driving with my darling

Ditching for the Day - Two-Bit Mathews Imagine

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but I really wanted to write a Two-Bit imagine! He doesn’t get enough love 

Word Count: 585

Warnings: None

Pairing: Two-Bit Mathews x Reader 

Boring is the most fitting word to describe my school day so far. I have only gone through three of my six periods so far and I feel brain dead by the time I sit down at lunch.  My boyfriend, Two-Bit, looks as miserable as I do when he sits down. “Babe, where’s your lunch?”

Two-Bit grins when I ask him that, “You ready to skip?”

“What?” Lowering my voice, I lean closer to him. “Two-Bit, I can’t skip!”

“Baby, we can’t just stick around here! Let’s go to Dairy Queen! Or just walk around!”

Nibbling on my lower lip, I take a moment to agree. “Fine… I’ll go with ya.”

Two-Bit makes a noise that’s a cross between a whoop and a shriek as he grabs my arm and pulls me out of the cafeteria. “Where should we go first? The DQ? The Dingo? Drugstore?”

“Babe!” I giggle, tugging on his arm in an attempt to slow him down. “Just a second! We can go to Dairy Queen for some lunch and then go anywhere else that you’d like.”

Two-Bit nods and we run out to his car. “Ready to go, hot stuff?” Two-Bit puts on a pair of sunglasses and races out of the parking lot the moment I nod. He cruises down to the Dairy Queen to get some lunch. We just order simple burgers and fries and sing to the music on the stereo as we drive through town.

“My dearest, most darling Y/N, what shall we do next?” Two-Bit poses the question to me in a British accent, causing me to laugh.

“Ooh… Maybe we could go to the new ice skating rink? I think it looks fun.”

“Sounds tuff! Let’s do this.” Two-Bit drives us to the skating rink and runs in with me. We tell the lady running the counter our shoe sizes and get our skates on, then go through the little wooden gate to the small indoor rink.

“Have you ever ice skated?” It just occurs to me that this may be Two-Bit’s first time.

Shaking his head, Two-Bit holds the side railing of the rink and steadies his feet. “Have you?”

“Yeah,” I laugh. “Once, when I was six!”

Two-Bit grins and takes my hand. “Let’s give this a go. Worst case scenario, we die.”

I nod and hold his hand, focusing on skating the way I was briefly taught when I was younger. We slowly and mostly unsteadily make our way across the smooth rink, each of us taking turns slipping and almost falling onto our butts. “Two-Bit, baby, if you fall, you might take me down with you.

Laughing, Two-Bit just keeps skating along. "I’ll have to try not to fall then, won’t I?”

“You better try not to!”

A devilish grin takes over Two-Bit’s handsome face, and he begins pulling e along the ice quickly. “C'mon, doll. Skate!”

As we laugh, Two-Bit and I (not-very-gracefully) skate across the ice skating rink. About thirty seconds go by before Two-Bit slips and falls, bringing me down on top of him. “Two-Bit? Are you okay?” I ask, worried I might have hurt him.

Two-Bit nods and kisses me softly and happily.  "You’ve given me one of the best days ever.“ He smiles and his gray eyes twinkle. "Thank you.”

Cabaret (1972) sentence starters

  • “That’s me, darling. Unusual places, unusual love affairs. I am a most strange and extraordinary person.”
  • “Doesn’t my body drive you wild with desire?”
  • “God damn it, I’m going to have a baby!”
  • “You’re meant to think I’m an international woman of mystery. I’m working on it like mad.”
  • “Do you know what she has done to me? It’s terrible! She has turned me into an honest man.”
  • “Behaving like some ludicrous little underage femme fatale? You’re about as fatale as an after dinner mint!”
  • “Don’t be so British!”
  • “Divine decadence, darling!”
  • “My God! It’s enough to drive a girl into a convent!”
  • “Have you got a cigarette? I’m desperate!”
Limerence: part 6

Summary: When Summer begins Y/N leaves her school life and escapes to Cousins Beach, the only place she has spent every summer of her life. Not only does the beach house mean home away from home but her favorite people are there. Lilah her mother’s best friend and her sons, Bucky and Steve. Y/N has been having a crush on Bucky since forever she hopes this summer will be different.

