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Is anyone reading fic today? Or still suffering through their family get-togethers? I just got rid of my family and couldn’t be happier. I can’t decide if I should update or not.

For as long as I can remember I’ve joked that the reason to get married is a kitchen aid mixer, so I bought myself one (and a dyson, and nice pillows, all on major sale). Saw all the grandparents in NY. Told my parents (separately) about the wedding and they took it surprisingly well. I think the dramatic arrest, and now my dad’s baby, have desensitized everyone to shock. Spent a nice few hours w/ A’s parents, M played hide and seek w/ his dad and I drank coffee & talked w/ his mom. A called when we were all together, a good thanksgiving surprise. My mom tried to drive a wedge between my sister & her husband then refused to come to thanksgiving. She’s mad that we didn’t make her come/ cancel because she didn’t come, and I’m sure she’ll take it out on me the next time I ask her to help w/ M when I have a work trip. She’s pretty much certifiable so I really should find another childcare option anyway. My sis and I did a lot of cooking Wed and the food turned out great despite her stressy meltdowns. I’m a way faster cook than I used to be and everything was delicious, except the potatoes which were inedible because they had nothing in them, because my mom demanded they have nothing in them. Now M is watching the original Willy Wonka and I’m packing up, excited to be going home and have a relaxing weekend before another busy work week.

My mom is driving me to the mental health place on Monday lol 🎉 I confessed to a lot of my dangerous thoughts and obsessions, cried, and she got really worried and insisted I go and then I had to tell her that i couldnt do it alone like a baby 🎉🎉🎉


❝ Trying to catch your heart, is like trying to catch a star.❞

Happy Belated Birthday, Airo ♡ !!


she had the world // panic! at the disco

“How High?”
  • “I turned down my TV because I couldn’t taste my macaroni.” 
  • “A cop at the party I was at last night asked who had a gun. I was so high I thought he asked who had fun, so I raised my hand.” 
  • “I looked at myself in the mirror for ten minutes to watch myself blink. I missed it every time. I was so pissed.” 
  • “My parents asked why my eyes were so red. I told them I had laser vision.” 
  • “I cried because I realized snakes are just tails with faces.” 
  • “I smoked a bunch of weed with four friends and went to a drive-through. We didn’t feel like figuring out how to split the bill between us, so we went through the drive-through five times.” 
  • “I wanted to play a video game but the TV was dirty. I couldn’t find the duster so I used my cat.” 
  • “We pulled into the driveway and I realized my mom’s car wasn’t there. I yelled, ‘fuck yeah, my mom isn’t home!’ She was driving me.” 
  • “I smoked weed on my grandparents’ farm but didn’t want to smell like weed, so I rubbed a baby goat all over myself and proceeded to tell the goat he was a good guy.” 
  • “I screamed ‘MY POTATOES’ when my friend sat on my legs.” 
  • “I turned my friend’s XBox at a 60 degree angle to make it an XBox 420.” 

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I was driving today, and I imagined Hunk was teaching me, even though I already know how to drive and I don't know, maybe you can write something in which the paladins are teaching their s/o or something how to drive?? Or maybe they're just being really annoying about it lmao

This is adorable. And I feel you. When I have to drive on a long trip by myself I imagine I’m on a road trip with my fave characters and we dance like idiots to my music. Or all scream when there’s snow on the ground and my car turns into a metal death trap. Fun stuff!

