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The Outsiders Handwriting Headcanons


  • Contrary to popular belief, Dally actually has really neat handwriting
  • He just never uses it
  • He can’t stand messy handwriting 
  • Which is why he leaves as soon as two-bit or Soda start writing anything
  • It’s not overly fancy, but he has really amazing cursive
  • His handwriting is medium sized
  • When he’s really tired, his words start blurring together into an unreadable scribble
  • He likes writing with black inked pens
  • But secretly hates pens cause he’s paranoid he’ll spell something wrong
  • His spelling is actually the best, other than Pony’s
  • Probably owns a fountain pen but never tells anyone
  • Even though he doesn’t care about what his dad thinks, he writes a letter to him everyday that he never sends
  • Low-key loves writing and can write amazing shit, but has to keep his tough guy facade, so he normally never writes


  • He has a purple pen that he carries everywhere
  • He loves that purple pen so much
  • The poor boy loves to write
  • But never does, cause his spelling is atrocious 
  • He prefers to doodle
  • Normally on his arm
  • The gang was so concerned the first time they saw all these little reddish purple lines on his hand
  • But now they’ve gotten used to it
  • He has other pens, but his favorite is the purple one
  • His handwriting is pretty scribbly, but it can be really neat when he tries
  • His handwriting is really small, cause again, he’s self-conscious about his spelling
  • He’s the best at writing birthday cards though, so everyone loves when he does write
  • Low key writes like a 10 year old, but everyone finds it so cute, so it doesn’t bother him as much anymore


  • He’s always slightly buzzed, and that shows in his handwriting
  • It’s always really shaky and hard to understand
  • Actually has really small handwriting
  • But the spaces inbetween them are                 H      U      G      E
  • He can’t actually read cursive
  • But he can only write in cursive
  • So he’s always staring at his handwriting, trying to understand wtf he just wrote
  • Always writes in pen
  • Has really bad spelling, so normally half the page is crossed out
  • If he does write with a pencil, it never has an eraser, so always blacking out an entire page


  • This boy cannot sit still, so how do you think his writing is?
  • It’s literally so messy
  • Really big
  • Normally doodles, rather than writes
  • For most of his school, he just drew a soda bottle on the name part of his worksheet, because he hates his writing
  • Very poetic, but can’t write so he hates it
  • He secretly gets Darry or Dally to write for him for most stuff
  • His spelling is so awful, because he’s dylexic
  • He hated that, and always tried to avoid writing whenever
  • Wishes he had nice handwriting
  • But realizes, that he can’t be perfect
  •  Would rather have Pony read to him than write any day


  • His spelling is slightly worse than Dally’s, so it’s pretty good 
  • This bitch has the BIGGEST handwriting of them all
  • Hates writing in pen
  • But literally only owns pens  
  • He’s that kid that’s always asking to borrow a pencil 
  • But never gives it back  
  • Mostly cause he lost it 5 minutes after it was given to him  
  • Always carries a little notebook around 
  • It makes him feel as if he’s got his life together
  • He doesn’t
  • He has to color code stuff  
  • He’s the kid that highlights everything cause he thinks it’s all important  
  • He’s also the kid that writes in books  
  • Mainly cause it drives Pony c R a Z Y  
  • Writes reminders on his hand  
  • His handwriting is hands down the Worst™   
  • But he’s amazing at drawing  
  • His notebook doubles as his sketchbook
  • Sometimes wishes he could write, cause he has so many stories in the head 
    • (I hc him as a secret daydreamer) 
  • Is really good at making up angsty love stories 
  • Dal once found a short story, and when Steve found him, Dally was literally in tears 
  • They both never spoke of that  
  • He just has God awful handwriting, and wish writing was like fixing a car (sorry, I HAD TO) 


  • AWESOME speller  
  • Awful handwriting 
  • Everyone thinks that he has to have everything in a specific order
  • Nope
  • (He actually never knows where anything is)
  • His handwriting is really small 
  • And he either writes with no pressure so nobody can ever read what he writes
  • Or rips the page cause he was pressing too hard
  • His handwriting is really sloppy
  • Doesn’t really give a shit about what his handwriting looks like
  • And everyone can tell
  • His handwriting was neater when he was younger
  • Mostly cause his mom was super anal about it
  • Darry gave up trying to make sure his handwriting was neat
  • Probably has his own secret shorthand that he uses
  • Only ever writes neatly for school reports because he doesn’t want credit taken off
  • Would rather draw, but appreciates writing