Bucky Barnes x reader (Modern AU)

Word count: 1,237

Warnings: None


Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

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Not Anymore - Crowley x Reader

You were cold. Freezing cold actually. Your teeth were chattering as you pulled your jacket tighter around you as you sat in your car. Of course with your luck, the heater decided to stop working on the coldest day of winter.

Piece of crap. You thought as you put your keys into the ignition with trembling hands. Sam and Dean just had to make me get dinner. “Shoulda stayed my ass back at the hotel,” you muttered. “Those bastards owe me big time.”

You pulled out of the parking spot at the run down mini-mart and onto the highway. As you sped down the highway you turned up the music with hopes of the classic rock guitar riffs distracting you from the cold. You hummed along to AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” as a deep, gravelly voice came out of nowhere and scared the shit out of you.

“Hello, love. What a relevant song.”

“Holy shit!” You exclaimed as you swerved the car and almost crashed into the metal barricade on the side of the highway.

“What the hell, Y/N! Are you trying to get yourself killed?” The demon in the passengers seat exclaimed.

“What the hell, me? What the hell you, Crowley! You scared the shit out of me by teleporting in here! You know I hate that! How do you expect me to react when someone literally materializes out of nowhere and starts talking to me in the middle of the night while I’m driving?” You shouted.

“Sorry, love. Just wanted to drop in to see how my little kitten was doing.” Crowley said while he looked at you. You were shivering, hands trembling as you held the steering wheel. This did not go unnoticed by Crowley at all.

“I’m not your kitten, Crowley.” You said as you kept your eyes focused on the road, trying your hardest not to lean into his scorching body heat. You were in the drivers seat freezing your ass off while Crowley’s warm body was less than two feet away from you. You were so cold you were tempted to pull the car over and pull your body closer to Crowley’s because of the heat he was radiating. “I’m not your anything.”

“Yet, darling. Yet.” Crowley muttered under his breath. “You seem cold, love. Why isn’t the heater on?”

“Because it’s broken,” you deadpanned, not in the mood for a conversation. You just wanted to be curled up in a blanket at home, but no. You were 30 minutes away from the hotel because the Winchesters decided to choose a hotel that was in the middle of nowhere.

“Weren’t those big buffoons supposed to fix this piece of junk?” He said, referring to your rusty, beat up car.

“Supposed to. That doesn’t usually mean they actually do it.” You deadpanned. You loved the boys, you really did. It’s just, when they needed you, you were there ASAP. When you needed them, they needed to do something else and then maybe they’ll help you. “You know the boys. Don’t really help out unless it’s really needed…” You said.

Crowley was your venting buddy. You could tell him everything and he would listen. It was a weird relationship. A demon and a hunter. Not romantically of course, you knew Crowley would never feel anything for you. He was the King of Hell for Christ’s sake. Demons don’t love. And hunters weren’t supposed to either. But that didn’t stop the small crush you’d developed on the demon. You never showed it. Not even in your mind. Sure he was handsome and had an attractive accent, but you knew falling for a demon was forbidden, therefore you didn’t engage in such actions.

“Well, I think they should respect you more.” Crowley stated. “Do you want my coat?”

“No, Crowley. You’ll get co-”

“I’m the King of Hell, love. I don’t get cold.” Crowley smirked at you.

“Right…” You said.

“Pull over,” he said.

“What? Why?” You asked, looking at him as if he were crazy.

“You’re not going to be able to put my jacket on if you’re driving now are you, darling.” He stated while looking at you with a gleam in his eyes.

“Oh yeah. Right…” You said while pulling over. What the hell is wrong with me? I can’t think because of the cold. You thought while getting out of the car.

“Y/N! What the hell are you doing?” Crowley yelled while getting out of the car as well.

