*ollies into the sun*

my hand hurts like fuuucckk, but i actually did it!!!

Im sorry for not posting more in the past few days, with all the holidays and New Year, I was hell of a busy!!! D: But thank god I manage to glue my butt and drawing something for you guys!!! 

I thought it would be nice to do something different and have some Tron legacy!Jorian!!! :33 Hope you will like it!! 

Connection. Uhm I don’t know how long this took me…round 10 hrs?. Relatively stoked with it. I wanted it to be sexier then this. When I first drew it I had it in mind that John was kissing Dorian up against a wall but then cause it was dark the wall kind of vanished and..cause I had people in the background it looked like more of a neat public kiss instead of a seedy back alley kiss. *shrugs* never mind XD 2 WEEEEEEEEKSSSSS HNNNNNGGGGGHDWQIOH;ODIODHO;ID ILL DIE LOUDLY IF THIS SHOW ISN’T GIVEN A SECOND SEASON ASAP

Finally! Here it is, I’m just going to leave it there. Think of it like a teaser *^*

Hope you like it! I’m thinking on doing a Supernatural page too, just to keep up the comic practice. Reblogs and likes are totally welcome, thank you all!

A friend told me that lately I’m only uploading black and white pictures, and it’s true. I’ve added some colors here, but felt bad to create a new post just for this. Hope you don’t mind >.<

And sorry, I’m not sure of what happens when I reblog, the thing just appears on top? Tumblr is still strange to me XD