  • Only ever writes in cursive
  • Also has super small handwriting
  • Only ever really writes his signature
  • Has a planner and a pencil case
  • Which are both super organized
  • He has two black pens, one blue pen, 4 pencils, one red pen and two pink erasers in his pencil case at all times
  • But at home he has a shit-ton of highlighters
  • And lots of colored pens and markers
  • Cause let’s face it, he colorcodes eVEryYtHiNG
  • He’s super proud of his planner
  • Cause now somehow he can remember everything
  • (As if he couldn’t before)

Feel free to expand!! Also, if you guys want, I could do samples of what I think each of their handwriting is!


Seth Rollins One Shot. You can find my other works here: Masterlist.

Seth Rollins x Reader
Language: Fluff, Smut
Word Count: 829

Note: It’s your birthday and Seth invited you to Raw because he couldn’t take time off to celebrate with you. As you were driving to the hotel, things get hot.

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Request: I need a cherry x reader imagine in my life bc im g a y @i-am-loco

A/N: enjoy my fellow gays

Word Count: too many

“Her or her?” Dally asked, nudging your arm. He nodded towards two greaser girls, both dressed pretty similarly. Tight shiny leather pants, five-inch heels and flaming red lipstick. The only difference was one was a blonde and one was a brunette. You stared at Dallas.

“Just because I’m into guys and girls doesn’t mean I think every girl I see is hot,” you said dryly. “And I know that. Now answer the question,” he said. Somehow you’d gotten roped into this sick game. He would ask you from a group of girls which was hottest. “I’m done with you, Dallas Winston,” you said, sipping your coke.

“I’d go for the brunette,” he said. You rolled your eyes. “And I’m sure they’d go for you,” you said. You and Dallas were pretty close out of the gang. He was the first person to know you were into girls. Very accepting. A little too excited. Nonetheless he was your best friend.

You were a greaser for as long as you could remember. But you weren’t like the other greaser girls. You didn’t dress in twenty-inch stilettos and loud eye makeup. You dressed like a weird lovechild of a soc and greaser. You didn’t like to be so obvious about your status. Ponyboy walked up to the diner table. “I got three burgers and three fries,” he said. “Ponybitch, I thought I said four burgers and four fries,” Dallas said.

Pony rolled his eyes. “Then get your own,” he said, dropping it on the table. Dallas huffed, getting up. I took up a few fries. “How are you two best friends?” Pony asked, shaking his head. You shrugged. “No idea,” you said. That’s when you saw her. The redhead. You nearly dropped the fries from your hand. She was outside of the diner, climbing gracefully out of a mustang.

Her red hair blew gently in the wind, her skirt untouched. Her face was smooth and fair and her eyes were soft. You stared at her as she walked inside. Dally must’ve had the same idea because he stared at her too. “I know her,” Pony said casually. You stared at him. “How?” you demanded. “She’s a cheerleader at school,” he said.

“How have I never seen her?” you asked. “She’s a soc. She wouldn’t be caught dead around greaser crowd,” he said simply. “What’s her name?” You asked, biting your lip. “Sherri. But they call her Cherry. Cherry Valance,” he said. “You into her?” You shrugged. “She’s a soc, Pony,” you said. “And you’re a greaser,” he said. “What does it matter.” Cherry Valance. You’d remember that name.


The following night, you all went to the drive-in. You, Pony, Dallas, and Johnny. It was a comedy. You were about halfway through the movie when Dallas mumbled, “Here we go.” Two soc girls were heading your way, right to the seats in front of you. Cherry. You recognized her instantly.

Oblivious to the greasers behind them, they sat. Dallas smirked at you. “Watch this,” he nudged. He leaned forward against Cherry’s chair. “Are you a real redhead?” He asked, leaning in close to her ear. She swatted him away. “Come on, Dal,” Johnny said softly. “Are you real?” Dallas asked again. She ignored him.

