This is one of the only playful moments we see between Hiccup and Astrid while they’re teenagers.  The teasing banter, competitive grins, and increasingly bold methods they use to block each other from winning the race shows a side to their relationship you don’t see in many other episodes of Riders and Defenders of Berk.

i can just imagine that every time in ROB/DOB that Hiccup has been kidnapped or in danger and somehow separated from the gang (or sometimes even Toothless) and he returns home safely Astrid just like punches him really hard and goes

“sTOP FUCKIN SCARING ME SO MUCH GODDAMN YOU WORRY ME SICK SO MUCH i need u here safe but you keep freakin me out!!” and then just kisses him real softly for a minute or two

and its such an adorable thought that im just like



The argument between Hiccup and Astrid in "Heather Report Part 1" might be painful to watch and not our favorite Hiccstrid moment, but I feel it’s really important.  For that reason, I am glad the writers included it in Riders of Berk.  The tensions are even more potent since it's Hiccup who completely messes up - he’s not the perfect Dragon Master all the time, after all.  Crushing after Heather to the point of completely dismissing Astrid and even backlashing against her is a huge mistake on Hiccup’s end.  Granted, Astrid wasn’t responding nicely either, but she definitely had a point and reason to be angry at him.

Through episodes like these, we get to see a more rounded relationship between Hiccup and Astrid.  We watch the awkward scenes when they first fall in love, subsequent scenes when they’re in a relationship, the cheerful scenes when they tease one another, the exciting scenes when they’re in danger and fight for one another, the scenes where they confide in one another, and… the scenes where they don’t see eye-to-eye.  All in all, because of episodes like “Heather Report,” we get a very good look inside the life between Hiccup and Astrid.

But man just look at their facial expressions here.  Ouch. 

BTS Reaction: When they hear you speaking slang in your native language for the first time

Hi ^.^ Could I possibly get a reaction for BTS? When they hear you speak your native language for the first time? (You’re welsh btw) Thank you! - Anon


Thank you so much to the lovely anon for this request - It’s my first one! Wishes unite! This is so different and I really enjoyed creating it! Finding the words and writing out the phonetics took forever though… XD Hope you enjoy! 

- Admin Elle

(Gif credit to original owner)


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(Tipyn bach: A little bit - pronounced ‘tip-in bahch’ the ‘ch’ is pronounced like the Scottish ‘ch’ in loch)

You were on the phone to your Mum who was calling from home. You were discussing a new Korean recipe you had just learnt and you were sharing it with her. 

“Y/N, how much salt do I put in?”

“Mmmmm… Tipyn bach” You said indicating a small amount

Jin walked into the kitchen “Babe, what the heck does ti-tip…yn…” He trailed off not able to pronounce it. “Are you swearing at me?”

You giggled, “No, tipyn bach means a little bit.” Jin nodded slowly

“Ohhhhhh…” He smiled, “You’re so cute Babe”


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(Dwt: Small and cute/sweet - pronounced doot)

You were sat with Namjoon and the rest of the members watching TV when a really cute puppy appeared on the screen

“Awwwwh!” You cooed, “He’s such a dwt!” All the boys turned to look at you including Namjoon, confused as heck.

“Sweetheart, what the hell are you saying?” Namjoon laughed as he asked you

“What?” You said not realising what you had said 

“Dwt?” He raised his eyebrows

“Oh it means like ‘small and cute or sweet” You said before turning your attention back to the TV. Namjoon just smiled at you before face palming at your cuteness 


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(Ych-a-fi: Disgusting/Ew that’s gross - pronounced uhch-ah-vee. ‘Ch is pronounced like in Scottish ‘loch’)

Yoongi had just gotten back from practice and you were sat on your bed scrolling through Instagram. He threw himself down onto the bed and rolled over to rest his head on your stomach. You put your arm round him and felt how sweaty he was. 

“Ugh, ych-a-fi!” You exclaimed loudly, pushing him off the bed.Yoongi looked up at you from the floor. 

(gif) “Babe, what the heck?” 

“Oops, sorry!” You covered your mouth with your hand 

“What did you just say?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Ych-a-fi? It means like gross or disgusting.” You explained

“Gee thanks.” Yoongi rolled his eyes


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(Popty ping: Slang for microwave - pronounced pop-tee-ping)

You and Hoseok were sat in the living room, preparing for a movie night. You had everything you needed; blankets, pillows, lots of films and plenty of snacks. The only thing missing was the popcorn which was almost ready.

