driving with the roof down

the nordics’ aesthetics

aph denmark: standing at the precipice of a high cliff, feeling like you could touch the stars, beer melting on your tongue, playing with a puppy on a summer’s day, standing barefoot in a thunderstorm

aph sweden: sawdust, cosy nights in by the fire, sitting at the edge of a pier and watching the horizon, the feeling of being surrounded by your closest friends, calloused hands and long days outside

aph finland: pastel colours, a shot of vodka, giving someone a present, the buzz of adrenaline that makes your veins hum, arriving back home after a long trip away, screaming at the top of your lungs as you drive down an empty road

aph norway: the taste of smoke on an autumn night, the smell of the sea, a walk through the forest in the heart of winter, thin mist seeping between the trees, not knowing where you’re going but you keep walking anyway

aph iceland: whispered lullabies that make your stomach flutter and turn, stories of folklore and fairytale, oversized sweaters, cottages in the distance with warm lights in the windows, catching the snowflakes on your tongue

Killjoys and winter

As I’ve mentioned before I live in California and have experienced the winter/fall weather that goes on here. So I have some headcanons based on real life things that have happened to me.

First off California doesn’t have snow but we do have RAIN, rain that happens every year yet we forget it exists every year because in average it’s pretty sunny in CA. So imagine less snow gear (unless you’re living in the mountains) and more rain gear.

Kiljoys fixing their cars and homes before the rains to not have anything get ruined. Some killjoys having to drive in a wet car because they left the roof down. SAND GETTING EVERYWHERE (water+sand=the worst day ever)

But on the flip side the rain doesn’t last to long, I once saw rain before walking home and by the time I got outside and had my raincoat on it had stopped raining. Or lasting several hours, it once rained for 3 days straight and no one knew what to do.

So killjoys getting ready for the big storm only to have it last 15 minutes. Some not worrying about the rains because they know it will be over soon. People stocking up on food and supplies in case a big rain comes without warning.

The winter is also static season. That means frizzy hair, getting shocked on metal objects, among other things.

Joys like Jet and the girl would spend so much time wrangling their hair while people like Party, Kobra, and ghoul would be stuck trying to get those stray strands smoothed down.

Not to mention the random heat waves that come out of no where, it can go from 70 degrees Fahrenheit to 101 degrees Fahrenheit in just 3 hours, and back down to 70 at night.

Meaning killjoys would have the constant problem of either wearing to much or too little, never knowing whether to bring a jacket or not.

Finally the big thing, humidity. Now this is normal in other places but in CA there is no humidity. As in none at all. But during the winter it’s colder and more water is in the air so it becomes a living sauna.

Basically killjoys would be constantly switching between outfits to match the weather and could be freezing and burning all in one day.

Hope you like these headcanons! Send me an ask if you want more!

(also should I do a BL/Ind version of this? Because there are different factors to weather when inside during the winter)

Love the skin you’re in 🌙✨🌙✨

Today has been so lovely!! Walking with Matt is always a great way to spend the day - and driving with the roof down at night is simply magical 🌌🌌🌌

Just want to say a big hello to all the lovely people that started following me these past few days, it’s so nice to have you here 🌺


She was looking at all the signs of her youth, not her wrinkly skin, or her pale white hair, but her boxes and boxes of memories. There was a photo album that she couldn’t open without tears springing to her eyes. There was a flowered shirt that she had worn so many times the fabric started to fall apart. Things fall apart, she had learned. There was a diary that she had written in every day, marking down her first love in bright red pen. There was a pair of earrings that she had always admired but never worn. There was a collection of CDs that had shaped her youth, driving down the freeway with the roof down and the wind blowing in her face. There was a collection of her art, made in times of hope, despair and sadness. There was a book that she had read, lying in bed, staying up late on summer nights. Now it was all laid out before her and she would have done anything to go back.

I can visualise the Sagittarian archetype driving with the roof down, their hair flowing over their shoulders, dressed in brightly dyed robes. They may not have showered in days, but it doesn’t matter, because they are effortlessly beautiful. They are singing to sixties music, and I can see the sun in their eyes.

My morning started off absolutely terrible. I had a complete stranger be so incredibly rude to me for absolutely no reason i almost cried by myself in my car. As I left for work, I knew there was no way I could walk in with tears rolling down my cheeks, so I had to find a way to smile. What did I do? Blast Shake It Off by taylorswift on repeat, the entire 20 minute drive to work with the widows down and the sun roof open. I kid you not, this was the expression on my face when I finally got to my desk. I was not going to let the rude gentleman from this morning ruin my day. Remember that if you ever take on someone else’s negative in life, that’s your fault. Whenever that happens you just have to find a way to shake it off. Thanks for lifting my spirits today Taylor. Just keep smiling everyone, life is too short not to. : )