He put his feet up on the chair beside her, instantly tipping over. You all burst out into laughter. He blushed, pretending it never happened. “How can I find out if this is your real red hair?” He asked, picking up a lock. She kept stiff. “If this is the same red hair that you have on these eyebrows, too?” He asked, touching her forehead.

She moved away, scoffing. “Cut it out, Dal,” you said as he sat back. He began to kick her chair. “Get your feet off my chair and shut your trap,” she said dryly. “Who’s gonna make me?” He scoffed, lighting a cigarette. “I’m gonna get a coke,” Johnny said softly, standing up. “Who your boyfriend?” Dally mocked. The girl beside Cherry nudged her. “That’s the Greaser who just got out of jail,” she whispered.

“Better leave us alone or I’ll call the cops,” Cherry threatened weakly. You smiled. As if the cops could ever stop Dallas Winston. “Oh, my, my,” he exclaimed. “You got me scared to death. What am I gonna do, Y/N?” You ignored him. “This girl is making me shake,” he mocked. “Why don’t you be nice and leave us alone?” She asked.

“I’m never nice,” he said, leaning back up. “Can I interest you in a Coca-Cola or a 7-Up?” He asked slowly into her ear. “Get lost, hood!” She yelled. It got momentarily quiet. “I’m sorry,” he said softly. “I didn’t know you had this problem of yelling in my face.” She was quiet. You could tell she felt sorry. Dallas’ ears turned red. He was beyond furious.

He scoffed, sitting back. “Bitch,” he said, making her flinch slightly. He didn’t even say it loud, he just had to say it. She turned around. “Why don’t you come sit here?” She asked. She was staring at me. “Who me?” you asked. Dallas’ eyes nearly bugged out his head. “Yeah, you. Why are you sitting next to greaser trash?” She asked.

She thought you were a soc. You glanced at Ponyboy. “I’m fine,” I said softly. ‘Correct her. Why aren’t you correcting her?’ you thought. ‘You’re no soc.’ She smiled. “Come on. I don’t want him to start on you,” she said. You looked at Dallas. “He won’t,” you said. She nodded. “If you change your mind there’s a seat up here,” she said.

She finally turned back around. “Why didn’t you tell her you’re not a fucking soc?” Dally asked. You shrugged. You sure didn’t come across as a greaser. But you definitely didn’t come across as a soc. You wore one of your father’s flannels and some old jeans. You shoes were all scuffed and your hair was long and wild instead of sprayed down and sleek. “Leave it alone,” you said softly.

“What, are you ashamed to be one of us?” He asked, growing angry. “I said leave it alone,” You said louder. “Well, I’m sorry! Next time I’ll put on a button-up and some cargo pants!” He yelled. “I said leave me alone!” You exclaimed. Cherry turned around. “You heard her, hood,” she said bitterly. Dallas shoved his chair back and stormed off. Cherry nodded for you to come sit with her. Ponyboy was trailing after Dally.

You stood up and sat down next to her. “I’m Cherry,” she introduced. “I’m Y/N. We actually go to the same school,” You said. “How have I never seen you?” She asked. “Wrong place, wrong time,” You shrugged. She nodded. “I like your shoes. Very vintage,” she said. More like three years old. You smiled. “I like your hair,” you said. She grinned. “It’s real,” she assured me. “I never doubted it for a second,” you said.


You walked into the Curtis home that same night. You slept there practically every night. Your parents didn’t mind since they had known the Curtis’. It had been equally hard for them to lose Mr and Mrs Curtis. “Hello?” You asked. Dallas was playing cards with Pony on the coffee table. Soda was in the recliner. Steve was off in the kitchen with Two-Bit.

“Where’s Johnny?” You asked. Soda looked around. “Huh. He’s not here,” he said. You sighed. You sat down next to Dallas. He didn’t move but he didn’t look at you. “What are you guys playing?” You asked. Pony glanced at Dally, who was ignoring him. “Spit,” he said. You nodded. “Can I play next round?” you asked. “It’s a two-person game,” Dallas said at last. “I mean can I play one of you?” You asked. “I’m not playing next round,” he said. “Then I’ll play Pony,” you shot back.

Soda stared at the two of us. “What happened?” He asked. You shook your head. “Y/N decided she’s a soc now,” Dallas said bitterly. “Shut up!” You yelled. Soda stared at you. “How do you decide to be a soc?” He asked slowly. “I’m not a soc!” You exclaimed. “You sure as hell didn’t tell that girl that!” Dally yelled back.

