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For Zevran/Warden: "And now you’re naked. Okay." <3

Thank you for the prompt sweet sugar soul!
I had so much fun with it. Hope you enjoy!

Be mine, my darling, be mine

It was a little flutter, her deviant mood. At first, when she saw Zevran saunter off to have a bath in the nearby lake, she thought nothing of it. She even pretended not to see his small, gorgeous, evil smirk as he walked away, swaying his hips like a damn devil.
No, she thought nothing of it.
When she heard him start singing, faintly through the hum of dancing leaves, she didn’t have time to realize that she had walked closer to hear the words, hiding behind a tree.

Sé mío, cariño, sé mío
tu me vuelves loca, florecita
Sé mío, cariño, sé mío
Bésame, mi alma
Bésame, mi alma

The gentle sway of his voice undid her, undressed her.
Ever since their first kiss, it had haunted her. She never knew the true meaning of the words, but they spoke to her, caressed her.
Something told her it was for her.
She begged that he sang for her.
It was the stop and start of her fingers, hesitating one second and rushing the next, unclasping her armor and dropping her vest.
When he stopped singing and she stepped into the water, he turned and looked at her, jaw slacking open.
She nearly ran away, flustered and ashamed in her fast advancement, but Zevran came closer, gentle smile on his lips.

“You are beautiful, mi cariña,” he whispered, gathering her in a wet embrace.
He sang and he swayed her, a slow dance with the ripples of the water; she knew that the words would still haunt her.

Sé mío, cariño, sé mío
Soy todo tuyo, florecita
Sé mío, cariño, sé mío
Bésame, mi alma

He kissed her.

Bésame, mi alma

She returned his kiss, melting in his arms as she realized.
The song was for her.

Cheryl Blossom: A little wicked -Smut-

Request: Cheryl Blossom x fem! Reader: beneath Cheryl’s tough exterior is a submissive girl she refuses to acknowledge until she meets the reader whose dominant nature causes them to clash in school. Until one day Cheryl succumbs to her submissive nature and confronts the reader. Dom reader x submissive Cheryl. Please and thank you.

Notes: I’m so sorry bby. I took so long to write this. I hope this makes up for my absence. I didn’t proofread so, sorry in advance.

Warning: SMUT BABY. Sub!Cheryl x Dom!Reader. Vanilla sex, no kinky shit this time. Das it, until further notice😉. Mommy kink. Oral sex, fingering, public sex etc.

Please listen to this for this imagine.

Cheryl’s POV

I heard there was a new girl in our school, and that she was a little wicked. Today was not going the way I planned. Usually when I walked into school, the girls and boys swooned over me. Now, it was like I never even existed. Storming down the hall, I could hear the whispers about this ‘New Cheryl’. I was definitely pissed. I had to see for myself how ‘great’ she was for myself. I recognized every face at this school except for one. I learned her name was Y/N, and boy did she have looks. Her Y/H/C locks simply cascaded down her back. It was driving me insane. She was not going to steal my shine. Not today, not ever. I strutted over to where she was standing. I see the core four beat me to her. As I approached her, I could hear Veronica saying, “speaking of the devil, here’s his mom.” My head snapped towards her. “Oh please, your mother could think of a better insult. Now please, I have a student that I would like to meet. And your lack of beauty is sickening.” I directed my attention towards the slightly taller girl. “I’m Cheryl.” I extended my hand, but it was simply ignored. “Listen her Cheryl, I know what type of girl you are and let me just say, if you come at me the wrong way god so help me I will not hesitate to end you.” I laughed at her attempt to scare me. “Oh honey, you just got here and you’re already starting shit. News flash, I basically run this school. If you thought you were going to come here and change that, then darling you thought terribly wrong.” “Stay out of my way, and I’ll stay out of yours. Understand?” I nodded and got on with my day. Today’s school day was filled with death glares from Y/N. If I must admit, she was fucking hot. The way she talked to me today, was hot. Usually, I would despise anyone who’d talk to me like that. But, Y/N was different. I was almost speechless, but I had a reputation to maintain. It was around 6:00 pm, and I had cheer practice. So that meant Y/N was going to be there. She’d been hanging out with Veronica and her crew. The two boys (whose names I don’t care to remember) always stayed and watched. This was not going to happen. She was not going stay in my gym. “I’m sorry. Who said you could be here?” “That’s none of your business. How about you turn your pretty little self around and do your thing.” Right now, we were standing chest to chest. I could feel her breath on my face, which I didn’t mind by the way. I huffed and marched to my spot in the middle of the gym. “Okay ladies. Get into position, and do as I say. You bitches better put your all into this. And don’t forget, make it hot.” I said as my eyes met Y/N’s Y/E/C ones. The music had started, and all the girls took their positions.

