drone rigger

overwatch is pretty shadowrun imo

symmetra- corporate wage mage
tracer- exposed to an astral rift or some shit, or just like the stupid fast kind of ‘ware
d.va- rigger w/ military combat suit you rig into
pharah- red blue samurai
junkrat- ganger with a talent for explosives
winston- awakened ape
reinhardt- street samurai
zarya- soldier with some sota tech
zenyatta- ai are totally a thing in sr
roadhog- mutated by Toxic shit
genji- physad who went through a lot of vision quests and shit to initiate away essence loss from life saving ware
widowmaker- cyberzombie
lucio- decker, he hacked that tech of his from symmetra’s evil corp
torbjorn- drone rigger with a shotgun
mercy- traditional mad bioscientist
mccree- also street samurai
hanzo- physad, but the bow kind
mei- scientist whose eco initiative got blown up by a corporate conspiracy
76- also also street samurai
reaper- involved in some fucked up aztechnology blood magic
bastion- ai, still a thing