Shiro + His Expedition:

  • “You…you don’t know how to drive? Nono, you’re fine! Yeah, I can teach you!”
    • what a sweet man. but you ain’t getting in his baby without your driver’s permit so tough shit
  • “Ok, so that’s the brake, that’s the gas. Both are a little touchy so press gentle ok? She’s an old girl. And that’s the blinker, please use it…”
    • he goes on and on about where things are. even going to far as to show you the radio and the ac/heater system even though you’re not allowed to touch either when driving
  • “Two hands on the wheel at all times. Ten and 2 o’ clock are where your hands should always be.”
    • yes mom
  • Seems calm and collected all the way until the point where you turn the car on. Then he realizes that he is in fact in a very large car, that you don’t know how to drive, that’s not really beginner friendly.
    • “Slowly…slowly…slow-THIS ISN’T SLOWLY!”
    • “Shiro, I haven’t even touched the gas. We’re just rolling…”
    • “…Right! Good job! Let’s just uh, let’s test out those brakes! They are you’re best friend.” *awkward smile*
  • he’s pretty sure his white patch has grown by the time you finally drive home
    • “So, can I try again tomorrow?”
    • *sweats nervously* “Ye-ah, sure. Totally okay! No problemo! Excellente! Okie dokie, artichokie!”
    • “I wasn’t even that bad!”
    • “I know, I’m sorry!”
  • it takes a few times, but eventually he loosens up enough to let you have fun with Black and kinda enjoys not having to always be the one to drive

Hunk + His Truck, Butter:

  • “Awww, babe. Can you drive? I’m ti~ired….What do you mean you can’t drive? Huh, ok, can’t believe I didn’t notice. We’re changing that tomorrow, it’s like a…uhm, what the word here, a rite of passage!”
    • please be careful with Butter, she’s his baby and and a classic
  • “Ok, so this girl is a manual. There’s your clutch and here’s the shifter, don’t get the brake and gas confused with the clutch. Please.”
    • really chill about you driving his car, but not quite ready to have you leave the parking lot quite yet. might take you out of the city for a bit, maybe drive around on some dirt roads
  • “You’re doing awesome! Ok, so get a little loose now, you don’t need to keep both hands on the wheel and stick unless you’re in a tense situation. Keep relaxed, let Butter do the talking, you just listen to her.”
  • “Nice park job, but let’s try making it in one go this time.”
  • Might be a little nervous when you get out on the road though
    • “Ok, you’re a little close to the right line, let’s move a little ove–TOO FAR OH MY GOD!”
    • “Let’s try easing on the brakes ok? I’m getting nauseous.”
  • He stops at parallel parking
    • “STOP! Stopstopstop! You’re gonna hit that truck! Ok–whew, breathe Hunk, breathe.” His eyes are closed and he looks like he’s struggling to remain calm.
    • “Did-did I do bad?” You’re nervous but luckily there’s no traffic around to see you half out of your spot.
    • “Not…bad,” he opens one eye to peek at you, “just…we’ll practice more later. I can’t take much more. Let’s find a different spot.”
    • You feel your stomach drop, “Oh…yeah, sure.”
    • “Hey now,” he reaches over to squeeze your shoulder, “It’s alright. You’re still learning. Keep that cute chin up!”
  • still the main driver but some days, when he’s just too tired, he’s really glad that he taught you. Totally worth the week of indigestion.

Lance + His Camry:

