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Since you’re always sharing you’re Kylo/Adam dreams with us i thought i’d share mine with you lol. in my dream the girl was in an arranged political marriage with kylo. but like the girl was chill about it and Kylo legit HATED her. Anyway im assuming they had been married for a while and Snoke is basically like “we need a heir for the first order” and Kylo begrudgingly agrees. and they do the deed or whatever and even after the girl is pregnant he’s still cold towards her. and then like one day he’s walking down the hall and crosses paths with her and is like “Where are you going?” and she tells him she’s going to the med bay to “check on this little peanut” and he’s like “???!” because peanut is such an odd name for an unborn child. and he’s like “Is everything okay?” because OBVIOUSLY he can’t have any harm come to the heir of the first order. and she just shrugs and says “I’m about to find out” and just keeps on walking and he follows her for some reason. and then they’re at the med bay and the medical droid is doing an ultrasound and that’s the first time Kylo ever sees the fetus or hears its heartbeat so he’s like SHOOK, for lack of a better word. And the droid says the baby’s doing just fine blah blah blah. And then after that moment, idk something changed in Kylo and he started being nicer to his wife. And I woke up and sighed because it was just a wholesome, soft moment for Kylo which I feel is a rare occurrence and he deserves more and yeah

omg yes??? that’s v wholesome and soft for someone who is nowhere near soft ahhh that’s so cute!!

Rebel Barber (CassianxReader)

A/N: This isn’t really romantic. I kinda planned more parts for this, but I’m not going to write them unless people actually want it. 

Warnings: Blood

Officially you were a medic. Unofficially you were the rebels’ barber. You gave your first hair cut to an engineer who broke his nose after running into a pillar because his bangs were too long. You admired the soldiers’ dedication, but it often resulted in them not taking care of themselves. You saw a lot of people in the medbay who hurt themselves because they were sleep deprived and without food. They dedicated too much time to the cause and ended up neglecting themselves.

Your first hair cut was not good. It was an ugly, uneven cut that went across the engineer’s forehead. You didn’t bother with the rest of his hair since the bangs were the only real issue. You immediately forgot about the cut when the engineer left. You were more concerned with the number of rebels developing iron deficiencies. However, one afternoon, after the pilots and engineers were finished with the daily checks of the ships, a pair of pilots appeared at in the doorway to the medbay.

“We heard that you gave Finnis a haircut?”

You opened your mouth to tell them you weren’t a barber, but you couldn’t turn them away. You used a spare pair of scissors to trim the pilot’s hair. The haircuts still didn’t look great, but the pilots looked a lot happier. Now their hair wouldn’t stick to the back of their necks and their bangs wouldn’t obscure their vision while they were flying.

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What do you imagine a kylux with kids au would look like?

Kylo would definetly be the playful parent. He had a good childhood and loving parents though he hates to admit it, but he draws from that experience.

Hux was literally raised by a droid so he absolutely has no idea what to do. After like two months he’s mostly like ‘shouldn’t it be able to take care of itself? Also, shouldn’t we address it in droid speak?’ He tries his best to do better than his father though.

Hux hates how unhygienic kids are.

Kylo likes to sing nursery rhymes his mother sang to him. When Hux isn’t there to scold him he’ll sing bawdier smuggler songs.

This is the reason the kids swear like sailors when they can just talk. Hux is appalled, Kylo thinks about how Han would’ve like that.

To show affection Hux teaches his kids stuff about engineering and tells them stories of the empire and such. Things that interest him and hopefully interest their children. 

Hux is very proud of his children and won’t accept any complaints about their behaviour because they are perfect, okay?

Everyone expects Kylo to be the embarrassing parent but it is Hux who is like ‘FIGHT ME HELEN!’ during the pta meetings because Helen doesn’t agree with the store bought cookies his kids brought to the bake sale.

Hux has elaborate plans to kill Helen. He even drew diagrams about the layout of Helen’s favourite hairsalon and which hairdryer to disable to electrocute her and make it seeem like an unfortunate accident.

Kylo was both horrified and impressed.

Kylo knows what it is like to have an embarrassing tiger mom so he tries his best to keep Hux in line.