“I’m not going to b-be able to put y-your j-jacket on in the c-car.” You said, teeth chattering 10x more than before. “T-too little s-space…”

Crowley stormed over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist, warmth flooding your surroundings. Your body shivered while trying to warm up. You clung to his collar and buried your face into his chest and closed your eyes in enjoyment while trying to absorb the warmth radiating from his body. He buried his head into your neck and you both stood there for what felt like ages and was probably just a few minutes.

“Thanks, Crowley.” You said, still cold, but not as cold as before. “You’re the best”

“Anything for you, darling,” Crowley murmured near your ear.

You shivered. And it wasn’t because of the cold. You looked up at him into his eyes and saw a different gleam in eyes. Not the kind that’s there when he’s teasing you, but a new kind. You’ve never seen this kind of gleam in Crowley’s eyes. It made you feel…loved?

You both slowly lean in until he brushes his lips against yours as if asking for permission. You slowly press your lips to his and your lips move passionately in sync in the cold air. You drag your hands up his chest and onto his scruffy cheeks as you kiss. His hands grip your waist tightly as if he thinks you’ll disappear. You kiss slowly and passionately. You pull away and rest your forehead on his chest.

“Wow,” you said. “That was…wow”

“I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile now.” Crowley said resting his head on yours, still holding you tightly.

“Me too. I was just…afraid.”

“Of what, Y/N?”

“Rejection. And I didn’t want to believe my feelings. This is forbidden. A demon and a hunter? It’s unheard of.” You said realizing your doings. You’d done wrong. “This can’t happen.” You say as you pull away from his warmth, the cold hitting you like a ton of bricks.

“Y/N, what are you doing?! Do you want to get yourself sick?! Darling, nothing is impossible. And it is not the written law that a demon and hunter cannot have romantic relations with one another. I’m the bloody King of Hell! I make the rules! I call the shots! And I say that we can be together.” Crowley shouts, while walking over to you. He strokes your cheek with his thumb and says, “You don’t have to fight it, love…Not anymore.”

“Not anymore…” You say as he leans down to kiss you once again. He instantly warms you up with the kiss and he pulls away, leaving you wanting more.

“Fuck dinner for the Winchesters, Y/N. You’re coming with me to someplace safe and warm. You need to stop slaving over them.” Crowley said before snapping his fingers.

THIS IS MY FIRST ONESHOT SO GO EASY ON ME! It was a lot of fun to write and I would love to write more. Send in requests and I’ll try to make them happen. I don’t guarantee that they’ll be good, but it’s worth a try.



how many times will i play your games
before you disappear and i’m the only one to blame
well i don’t know
i don’t know…

Hiatus June 7th - June 12th

Ya’ll listen up. 

Yes, I have another hiatus and this one is more important since I will be away from my computer for the most time. Sorry for being so absent lately. I will try to queue as many replies as possible and will be working on the aesthetics during my 3-hour drive. 

Stay sinful, darlings. 

this constant sting they call love

(a/n: for @ofwoodsandwaves. setting: au after s3/ what if Kol is the only one of his siblings who isn’t locked away and has to travel around with Hayley and Hope while they try to save his family…or that koley roadtrip au I promised I’d write)


It’s mid-september when she first starts to wear her hair in braids.

Kol notices the little things,

―notices how she counts the stars when she’s bored, notices how she sleeps with a picture of Elijah under her pillow, notices the way her lips form around his name like sin.

“Kol,” Hayley slowly says, mid-sleep. “Drive slower, you’ll wake up Hope,” she scolds him, almost all the time. And he’d describe it as a sign of her affection for him, if it weren’t for her scowl.

He sighs, takes a quick look at the speed-limit before deciding on his next move.

“If I drive any slower my darling,” he whispers softly, tightening his grip around the wheel. “Little Hope’s going to get her first encounter with the Florida police,” Kol smirks, as he refers to the sleeping baby in the backseat.

“If that happens, then you can just eat them,” Hayley says, while offering him an eye roll. “Like how you did those teenage campers we saw earlier,” she scoffs, bitterly.

