driving to burning man


Good afternoon!

This is me… (mood) Trying to sort out what is happening next week.

In the last 24 hours, I cancelled my trip to the desert, (almost) gave away ticket, rescheduled, flip-flopped camps, and somehow returned to my original plan (minus my bestie–so sad).

Two choices: chuck the RV and go the route that gets me there Sunday (this means tent camping. Word.) Or, stick with the RV and drive ten hours on Monday from Utah and just make peace with the fact that I may get stuck in a very long line with the other RV’s and get little or no sleep the night before I run 32 miles in the desert, and/or still be in line and miss my 3:30 AM start time. Hmmm… Decisions, decisions:)

Not the worst problem a girl could have. It’s all up to the universe anyway❤️


My dad has death premonitions

Legit, these are real. I’m not kidding. It’s only happened three times.

Back before he married my mom, he had this death premonition. It was a perfectly nice day, and despite the weather, he had this overwhelming feeling that someone was going to die.

On the way home from work, he saw a man get electrocuted on an electrical box on the side of the road. He said he could smell the man burning.

The second time, he was driving me home from horseback riding lessons, and he told me once again that he had a death premonition.

That afternoon, we saw a car run a red light and hit a motorcycle. The man on the motorcycle lived, but barely. We could hear the motorcycle (and maybe something else) crunching.

The third time was a couple months ago. We moved a year and a half ago, and our landlords (my paternal, biological grandparents) sold the house. A few months ago, my dad had another death premonition.

He found out the next morning from an old neighbor that one of the people who bought our house had died in a car accident the night before. His girlfriend is expecting a child.

He gets these premonitions, and before the day is up, someone somehow connected to him dies (or almost dies). 

If that ain’t some sixpenceee shit right here, I don’t know what is.



Good morning!

(Playing while I waited for my friends to get ready for the Temple burn on Sunday )

It’s 3:38 AM in Utah. We just arrived after driving 19+ hours from the desert. Exodus from Burning Man took 8 hours! My flight to Texas is in an hour, so I thought I’d say this now: it was hard to say goodbye at The Temple again, but you are always in my heart… And my hair, my pillows, shoes, toes, etc😜

Missing those sunrises and sunsets already❤️

Happy whatever day it is!


Good morning🌻

Last year I found an amazing field of sunflowers on a long drive through Texas. Those flowers made me jump out of my car and have this beautiful moment outside of my head–outside of myself.

Taking things slowly today. Letting the universe decide what is next. Maybe there will be another field…

Happy Sunday!