“I have always loved cars, but I didn’t appreciate the freedom of losing myself in driving until I got my license at 18. My dad bought me a little hatch and I have to admit I flogged it until I finally replaced it after 6 years and 200-something-thousand kilometres with a brand new Mazda3 last summer. That old hatch got me through tough situations over our years together, from devastating loss to overwhelming joy, and yes I did have my dark times when I considered ending my life in it, because the way I saw it at least I’d be as happy behind the wheel as I could have ever been. But I kept driving. Years later I’m still driving and I intend to keep it that way; for my other half, my friends, my family and my dog who means the world to me. Stock car or show car, daily or weekender, rich or poor, young or old, us car enthusiasts share the same passion and love for our rides. We are all human, waking each day to face our battles or help our loved ones fight. Life isn’t easy, but it’s sweeter when we love and support one another. Shift, laugh, love.” - @rattlegunn

“I decided to buy a CFH sticker after realising the amazing work you guys are trying to do. Having suffered from depression and many life threatening surgeries I spent many years searching for something to make me feel happy. Coincidently my parents had bought an old Honda Civic EK which sat in the shed and began rusting over time. Bored out of my mind one day I decided to have a play around with it and loved the challenges and pride in my work. Since that day I have been doing mechanical and auto electrical work as a way of keeping my sanity. I decided to put my sticker in front of the passenger’s seat so that any time I get stuck driving a mate around they would ask what me its meaning was. Keep up the amazing work guys, you truly are an inspiration to all.”

A lovely email we received today. Thanks for writing to us. :)