It’s an odd adventure for the two of them. Kol is the original sibling that Hayley is least acquainted with. But thankfully, he has a long list of witch allies they’ve been going through in order to find some sort of cure to save their family.

One of the many hurdles they’ve faced though is feeding. Surely, Hayley insisted they stick to blood bags, since she’s still not ready to explain the whole vampire thing to Hope.

Of course, Kol prefers fresh human blood, so every now and then, he stops the car and takes off to eat someone.

“You’re still upset about that?” He wonders, sounding just a tad surprised.

There’s a slight pause before the she-wolf decides to speak again. “They were just kids,” she slowly says, and there’s a slight crack in her voice.

It was a combination of things. Being a mother had made her soft, reminded her of something she learned from Marcel about protecting kids.

But, Kol wasn’t one for morals or integrity. With Davina gone, he didn’t have to think about being good, noble, or kind. He could be himself, be the bloodthirsty monster, the killer, the soulless sociopath.

“You know, I never saw the appeal in having children,” he spits, thinking about those annoying but delicious teenagers he had for breakfast. “They’re nothing but ungrateful mongrels,” Kol adds on.

Hayley chuckles. “You’ll change your mind once you have kids―” immediate regret rushes through her as she realizes the deep cut of her words. Elijah had once told her about his desire to have a family, and Rebekah made it clear how fond she was of the idea. Klaus had grown to love the concept as well, but, Hayley had no idea how Kol felt about it.

“I sure am glad my brother’s the only one who was cursed with that blasted loophole,” he laughs it off though, because really, Kol Mikaelson could never see himself as a father.

The she-wolf turns back to look at Hope, to remind herself of what’s missing.

“When do you think we’ll be able to wake him up?” she asks, in a raspy tone.

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SPN 9x22: STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (Canon or not canon… that’s the question).

Just when some Destiel shippers thought that all faith for season 9 was lost, this episode happened. Andrew Dabb has become my second favorite writer of this season (along with Robbie Thompson) because his episodes have been exquisite. He gave us 9x10: Road Trip, an episode where he made it quite obvious that Castiel cares about Dean very much (he rushed to Dean, was understanding even after he learned about what happened with Kevin, Sam and Gadreel, and tried to comfort Dean despite everything). However, the audience (maybe) still was not crystal clear about the extent of Cas’ love for Dean. Now the question is… do people still have doubts? Impossible! Not even Dean has doubts anymore!

Do you guys still remember the song playing at the Laundromat in the season premiere in the scene where Cas is taking his clothes off? I still remember it very well (maybe because my native language is Spanish). I’ll just leave this here to help you a bit:

“Tell me if you love me, if you adore me, as I think you do. Tell me there are no secrets, there are no mysteries when I call your name. How many sweet words, beautiful words through your eyes. That just looking at them, so bright, drives me crazy. If you give me your love, I give you, my darling, all my dreams; I give you my darling, all I love [the] most; I give you, my dear, all that I feel.”

In this episode, Cas made it clear that he wants to destroy Metatron, that his biggest mission is to get his people back home. That’s his purpose, his dream. Now what’s the thing he loves the most? Heaven? His family? His people? (As he called them once or twice). Everything that Cas might love the most is precisely what he gave up. And he did it FOR ONE MAN. FOR ONE GUY. “If you give me your love, I give you, my darling, all my dreams; I give you my darling, all I love [the] most…”

When I wrote my meta about that song, some people said it would be about the love that Cas was going to experience with the woman that was supposed to be his love interest. Nothing of the sort happened. And this episode (9x22) told us what we already knew but some people still didn’t quite get: Castiel loves his brothers and sisters, he loves humanity even more, he loves Sam Winchester very much (“nothing is worth losing you”), but Castiel’s weakness is not only that he has “too much heart” (as Samandriel said)… his weakness is THAT HE’S IN LOVE… with humanity? You didn’t get that one right, Metatron, did you? But it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t get it because the audience does (unless they are in eternal denial).