“A little wicked,” that’s what he calls me
Cause that’s what I am, that’s what I am

No one calls you honey when you’re sitting on a throne
No one calls you honey when you’re sitting on a throne 

Beware the patient woman, cause this much I know
No one calls you honey when you’re sitting on a throne
One of these days a-coming, I’m gonna take that boy’s crown
There’s a serpent in these still waters lying deep down
To the king, I will bow, at least for now
One of these days a-coming, I’m gonna take that boy’s crown

My eyes did not leave Y/N’s. Our glares went from pure hatred to intimate in a matter of seconds. When the song ended, we were all out of breath. I turned to the girls behind me and dismissed them to the locker room. When I looked at Y/N, her facial expression was pure ecstasy. Her eyes followed me out of the gym. But I didn’t know I was being followed. When I turned the corner, I was met those luscious curls. “Well, well, well, look we have here. If it isn’t the Redheaded Bombshell herself.” With each word, she took a step closer. My breath was hitched in my throat. “W-what do you want?” I stuttered out. “Are you scared, baby? Don’t be. Mommy’s just going to show you who’s the boss.” My legs were almost jelly. She took my hand and led me to an empty classroom. “You looked so hot doing your cheer routine. Hell, all of you were so fucking sexy. But you, my darling were driving me crazy.” She said as she picked me up and sat me on one of the desks. She stepped into the space between my legs. Her hand started to caress my cheek gently. “Here’s what we’re going to do, you’re going to listen to everything I say and you’re going to do it. Okay baby?” I was speechless, so I just nodded. She kissed me while her hand trailed down my stomach. They stopped at the hem of my shorts. She hooked her fingers around the thin fabric. My hands flew to her hair, pulling her closer only to deepen the kiss. She released a moan into my mouth, as I tugged on her hair slightly harder than intended. She broke the kiss, while pulling my shirt over my head. Leaving me exposed in my red lacy bra. “You don’t happen to have matching underwear, do you?” I smiled innocently as a groan escaped her lips. I hopped of the desk, to pull down the tight little shorts. Her eyes were nearly black. “I want you to take all of this off.” She said motioning towards my sexy undergarments. I did not hesitate to take it. While I was doing so, she sat down in the chair behind the teacher’s desk. She motioned for me to come here, so I did. She pulled me onto her lap, while sliding her hand in between my thighs. “What time is practice usually over with?” She asked. “About 7:30.” She looked at her watch and nodded. “We have about 30 minutes left. Seeing at how wet you are for me, I think I’ll be finished with you before then.” She said as her fingers traced figure eights on my clit. I shuddered at the sudden contact. My head fell back at the pleasure between my thighs. She started going faster. The faster she went, the harder it got for me to breathe. “You like that, hmm?” The moan she got should’ve been a good enough answer. All of sudden, she stopped. Oh the anger I felt. “Get on top of the desk, and spread your legs.” I did as I was told, and climbed on top of the desk, and spread. She got on her knees and took a look at the sex between my thighs. “Oh baby, it’s so pretty. All nice and wet for me.” She dove into my heat, moaning at the way I taste. I could feel her tongue playing with the already sensitive nub. I almost screamed at how god it felt. She then slid her fingers into me, pounding relentlessly. God, it felt so great. She flicked her tongue, while pumping her fingers in and out of me, as my eyes literally rolled to the back of my head. My legs began to quiver as my earth shattering orgasm began to ripple through me. “Oh fuck, Y/N. Oh my god.” I managed to stutter out. She let out a wicked laugh, as I became undone in front of her. She lapped up my juices and stood up. I pulled her closer to me, so I could kiss her. I could taste the warm liquids on her soft lips. “Would you look at that, Queen B just couldn’t help herself.” I stared at her with such a bored expression. “Oh shut up already, little miss cockiness.” I got dressed and pulled her out of the classroom. I froze when I heard Veronica’s voice. “What were you two doing?” I could see the smirk plastered on Y/N’s face, I wanted to smack it right off. “Uhm nothing.” I stuttered. “Mhm.” She squinted. She knew I was lying. But did I care? Absolutely not. “Y/N, I was wondering if you wanted to come to our game?” Veronica asked, Y/N agreed to come. Before it was time to depart, I grabbed her face and kissed her. “See you there, mommy.” I whispered into the kiss and walked away, leaving her stunned.


We had an unusual relationship. Something about Nicole made her command things from people she encountered, without her saying a word. Everywhere we went, people gravitated to her. I used to think it was her smile, as that was what I had noticed first – a linear persuasion of a continuous summer. My best friend said it was her eyes, deep enough to want to get lost in, but quiet enough to understand that not every reaction deserved a response. She had enough asked me out first – I was still playing out every scenario against me in my head when she strode by my desk, dropping a note as she walked by. Since then, it had been an effortless uphill walk, and I could taste the next chapter of our lives every time I closed my eyes.

