drn 0167

Almost Human/Common Law crossover

Detective Travis Marks gets killed during a shootout. His partner, Wes Mitchell, retires from the police and has been mourning him for years, when he receives a visits from someone who belongs to an agency called Fringe Division. The man reveals to him that before his death his partner had joined a secret project for to the creation of special androids as a new line of defense against criminals. The real reason behind his death is to be found in this project: Travis knew something about it that didn’t agree with the powers that be and was killed for it. However, they have just received a posthumous letter from det. Marks in which he explains how he was able to hide this secret information in the memory of a specific DRN, DRN-0167, who’s now active and partnered with detective John Kennex, and both are oblivious of all this. Now the Fringe Division needs Wes Mitchell because – as the letter says – only he has the key to access this specific memory. Wes can’t understand what this is about and what this key might be, nor he wants anything to do with it. But Travis has left a personal letter for him too and after reading it, he knows he’s going to do it anyway. So he leaves everything, again, and follows the special agent to meet John Kennex and the android who looks like his best friend. But looking at Travis’ face again… it will be even more difficult than what he already expected and he will need all the detachment he can master to be able to gather the information he needs to solve the case of his partner’s death without revealing to the two detectives what his real mission is.

 “He’s more of a robot than I am, man”

“I think there’s more to this than he lets on, Dorian”

Here, take some slash googles because slash is totally needed here. Also, I took some liberties with Fringe and with age (in the pictures, since I don’t have images of an old Warren Kole…)… let’s just pretend they invented a way to keep people cute forever.

If someone is ever in the need to write anything like this, they’ll have my undying gratitude.