  • is absolutely ecstatic when he finds out you can’t drive
    • bc 1. it’s adorable for some reason?
    • and 2. he gets to pass on his skillz
  • also he’s got a perfect training car. Camry’s are freaking tanks and never die Heroes never die
    • “Go ahead, start her!” He waits with a shit-eating grin because his car is a sensitive lady and usually doesn’t start for anyone but him and Hunk.
    • But she starts right away, even easier than she does for him.
    • he’s not jealous
    • nope
    • no way
    • ok fine, he’s a little jealous
  • “So before we put her in gear, what exactly do you know about driving? Because I don’t want to treat you like an idiot or something.”
    • Luckily the Camry is an automatic so Lance is pretty unconcerned with taking you immediately out into the road
    • he’s got so much trust in you
  • “Yeah, getting her into drive is a little tricky. You’ll miss it the first time and slip straight into second. Just give her a little bump back into drive. Perfect!”
    • high five!
  • might have forgotten to put his seatbelt on and when you first used the brakes he went flying into the dash
    • “That one is on me. Rule numero uno: seatbelt.” Satisfied he’s not bleeding he continues, “Let’s just be a little lighter on the breaks. You wanna lightly press down and continue pressing down slowly towards the floor until you stop. Just one lo~ong, slow, good push.”
    • “Was…was that a sex joke?”
    • “It was bad wasn’t it? Sorry.”
  • Makes you practice parking next to other bad park jobs, just so you get a feel for how the Camry handles
    • “I think I’m gonna hit that car.”
    • “Naw babe, you still have a couple of inches. Let it roll….ok, now stop. Back up a bit but turn the wheel all the way in the opposite direction. Stop. Now you can slide all the way in.” *eyebrow waggle*
    • “Please stop using those words.”
  • He’s really soft and excellent at explaining what you need to do and surprisingly, he doesn’t panic.
    • Only grabs the wheel once when you were coming off the highway and the turn ramp was turning harder than you were and he needed to stop you from running off the road
    • Afterwards explains that it was all good and that he is in no way disappointed or scared about your driving skills. Turns are scary sometimes.
  • Now he just tosses you the keys when he doesn’t want to drive. He likes being able to do that. Sometimes, a boy just wants to gaze forlornly out a rainy window while driving to Del Taco.

Keith + His Motorcycle:

  • “You…wanna learn to ride a bike? Uh yeah, I can-I can do that.”
    • He nervous. How does one teach a person to ride a motorcycle?
  • Decides the best way is to sit behind you so he can yell directions or quickly take over if necessary
    • also, now he gets to wrap his arms around you
  • “You can ride a bicycle right? I don’t have to worry about you falling over?”
  • Has you sit on it first with the kickstand down, pointing out the hand clutch, the throttle, the gear shifter by your left foot, the brake by your right
    • “Rule of thumb: the left side changes gears, the right changes speed. I know it’s weird, but we’ll get it!” 
    • He’s so sincere about teaching you but honestly? He thinks it’s really hot to see you on his bike.
  • Looks bored the whole time but he’s trying to remain as neutral as possible, so he doesn’t scare you or something with his over-eagerness
    • “Keith, I can’t tell if I’m doing okay or not.”
    • “You’re doing great. You’re a natural.”
    • “Can you say that with feeling???? I’m getting mixed messages here.”
  • getting balanced is the hardest part
    • He’s doing his best to let you catch the bike but he can’t resist long
    • keeps his feet just off the ground but still straight out so he’s the one keeping you from falling over
    • his excuse is that he has stronger legs, not that he thinks your gonna drop Red or anything (it’s his biggest fear rn)
  • Finds a nice parking lot to practice in 
    • doesn’t have you go fast at all, just kinda put-putting along, getting a feel for the shifter
    • realizes that he’s probably a hindrance on the back but he’s scared you’ll fall over or off or somehow zoom too fast and crash
    • he needs to be close enough to just turn it off
  • lets you control the turns, working as a counter weight
    • his heart is in his throat now because you both could very easily topple over
    • he doesn’t want you hurt or scared to be on his bike because of one tumble
    • also he doesn’t want to have to buff Red out, because he will
  • but he gets bored easily. The moment you are able to stop it in second and drop it down to neutral he’s taking you on the road
    • nothing major though, you take the back streets home
  • probably won’t offer to let you drive. Red is his girl. But if you ask nicely, he’ll let you take the reins.
    • low-key is keeping an eye out for cheaper bikes he can fix up for you

Pidge + Her Prius:

  • “Yeah, no, you’re not going another second without knowing how to drive. Strap in loser, you’re getting the crash course.”
    • Ok, so Prius’ are weird but that’s half the fun!
  • “Guess where you put the key?” She’s got a shit-eating grin too. This gremlin.
    • “Th-there’s no key? I don’t…Pidge what do I do?”
    • “Oh don’t pout, you know it’s my weakness. See that hole in the dash? Put the fob in it and press start.”
    • “Seriously. I press start? Am I playing Nintendo or something?”
    • She snorts, “It’s exactly like that! Ok ok, so now it’s on.”
    • “You sure? Because I didn’t feel it turn on.”
    • “You doubting me?”
  • She also laughs when you see the shifter. It’s a freaking knob on the dash. Also, you press the park button to get into park???
  • “Ok so, the windows are tiny as hell in here. You gotta twist around to see where other people are while you’re moving. We got a clear road, go ahead and practice checking your blind spot.”
    • Might get a little nauseous during this part. You keep over correcting and swerving back into your lane.
    • “Ok, let’s just…take it easy…we can just chill in the right lane all the way to Jamba Juice. I don’t care how much slower it is.”
  • Fucks with you just once
    • You’re at a four-way stop and it’s about your turn when she reaches over and presses the power button, causing it to immediately die
    • She’s cackling because you can’t get it to turn back on and the other car is waiting for you to go
    • eventually they do and you’re yelling at Pidge who thinks this is hilarious
    • “Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist doing it at least once. Just put it back into park and then you can restart it.”
  • “Jokes aside babe, you’re doing great. I almost feel like I’m not about to die.”
    • doesn’t mind you driving now. but she does not like it when big trucks and semis get close while she’s a passenger. She so smol and so scared
    • she needs to be in control
    • she drives on freeways and highways. she can suffer in the city
Switch purchase? Switch jobs.

Back in 1983 my high school library was a bit of a joke. It seems we never had more than 2 copies of any book the county put on its required list. What this meant was that everyone was frantically trying to get the same books to complete papers with. Before I could drive this meant getting my poor mom to drive me to every library in the area.

One day our library started asking for volunteers to do a fundraiser to get more materials and namely more copies of the required books. Some of us jumped on board and sold everything from donuts to coupons. We would also hold bake sales, car washes, and etc. We were elated when at the end of the drive we had far exceeded the goals.

We were all promised that we would have our dreams realized over the summer. The school year starts up and we are giddy to see the new books. Imagine our dismay when we get into the library and find that most of the books are gone. Bare shelves glared at us as we went along the rows. Thats when we noticed that the holy grail of the library was also missing - the card catalog file. In its place was two computer terminals - mind you not computers.

We went to the front desk and asked the librarian what was going on. She had decided to get a fancy computer system ‘to make her job easier and cut down on theft’. We were stunned because we did not have a theft problem. Certainly some books would get lost or damaged but not very many. The books were mostly missing because they had been sent to a company to 'have security embedded in them’. The worst part is the librarian overspent and therefore, you guessed it, was not able to purchase more books.

We felt the shame of being used, lied to, and screwed over. It was at this point that we knew revenge was in order. It took myself and a couple of my fellow computer nerds 15 min to figure out what they had done to the books. The security tag was a RF tag (like at stores) on the card pocket of the book. The new cards themselves had metal foil in their center. Without this foil the tag would receive energy from the newly installed gates at the library door and set off an alarm.

I decided to test our knowledge. I grabbed a reference book, threw a gum wrapper in the pocket, shoved it in my bag, and hit the door. I passed out the door without a peep from the gates. After that day we threw our plan into action. We would steal as many books as we could and hide them in any location we could find.

At first we used storage rooms by boxing them up and soon ran out of space. We then started using empty lockers and even putting them in the ceiling on top of divider walls. By the end of the year the librarian was getting frantic. She could not balance her inventory with the new computer system and she was being called out on it thanks to our many complaints. Another genius move was to have then boxes labeled as other textbooks and sent to the warehouse over the summer. This was easy to do since WE were the volunteers that wrote a program to do it and would print the labels.

The librarian ended up losing her job and being investigated for fraud since there seemed to be some missing funds as well. Over the summer the county finally spent the money to fill our book request due to the uproar. It was not until a week before the start of school that they started discovering library books in the extra boxes several teachers received.