We hadn’t outright talked about it, but over the last couple months, she had dropped hints about marriage. I caught her measuring my ring finger when she had slept over last, and I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of perfection, knowing she would ask me tonight – it being our fourth anniversary together.

“You look gorgeous tonight,” I leaned in for a kiss at the stop light  

She sighed, inhaling the moment. “Thank you. Listen, I wanted to give you something before we get to dinner,” her eyes were focused on my hands on the steering wheel. As the light turned green, she reached into her purse and pulled out a chocolate bar.

I tried to hide the hurt that was slowly building up in my chest, and tried to be rational as I pulled over. I didn’t like driving with my emotions clouding my vision. “Umm.. thank you, darling. I thought we agreed we weren’t going to be getting each other gifts this year.”

I could tell that I hurt her feelings the moment the words left my lips. All her feelings traveled to her cheeks, and I almost felt guilty for being a poor sport.

“You don’t like it, do you? Maybe you coul..”

“No, I didn’t mean it like that,” I frantically reached for her hands, feeling this entire night slipping away as she pulled away from me before I could even touch her.

“I just wanted…If you could just..” two steady streams of tears were traveling down her cheeks now, and I was kicking myself. I didn’t know how to fix this. I just watched, mouth open, palms upward, as she let herself out of my car and started walking down the street.

I only looked down for a second. I only took my eyes off her for a second, talking myself through potential ways to fix this, to fix us. I didn’t want to be that guy, the one that let his girl go to bed angry. A mess of brakes and glass and screams brought my eyes back to the road. My entire world stopped when I saw Nicole’s body laying there.

The funeral was two weeks later, and I almost didn’t go. Nicole’s parents had been asking me to give a speech all week, and all I could think of to say was how much of a terrible person I was. How this was all my fault. But I knew that I would be letting down more than just myself if I didn’t go.

“Dude, did you eat the chocolate she gave you?” A hand rested on my shoulder, and I almost turned around to punch the stranger for asking such an ignorant question.

“No, it’s still at home though.” The tension settled once I recognized, Mikey, my elementary school best friend.

“You’ll be needing this, then,” he reached into his pocket and pulled out the exact same chocolate bar that had started this all. I wanted to slap it out of his hands. “Before you say anything, just open it, okay?”

I reluctantly took it from him. “Yeah, sure.”

“I’m sorry for your loss,” he managed as he walked away.

I turned around, fighting back the tears that were now welling up in my eyes. What could possibly be so important? As I started to open the bar, a piece of paper fell out.

We’re pregnant; Happy anniversary!

Ditching for the Day - Two-Bit Mathews Imagine

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but I really wanted to write a Two-Bit imagine! He doesn’t get enough love 

Word Count: 585

Warnings: None

Pairing: Two-Bit Mathews x Reader 

Boring is the most fitting word to describe my school day so far. I have only gone through three of my six periods so far and I feel brain dead by the time I sit down at lunch.  My boyfriend, Two-Bit, looks as miserable as I do when he sits down. “Babe, where’s your lunch?”

Two-Bit grins when I ask him that, “You ready to skip?”

“What?” Lowering my voice, I lean closer to him. “Two-Bit, I can’t skip!”

“Baby, we can’t just stick around here! Let’s go to Dairy Queen! Or just walk around!”

Nibbling on my lower lip, I take a moment to agree. “Fine… I’ll go with ya.”

Two-Bit makes a noise that’s a cross between a whoop and a shriek as he grabs my arm and pulls me out of the cafeteria. “Where should we go first? The DQ? The Dingo? Drugstore?”

“Babe!” I giggle, tugging on his arm in an attempt to slow him down. “Just a second! We can go to Dairy Queen for some lunch and then go anywhere else that you’d like.”

Two-Bit nods and we run out to his car. “Ready to go, hot stuff?” Two-Bit puts on a pair of sunglasses and races out of the parking lot the moment I nod. He cruises down to the Dairy Queen to get some lunch. We just order simple burgers and fries and sing to the music on the stereo as we drive through town.

“My dearest, most darling Y/N, what shall we do next?” Two-Bit poses the question to me in a British accent, causing me to laugh.

“Ooh… Maybe we could go to the new ice skating rink? I think it looks fun.”

“Sounds tuff! Let’s do this.” Two-Bit drives us to the skating rink and runs in with me. We tell the lady running the counter our shoe sizes and get our skates on, then go through the little wooden gate to the small indoor rink.

“Have you ever ice skated?” It just occurs to me that this may be Two-Bit’s first time.

Shaking his head, Two-Bit holds the side railing of the rink and steadies his feet. “Have you?”

“Yeah,” I laugh. “Once, when I was six!”

Two-Bit grins and takes my hand. “Let’s give this a go. Worst case scenario, we die.”