Kylo did let Hux ruin Helen’s husband’s career in the First Order to get back at her for snubbing their children at the bake sale.

She won’t bother them anymore. As a matter of fact, none of the other parents seem to disagree with them anymore.

Still if one of the other kids hurts one of his own or their kids complain about a teacher Kylo isn’t above marching across the schoolyard with an ignited lightsaber.

These two are utter disasters, don’t let them have children.

The Scientist

Word Total: 2365…  

Request: Anonymos asked: Any chance you could write a imagine (Cassian X Reader) where the reader and Cassian are dating and she hasn’t been sleeping (night terrors and insomnia ((ze perfect combo)) ) and it’s unnoticeable because they have been so busy with Jyne (probably didn’t spell that right, sorry) but on their mission in Jeda she passed out from exhaustion and wakes back up (via nightmare) to a worried, but comforting Cassian? Thank!!

Pairing:  Cassian x Reader

Y/N opened her eyes and exhaled softly, she didn’t want to wake up Cassian; who silently slept beside her. Noiselessly she stood up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom. All her clothes felt strangely wet. She patted the metal wall, trying not to hit something on her way.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror, her eyes were dull and her lips were chapped. Y/N rubbed her face and opened the faucet and saw how the water run down the sink to the drain. She rubbed her shoulders they felt so stiff and her neck was worse. Y/N placed a small plug on the drain and saw how the sink was filled with water. She submerged her face into the cold water.

Y/N wanted to forget about it, the cold water took those memories away for a while. She patted the excess water with a gray towel from her face. She looked at the circular window, the sun rays were peeking out behind the tall mountains. She put her hands on her sink and looked at her face again, the big, black bags of eyes were gone. “What are you doing?”

She turned around, Cassian was rubbing his eyes; she smiled and saw his hair disheveled. “Is this your new routine? Waking early?” He asked leaning against the door frame yawning.

“I just went running”

“With your pajamas?” Cassian asked nodding at her attire.

“Don’t judge my fashion sense, Cassian” Y/N smiled at him, but he didn’t seem to believe what she had said. Maybe her lie was not convincing enough. “Don’t you see, I am sweating like pig” she said pointing at the dark spots of her pajama on her chest. He nodded but he seemed unconvinced about her lie. Y/N let out a strangled breath as he walked away.  

Y/N was fixing minor details on the U-Wing, “I am K2-SO” she heard K2 said; she raised on her tippy toes and watch a woman with dark hair at the entrance of the U-Wing. “I am a reprogrammed Emperial droid” Y/N put her tools in her small pouch by her left leg and got up the small cavity of the U-Wing. She cleaned her hands with a yellow rag, trying to remove the oil from her hands. Y/N might be a mechanic but she needed to look presentable all the time, she never wanted to give out the wrong impression. After all first impressions were important.

“I am Y/N” Jyn turned her to look at her. “I am the mechanic”

“Jyn” Y/N smiled, Jyn just stood there looking at her with a poker face.

“Come in, where is your etiquette, K2?” Y/N shook her head. K2 turned to face her and then turned back to type data into the main computer of the ship.

“You reprogrammed me to do strategical analysis, only. Y/N” K2 stated, she rolled her eyes and looked back at Jyn who was taking out a blaster out of a black bag. Jyn looked at her, Y/N quirked an eyebrow.

“It’s for protection,” Jyn said looking at Y/N.

“I am mere mechanic, I don’t know how to use one,” Y/N said shrugging her shoulders.

“Yes, it’s true. Cassian tried to teach her but her it was a100% missed of targets” K2 said as he took a sit in the co-pilot seat, Y/N looked at Jyn.

“In my defense those things were moving─” Y/N whined, she closed her mouth when Cassian entered the U-Wing.

“You have met K2 and Y/N” Cassian said walking towards the pilot seats.

“Charming” Jyn said, Y/N blinked opened her mouth but said nothing. Cassian turned to look at her, she just smiled at him and walked at the end of the U-Wing to put her tools in order.

“It tends to said what is comes to his circuits” Cassian as he put on a vest. Y/N huffed and glared at Cassian. Jyn turned her head to look at Y/N.

“Why does she get a blaster and I don’t” K2 protested, Cassian glanced at Y/N.

