driving to burning man

Bad Boy

Reader x Suga 

 Warning: Smut/ Explicit Language 

 (Picture not mine)

I go from Yoongi to Suga back and forth sorry

“(Y/n) he keeps looking at you.” I looked over my shoulder to see the leader of the bad boys that run this school practically none other than Min Yoongi also known as Suga yet there is nothing sweet about that guy. 

As I look at him he winks at me I couldn’t help but roll my eyes and turn around going back to doing my work. 

“If they start calling my name just ignore them they are only trying to bother us.” I said to my friend who couldn’t stop looking back at the awful guys. 

The bell rang now which meant that I had free period I decided to leave my things in my locker. Getting to my locker and putting my things away finally as I finish putting my things in my locker I close it to meet with the one person I least wanted to see. 

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Good afternoon!

This is me… (mood) Trying to sort out what is happening next week.

In the last 24 hours, I cancelled my trip to the desert, (almost) gave away ticket, rescheduled, flip-flopped camps, and somehow returned to my original plan (minus my bestie–so sad).

Two choices: chuck the RV and go the route that gets me there Sunday (this means tent camping. Word.) Or, stick with the RV and drive ten hours on Monday from Utah and just make peace with the fact that I may get stuck in a very long line with the other RV’s and get little or no sleep the night before I run 32 miles in the desert, and/or still be in line and miss my 3:30 AM start time. Hmmm… Decisions, decisions:)

Not the worst problem a girl could have. It’s all up to the universe anyway❤️



I think you’re really cool, 

I like you a lot!

Maybe we can hang out 

Or Something?

–Jazza 19k30 at The Devil 

Song: X


Good morning🌻

Last year I found an amazing field of sunflowers on a long drive through Texas. Those flowers made me jump out of my car and have this beautiful moment outside of my head–outside of myself.

Taking things slowly today. Letting the universe decide what is next. Maybe there will be another field…

Happy Sunday!



Good morning!

(Playing while I waited for my friends to get ready for the Temple burn on Sunday )

It’s 3:38 AM in Utah. We just arrived after driving 19+ hours from the desert. Exodus from Burning Man took 8 hours! My flight to Texas is in an hour, so I thought I’d say this now: it was hard to say goodbye at The Temple again, but you are always in my heart… And my hair, my pillows, shoes, toes, etc😜

Missing those sunrises and sunsets already❤️

Happy whatever day it is!


the mcrib may contain yoga mat chemicals, but at least you know it’s not made of pig-children.