I nod and hold his hand, focusing on skating the way I was briefly taught when I was younger. We slowly and mostly unsteadily make our way across the smooth rink, each of us taking turns slipping and almost falling onto our butts. “Two-Bit, baby, if you fall, you might take me down with you.

Laughing, Two-Bit just keeps skating along. "I’ll have to try not to fall then, won’t I?”

“You better try not to!”

A devilish grin takes over Two-Bit’s handsome face, and he begins pulling e along the ice quickly. “C'mon, doll. Skate!”

As we laugh, Two-Bit and I (not-very-gracefully) skate across the ice skating rink. About thirty seconds go by before Two-Bit slips and falls, bringing me down on top of him. “Two-Bit? Are you okay?” I ask, worried I might have hurt him.

Two-Bit nods and kisses me softly and happily.  "You’ve given me one of the best days ever.“ He smiles and his gray eyes twinkle. "Thank you.”

Bullet Wounds (Part 2 to Paint Job)

Originally posted by lmmortalnova

Pairing: Jeremy Dooley x Reader, Gavin x Reader (fake relationship)

Word count: 1976

Warnings: Swearing, Violence, guns, mentions of blood

AU: GTA, FAHC!Jeremy

A/N: I didn’t mean for it to become this long but weyhey. So I had no idea where this was going for a lot of the fic while I was writing it hence the Gavin x reader part but don’t worry there is cuddly Jeremy at the end:) I can continue with this is anyone wants. Also, I may or may not have searched up “most expensive necklace” on Google and chosen the prettiest one…

Requested: Yes, by @tardisgrump I hope this is okay!

Summary: It’s been a year since you joined the crew. You’re in the middle of a new mission where you and the crew are retrieving an expensive necklace but things go wrong. 

Part 1

It had been over a year since you joined the Fakes! And you were loving it. You were their number one mechanic but you also came along for heists and missions. The thrill of the chase, having danger at every corner excited you in so many different ways. Nothing got your blood pumping faster than the sound of the police siren closely chasing you.

“Y/N, Gavin, are you in position?” Geoff’s voice blared into the earpiece that was residing in your ear. You were in the middle of a mission. There was a gala event being held on the outskirts of Los Santos. The hosts were using this gala to auction off a very valuable necklace. It was The “incomparable” Diamond Necklace which was valued at 55 million dollars. This crew had their eyes on the necklace before you joined the crew. Only recently had it entered U.S borders which made it easier for the crew to steal. Only the richest were invited to this very exclusive event and the crew managed to get you and Gavin invites. His accent combined with your elegance made a very convincing posh, wealthy couple. Jeremy protested quite a bit with the months leading up to the heist. He didn’t like the idea of you pretending to be married to Gavin. You were his and only his. He didn’t like sharing you with anyone.

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Not Anymore - Crowley x Reader

You were cold. Freezing cold actually. Your teeth were chattering as you pulled your jacket tighter around you as you sat in your car. Of course with your luck, the heater decided to stop working on the coldest day of winter.

Piece of crap. You thought as you put your keys into the ignition with trembling hands. Sam and Dean just had to make me get dinner. “Shoulda stayed my ass back at the hotel,” you muttered. “Those bastards owe me big time.”

You pulled out of the parking spot at the run down mini-mart and onto the highway. As you sped down the highway you turned up the music with hopes of the classic rock guitar riffs distracting you from the cold. You hummed along to AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” as a deep, gravelly voice came out of nowhere and scared the shit out of you.

“Hello, love. What a relevant song.”

“Holy shit!” You exclaimed as you swerved the car and almost crashed into the metal barricade on the side of the highway.

“What the hell, Y/N! Are you trying to get yourself killed?” The demon in the passengers seat exclaimed.

“What the hell, me? What the hell you, Crowley! You scared the shit out of me by teleporting in here! You know I hate that! How do you expect me to react when someone literally materializes out of nowhere and starts talking to me in the middle of the night while I’m driving?” You shouted.

“Sorry, love. Just wanted to drop in to see how my little kitten was doing.” Crowley said while he looked at you. You were shivering, hands trembling as you held the steering wheel. This did not go unnoticed by Crowley at all.

“I’m not your kitten, Crowley.” You said as you kept your eyes focused on the road, trying your hardest not to lean into his scorching body heat. You were in the drivers seat freezing your ass off while Crowley’s warm body was less than two feet away from you. You were so cold you were tempted to pull the car over and pull your body closer to Crowley’s because of the heat he was radiating. “I’m not your anything.”

“Yet, darling. Yet.” Crowley muttered under his breath. “You seem cold, love. Why isn’t the heater on?”

“Because it’s broken,” you deadpanned, not in the mood for a conversation. You just wanted to be curled up in a blanket at home, but no. You were 30 minutes away from the hotel because the Winchesters decided to choose a hotel that was in the middle of nowhere.

