Antique Store Find: The Vogue Sewing Book of Fitting, Adjustments & Alterations 1972 edition

We found this little gem for $12 this weekend.  It’s the companion book to the First Edition Vogue Sewing Book 1970, and is packed full of pattern adjustments, fitting advice, and fantastic retro fashion photos.  

For example, you can distract from a high bust with a strategically placed pleat pointing directly at the lady business.

And with bright red polyester trousers on, no one will notice you’ve got a little extra junk in the trunk.

Jokes aside, the Vogue Sewing Book of Fitting, Adjustments, & Alterations and its companion The Vogue Sewing Book are full of some really useful info for cosplay, sewing projects, and patternmaking.  

The pants alteration section is going to be put to use soon, as we embark on some Droid and Unicorn patternmaking for our Comic Con and Labyrinth of Jareth costumes.  Wish us luck!

So a droid and a unicorn walk into a bar...

Oh! Hey there internets… and welcome.

Our blog is dedicated to our love for one another and our shared love for everything nerdy/geeky. So hold on to your monocles, because things are about to get kinda adorbz, a lot nerdy, and maybe even a little… well, you’ll see… :)

Wednesday night is game night at the Jinx Fortress and this week Hunter, de facto master of gaming and DM, invited us to be guest stars in the ongoing DnD campaign. 

Taking on the role of two NPCs, we joined the regular party as the left their caravan to travel to the coast and seek passage on a vessel.  Johnny’s character, Vykus, a skilled arcanist and rogue, was intrigued by the magical ring the party had acquired in their recent adventures and so agreed to accompany them on their journey to find the source of said ring.  Along for the ride was Vykus’ young half-elf rogue apprentice, Quil'th, played by me. 

From the caravan we set out west along a dirt road, where the party made camp for the night and despite three uneventful watch rotations, awoke to footprints encircling our sleeping area.  Alarmed by the intrusion, the company of adventurers sought out a nearby town to regroup and investigate just who might be following our merry band. 

After a (mildly) informative but very entertaining visit to the general store, the party retired to the local inn, staffed by a creepy innkeeper whose manner was very Igor-meets-John Waters.  The pacifist mage unsuccessfully tried to join a locals game of cards, while the half-orc warrior and his battle pig imbibed a bit of ale at the bar.  Our cleric bestowed some blessings, and Quil'th looked about for shiny things to practice her sleight of hand on while Vykus quizzed the innkeeper for more information. 

As the night grew late and the bar cleared out, the adventurers retired to their rooms for a bit of rest.  The second watch was disturbed to notice footsteps on the roof and a smell of smoke.  Quickly roused from slumber, the party assembled on the first floor of the bar where Quil'th, under cover of smoke, pulled off an impressively acrobatic backflip to behind the bar and pocketed a pair of shiny purple gems without anyone even noticing.  Thieving urges satisfied, she and the rest of the group ran outside where they found the inn surrounded by a group of be-sandaled bo staff carrying assailants.

Combat ensued, but the mysterious monks were no match for our intrepid party’s skills.  Arrows and daggers and magics flew, making quick work of the numerous enemies, and JTK scored the final blow as he cleaved two of them in half with his battle axe.  Vykus, wisely, had cast sleep on one of the monks and kept him alive for questioning post-battle.  The melee finished, our group adjourned for the evening, leaving the interrogation for next time.  To be continued…