Just a Thing

((apparently instead of tackling my drafts, I just come up with headcanons that make me cry in the shower. ANYWHO….)) Jay carries a handwritten letter for Inca (and a video recording of the same message) with him at all times if he ever were to meet an untimely death without getting to say goodbye to her. He probably has notes for his friends too, but hers is of course the longest. This is it:

My Dearest Love Inca (Inkie),

If you’re reading this, then I guess I didn’t make it. I hate to leave you alone, but at least I have this last chance to tell you all the s*** I know I never said enough. Like I love you. Wherever I’ve ended up, I always will love you. You’ve made my last years worth the living. I know I never really deserved you and you deserved so much more than a broken man, but you stayed. You stayed, and helped me hold my pieces together better than I ever could alone. You were a light in my darkness,

I know you’ll miss me, but I know you’ll be all right. You’re strong, stronger than you’ve ever thought. You’re a fighter and a healer, and you deserve so much happiness…the world can’t lose something as bieu beautiful as your smile. Remember me, but carry on. I’ll be here waiting to see you again.

Yours forever,

Rhiannon and Hathor. — dj-icial

Hathor:What brings you joy?
“It’s the little things for me…watching Inca fall asleep curled up against me…feeding people things I made with my own two hands…singing whenever I get the chance…hanging with friends. More of course. I guess you can say that I just have a lot to be happy about.”

Rhiannon:Have you ever been betrayed?
“I’ve been hurt by people I thought were friends, yes. Especially–well, I thought we were at least friends, but she sort of used me for a while. Some people just can’t be trusted, and you don’t know who they are until they do it sometimes.”

so it's March 14 again

“Everyone knows I’m a sap by now, but I just needed to give as public a shoutout as I could to my wonderful wife. Three years ago, you took the biggest gamble you ever have, and completely changed my life. I love you more that anything. Here’s to our forever.” Maybe holding up signs and getting himself broadcast on the morning news was a tad cheesy, but he didn’t really care.

shortstopcafe-deactivated201409 asked:

(Where do you want to retire? And what are your hopes for the future?)

Well, that’s a long time from now, isn’t it?   I guess I’d want to go somewhere where it actually gets cold and snows.  Gram and I went skiing in Colorado once or twice and I just think I could manage that.   For the future, I don’t know…cheesy as it is, I can take anything with Inca there–whereeer we end up.”