“What girl? What soc?” Soda asked. “You know what she’ll do when she finds out? She’ll spit on you,” Dally said. “People like them don’t talk to people like us. We’re dirt to them.” You fumed. “Clearly I’m no soc! Maybe she just wanted to talk to me!” You yelled back. “I’m so confused,” Soda mumbled.

Pony sat there unsure of what to do. “That’ll be the day,” Dally scoffed. “When a soc and a greaser become friends.” You rolled your eyes. “You’re an ass,” you said. “Yeah, at least I can admit who I am,” he nodded. He slammed his deck of cards down. “Spit.”


Dallas didn’t talk to you the next day either. That same day at school, you saw Cherry. She had her hair tied tightly back in a ponytail, clad in her cheer uniform. She called to you at the end of the hallway. “Hey!” She exclaimed. All the greasers stared at you. They knew you from around the neighborhood and knew you were exactly one of them. “Why’s Cherry Valance talking to you?” One asked. You shrugged.

“No idea,” you said. She ran over to me and you’d never been more turned on by a girl. She grabbed your arm. “Hey, I hoped to see you,” she said. You smiled. “Same here,” you said. “Come on, we’re going for lunch before practice. Why don’t you come with us?” She asked. You hesitated. “Are you sure?” you asked. She nodded. “Of course,” she said. You smiled.

“Sure,” you said. You followed her to the lot to the same mustang she came in that day at the diner. The girl from the drive-in was there along with two other boys. “This is Marcia, Bob, and Randy,” Cherry introduced. Marcia smiled all friendly. Bob stared at you. “So where do you live? Glendale or Valley Stream?” He asked. Those were the rich sides of town.

You hesitated. They really thought you were a soc. “Gosh, Bob. What’s with the interrogation?” Cherry asked, saving you. He shrugged, keeping his eyes on me. “Just wondering,” he said. You blushed. “Well, let’s go,” Cherry said. We drove to a diner near the school, a diner you’d never dreamed of going into. It was strictly soc territory. ‘What the hell am I doing?’ You thought. “Come on,” Cherry urged as you walked straight to your doom.


You hung out with Cherry everyday that entire week. Dallas didn’t say a word to you. Ponyboy and the others were utterly confused. “Maybe things are changing,” Pony said hopefully. “Things like that don’t change,” Dallas would say. One day after school, you were talking to Two-Bit in the lot. “Hey!” A voice behind you yelled. Cherry.

She ran up to you. “Hey,” she greeted awkwardly, her eyes shifting to Two-Bit uneasily. “Hi, what’s up?” you asked slowly. She hesitated. “I’ll see you later,” Two-Bit said, glaring at Cherry. “Who’s that?” She exclaimed when he left. “Keith Mathews,” you said simply. “Why are you talking to him?” She asked. “Why not?” You said slowly.

She blinked a couple of times but let it drop. “I wanted to know if you wanted to come over to my house,” she said. You almost had a heart attack. “Why?” You asked in disbelief. “To hang out,” she shrugged. You nodded slowly. “Sure,” you said at last. She had driven her car to school, a red Cadillac. You stared at it. “It’s just a car,” she said laughing. A car worth double the combined income of every greaser in town.

You got in as she pulled off. You passed every greaser area on the wrong side of town until you reached the white picket fences and color block homes. It made your heart race. You finally reached a soft lavender house with a freshly cut lawn. “We’re here,” she said. You got out of the car, staring at it. “Wow,” you said. She laughed. “You act like you’ve never seen a house before,” she teased. Nothing like that.

You tied your hair back into a low bun in hopes of looking remotely fancy. Cherry wore a short burgundy skirt with a black cashmere sweater. Her red hair cascaded down her shoulders in ironed curls. You were wearing a pullover sweater Soda had grown out of and a pair of jeans. You’d worn your mother’s saddle shoes you reserved for special occasions.

You walked into the house, feeling as if the air weighed down. It was cold and empty like a museum. Everything was shiny and smooth and sleek. The floors were laminated hardwood and the walls were a soft peach. You two walked into the living room, greeted by a huge picture frame. It was a family portrait.

