading member of Camp Youngblood has evaded capture for as long as our records cover. He is very rarely seen about the Zones, and presumably stays watching over the Killjoy camp, but is spotted on occasions which never seem to make sense.

On further inspection, the drone sighting could suggest that fellow Killjoy and known associate FastTime could be accompanying him, as he has been known to conduct patrols with hacked drones in the vicinity of the area known as Silicone Valley, in the outer Zones.

All evidence suggests that the threat level is low, as these two Killjoys are likely only producing propaganda which will never penetrate the city. Nonetheless, a Draculoid patrol has been sent to investigate.

- The Admin

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DJI drones can get past no-fly zones thanks to this Russian software company
A Russian software company, ironically named Coptersafe, is selling modifications to help consumers get past government- and military-enforced no-fly zones. As a response to the warnings and fines imposed by the law, drone maker DJI has put a number of safety measures in place, including geofencing and setting limits on speed. A statement on the Federal Aviation Administration website encourages people to report drone sightings around planes and other aircraft. Read more

Amazing U.F.O Sighting Turkey 2008
These images where taken by a night guard at the Yeni Kent Compound in Turkey, he videotaped a number of UFO sightings over a period of several months. These sightings were also backed up by other witnesses, spurring the Sirius UFO Space Science Research Center to say that the videos were the “most important images of a UFO ever filmed, The images above are currently classified as Unexplained!

(via Eagles are being trained to take out illegal drones)

In collaboration with raptor training company Guard From Above, Dutch police taught an eagle to recognize a DJI drone. Once in sight, the bird flies toward its mechanical prey, snatches it with its enormous talons and then takes it to safe place. The eagle is one of the two “physical” methods the force are trialling – the other being a safety net – but a trained bird of prey gives officers more control over where the offending drone is brought down to earth.

What makes eagles effective drone hunters? Their feet have four powerful toes that are strong enough to grip and carry heavy objects, whether it’s a wild animal or a heavy UAV. But even though they have toughened talons, drone rotors could still damage the bird. A spokesperson says the force will look at ways to better protect their flying counterparts while they conduct trials over the next few months.

protect their talons