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Of course, it is not just private prisons that incentivize incarceration. There is an entire supporting cast dedicated to its proliferation as well: The aerospace industry and arms manufacturers (which supply drug enforcement planes, helicopters, drones, armored vehicles, weapons, ammunition, and surveillance technology), chemical companies (which produce the poisons often used to sedate and execute prisoners, as well as the tear gas used in prison strikes and protests), the bail bonds industry (which finance the ability or inability for a person to await trial in or out of jail), U.S. banks (which launder billions of dollars for drug cartels and finance the prison industry), and of course numerous politicians (which accept money from these industries in exchange for pushing favorable legislation).

The end result is a sprawling cornucopia of state violence supported at every level of America’s social structure — and which relies principally on police for enforcement. After all, we should never forget that every single person convicted for a violent or a non-violent crime, every single person wrongly convicted, every single person corralled for simply being different or standing up for justice, every single person unable to navigate poverty, homelessness, or addiction, who is placed in a cage to work in servitude or slavery, was put there by a cop. It follows that if ever we are to mobilize to dismantle mass incarceration, it must also be a movement to extract the final breath from policing itself, and to abolish for all time every manifestation of state terror.

SOMETIMES YOU STUMBLE ACROSS a place that seems like it got far more than its fair share of natural beauty. Places with spectacular wildlife, gorgeous scenery, and an almost absurdly beautiful culture. Kenya is one of those places. “I haven’t scratched the surface yet,” says Jamie Gaymer, a game warden at the Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy, “and there is so much out there in these remote places that has not been explored. And I have the opportunity to spend the rest of my life doing that.”

You’ve undoubtedly seen Kenya on wildlife and nature programs on TV. But we decided to go to Kenya and shoot it in a different way. We took to the skies. From drones and from planes, we traveled to the remote and beautiful parts of one of the most stunning places in the world and captured its wildlife, its landscapes, and all of its natural beauty from above. The result is one of the most beautiful videos we’ve ever done. Check it out.


Meet the “Freaks on the Peaks”

(Don’t worry: The nickname is meant affectionately)

Every summer, dozens of fire lookouts for the US Forest Service climb up to 15ft-by-15ft wooden cabins perched atop remote towers. There, they spend their days scoping the sweeping panoramas, a low-tech, very human first line of defense against forest fires. Staffed lookout towers began a century ago, peaked at about 10,000 in the 1950s, but have gradually declined to just a few hundred as camera-outfitted drones and planes become ubiquitous. 

But the freaks who remain in their isolated cabins? They wouldn’t have it any other way. 

A couple of hours ago, Saudi Arabia bombed a funeral hall in Yemen. 

The plane then hovered and waited until rescuers came to the scene and bombed the funeral hall again.

This “double-tap” strike, a horrifying tactic often used by US drones and now Saudi planes, is intended to target anyone who comes to the aid or to mourn the victims. A close collaboration by the richest countries to kill Yemeni civilians, but who gives a rat’s ass, Yemenis are ‘too poor’ to matter!


Finished assembling the stingray thopter! Then had to take the scissors to it in ruthless pursuit of weight savings! These aren’t very big drones, you guys. BUT. It can now hover (badly) and that means I’m taking it to the Paramount Friday to show @wizardsmagic. After all, you can’t roll up to an Inventors’ Fair empty-handed, can you?


Kagome?” Inuyasha says lazily like he’s forgotten the word and needs help pronouncing it.

“Yes,” the beaming mother is nodding happily, tears brimming at her eyes. She readjusts the babbling baby in her hold. “That’s her name. Like the-“

“The song, yeah.” He shuffles away with a strange far-away look on his face.

“Thank you for saving us.” She bows her head graciously.

“Keh,” he dismisses them with a wave of his hand and turns around slowly- still processing the nostalgia that rips into him like a tide. “Keep away from these parts of the forest, or you won’t be so lucky twice.”

“Yes,” he hears as her voice fades into the background- along with the drone of a fighter plane above. “We will! Say goodbye, Kagome! Goodbye!”

The child murmurs something incoherent instead and Inuyasha disappears from sight.

He does all he can to avoid the visit, but it’s inevitable, like the feeling that cramps against his stomach at the reminder that it’s been a couple of decades.

He digs his shoe covered feet into the grooves of vines that hug the grass floor, and crouches to tidy up the gravestone in front of him- grumbling about the damn weeds.

After a moment, he sighs and closes his eyes.

“It’s been a while, eh Kagome?”

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Maryland I can’t leave you for 5 minutes…

Aaaaaaah!!  I couldn’t resist heheh~  generalmuzzleflash gave me a bit of much-needed inspiration for what to make a plane dragon out of for myself since honestly I can’t stay away from the cute boogers now that they’re popping up everywhere heheh~

Bit of an oddball with no eyes, non-canid snout, and no fur, but hey, it’s probably a species hybrid or something heh~  Anyway, just a little warmup doodle that went full picture~!