“Don’t look at me, I barely know how to use one” Y/N proclaimed closing the back box and securing it with the red safety net. Her eyes started to feel heavy as Jyn and Cassian discussed something, she couldn’t concentrate on it; she was feeling a big headache coming. Y/N closed her eyes for a moment, but a flash of that moment came like lightening on her mind and she gasped.

“Are you alright?” Jyn asked Y/N as she sat on the opposite seat, Y/N looked up and just nodded.

“I hate flying” Y/N said with a tight smiled holding into sides of her seat. “There always can be a small imperfection and going to hyperspace, you’ll be stardust” she said closing her eyes but quickly opening them.

“Afraid of the dark?”

“Something much worse”


“Is it so bad to be with me?” Y/N said glaring at the droid. “Remember I can reprogram you to do anything, you better behave K2 if you don’t to end like a protocol droid” she added pointing her finger to the tall droid. “And go pick Jyn’s things”

Y/N gasped and looked around, she was still on the U-Wing. “Your conscience is not clean” K2 declared, Y/N stood up and rubbed her shoulders. “You only slept for an hour” it added, Y/N shrugged her shoulder.

“It was a nap, thank you very much,” Y/N said yawning stretching her arms above her head. “Any transmissions?” K2 shook its head.

“Maybe she shooted him” K2 suggested, “There is always prospects for you back in the base” she rolled her eyes and took a blaster from one of the black boxes at the back of the U-wing. “You’re going to hunt her down?”

“No, I am going to check what in the galaxy is going on” With that Y/N walked out of the U-Wing, “Fuck─”

“Here, it’s cold outside” K2 said handing her a big coat.

They arrived at the city, a laser beam almost shoot Y/N on the head. “What a great welcome! I am coming to visit again!” she said sarcastically as big explosions were heard. “Oh, great fireworks”  

“Maybe you should’ve stayed on the ship” Y/N rolled her eyes and hit a Stormtrooper with a wooden stick. “I prefer a more unlethal weapon” she said with a smirk as another band Stormtrooper appeared and with flexible movements she knocked up five of them.

“You’re not helpless” K2 noted, Y/N looked at it over her shoulder and narrowed her eyes. “You just like to be saved by Cassian, don’t you?”

“What? Don’t judge me, loves makes you do stupid things” As a Stormtrooper came out of nowhere Y/N raised her hand and shoot her blaster. “Lucky shot” she smiled and she shoot her blaster to an empty alley.

“There was no one─” K2 heard how a body hit the floor.

“Instincts, I don’t know. We need to find them let’s go this way─”

“Why that way? There is a high probability they are over, the explosions and shots are dense on this area─”

“They are just this way trust me, come on. I am the one with superpowers here” K2 shook it’s metallic head and followed Y/N. They had not encountered more Stormtroopers luckily on their way.

As K2 and Y/N entered a high arc, an identical droid was shot on the CPU and fell down to the ground. “Too bad it’s not you” Y/N said looking back at the droid.

“I clearly told you to stay behind” Cassian said putting his blaster down looking at Y/N.

“Don’t look at me, it was its idea” Y/N said looking at the Stormtroopers. “One of them it’s not death”

“Instincts she called them” K2 declared as Jyn looked at Y/N. “We were bored and decided to check on your status. Since you weren’t kind of enough and we came to save you clearly”

“See told you” Y/N exclaimed happily as one of the Stormtroopers stood up and threw a grenade, K2 trapped in the air and threw it behind his back. “And fireworks, were you celebrating something? Not the most suitable way to blend in”

Cassian looked at K2. “You’re right, we should have stayed on the ship”

“We are just going to─” Y/N felt something weird and the floor started to move below her. But before she could hit the floor, Cassian was at her side.

“Are you hurt?” Cassian said looking all over her body, but they were not clear signs of injury.

“No, clearly. We should get back to the ship”

Y/N woke up with a strange smell on her nose. “It smells like scorched oil” she opened her eyes and fell down the stone bed. “Who are you?” the man clearly blind due to the unusual discoloration of his eyes. She rubbed her back looking at the man that stood above her.