You heard the microwave beep to signal that had finished. 

“Popty ping!” You exclaimed before skipping into the kitchen

“Pop who?” Hoseok frowned as he followed you into the kitchen.

“Popty ping means microwave Hun.” You said retrieving the popcorn 

“Popty ping…” Hoseok said trying out the word, before dancing back into the living room singing popty ping. (Which quickly became his new favourite word.)


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(Fel rhech mewn pot jam: Like a fart in a jam pot. It basically means something or someone is useless - pronounced ‘fell rhech mehwn pot jam’. The r is rolled and the ch is pronounced like in Scottish ‘loch’)

Taehyung was sat watching you try an complete a group assignment that was due tomorrow. You were on FaceTime with one of your friends who was also  in the group and between you both, you were doing all the work. You were gossiping about the other people in the group when you suddenly exclaimed 

“Fel rhech mewn pot jam!” Both Taehyung and your friend stared at you weirdly. You bit your lip a bit embarrassed before Taehyung burst into laughter.

“What?” He struggled to sit upright as you realised exactly what you had said.

“Ummm… It means like a fart in a jam pot. It means useless.” You admitted, giggling a bit yourself. Taehyung continued laughing before asking you to teach him how to say it.


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(Mewn cachiad: Literal translation means ‘in a poo’. It means to do something quickly - pronounced mehwn cach-yad. ‘ch’ is pronounced like in Scottish ‘loch’)

Jimin was led on the bed waiting for you to finish getting ready so the to of you could go out on your date. He’d been waiting for about 2 hours and was starting to get impatient. 

“How long are you gonna be baby?” He whined “Please hurry up!”

“I’ll be ready mewn cachiad” You said sticking your head around the bathroom door. 

“Huh?” He sat up and followed you back into the bathroom.

“Oh, right. Mewn cachiad means in a poo. I basically just said I wouldn’t be very long.” Jim laughed and went back into your bedroom. 

“You’re so weird baby, but that’s why I love you!”


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(Lllanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch: Is the longest town name in the UK and translated into English it means ‘St Mary’s Church in the Hollow of the White Hazel Near to the Rapid Whirlpool of Llantysilio of the Red Cave’ - pronounced ‘Llan-vire-pooll-guin-gill-go-ger-u-queern-drob-ooll-llandus-ilio-gogo-goch’ the ‘ch’ is pronounced the in the Scottish ‘loch’)

Jungkook was used to you saying random things in your native language and he often wanted you to teach him little phrases. Today though, he was becoming particularly cocky about being able to pick up what you were teaching him. You smirked to yourself as you thought of a phrase he would never master saying. 

“Alright then babe, say Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.” You smiled at him victoriously and he looked you (gif)

“What the hell does that mean?” You were used to this reaction from foreigners so you smiled before explaining that it was the name of a town and telling him the story of why it was named like that.

(I know the Jungkook’s was weird but I couldn’t help it. Being able to say that town name is a talent in Wales. It took me forever to learn how to pronounce it…)

My friend's first character

We had all gone into a sex dungeon to get information undercover. I get discovered and in the midst of the fight:

DM: he crit fails and drobs his club.

Me: I pick up the club.

DM: He takes out a knife.

Rogue (friend’s first char): I steal the knife *rolls nat 20*

DM: Okay you steal the knife, so the guard picks up a phallic object (dildo) as a weapon.

Rogue: I attempt to see how the secret door they came out of works. *rolls 2*

DM: You have no idea and the guard does an attack of opportunity. *rolls nat 20* Okay, let’s see if I can confirm that. *rolls nat 20 in front of everyone* Okay, I’m gonna try to confirm that again just ‘cause I can. *rolls, dice does a spin through the air and lands on my dice set, neatly on a nat 20*

DM: You get impaled by a dildo.

Feeeeeew…. One week with a little bit… and I finally finished my typography work for school. Ye, this all made just of text, simple like “hahaha” or somewhere you can find Dagur’s replica from TV show, one that I really like “When in doubt, take it out”, it’s somewhere in hair… And when I was really confused I wrote on nose shadow piece of Pushkin’s poem - “Ya pomniu chudnoe mgnovenie” lol 😂 Anyway… I’m really enjoyed to work on it, because I really love this character and DreamWorks at all… hope you all will like my hard homework…