This was just the beginning of us getting revenge on some of the teachers. In the end we got our revenge and the original items we worked so hard to get.

Extra: the books never left county property. We boxed most up and sent them to the warehouse. They came back next year.

Also the company finished the other books they had and sent them back midway through the year. This worked to our advantage because the librarian could not see how many were gone until they placed all the secured books on the shelf from the final shipment.

i’m very sorry to have to do this again. i wouldn’t if i had any other options right now. but i don’t. so here we are.

for the past… little over a month i think, we haven’t been able to use our only car. my mom and i were driving home one day and it just suddenly started leaking coolant.

my sister was able to get a friend to diagnose the problem but unfortunately, was unable to fix it. so i called around and was able to find a guy who was willing to do it for about four hundred dollars. and that’s the very cheapest one i could find. we’re able to pay part of it but we can’t do all of it. that just isn’t possible for us.

my dad told us he’d send us some money but just like every other time in my life when we needed him to step up and be there for his family, he completely failed to do so.

so here we are. without the car, we’re competely stuck. we can’t make any progress in trying to get back on our feet. no job interviews. no working. we can’t even go grocery shopping. at least when we had the house there was stuff within walking distance. but not here.

if you have anything to spare and are feeling generous, then i would deeply appreciate it. if you don’t then believe me, i understand completely. don’t feel like you need to apologize to me or anything.


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Hello! If you don't mind may I request a BadBoy AU! Of Jungkook in highschool (fluff) where he likes you (the goodie goodie) and softens up for them?

Ruin Me - Jungkook BadBoy AU! 

Word Count: 1k

Y/N slouched in her seat in the front seat of her Mom’s convertible. Why did I let my mom drive me to school in this again? I’m basically begging for attention, she thought. Her mom turned off the car and turned to her with an eyebrow raised. “This is the part where you say thanks for the ride, get out of the car and pretend you don’t know me because you’re a teen who’s to cool to be driven to school by her mom.” She says, unlocking the car for emphasis. Extra. I groan and recline my chain back. “No, this is the part where you realize that I’m having an allergic reaction and make a U-turn home.”

“Allergic reaction?!” She laughs, “To what exactly?”

“School.” She rolls her eyes and I quickly defend myself, “Seriously Mom, do you know what it’s like to be the new girl in the middle of the year. Think about it people have already established their friend groups so it’s appropriate for me to make an educated guess that I will have approximately no friends. I’ll be an outcast the moment I walk through those doors.” When I point to the large brown doors students are flooding into, some passerby give me a once-over which makes me cringe and recline my chair farther until I hit the back seat.

“Y/N, you will be fine. I am making an educated guess based how wonderful you are that you will have many new friends today.”

I open the car door and as I get out, I mutter, “Ha.ha.”

“Bye! Love you!” She calls and I wave awkwardly and hide beneath my hair when I hear the snickers of a couple of boys who probably just heard our whole conversation. As soon as I’m inside, I feel like I’m at war. My backpack holds my supplies, my phone is my shield and I am utterly defenseless against the army of students that flood the hallways. I make a BEELine to the door beneath the “Office” sign. The main office is small with about three secretaries that stare you down as soon as you walk in. I approach the nearest one who happens to be the most intimidating. “Hi. I’m Y/N. I’m new. Today is my first day.”

The secretary looks up at me through her long lashes and thick glasses with tight mouth. “Have a seat. I’ll call you up when I print your timetable.” She says, having me write down my first and last time. I turn around and look at the three waiting seats she directed em towards, one of them is taken. At the far right, a boy is staring at me. He’s quite muscular which I can’t tell from seeing his thick arms in his black t-shirt. I look into his eyes and see that he is staring at me. He smiles. Not a sweet smile but one that makes every part of my body tingle. I look away and sit at the seat on the far left, giving us one buffer seat between us. I fiddle with my phone, still feeling his eyes on me. I take a peek over, trying to inconspicuous and see that he is still staring at me. 