“You’re one of them” The man whispered with a smile on his face. “You do exist” Y/N shook her head and frown. She turned her head and gazed up at Cassian.

“I clearly told you to stay behind” Cassian said taking Y/N’s hand and help her get up from the floor.

“I am so─”

Y/N’s widen at the sudden sign of affection, “Why are we in a prison?” her face was against Cassian’s chest. He was hugging her so hard she could barely breathe. She smiled and hugged him. Cassian kissed her hair.

“We were captured by Saw Guerrera” Cassian answered looking at her face. “Why didn’t you tell me you couldn’t sleep?” Y/N felt something on her head, a weak voice. She turned around and saw the blind man looking at her direction. “He told you, didn’t he?”

“I told you, she has the gift” the blind man said, as he said that all the prison cell trembled.

“Gift? What are you talking about?” Y/N looked at the man then back at Cassian. He bit his lip but say nothing. “Of being clumsy, that’s my talent”

“No, but I shall explain it once we are back to Yavin 4” Cassian claimed, Y/N only nodded and rubbed her head. “You hit your head pretty hard when you pass out” he said rubbing the place just above her ear, she flinched. “Sorry” he said softly, she nodded and Cassian examined the injury closer.

“I am not going to die, do I?” Cassian chuckled and shook his head.

“No, you’re not” Cassian said leaning down to kiss her, it was a short kiss since they were with two more people on the cell.

“I am the only one that can feel that” Y/N glanced at Cassian who stood up and walked to the cell door


Y/N felt a sharp pain on her head, she closed her eyes. She could feel something very hot against her skin. “Y/N” Cassian shouted, but he sounded so far away. “Y/N!”

She woke up in the U-Wing with a cold cloth on her forehead. “You woke up” Y/N fell down the makeshift bed but she held into the security rope beside her. “You have an unusual way to wake up people” the man smiled

“I am Chirrut”


“It’s getting stronger, your visions that’s why you cannot rest. Every time you sleep or close your eyes is there” Chirrut said, Y/N only nodded but forget the fact that the man was blind.

There she was standing in the sand looking with fearful eyes as the enormous ray of light entered the sea in front of her. Big waves come her away, she wanted to run; but she knew there was no escape from death. And she couldn’t move, it was like she was put there to see what was going to happen.

She woke up and saw she was not in the U-Wing no more. Something told her to run to the hangar and stopped them whatever they were doing. “He is going to die” a voice echoed in her head, she searched for him.

And he finally found him talking with Jyn, Chirrut, Blaze and Bodhi. “You are not going to go” Y/N put her hand on her thighs trying to catch her breath. “If you put a foot a foot in that U-Wing I will the one to kill you” she declared glaring at Cassian. “You’re not going Scarif”

“How did she knew that?” Jyn questioned looking at Cassian. Cassian looked at Chirrut.

“I didn’t say nothing, I was not aware of the plans either until now” Chirrut said putting his hands up as a sign of peace.

Cassian excused himself and took Y/N by the arm dragging her to a more private place. “How did you know that?” he asked looking at her eyes.

“I saw it, in a dream. You just disappeared in a beam of light and I─” Y/N closed her eyes, small flashes of him looking helplessly; she could feel his pain everything emotion he was going through. She opened her eyes and tears unexpectedly ran down her cheeks. “Don’t go please, I love you Cassian. You can’t do this to me, please. Believe me”

Cassian rubbed his head in frustration. “Y/N, that thing exists someone needs to get the blueprints.” He put a hand on her cheek, Y/N closed her eyes; somehow she felt like this was the last time she tried to remember everything. How his skin felt on her damp cheek, the way his voice sounded saying her name, the way his lips felt against hers.

“I love you, please remember that” Cassian pecking her lips. “Don’t give up hope” he added giving her another kiss, it was salty as her tears were out of control.

In front of her, Cassian and Jyn smiled at each other as they were hugged by beamed of light. All she could hear was a hum, a buzz then nothing.

Y/N woke up sweating, she looked at Cassian’s side he was not there. She felt something on her stomach not caring if she was wearing decent clothes or not she got out of bed and ran. People were busy shouting at each other.

“Where is Cassian?”

“He is gone to Scarif”