Cherry, her mother, and father. She sat in the middle, her hair tied in a sleek bun, her face perfectly frozen. That’s when you realized it was painted. “My parents overdo things. I told them just go with a picture. But nope,” she said as you stared. You laughed softly. “Do you want to go up to my room?” She asked. You nodded slowly.

Her room was on the second floor. She opened a soft pink door to greet her bedroom. The walls were a pale blush, her bed was surrounded by a white mesh canopy, her closet was packed with clothes and shoes. Everything was soft and pretty, just like her. “It’s nice,” you said, trying to play it cool. “I’ve been trying to get it refurbished for years. It’s been the same since I was 12,” she said.

She sat on the bed, patting next to her. You sat, slipping off your shoes. “Why do I feel like I know absolutely nothing about you?” She teased. You sighed. “My favorite color is blue. I like vanilla milkshakes. I have no siblings,” you said. She laughed. “Seriously. No boyfriend?” She asked. “Or girlfriend?” You glanced at her and she smiled softly. “No,” you said. “Got your eye on anyone?” She asked.

You hesitated. “Maybe,” you said softly. She nodded. She hesitated. “I’m only with Bob because my parents told me to,” she said softly. “I really hate him.” You stared at her. “Why are you listening?” You asked. She glanced at you. “They’d be furious if I didn’t,” she said. You shrugged. “But you’re not happy,” you said. “Then they won’t be,” she pointed out. “Which is more important?” You asked. She was quiet.

“Are you happy?” She asked. You hesitated. “I’m not unhappy, if that makes sense,” you said. She nodded. You could’ve sworn she moved closer. “What would make you happy?” She asked softly. Her lips were literally inches from yours. You could taste her breath, sweet like vanilla. She pressed her lips gently to yours, kissing you. Your first and only kiss had been none other than Dallas Winston.

It happened last year. You were sitting on the porch, smoking cigarettes when he suddenly kissed you. “What was that for?” You demanded. He shrugged. “I wanted to see what you tasted like,” he said simply. He never kissed you again. But this, this was completely different. It was warmer, softer. Her hand moved to your hair, untying it, letting it fall down your shoulders.

She moved closer until she was on top of you, slowly lifting up her shirt. Her bra was perfectly pink just like her room. You kissed her neck, slow and deliberate, moving down to her chest. She lifted up your own shirt, staring at you a second. “I’ve never been with a girl like this,” she said softly. “First time for everything,” you shrugged. She kissed the inside of your neck, letting her fingers slowly trace down your side.

She pulled down your jeans before slipping out of her skirt. She straddled over you, kissing you intensely. Her hands explored your body like no one had ever done. You could literally feel the heat of her body against yours, buzzing like telephone wires. It was so new and so amazing. She suddenly stopped. “My parents,” she whispered. Sure enough, there was the sound of a car pulling up in the driveway, the engine humming softly.

She jumped up, pulling on her sweater and skirt. “Put on your clothes!” She whisper-yelled. You obliged as she opened the door. She ran into the living room and sat on the couch, motioning for me to follow. The front door then opened. “Sherri, honey!” A woman called. “In here, mother!” Cherry yelled. A woman and man walked into the living room. The woman was tall and pretty like Cherry, with auburn hair and soft green eyes.

The man was sterner, handsome like James Dean. “Who’s this?” Her mom asked. “My friend from school. Y/N,” she said. Her mother smiled at me. “Lovely to meet you,” she said. Her father squinted at her. “Cherry, dear, there’s lipstick on your collar it seems,” he said slowly. She stared at it. “How’d that happen?” She stammered. “I’m going to take Y/N home. I’ll be back in about ten minutes,” she said quickly standing up.

You smiled shyly. “Nice to meet you,” you said politely. We went out to Cherry’s car. She sat in the seat a few seconds. “That was the scariest experience in my entire life,” she said, starting the engine. “Why?” you asked confused. She stared at you. “Oh, you’re just teasing,” she said at last, laughing. You sat in the car quietly the whole ride as she drove.

“Drop me here,” you said when she reached the area of the school. “But you said you lived in Glendale,” she said confused. You jumped out. “I can walk,” you assured her. She sat in her car a few seconds before pulling off. When she did, you turned around setting off in the direction of home on the opposite side of town.