His head is tilted, his chin is in his hands and he massages it with the tips of his fingers as if he’s studying me. His dark jeans have a chain hanging around as a belt that intrigues me. From what I can see in his layer of black clothing, he has a nice body. Understatement. He’s hot as fuck. I meet his eyes again and I flush knowing he’s seen me looking at him. He quirks his eyebrow at me and I whip my head away feeling something churn in my stomach as the heat rushes to my face. It feel like there is a bird or butterfly in my stomach, tickling my sides making me want to gush.

A second later, I feel him next to me as he has moved over a seat. “Hello.” When I turn to the right this time, his head is tilted down and he is pretty close to me. I immediately pull back and he laughs again. His laugh is deep, throaty and quite sexy. “Hi.” I say, straightening out the plaid skirt I wish I hadn’t worn today. I probably look like a Valley Girl right now. “You’re new, huh?” He says in his husky deep voice. I don’t turn towards him fully; even sitting down he’s taller than me and it’s intimidating. I clamp my hands on the round of my knee awkwardly and nod. “I’m Jungkook.” I look over at him at that and with his face so close to my own, I get lost in his eyes. I don’t realize that I’m staring until he says, “This is the part where you tell me your name.” Crap. “I-I’m Y/N,” I say finally.

“Nice name. Pretty girl.” He remarks, giving me a once over that has the butterfly in my stomach turning into a phoenix.

“Jungkook Jeon. Principal Kang will see you now.” The secretary from earlier says loudly, commanding our attention and bringing me back to the real world. Jungkook doesn’t look away from me though. “How about if I see you later, I’ll give you a tour.” He smirks at me as he gets up, clearly enjoying the effect he has on me even though we’ve just met. Jungkook walks towards the Principal’s office at the side of the room. I watch him walk away, admiring his slick stride and he turns around and says, “See you around Y/N,” over his shoulder.

I’m still staring in his direction even after the principal’s office is closed and he’s gone. The secretary’s voice brings me back again when she says, “I wouldn’t if I were you.”


“That kid is trouble. He’s in there right now for gang fighting.” She remarks shaking her head. “He’d ruin a girl like you.” I look down at my hands and fiddle with my phone again, replaying her words over and over again. But then I feel the butterfly in my stomach come back when I look over at the seat where Jungkook sat just moments ago. Maybe he would ruin me. Maybe he wouldn’t. All I can think about is finding him later for that tour.


Hello! I’m sorry if this isn’t exactly what you were looking for. I’ll try and do a second part where he like introduces her to his friends and kid of changes for her. If you did like this let me know cuz coolios!!!! Thank you for reading and the support :)


I swear I'm not crazy (actually I'm apart of the Harry Potter fandom so I probably am)

Okay so my mom and I were driving home from Barnes and Noble (yay new books) and she asks me to explain Fantastic Beasts to her and how it all ties in with the Harry Potter series. So I start explaining as we’re coming down the highway but then I stop because on the side of the road we see something. At first I thought it was a statue just because I was so freaked out. But it wasn’t. It was a man who was dressed EXACTLY like dumbledore. The man was old, so old. He had a long white beard that reached his knees. A pointed hat was on his head, he held a huge walking stick that towered over him with something carved into the top of it. (This actually reminded me of Gandalf lol) And he wore a long, thick, deep purple cloak (remember from philosopher’s stone how wizards would wear green and purple around muggles???); btw it was 85 degrees. Not only that but his eyes were so blue. I don’t know if I could mix paints to come up with the color of blue they were. After we passed him, my mom and I just looked at each other. Now I love Harry Potter, so much, but I understand that it’s fiction. After today though, the thought crossed my mind. What if there is a wizarding world? I NEED ANSWERS JK. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU’RE HIDING