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anonymous asked:

Should I take any extra precautionary measures in case of killjoy sightings in the zones? I live in zone one and I would like to ensure my family and I are safe.

If you live in areas often subject to terrorist activities, such as zones one, two, and certain sectors in zone four, please be sure to take certain precautionary security measures before doing anything that might put you at risk. Certainly, numerous security cameras and droids are stationed in those areas, and Better Living Industries is preparing to station multiple extermination squads to keep watch over civilians such as yourself. However, until the killjoy population frequenting zones one two and four are properly taken care of, make sure to follow these general guidelines: 

     - try not to leave your house when it is dark out

     - when walking or driving from point a to b, try to travel in groups with at least two adults. 

     - generally stick to the streets and roads that have multiple security cameras and/or droids stationed. 

     - make sure to have a device handy that you can use to record terrorist activity, and alert BLI officials. 

Thank you for your question, and have a better day!


His visor’s gaze was locked apprehensively on the camera droids hovering about them. Interaction with news corespondents was a matter of contention in Arca Barracks, one he hadn’t expected to get involved in. 

“–I’d like to specify that my opinions here today are not indicative of SO BDE as a whole, and should not be taken as official statement.”

Your Safety is Our Priority

Because we at Better Living Industries® believe that the health and safety of Battery City citizens is the most important part of our programs, we are proud to inform you that BLI is introducing new steps to improve security around our city. Don’t be alarmed to see additional security cameras, droids, and BLI units keeping watch over every inch of our beautiful city. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of our BLI representatives.