This is one of the only playful moments we see between Hiccup and Astrid while they’re teenagers.  The teasing banter, competitive grins, and increasingly bold methods they use to block each other from winning the race shows a side to their relationship you don’t see in many other episodes of Riders and Defenders of Berk.

Ko­bieta pot­rze­buje cza­sem drob­ne­go ges­tu. Bla­dego kwiat­ka, czułego do­tyku, wyjścia do teat­ru. Od cza­su do cza­su prag­nie, aby cała uwa­ga fa­ceta była sku­piona tyl­ko na niej. Chce być pępkiem świata. Egoistycznie, ale praw­dzi­wie. Chce stać na czub­ku wieży i wie­dzieć, że jest szczy­tem je­go ser­ca i marzeń. Cza­sami chce być roz­pie­szcza­na kawałkiem białej cze­kola­dy, kawą z bitą śmietaną o po­ran­ku.
A może po pros­tu chce czuć o każdej porze dnia i no­cy, że jest kochana?
Suk­ce­sem jest zna­leźć mężczyznę, który to nie tyl­ko zro­zumie i poj­mie, ale wy­kona..

Feeeeeew…. One week with a little bit… and I finally finished my typography work for school. Ye, this all made just of text, simple like “hahaha” or somewhere you can find Dagur’s replica from TV show, one that I really like “When in doubt, take it out”, it’s somewhere in hair… And when I was really confused I wrote on nose shadow piece of Pushkin’s poem - “Ya pomniu chudnoe mgnovenie” lol 😂 Anyway… I’m really enjoyed to work on it, because I really love this character and DreamWorks at all… hope you all will like my hard homework…


“You save me, I save you - that’s the way it is.”  - From Riders of Berk Episode 14: What Flies Beneath.

By far this is one of the most daring, gusty actions you ever see Hiccup do.  He intentionally steps off a cliff where, if he is not caught by Toothless, he will be smashed against solid stone at the bottom of his fall.  Hiccup has to trust somehow that:

1. Toothless notices his fall.

2. Toothless can get away from his to-the-death fight against the Whispering Death to save Hiccup.

3. Toothless can reach Hiccup in time.

4. Hiccup can get into Toothless’s saddle in time to unfurl Toothless’s tail.

The fact Hiccup and Toothless intentionally jump out to save one another regardless of the very real threat to their own lives only shows the amount of loyalty and trust they have for each other.

But still, Hiccup.  That was really stupid.