“Weren’t those big buffoons supposed to fix this piece of junk?” He said, referring to your rusty, beat up car.

“Supposed to. That doesn’t usually mean they actually do it.” You deadpanned. You loved the boys, you really did. It’s just, when they needed you, you were there ASAP. When you needed them, they needed to do something else and then maybe they’ll help you. “You know the boys. Don’t really help out unless it’s really needed…” You said.

Crowley was your venting buddy. You could tell him everything and he would listen. It was a weird relationship. A demon and a hunter. Not romantically of course, you knew Crowley would never feel anything for you. He was the King of Hell for Christ’s sake. Demons don’t love. And hunters weren’t supposed to either. But that didn’t stop the small crush you’d developed on the demon. You never showed it. Not even in your mind. Sure he was handsome and had an attractive accent, but you knew falling for a demon was forbidden, therefore you didn’t engage in such actions.

“Well, I think they should respect you more.” Crowley stated. “Do you want my coat?”

“No, Crowley. You’ll get co-”

“I’m the King of Hell, love. I don’t get cold.” Crowley smirked at you.

“Right…” You said.

“Pull over,” he said.

“What? Why?” You asked, looking at him as if he were crazy.

“You’re not going to be able to put my jacket on if you’re driving now are you, darling.” He stated while looking at you with a gleam in his eyes.

“Oh yeah. Right…” You said while pulling over. What the hell is wrong with me? I can’t think because of the cold. You thought while getting out of the car.

“Y/N! What the hell are you doing?” Crowley yelled while getting out of the car as well.

“I’m not going to b-be able to put y-your j-jacket on in the c-car.” You said, teeth chattering 10x more than before. “T-too little s-space…”

Crowley stormed over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist, warmth flooding your surroundings. Your body shivered while trying to warm up. You clung to his collar and buried your face into his chest and closed your eyes in enjoyment while trying to absorb the warmth radiating from his body. He buried his head into your neck and you both stood there for what felt like ages and was probably just a few minutes.

“Thanks, Crowley.” You said, still cold, but not as cold as before. “You’re the best”

“Anything for you, darling,” Crowley murmured near your ear.

You shivered. And it wasn’t because of the cold. You looked up at him into his eyes and saw a different gleam in eyes. Not the kind that’s there when he’s teasing you, but a new kind. You’ve never seen this kind of gleam in Crowley’s eyes. It made you feel…loved?

You both slowly lean in until he brushes his lips against yours as if asking for permission. You slowly press your lips to his and your lips move passionately in sync in the cold air. You drag your hands up his chest and onto his scruffy cheeks as you kiss. His hands grip your waist tightly as if he thinks you’ll disappear. You kiss slowly and passionately. You pull away and rest your forehead on his chest.

“Wow,” you said. “That was…wow”

“I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile now.” Crowley said resting his head on yours, still holding you tightly.

“Me too. I was just…afraid.”

“Of what, Y/N?”

“Rejection. And I didn’t want to believe my feelings. This is forbidden. A demon and a hunter? It’s unheard of.” You said realizing your doings. You’d done wrong. “This can’t happen.” You say as you pull away from his warmth, the cold hitting you like a ton of bricks.

“Y/N, what are you doing?! Do you want to get yourself sick?! Darling, nothing is impossible. And it is not the written law that a demon and hunter cannot have romantic relations with one another. I’m the bloody King of Hell! I make the rules! I call the shots! And I say that we can be together.” Crowley shouts, while walking over to you. He strokes your cheek with his thumb and says, “You don’t have to fight it, love…Not anymore.”

“Not anymore…” You say as he leans down to kiss you once again. He instantly warms you up with the kiss and he pulls away, leaving you wanting more.

“Fuck dinner for the Winchesters, Y/N. You’re coming with me to someplace safe and warm. You need to stop slaving over them.” Crowley said before snapping his fingers.

THIS IS MY FIRST ONESHOT SO GO EASY ON ME! It was a lot of fun to write and I would love to write more. Send in requests and I’ll try to make them happen. I don’t guarantee that they’ll be good, but it’s worth a try.


Mor coming home exhausted in the middle of the night from a late day of work.

Mor winnowing onto her balcony and seeing Azriel sprawled out on his stomach fast asleep, huge wings draped over the entirety of the bed completely relaxed, one arm reaching out among the sheets, the fingertips just meeting the edge of the mattress and dangling off.

Mor smiling, watching him sleep as she removes her earrings.

Mor noticing the stillness of the shadows keeping watch, the peace written across his face.

Mor going into her bathroom to change and dress for bed, happy Azriel didn’t let himself stay up late fretting for once.

Mor grabbing one of his shirts from the closet, inhaling the scent, and throwing it on to sleep in.