Dallas was now speaking to you. One day after school he was parked in the lot. “What’re you doing here?” You’d asked. “Taking you for burgers. Get in,” he said simply. You didn’t argue. You hadn’t spoken to Cherry for three days. She wasn’t ignoring you. She waved to you in the halls but never spoke directly to you.

That’s when one day everything changed. You were with the gang at the Curtis’. Steve had bet Two-Bit he couldn’t beat him in a race around the block. So they raced. We all stood outside, ranting for Two-Bit. That’s when a mustang pulled up slowly down the block. You nudged Soda. “We’ve got company,” you said. Two-Bit and Steve were coming around the block at that moment.

The driver got out of the mustang. Bob. Your heart nearly fell to your feet. “I told you we’d find trash on the street at this time of day,” Bob sneered. Cherry got out of the passenger. “Why are you hanging around a bunch of hoods?” She asked slowly. You hesitated. “Just tell her,” Pony whispered. “I guess I’m a hood too,” you shrugged.

She was confused. “I didn’t grow up in Glendale,” you began. “I was born here. I grew up with these guys. I don’t have a red Cadillac, I don’t have any money, I own two pairs of shoes, and I don’t have a single can of hairspray. I’m a greaser, Cherry.” You sighed. “I’m a greaser,” you repeated softly.

She hesitated. “If you see me in school,” she began, her voice shaking. “Don’t look at me. Don’t say my name. And don’t talk to me.” She stared at you for about two seconds before getting in the car. Bob smiled cheekily before getting in the car and driving off, nearly running over Soda. You stared at the mustang until it became a dot.


You didn’t sleep that night. All you could think about was Cherry. That day you kissed. The way her skin felt. Her face when you told her the truth. She was disgusted by you. She had to be. “She’s not disgusted by you. Just try and talk to her,” Ponyboy urged. “What if she walks away?” You asked. “Her fucking loss,” Dallas chimed in.

The next day, you were determined to talk to her. You didn’t see her at all. During free period, you searched for her, getting dirty looks from socs who saw you. You didn’t see her during passing. At the end of the day, Dallas was there to pick you up. “What’re you doing here?” You asked. “Taking you for milkshakes. Get in,” he said. You smiled then hesitated.

“I need to see her. At least try,” you said. He sighed, turning off the engine. You waited at the bottom of the steps until the final swarm of students came out. The socs were always last to leave. You saw Marcia at any instance who pretended she didn’t see you. That’s when you saw her. You saw her red hair first. She was waving to a friend when she stopped in her tracks.

You smiled softly at her, waving a little. She stared at you for a good few seconds. Your smile fell. You saw everything in her eyes. Everything she felt. Absolute hatred. She glared at you before turning her head and talking to another person. She didn’t look at you again. She passed you, her shoulder shoving into yours. Hard. You grimaced as she passed. You stood there awhile before turning around.

Her red hair bouncing as she walked to her car. She didn’t even look back. Not once. And she never would. You got into the car, your face burning. “Please don’t say anything,” you said softly. “Please don’t.” So he didn’t. He just drove off back to the wrong side of town without another word.

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Hcs for annoying traits the guys have?

I’m assuming you requested for The Outsiders, so that’s what you’re going to get. Thanks! Not sure if the hcs are really annoying but eh.

-Johnny slaps his pockets and bites his nails a lot. Sometimes Pony will point it out and he stops, but most of the time he keeps doing it. It’s normally a nervous tick but it can sometimes be because he’s bored.

-Ponyboy always waits until the last second to shower if he’s going somewhere. He has to meet the guys at 4 pm and it takes thirty minutes to get to where they are? Showers at 3:45.

-Soda uses nine or ten knives when he makes a sandwich or anything. He never remembers he needs to use them again until after he puts it in the dish-water. It drives Pony and Darry crazy to have to wash all the knives in the kitchen because Soda was hungry at 1 in the morning.

-Steve usually just starts making random ass animal noises when it gets too quiet. He’s done it since he was a kid and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to change anytime soon. It annoys Ponyboy sooo much. (A good reason why Steve does it)

-Two-Bit sometimes just laughs randomly. He’ll be lost in thought and suddenly start cackling like a donkey and fall over. He sometimes does this in class and everyone’s just like ‘wtf??’ but he’ll explain what’s so funny and it’s always weird shit. “I imagined Darry wearing a bra and singing into a whisk” was one situation.