Let’s not forget that when Hannah demanded Castiel punish Dean, she told him not to lose their trust over ONE MAN. And once the boys were in the bunker, Dean acknowledged that Cas “gave up an entire army for ONE GUY”. I think Andrew Dabb couldn’t emphasize more what he really meant when he had Metatron say “HE’S IN LOVE”. Choosing Dean is not going to benefit humanity. Choosing Dean meant that Cas lost the army that was his only chance to bring Metatron down. Choosing Dean was not for the greater good and it most certainly was not for the love of humanity. We all know it. The angels know it. Sam knows it. Even Dean with all his self-hatred knows it. DOES THE AUDIENCE FINALLY KNOW IT, TOO?

Does this mean that Destiel is canon? Well, I guess that depends on what you understand as canon. If you want a kiss, a huge love declaration, and something very official, then it’s not. But if you really expect that, then maybe it will never be canon! On the other hand, if your expectations are realistic, you know that we’re getting closer to the acknowledgement we want. My way to see canon is that suddenly the audience (that means casual viewers, not haters) sees what we have been able to see for a very long time: That Dean and Castiel share a more profound bond, which is definitely not brotherly. The day the audience starts to consider the possibility that Castiel and Dean may or may not be IN LOVE (as in a romantic relationship), that’s the day when Destiel will be canon (whether there’s a kiss or not). Are we there yet? Maybe not 100%, but WE’VE NEVER BEEN CLOSER!

Some people say that even if Cas is truly in love with Dean, that doesn’t mean Dean is in love with Cas. However, I’ve got to say this: Remember the song that opened this season? “WHO DO YOU LOVE?” That song is Dean’s and only Dean’s. I’ve talked about this before, so I’m just going to quote:

“We’re heading to a moment when Dean will lose control due to the MoC, and who is going to be the one to open a window for him? In Cain’s case, only Colette, a person he loved, could stop his dark side. In Dean’s case, only a person he loves will be able to stop his dark side? The question is WHO DO YOU LOVE, DEAN WINCHESTER, WHO THE HELL DO YOU LOVE?”

At the end of Stairway to Heaven, we can even see a kind of dark!Dean talking to Sam about a dictatorship, but when he goes talk to Cas, he’s the Dean we all love and miss. How’s it possible that he can’t be mean to Cas? How’s it possible that Cas is the one that can bring cute little smiles out of Dean in his darkest moments? Maybe the answer to the “who do you love” question has been there all along but some people need something bigger to reach such an epiphany. Are we going to see that “something bigger” in the season finale? “DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?” Maybe we do, but we can’t be sure. Of course we cannot expect something good from the season finale because this is the part of the story where everything turns uglier, messier and scarier than it already is. However, even if we don’t get the “something bigger” now, we know that it’s still on the table. SOMEONE HAS BEEN LISTENING. And that just reminded me of this conversation from 9x03:

Castiel: What if you were to find out that no one is listening? That God had pretty much left, that Heaven had gone out of business? What would you do?

Woman (at church): But that’s not possible.

Castiel: I think it’s completely possible.

Woman: You’re missing the point. It’s not possible because I have my faith.

Castiel: But when I tell you the truth-

Woman: Your truth, not mine. Your lack of faith doesn’t cancel what I believe. That’s not how it works. You know… I think you might feel better if you tried it my way.Someone is listening.

I have my faith. I will go down with this ship no matter what. I trust the writers and I think they’re listening. I don’t expect Dean to come out as bi, I don’t expect Dean and Cas to kiss or do the do, but I do believe the writers have finally made up their mind.The love Dean and Cas have for each other is romantic; they are in love. Now we just have to buckle up and wait for the worse to happen because… we’re watching Supernatural. Tears are guaranteed! 


