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🔥 hiii everyone! This is my first follow forever I wanna thank my bby sterolineforever for making this edit for me. I hope everyone had a really good 2014 and I wish you all the best of luck for 2015. I’m really rubbish at intros so lets get this show on the road  🔥

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First 1000 followers!!! :)

Some people are here with me from day one 💜: loverhainaxo, bitchesgonnabemad, drizrih, thotbrey, kemkem21, asvpfentzdailytoothache, thelastslicee, driizzydrake416, fuckyofavtjwww, kayymaxx,  downtownovo, enoranavy, rihsongzarecole, freshlyblogged, nothingwasthesvmetrvp-goddess, kianaelyse, fattigrl81, fiercerihanna, bewilder95, beneath–her–eyes, naturelle268, navyistheshit

 💜 thefleetingobsessions, number5snumber1, florindab98, superconfidence, morethanalltheflowers, thatsomebodyis-me, thesensationofbeing, beautifullybrokendisaster, cambryh, tiaralways, unique-nena, cocoflannels, liddolkiddoh, theharmonyofthesoul, cheekymunkey, hurriqueen, rihannasdildo, kaykayheaux, aubbae

…some came a little later in my tumblr life (but i love you all the same):

connect2ovo, calligraphypen 💜💜

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yesprescillia, steph21rules, drizzy-drake-champagnepapi, surfboar-d, fentymina95, aubrihstel, onikagrahams, manny-ovo, imcoveredingold, robynismydiamond, imfeellin-hellacooltonight, kenaylove, albaeni, sainad, topzsn, drakesfanclub, societies-nightmare, alixovo, mindlessonflick, temmycool, highoffvolcanoes, loveafffair …aaand many many more new followers

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! 💜💜 You make boring times less boring, sad times less sad, annoying stuff much more bearable. I learned a lot from you, your culture, your attitude, lifestyle, fears, hopes and dreams (even though we don’t talk much). I don’t necessary agree or like with everything you post/say/do/shade/love/judge (and it’s normal you don’t agree with me on everything either - although you should 😜) but i respect you all and your opinion. Thank you for following me and liking my posts.

(i know i didn’t mention all the mutuals with whom i exchange notes on daily basis, i’m sorry, i know i probably forgot someone important, this is for you 💕, edit: i’m editing list, i apparently skipped few pages on the follow list)

Every new follower makes me happy, so thank you all once again!

some of my first posts (April 3rd/4th 2014):