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Drone flight over the highest peaks of the Dolomites, Italy


Top Ten Greatest Spaceships - Limit One Per Franchise, Theatrical Films Only

  1. Imperial Cruiser (Star Wars)
  2. Derelict (Alien)
  3. HMS Bounty (Star Trek)
  4. Event Horizon (Event Horizon)
  5. Mothership (Close Encounters of the Third Kind)
  6. Trimaxion Drone Ship (Flight of the Navigator)
  7. US Spacecraft Discovery One (2001: A Space Odyssey)
  8. The Dark Aster (Guardians of the Galaxy)
  9. Federal Warship (The Fifth Element)
  10. Ranger 2 (Interstellar)

Ok, sometimes the extra length of an Instagram clip is kinda nice. This is a flight over the 12 apostles and the Great Ocean Road, Australia


Flying over and hiking up Le Pouce Mountain, the second highest peak in Mauritius


This was my first ever drone flight, live on #twitch. I think it went well.

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Drone flight over the mountains and beaches near Cape Town, South Africa, with some great views.


Drone flight of 9,300 sq. ft. red cedar log home in Southeastern United States URL: https://youtu.be/1rOqRPY5V88 Drone footage of a 9,300 sq. ft. red cedar log home in Southeastern United States.


I can’t tell with no listing in the caption which gorge this is, but here’s a flight up a snow dusted, wintry gorge with a major waterfall or two.


Fishing boats lined up off Playa del Carmen, Mexico, at daybreak

The Battle of Palmdale

During 1956 an incident had occurred over Southern California involving a runaway drone that had escaped from its intended path.

The drone that got away

In the morning of the 16th of August 1956 the F6F Hellcat drone was prepared for its final mission to fly over a missile test area over the Pacific ocean. A short time after the drone had taken flight it had suffered some kind of malfunction (it is still unsure what the cause of the malfunction was) causing the drone to go off course and to fly towards Los Angeles.

Since the Navy had no aircraft that could take down this drone in the area the nearest air force base (Oxnard Air Force Base) was contacted and they sent out two F-89D Scorpions (Of the 437th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron) armed with unguided rockets to take out the drone.

The drone on its course had started to continuously turn causing the interceptors to have to try and manually fire there rockets at the drone, several volleys of 42-62 rockets were fired at the drone mostly missing or hitting the drone but not detonating.

After firing a total of 208 rockets at the drone and running low on fuel the pilots had to give up on their attempt at taking down the drone safely so they returned to base. The jets were not the only ones who were low on fuel as the drone was running low as well,  just outside of Palmdale the drone low on fuel started a slow spiral towards the ground until it went through several power lines and impacted the ground disintegrating as it cartwheeled.

All the rockets that had missed the drone on that day had caused fires that burned 1000 acres and took two days to put out by 500 firefighters. 


Drone flight over an utterly frozen Finland landscape

I love my iPhone’s battery! It goes 100-0 real quick. In fact the battery is so good it can almost outlast my drones’ flight time. Today I hiked to beautiful Benton falls and was able to snag a single pic before my phone died at 42 percent. Thanks Apple!! #neverstopexploring #letsgosomewhere #optouside


My goodness, check out the color they capture on these carbonate slopes.

This is a amazing Video done by my friends THOMAS WÖRNDLE and CECILIA MIRIBUNG ( with the editing and post production of ALEX FEICHTER / Schall&Rauch ) It shows the dolomites from their most beautiful side in impressive aerial photography with a drone !!! just have a look and you will understand !!