Collabollection: DroidArmy

They came, one by one (mostly), in all shapes and sizes. Hearing the call to ARM*s.

From the farthest flung reaches of the globe… Australia, Greece, USA and Great Britain. Sent forth by their masters and creators: [In no particular order] Rob Wood, Malc Foy, Blayde, Nana Leonti, Bamboota, SholoRobo, Bleee, Teo Zinnis, weRsNs, SevenHundred and Chokokuka.

To the masters, creators and purchasers of t-shirts and stickers, the DroidArmy salutes you.

IMG: 140 Android mash-ups. Click the image to view the collection at redbubble.com.

[* In 2005, about 98% of the more than one billion mobile phones sold each year used at least one ARM processor. As of 2009, ARM processors account for approximately 90% of all embedded 32-bit RISC processors. ARM processors are used extensively in consumer electronics, including PDAs, mobile phones, digital media and music players, hand-held game consoles, calculators and computer peripherals such as hard drives and routers. Source: Wikipedia]


The complete Maclac Squadron of the Droid Army. 

I fancy putting them together on an iPhone case and a mini stickers but, for now, prints available at society6 (any “promotes” you guys fancy throwing its way are appreciated)

Also, can you name em all (bonus points for the “Droid-theme” names)

Fresh from the factories of Cybus Industries (or, if you’re old school, Mondas) our faithful little Android has been upgraded into a lean, mean, fightin’ machine. The droidarmy marches onwards…

Available as a t-shirt from Redbubble. You can see my other droidarmy inductees (oh dear, excuse the pun!) here and here. Other artist’s andoid mash-ups can be viewed on this page.

DroidArmy: Maclac Squadron’ by Malc Foy

So, you know all this art we put together, and slap onto some premium cotton garments?
Well, that’s not the only medium the designs go to… There are also art-prints, stretched canvases and gadget cases and skins.

Here are some of Malc’s.

Keep your eye out for more of this coming soon.