*ollies into the sun*

my hand hurts like fuuucckk, but i actually did it!!!

Im sorry for not posting more in the past few days, with all the holidays and New Year, I was hell of a busy!!! D: But thank god I manage to glue my butt and drawing something for you guys!!! 

I thought it would be nice to do something different and have some Tron legacy!Jorian!!! :33 Hope you will like it!! 

1. you fucking smashed into me like that wave that pulled me under while we spent our days along the seaside. my head is pounding and i can taste blood. is this what love is supposed to feel like?
2. i think about your lips and how they’ll forever have a place on the back of my neck. if kisses could wound, i’d be covered with scars. i wouldn’t care. it would be an honor to be destroyed by you.
3. i’ll pretend we we’re nothing and i’ll tell my friends we were nothing more than a fling, but i think i just don’t want to admit to myself that there’s a big chance that you are the love of my fucking life.
4. i know it was me that walked away from all of this, but i’ll never understand, why you didn’t try to stop me.
5. i wish we could start over. no more empty promises, no more hurt. a clean slate. just exist near me for a little while. i wish it was that easy.
6. i love you. i do. i’m sorry that i’m not who you thought i was and i’m sorry that i can’t be who you want me to be. i do love you though. i really do.
7. you told me that you stay up late wondering about why the sum of all natural numbers could ever equal negative 1 over 12 and i know im not infinite in the grand scheme of things but i wish i could be to you.
—  (H.S)

Connection. Uhm I don’t know how long this took me…round 10 hrs?. Relatively stoked with it. I wanted it to be sexier then this. When I first drew it I had it in mind that John was kissing Dorian up against a wall but then cause it was dark the wall kind of vanished and..cause I had people in the background it looked like more of a neat public kiss instead of a seedy back alley kiss. *shrugs* never mind XD 2 WEEEEEEEEKSSSSS HNNNNNGGGGGHDWQIOH;ODIODHO;ID ILL DIE LOUDLY IF THIS SHOW ISN’T GIVEN A SECOND SEASON ASAP