if you say that Drogo was a bad husband or that he abused her I would like to remind you he got her a fucking beautiful silver mare simply because he thought it matched her hair and it was beautiful like her and the dothraki are so into horses let me tell you that’s not just getting her some cheap ass jewelry he could steal that’s giving something that really MEANS something to BOTH of them

Thoughts from Season One of GOT
  • Wow ok lots of tits
  • incest is creepy
  • Viserys jfc you’re a selfish cunt b a c k up
  • Drogo and Dany is my otp
  • *happy squeals of joy bc baby*
  • “Man, you really shouldn’t trust that witch”
  • i fucking told you not to trust that witch
  • joffrey i s2g
  • jon snow make love to me
  • Daenerys you’re the baddest bitch
Khal and Khaleesi wedding night - the book version. George R.R. Martin.

They rode out together as the stars came out, leaving the khalasar and the grass palaces behind. Khal Drogo spoke no word to her, but drove his stallion at a hard trot through the gathering dusk. The tiny silver bells in his long braid rang softly as he rode. “I am the blood of the dragon,” she whispered aloud as she followed, trying to keep her courage up. “I am the blood of the dragon. I am the blood of the dragon.” The dragon was never afraid.

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Night of their wedding

Impassive, the Khal rode upon The Red as if he were part of the beast, under baleful brows he regarded the road ahead and merely glanced at Daenerys from time to time as if to ensure she was still there at his side. 
It was almost sunset when Drogo turned his horse aside, motioning her to do the same and took them to a high point above the waters.

He helped her dismount, lifting Dany down as easily as if she were a child, Drogo had never had cause to learn the Common Tongue, let alone any other language of Westeros… for a conqueror’s subjects learn the words of their lord. Yet he wished now that he had something… more than the one word at his disposal. 

Holding the reins of their mounts, speaking words of calm to them. He let the girl have a few moments to herself as was fitting. Like a filly about to be broken, she was skittish and unsettled. 

All important acts amongst the Dothraki, must be done under the wide sky, in the open air, and the first mating of a Khal and his Khaleesi was of great importance. If she had but known, she was lucky that he had not chosen to do it in public in the centre of Vaes Dothrak as some of his ancestors had done.