-Dallas says ‘man’ 28/5. We all know this. Imagine drunk Dally stumbling around just mumbling 'man’ under his breath. He has a serious problem.

-Darry is rough without meaning to be. He 'playfully’ punches your shoulder and there’s a bruise there for a month. It gets annoying after a while but you blame it on being an accident for a while. Pony has told him he’s too rough but Darry just made a bitch-face and that was the end of that.

random Ponyboy Headcanons

- Darry was his idol when he was younger

- Soda hated Ponyboy when he was a baby bc he got all the attention ans Soda wanted A L L the attention

- Ponyboy drew so much and Mr. Curtis would be like “Oh, um,,, thanks?” “That’s me, that’s you, Darry, and mom!” “Where’s Soda?” “We threw him away because he was being mean:)”

- he likes really cold showers so he showers after Darry and Soda so he can use the cold water

- cries inside when Soda makes food

- he has an artbook in which he draws and writes in constantly

- he’s a sucker for candy,,, he absolutely love it

- when he was little, he would sleep in between his mom and dad

- Soda sometimes brings Pony candy from the DX

- Ponyboy once walked in on Darry and his gf when Darry was in hs


- Darry bribed Pony into not telling their parents

- Darry was basically Pony’s bitch for two months and Soda was convinced Pony did brujeria on Darry ((I forgot what the word brujeria is in english, guys😭))

- has pushed Soda off the bed for snoring loudly

- when Darry was in highschool, he had a crush on his gf

- when they were kids, Pony always tried to play w Soda and Steve and they wouldn’t let him so he told Mrs. Curtis and they were forced to play w him

- he cried for e v e r y t h i n g as a kid

- the gang enjoyed making him cry,,,, even Johnny did

- he likes having the bed all too himself and is lowkey happy when Soda would pass out on the couch

- Soda use to overshare as a kid and would occassionaly embarrass Pony

- he was so excited to be in the same school as Soda when he was entering hs, but Soda dropped out

- he use to take everything that Soda, Dallas, Darry, and Two-bit said by heart

- one time be mouthed off too Tim and Tim would have knocked out his teeth if Dallas hadn’t been there

- Dallas has pretended to be Darry and got Pony out of school early and they went to the drive-ins

- Pony uses Darry’s old shirts to practice in

- one time “accidently” spilled chocolate milk on Soda’s lap when Soda almost let Darry in on one of his secrets

Modern AU Outsiders Headcanons

I wrote this a long time ago and never posted it oops, and I have some ship requests that will be done soon :)

- Dally, Steve, & Two-Bit’s favorite show is drunk history
- When Soda gets a new iPhone he’s getting a Rose Gold one and no one can stop him
- Ponyboy’s go-to outfit is his purple cut off sweatshirt and his Adidas joggers and fucking Jesus sandals.
- No one really knows why, but Steve has an undying hatred for Toyotas and it’s weird as hell
- One time Soda walked in on Ponyboy aggressively lip-syncing “Creep” by Radiohead and Soda was like wtf
- Every year for Christmas Two-Bit will serenade the gang by singing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You”
- Steve, Two, Soda, and Dally have a choreographed dance to Its Tricky by Run DMC and it’s like the greatest thing ever
- Darry fucking LOVES Adele
- And Steve will try to make fun of him for it but then Darry’s like “look who’s talking, the guy who dances like Drake in hotline bling” and you don’t hear a word outta Steve for the rest of the day
- If Johnny isn’t wearing his classic Chuck Taylor’s, he’s wearing Vans
- Dallas and Steve watch Quinten Tarantino movies together all the time (their fave is inglorious basterds)
- Johnny & Pony watch Buzzfeed videos together all the time bc they think they’re hilarious
- When Pony started driving the gang had to talk him out of buying a smart car because they’re so small & dangerous and they didn’t want him driving one of those things around trying to pick up girls
- Luckily Ponyboy figured they were right and bought a nice Chevy Malibu and he loves it
- Dally knows every word to Hollaback Girl.