We fit together…perfectly

LISTEN [volume one]

Cider Sky: “Pieces” // Freelance Whales: “We Could Be Friends” // Kyte: “Secular Ventures” // Brothertiger: “Lovers” // The Cure: “The End of the World” // The Love Language: “Pilot Light” // Bombay Bicycle Club: “Dust on the Ground” // OK Go: “End Love” // The Tallest Man on Earth: “Honey Won’t You Let Me In?” // Acid House Kings: “I Write Summer Songs for No Reason” // Freelance Whales: “Starring” // The Seedy Seeds: “Dandelion” // Cider Sky: “Love is a Drum” // Kyte: “Home” //

LISTEN [volume two]

Blink 182: “Always” // Bombay Bicycle Club: “Always Like This” // The Beach Boys: “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” // The Smiths: “There is a Light that Never Goes Out” // The Love Language: “Graycourt” // Tallest Man on Earth: “A Lion’s Heart” // Acid House Kings: “That’s Because You Drive Me” // Bright Eyes: “First Day of My Life” // Jets to Brazil: “Sweet Avenue” // Eisley: “Come Clean” // The Beach Boys: “God Only Knows” // Eisley: “I Wasn’t Prepared” // The Smiths: “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want” // Bibio: “Lovers Carvings” // OK Go: “Return” // Elsiane: “Ecclesia” // Sunny Day Real Estate: “Guitar and Video Games” // The Get Up Kids: “I’ll Catch You” // Amazarashi: “季節は次々死んでいく acoustic Version.” //  Iron & Wine: “Lion’s Mane” // Explosions in the Sky: “The Only Moment We Were Alone” // 

Destiel Fic Rec

Just a heads up: I’m a vanilla type of girl and I basically feed on fluff and happy endings, so don’t expect much angst in those fics. Also, I’m not going to link the fics because it would take forever, but you can just google “title + ao3” et voila! Anyway, enjoy :)


  • These Violent Delights - YOU HAVE TO READ THIS IT’S AMAZING. Cas is human and Dean, Sam, Kevin and Charlie teach him about humanity through Shakespeare. It’s cute, it’s lovely, it’s funny and it will leave you all sweet and warm inside.
  • The Pillow Verse - written before season 9 aired. Domestic fluff in the bunker ;u; (it’s somewhere on tumblr)
  • When Charlie Met Cas - we all know that Charlie not meeting Cas is a crime and a tragedy, but fortunately this wonderful fic exists
  • Face To Face With The Skies - written some time ago, but worth reading nonetheless! Instead of getting killed like in the season 4 finale, Castiel is transported back in time where he meets a seventeen year old Dean. Back in the season 4 timeline, Dean meets Castiel in the barn and is shocked to see that he looks just like the man he loved years ago.
  • Soft Touch Raw Nerve - set in season 2; Dean breaks a leg on a hunt and has to go through physiotherapy. Enter Castiel, his physiotherapist. (just fyi, I find the language in this fic a tad too flowery, but it’s still good!)
  • The Story of You and Me - Dean wakes up one morning in Bobby’s house not knowing how he got there. Or why is he in bed with naked Cas.


  • A Beginners Guide to Communing With The Dead - Dean is a police officer in a reality where magic is a normal thing. To solve a crime he contacts a creature from another dimension - Castiel. IT’S SUPER CUTE YOU HAVE TO READ THIS
  • Bratishka: Little Brother - also a police!au, also super cute. I loved how everyone in the fic knew that Dean and Cas were a thing before those idjits did
  • When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth - Jurassic Park au. Enough said.
  • Angel’s Wild - wip, but with weekly updates. IT’S AMAZING YOU HAVE TO READ IT OH MY GOD
  • Hunting For Faith - reverse!verse with priest!Cas and angel!Dean. Written by the same author as Angel’s Wild, so obviosuly it’s also AMAZING
  • Learning Curve - THE SWEETEST THING OH MY GOD I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVED IT. Featuring kindergarten teacher!Dean (MY FAVOURITE THING) and legal guardian!Cas. WHAT ARE YOU DOING GO READ THIS
  • Try-Something Tuesday - again, kindergarten teacher!Dean (I’m sobbing) and librarian!Cas. Also, gay penguins
  • Dark Side Of The Moon - gays in space
  • Cooking with Gas - SO SWEET AND FLUFFY AND HOT
  • Drive Darling - my fic, heh. It’s a wip, but I’ll update it soon and then hopefully keep updating it on a regular basis. Dean is a writer who seeks inspiration on the road, where he meets Castiel. Sweetness and shenanigans ensue.

