driving water

How beautiful is it that Mycroft’s symbol, from his very first moment on screen, is an umbrella? Protecting himself from water so fastidiously that he clings to his shield everywhere he goes, even on a sunny summer day? It so perfectly captures his role as the superego, the cold logician, the head above the heart.

It’s his identity, but he leans on it - literally. It’s his crutch. Which is spelled out for us directly in his debut in ASIP, with John in the warehouse: John is relying on his crutch, and Mycroft is relying on his own. The metaphors have been laid out for us from the beginning.

I can’t help but wonder if over reliance on his crutch is what will play a part in his downfall.

Mercury + Mars (AIR)

Air Mercury + Fire Mars: Uses words to get what they want; verbally and physically aggressive at times; creative and passionate.

Air Mercury + Earth Mars: Slow to anger; very determined; detached way of speaking about anger.

Air Mercury + Air Mars: Cool and calm in the face of problems; has trouble focusing and keeping driven; drive fluctuates.

Air Mercury + Water Mars: Appears fine even in conflict; the kind of person who smiles when angry; may repress anger and natural instinct.

xxxwickedecstasyxxx  asked:

I don't know if this is just me being bitter or what but I really hate it when customers tell me to smile and be happy. Like recently, we were understaffed and it was insanely busy. This lady as I am in the middle doing stuff in drive thru asks for water. So, me being me. I stopped and grabbed her water but I was distracted as I did. She stopped me from running over to help my co worker to tell me "smile, be happy." And I'm just like, that's easy for you say when you get to enjoy your day out.