droid a day

i think they’d grow really close if they ever got the free time to spend with each other and they’d be the type of friends to just chill whenever they got a day off

i didn’t originally draw this as ship art, but am tagging it regardless and you’re free to tag it as ship art as well; i just want you to be happy, bud

this is technically a wip, but i don’t know if i have it in me to finish it, so i’ll just leave this here and say happy valentines. hope you all spend it with your so, friends, family, or by yourself, if that’s what you’re about rn! 

Day 9


8Ad-2DB0ne knew this would be his life and destiny when he accidentally shot the sheriff in a bar fight, after drinking one too many pints of Guiness, and ran away being the number 1 fugitive in town, with a bounty of over 100 coins on his head. No one ever got him. He was blown away by the amount of wealth he could get by shooting criminals so he started his new carreer in this distant far away town, dealing with the outlaws. Being bad to the bone brought stability into his life.

101 Droidmations: Finn is a former code writer for the First Order who decides to break free of the stiflingly boring job and freelance while traveling the galaxy in a refurbished YT-1300 freighter. His constant companion is a BB droid who tires of the solitary life and looks to find Finn - and themselves - a mate. 

Enter Rey, a speeder mechanic on the desert world of Jakku who lives a lonely life with a BB-model droid of her own. One day, Finn arrives on Jakku to get some needed repairs to his craft and his BB droid spots Rey and her droid and sparks fly - literally, when the refueling station explodes. Rey decides she’s had enough of Jakku and asks Finn for a lift to the outer rim. Along the way, they and their droids fall in love and they decide to settle on the rebuilt Hosnian Prime where they settle into married bliss and their droids create a life of their own.

Meanwhile, Finn’s ex-boss, the wealthy and evil Kylo Ren, hears of the creation of a third BB unit and travels to Hosnian Prime to offer to buy the droids, which Finn and Rey refuse much to Ren’s humiliation. Ren is not the type to take no for an answer, and along with his henchmen Nines and Zeroes, he plots to steal the droid family and get his revenge on Finn and Rey for once and for all.

day two of @stardew-valley‘s 30 day stardew valley prompt challenge- unlikely friendship! explanation for why this image is what it is ‘n all below the cut so i don’t bore the shit out of you

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I really want a situation where say Ventress starts force choking Cody in front of Obi-wan telling him to surrender or his precious Commander dies and Obi-wan actually does drop his saber and goes to surrender.

And Cody fucking flips. With the last of his strength and ability and all the dpite and hate he can muster he fucking kicks Ventress in the face so that Obi-wan can grab his saber. Cody ends up getting shot in the shoulder by droids before then but the day goes down in history for the 212th and 501st. The second time Cody has done something ballsy to one of the big name Seppies and kicked the hairless harpy in the face all for the General.

the third day of the 30 day stardew valley challenge: rainy day! this is my third and final character i created a farm for; her name’s dicie! along with noel and quartz, these three are each going to have an equal amount of time throughout the challenge– each of them get nine days, and three of the days, i plan on making drawings of all three of them! 

(i know it’s technically the next day, but i was busy with giveaway art. sorry about that!)

Day 22


To the sound of YMCA, Mant1s does his coreography flawlessly to seduce his soon-to-be mate after months of practicing for this lifetime oportunity. Arms up, antennas waving, twerking booty, looking fabulous in order to draw attention over his perfectly coordinated mechanized movements. Bad for Mant1s, her crush chose a more gourgeous and manly man over him. It’s not about the dance, the meaning of the song got her off the mood - Young Mantis Copulating Association - in which Mant1s is enrolled to fullfill his destiny with the help of experts. Mant1s is praying he won’t die before he successfully reproduces. 

He had exclusive access to the vault in question, which is kept shut by the best vault door money can buy in combination with what is known as a retina scan. A retina scan—”
“We know what a retina scan is,” Ascher said impatiently.

Nicodemus Archleone and Hannah Ascher (Skin Game by Jim Butcher)

I feel like the only way Nicodemus would feel the need to explain what a retina scan is, is if he genuinely thinks that it’s rare knowledge. I mean, I just love the idea that Nicodemus is this 2,000 year-old guy who just does not understand modern technology. Like, at all. He doesn’t even have the excuse of being a wizard; he just grew up in a time when Literacy was newfangled, and now he’s here and he’s just completely baffled by what the world has become.

I’m just picturing Nicodemus using a smartphone as if he thinks it’ll explode if he presses the wrong thing, but trying to act like he knows exactly what he’s doing and doesn’t need any help at all, thank you very much.