Some older AUs you all probably already know:

  • Have Love Will Travel - if you haven’t read this yet, you’re missing out big time. It’s one of my all time favourite fics. It’s hot, it’s sweet, it’s well written - GO READ THIS
  • Play It All Night Long - I’ve read it twice and I’ll read it again, it’s amazing. The ending always gets me.
  • Kiss You When It’s Dangerous - ahhh I loved this one! Cas is a detective who gets sucked into the hunter’s life.
  • Crossroads State - IT’S SO SWEET AND ADORABLE OH MY GOD I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS (especially Dean, he’s so loveable in this one)
  • The Voice of a Turtle Dove - Castiel is a priest, Dean is a young boy. It’s the most angsty fic on this list, but it’s absolutely beautiful. I’ve read it twice months ago and it still haunts me. I don’t think it’s anywhere on the internet, but I have a pdf so you can contact me about it if you want to read it (and you should)

This is only the tip of the iceberg, my all-time favourites. I have a word document with the titles of all the fics I have read. It’s three pages long. So if I need more recommendations or if you’re looking for something specific, let me know and I will bombard you with amazing Destiel fics :)

There’s a part of me that ships Maria Hill and Coulson. I don’t know why, but I really like the idea.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about how Hamilton, Burr, and Angelica are all Slytherins, but excellent examples of three very different kinds.

Like Burr is the more stereotypical, self-serving, willing to switch sides for advantage kind. More akin to Lucius Malfoy, right? “Talk less; smile more” is total Slytherin politico speak, and we see in “Wait for It” and “The Room Where It Happened” that while he is desperate to be someone who has influence – and, even more, to be seen as someone who has influence – he’s also cautious. He observes. He lies in wait. He seeks power for its own sake, not because he has a specific agenda. But it’s not that there’s nothing he values – it’s that what he values most is something he dissociates entirely from his public life. Home and the state are, for him, to be kept apart. When he sees a weakness in someone else via his private life, though, he has no qualm using that chink in the armor to annihilate him.

Hamilton’s the kind that could’ve hat-stalled with Gryff, with his impulsiveness and that desire to go to battle, but the thing is he wants it because it’s the way to greatness, to being remembered. (If the Hat had told him “Slytherin will help you on your way to greatness”, I think he’d’ve been all-in). And that’s different than Gryff-style seeking glory. A thin line, perhaps, but there’s daylight between them. He’s driven by ambition and by the idea of his legacy. He’s obsessed by it. Then, my god, the tenaciousness, the fact that you cannot fucking make him let go of anything he wants. He sees the most direct path to the things he wants and has no patience with people who aren’t willing to do what it takes. But he’s also, like, a Muggleborn who lands in this House and has something to prove, surrounded by all these people with their ancient families and their wealth and the power they take for granted. He will claw his way to prove that he belongs

I feel like Hamilton and Burr are two different takes on “any means to achieve their ends”, which is why they end up in such beautiful tragic conflict.

And then Angelica. Angelica, my darling. She has so much drive in her, such passion and such capability, she’s not afraid to show all of who and what she is, even if it means pissing people off (literally everything she says in “The Schuyler Sisters” points to this). She can look at a room, size up everyone in it at a glance, and then goddamn own it – a very Slytherin sort of charm. She knows her worth and she wants to be a part of things so badly, but she also knows her duty, she knows what she has to do, marry rich and social climb for the whole family’s sake, and she knows she has to do it because she’s the best at it. (And that’s “Satisfied”). But she will also do whatever it takes to protect that sweet Puff sister of hers. Even breaking her own heart. Even continuing to break her own heart, over and over again. (She’s somewhere between Narcissa and Andromeda, to continue making analogies). Except there’s a selfishness in there, too – she doesn’t relinquish Alex entirely, she holds on to that connection even though she knows it’s playing with fire for them both – she draws a limit and holds to it, but she’s self-serving enough to still want to have her cake and eat as much of it as she can get away with.