Mor going back to her room and pausing in the doorway to see Azriel hasn’t moved an inch, but his eyes are blinking wearily at her through the dim night lighting.

Mor watching Azriel turn that outstretched arm over, palm open and face up in silent invitation for her to join.

Mor sliding herself under that arm and pressing a soft kiss to Azriel’s cheek before nuzzling into him for the night.

Mor and Az asleep.

Mor and Az.


anonymous asked:

Hi Kat! I love your writing. and your tumblr. and you. :) If it's not too much trouble, I was wondering if you had any femslash recs? There seems to be a lack of femslash in most fandoms. I feel like I'm constantly reading fics tagged f/f only to have it be a sidepairing that's barely mentioned??? I figured if anybody knew where the good fics were hiding, it would be the queen of rarepair hell! Thank you!!!


For Harry Potter:

Good Is Better Than Perfect is great, if you don’t mind Bellatrix/Hermione

set your hope on fire

The Scandalous Tale of the Diagon Nursery Calendar

A Lean and Hungry Look

I’ve Come to Test the Timber of My Heart (This is a Doctor Who crossover, and the ending is sad, but I adore it, okay, Martha Jones is my darling.)

The Kind of Eyes That Drive Wolves Mad THIS. READ THIS, OKAY?? It’s only 1k but fuck.

Six Months in a Leaky Boat

Nothing to Prove

No One’s Redemption Story

Overtime Benefits

Girls With Short Hair Who Play Quidditch

your story’s all wrong

the cold that drives you out (the warmth that invites you in)

Theory in Practice (Avatar: the Last Airbender crossover, because Katara/Hermione is the pairing you never knew you needed)

For Naruto:

A Game of Two Halves

The Fair Maiden

want to fall, fall so far

usually very normal about these things

A Cup of Sugar

In Another Life


Pokémon and Gatsby

because you aren’t afraid to kiss the dirt

And Time Again

Some Things You Give Away

your hand in mine

light a candle (and hope that it glows)

Wherein Ino Yamanaka Regales Sakura Haruno With Her Long List of Conquests


Theory and Practice

Kiss Me Again

we’ll speak in our secret tongues



Nothing like the storm

Cabaret (1972) sentence starters

  • “That’s me, darling. Unusual places, unusual love affairs. I am a most strange and extraordinary person.”
  • “Doesn’t my body drive you wild with desire?”
  • “God damn it, I’m going to have a baby!”
  • “You’re meant to think I’m an international woman of mystery. I’m working on it like mad.”
  • “Do you know what she has done to me? It’s terrible! She has turned me into an honest man.”
  • “Behaving like some ludicrous little underage femme fatale? You’re about as fatale as an after dinner mint!”
  • “Don’t be so British!”
  • “Divine decadence, darling!”
  • “My God! It’s enough to drive a girl into a convent!”
  • “Have you got a cigarette? I’m desperate!”
Limerence: part 6

Summary: When Summer begins Y/N leaves her school life and escapes to Cousins Beach, the only place she has spent every summer of her life. Not only does the beach house mean home away from home but her favorite people are there. Lilah her mother’s best friend and her sons, Bucky and Steve. Y/N has been having a crush on Bucky since forever she hopes this summer will be different.

Bucky Barnes x reader (Modern AU)

Word count: 1,237

Warnings: None


Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

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Dilaurentis-Fields Baby edition

Someone asked me if I could write Ali giving birth. Here’s my rendition of what that would look like, and I believe that somehow, everyone would be involved in the process. 


Hanna’s voice broke through her haze, she stopped, “Guess we will be heading to the shoe store after this.”

“What?” Confusion written all over her face.

Hanna waved her hand, “It’s to the door and then back, around the chair and then back. Keep this up and the hospital will be charging you for scuffing their floor.”

Emily flashed her an annoyed look before plopping down beside her, her nose flaring in frustration, “It’s been too long.”

Hanna was dead certain that Aria and Spencer rigged it so that she could get the short straw. Aria got to take the kids, how? That would mean ice cream and a movie while sitting in her pjs, instead she was here babysitting Emily.

She would have stayed with Ali, but Spencer wasn’t about to switch. You know it’s bad when you’re all fighting to stay with the laboring pregnant woman. They all loved Emily, but she was like a caged tiger, claws and all.

“They can’t keep me out of the room. I need to be there, what if she needs me.” Emily must have said that at least 50 times in the last 4 hours.

“She’s fine. How about we go get something to eat?” Hanna, at this point, was hoping for any kind of distraction, and a donut sounded so good right now.

“Seriously? Food?”

Hanna shrugged, “What? I didn’t eat and you know I can’t deal on an empty stomach.”

Emily growled at her, “We are not leaving this room.” She resumed pacing while giving Hanna the evil eye for even suggesting they leave.

