The argument between Hiccup and Astrid in "Heather Report Part 1" might be painful to watch and not our favorite Hiccstrid moment, but I feel it’s really important.  For that reason, I am glad the writers included it in Riders of Berk.  The tensions are even more potent since it's Hiccup who completely messes up - he’s not the perfect Dragon Master all the time, after all.  Crushing after Heather to the point of completely dismissing Astrid and even backlashing against her is a huge mistake on Hiccup’s end.  Granted, Astrid wasn’t responding nicely either, but she definitely had a point and reason to be angry at him.

Through episodes like these, we get to see a more rounded relationship between Hiccup and Astrid.  We watch the awkward scenes when they first fall in love, subsequent scenes when they’re in a relationship, the cheerful scenes when they tease one another, the exciting scenes when they’re in danger and fight for one another, the scenes where they confide in one another, and… the scenes where they don’t see eye-to-eye.  All in all, because of episodes like “Heather Report,” we get a very good look inside the life between Hiccup and Astrid.

But man just look at their facial expressions here.  Ouch. 

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This is one of the only playful moments we see between Hiccup and Astrid while they’re teenagers.  The teasing banter, competitive grins, and increasingly bold methods they use to block each other from winning the race shows a side to their relationship you don’t see in many other episodes of Riders and Defenders of Berk.


So I was on Tumblr (😏) when I was tagged by @voltron-dragon. This is my first time so yeeeeeee. Jk idk what to do so I guess I’ll answer simple questions from the internet? Ok let’s begin: 👇🏻

Name: Jacqueline ********

Nickname: Jackie Jack, Jacks (some people could call me jacks so don’t think of calling me that) 

Height: 5′2 and a half

Favorite animals: Sloth, Pamda, Koala 

Cats dog: Idk

Music: Halsey, Twenty One Pilots, Melanie Martinez, etc. 

Kpop, jpop etc 

What I do? Waste my time doing nothing 

Breath? Nope 

Favorite movies: Httyd, hunger games, Paper town, a girl like her, Anne Frank 

Fav shows: 13 reasons why, Rtte, Rob, Drob, Friends, AHS, etc 

Where I live? Under a rock

Ship? Hiccstrid etc

-I’m a girl who loves to laugh, I don’t breath, my friends make me laugh, I live like, I live half the time. 

I tag 

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My friend's first character

We had all gone into a sex dungeon to get information undercover. I get discovered and in the midst of the fight:

DM: he crit fails and drobs his club.

Me: I pick up the club.

DM: He takes out a knife.

Rogue (friend’s first char): I steal the knife *rolls nat 20*

DM: Okay you steal the knife, so the guard picks up a phallic object (dildo) as a weapon.

Rogue: I attempt to see how the secret door they came out of works. *rolls 2*

DM: You have no idea and the guard does an attack of opportunity. *rolls nat 20* Okay, let’s see if I can confirm that. *rolls nat 20 in front of everyone* Okay, I’m gonna try to confirm that again just ‘cause I can. *rolls, dice does a spin through the air and lands on my dice set, neatly on a nat 20*

DM: You get impaled by a dildo.