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Live Blog Of Game Of Thrones 7x02 Stormborn

# It doesn’t feel like a homecoming Dany because it’s not the house with the red door and lemon tree

# Wow, I really loved that Varys and Dany speech it was both powerful and honest. It also says what a good queen she is when if she is cruel to the people to confront her about it.

# Dany and Jon hearing about each other and feeling a bit of intrigue

# Cersei telling blatant lies about Dany to the lords

#Randyll comparing Dany to Aegon the conqueror

# oh my poor Jorah, you look horrible my darling baby

# Sam trying to fight to heal Jorah, my hero

# Robert using the dragon heads as a kink, gross

# haha Qyburn that was ages ago, Drogon won’t be so easy to hurt anymore

# Dany coming to Tyrion’s defense, I love it. Such a great team.

# I won’t be Queen of the ashes

# “Be a Dragon” I don’t know if Olenna is helping Dany or manipulating her for her vengeance

#Grey Worm, I love you so much, you deserve so much.

# oh my god, Grey Worm and Missandei are so pure and beautiful. Please don’t let this be the last time they see each other.

# omg Jorah writing Dany a goodbye letter, is breaking my heart

# “Your not dying today, Ser Jorah” Sam my hero

# omg Jorah oh my poor baby, this is grotesque you deserve better

# Arya listening about dragons

#Arya and Hot Pie together again, I love it

# Arya becoming a alcoholic lol

# Arya hearing about Winterfell and Jon and going omg stuff revenge, I’m going home

# Hot Pie calling Arya pretty aww

# Jon deciding to go to Dragonstone

# We can’t fight them alone, damn right

# Only a King can meet a Queen

# Sansa completely changing her tune once Jon names her Queen until his return and looking humbled by it

# gross Littlefinger wanting to keep it in the family talking about loving both Cat and Sansa to Jon

# Another Jon and Ned parallel love it

# Littlefinger secretly going choke me harder Jon lol

# Jon riding away on his way to Dany yay

# Arya terrified of being surrounded by wolves

# Arya recognizing Nymeria, Arya begging Nymeria to go with her but Nymeria walking away omg

# haha the sand snakes being typical sisters

# yara and ellaria getting it on in front of Theon

# oh no Euron coming for Yara and Theon

# my baby Theon fighting

# Yara watching her ship burn, before killing some assholes.

# Euron and Yara going toe to toe

# All the brutality on the ship bringing up Theon’s PTSD from Ramsay making him jump into the water leaving his sister Yara in Euron’s hands. It absolutely broke my heart this scene.

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Dany would be bored to death having to mother an actual human baby and she'd be disappointed that it couldn't breath fire: "Why your big brother Drogon was your age, he was already setting innocent civilians on fire..."