Hanna rolled her eyes, it had been four very long hours and she had lost track of how many times she had been stared down and growled at. She really was craving that donut.

She pulled out her phone, maybe someone would feel bad for her and bring her one, she knew that wouldn’t happen. She texted Aria instead, “Switch?”

“Hell no.” Aria was quick. She sighed, it was worth a shot, she thought. She continued to watch Emily prowl the room. Her phone buzzed, Aria was calling on FaceTime, what? She clicked accept.

“Called to rub it in did you? Oh hey… Mrs. Fields.”

Emily’s mom smiled, “Hello Hanna, can you please give the phone to my daughter?”

Hanna nodded, maybe it was just her, but she looked a little too happy. Judging from the rosy cheeks and the bubbly laughter, it would seem Emily’s mom was celebrating the birth of her newest grandchild with alcohol. She stifled a giggle, “Em, your mom.”

Emily ran over, “Mom, what’s wrong? Are the kids okay?”

Pam smiled, “They are fine, that’s not why I called.”

Emily stared at her mom, something was off.

“First off, I love you and you know this…” she paused as she steadied herself, “so I say this with love, YOU, my darling daughter, are driving your friends crazy.”

Emily blinked, “What?”

Her mom smiled and waved at someone Emily couldn’t quite see, “Shhhh, honey, your friends love you, but you are a bit of a handful. Look at poor Hanna.”

Hanna knew Emily couldn’t see her so she pouted to get Mrs. Fields’ sympathy.

“See? Your poor friends, you need to get out of the waiting room, get some fresss air,” she slurred.

Emily’s jaw dropped, “Mom are you drunk?”

Pam perked up and answered, “Of course not… maybe a little tipsy, but heavens no, not drunk. A proper lady doesn’t do drunk…” She pointed the phone at Hanna’s mom, “Right Ash?” Ashley and Ella were struggling with another bottle of wine, they both stopped, gave a huge smile with a thumbs up, and nodded their agreement. Ella answered, “Yesss, we are proper ladies.” She emphasized the declaration by raising her glass and downing the contents. Both moms glanced at each other and then burst out giggling.

Oh goodness, Emily shook her head in disbelief. Mrs. Hastings appeared on screen, “Emily… honey, Ali is fine. Why don’t you go for a walk or get something to eat?” She waved off whoever was trying to get the phone and continued, “Or better yet you can come join us at your house…” she turned over to Aria, and whispered, “Does she know we are at her house?”

Aria tried to hide her smile, “Yes, Mrs. Hastings, I’m sure she knows we are at her house.”

“Mrs. Hastings is so formal, you can call me by my first name,” she straightened her shoulders before turning back to the phone, “Oh good, it would be rude if we were here and she didn’t know. What was I saying? Oh yes, Ali is a strong woman, she will be fine.”

Hanna was watching the whole exchange trying very hard not to laugh. Emily looked like she was going to have an aneurysm. “Mom?”

Pam reappeared, new glass in hand, “Yes dear?”

Emily was having a hard time processing how her mother and friends were having a party at a time like this, she sighed, “Nothing… may I please speak to Aria?” Pam nodded but before she handed the phone over she remembered what she wanted to say, “Ali delivered twins and she was just fine, this little boy is just being stubborn… like his mother, but she will be just fine.”

Aria took the phone, tears in her eyes from laughing so hard, Emily deadpanned, stating the obvious, “My mom is drunk.”

Aria shook her head, “Correction, ALL of our moms are drunk.”

“Aria, do something.”

Aria laughed, “I was going to before you stopped me.”

Right then someone handed Aria a glass, “Oh apparently we are toasting, I have to toast the newest addition to our very dysfunctional, BUT loving family.”

Emily growled, “Funny. You are so not helping.”

Aria couldn’t help it, Emily needed to stop thinking about Ali and the baby for a second, “Em, everyone is fine. You can relax a little and take a breath. Our moms, kids, and the guys are all here so we will be making a huge dinner in honor of your baby boy… TRY not to worry.”

Hanna heard the word dinner and popped onto the screen, “Dinner? I am assuming you will be bringing us food?”

Emily flashed her an angry look, Hanna shrugged, “What? We need our strength, this could take hours.”

Emily gave Hanna the phone as she headed back to the reception desk to ask for an update. Once she disappeared around the corner, they burst out laughing.

“I would give anything to switch, or can you crush some Benadryl into her food? A nap will do her some good, I know it would do me some good if she took one.”

Aria laughed and nodded, “Will do captain.”

Emily stalked back into the room, “She is still in labor.”

Hanna looked at Emily as she placed her phone in her pocket, “Okay…” she was about to say something else, but Emily looked so distressed she decided against it.

“Em, Ali’s been through this before, you know that it could take hours, she will be fine.”

Emily continued to pace as she spoke, “Well I would feel better if I were in there knowing she was alright.”

