droid cosplay


Reference: R2-D2

Model: Sara Jean Underwood

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Aww, bad luck for BB-8! #swco (at Orange County Convention Center)

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“Please call me bee-bee-eight…I have a full name and I intend to use it”

BB-8 at Sci-Fi Scarborough 2017! Was so much fun to roll around on the beach as the BEST droid also hot damn shooting on a beach makes editing deserts in easier

Bonuses because of photo limit!

BB-8/Editing - @mystmoon

Photography - @wingedsuitqueen and @merriweather-snows


Hello pets! It’s time for Kowai Mermaid’s first official give away and I’m super duper excited! We’re going to be giving away a BB8 inspired collar! The collar itself is designed to be super duper tug proof ;) and will be custom made to to your size preference!

The rules of this give away are pretty simple!

1.) you *must* be following my blog.
2.) you can reblogs this up to three times a day. Each reblogs is an entry.

That’s it! Super easy.

The giveaway will be closed at midnight may 25th! So be sure to check back for more information!