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Belkin DualFit Thoughts

If any of you are still thinking about snagging a Belkin DualFit for your iPod or compatible smartphone, mine arrived today and I wanted to provide a few quick thoughts.

The armband’s casing is a snug fit so definitely don’t try to jam your phone or iPod in there with a case on. The arm band will accommodate very small arms to big arms up to 15" and there are openings at the bottom for the Apple data connector and one for the iPhone 4’s speaker.

What I like:

  • iPhone 4 fits snuggly in the soft neoprene casing
  • Neoprene siding still allows for operation of side buttons
  • Will fit very small and large arms up to 15"
  • The plastic face still works with the touchscreen
  • Plastic doesn’t affect visibility
  • Key pocket is a nice addition
  • It’s lightweight

What I don’t like:

  • Top of the phone is left exposed, potentially inviting sweat and dirt onto the phone and inside the case
  • Pressing the home button through the plastic is a bit tough

I’ll have to see how durable and how nasty it gets when I go running, though the weather seems to be taking its time to warm up to Spring.