Hanna shook her head, “You were biting the nurses’ heads off, they can’t do their jobs with you snapping at them every 5 seconds.”

Emily was about to defend her actions when a nurse walked into the room. Both of them stared expectantly at her, “Congratulations, you have a healthy,” Emily sprinted past the nurse, “Baby boy, you can come in and see them.” Hanna smiled apologetically at the nurse, “You’ll have to excuse my friend, she has no manners.”

The nurse smiled, “It’s alright, they are all usually like that. Their mood changes once they see their baby. You can follow her in if you’d like.”

Hanna nodded as she headed down the hallway.

Emily skidded to a halt, Spencer was standing by the bed, holding her son. Ali was propped up, and all Emily could think was how did she still manage to look flawless after all of that. She shook her head in disbelief, only Ali could make giving birth look easy.

Spencer looked up at Emily, she smiled and motioned for her to take the baby. Emily folded him into her arms and stared at him, awestruck. She was still amazed at how she could help make something so pure. She thought of her two girls and remembered having that same feeling when she held them for the first time.

He wriggled around in her arms before settling against her chest. Emily could feel her heart bursting with pride. Hanna came up behind her, “Hello, little one, come to Auntie Hanna.” Emily glared at her, Hanna responded, “After four hours of watching you stomp around growling at me, I deserve to hold this child, so Emily, hand him over.”

Ali and Spencer had to suppress their laughter. They knew Emily had given Hanna hell, and agreed she probably deserved anything she wanted right about now. Emily scowled and walked over to the bed.

She settled in beside Ali, brushing her golden locks across her forehead, “I don’t know how you do it. You never cease to amaze me.” She hugged her tight before giving her a kiss.

She glanced back at Spencer, “Did you know that there is a party at my house right now? And that all our moms are there?”

Spencer laughed, “Yah, I called Aria to tell her the news and I got a very loud cheer followed by a clinking of glasses. By the sound of it, I think we will have some very hungover people to take care of tomorrow.”

Ali smiled, her voice a low whisper, “Our family is always looking for a reason to party, I’m glad I could give them one.” She could feel her eyelids getting heavy, the hours of labor starting to take its toll.

She looked over at Spencer, “Can you do me a favor? Can you buy a bottle of wine for the nurses?”

Spencer nodded. Emily was about to ask what the wine was for, Ali answered before she could get the question out, “You need a peace offering. You almost tore their heads off.” She smiled and placed her hand over Emily’s, Emily glanced around sheepishly, “Was I that bad?”

Hanna snorted as the baby burrowed closer to her, she swayed back and forth, listening to him breathe. She responded jokingly, “If I had a choice between a tank full of sharks and being locked up with you, I think I would chance it with the sharks.”

Spencer laughed, before adding in, “True. You make Jaws look like a cute, little guppy.”

Emily shot them the best hurt look she could muster, before replying, “Don’t hold back now, really… Thanks a lot guys.”

Ali closed her eyes as she listened to Spencer and Hanna imitate Emily, she couldn’t help but smile, some things will never change.


how many times will i play your games
before you disappear and i’m the only one to blame
well i don’t know
i don’t know…


We fit together…perfectly

LISTEN [volume one]

Cider Sky: “Pieces” // Freelance Whales: “We Could Be Friends” // Kyte: “Secular Ventures” // Brothertiger: “Lovers” // The Cure: “The End of the World” // The Love Language: “Pilot Light” // Bombay Bicycle Club: “Dust on the Ground” // OK Go: “End Love” // The Tallest Man on Earth: “Honey Won’t You Let Me In?” // Acid House Kings: “I Write Summer Songs for No Reason” // Freelance Whales: “Starring” // The Seedy Seeds: “Dandelion” // Cider Sky: “Love is a Drum” // Kyte: “Home” //

LISTEN [volume two]

Blink 182: “Always” // Bombay Bicycle Club: “Always Like This” // The Beach Boys: “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” // The Smiths: “There is a Light that Never Goes Out” // The Love Language: “Graycourt” // Tallest Man on Earth: “A Lion’s Heart” // Acid House Kings: “That’s Because You Drive Me” // Bright Eyes: “First Day of My Life” // Jets to Brazil: “Sweet Avenue” // Eisley: “Come Clean” // The Beach Boys: “God Only Knows” // Eisley: “I Wasn’t Prepared” // The Smiths: “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want” // Bibio: “Lovers Carvings” // OK Go: “Return” // Elsiane: “Ecclesia” // Sunny Day Real Estate: “Guitar and Video Games” // The Get Up Kids: “I’ll Catch You” // Amazarashi: “季節は次々死んでいく acoustic Version.” //  Iron & Wine: “Lion’s Mane” // Explosions in the Sky: “The Only Moment We Were Alone” //