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Gadgets breeder contacted me again…

She’s coming with cart & harness and needs a name.

Two and a half driving ponies, two carts, I’m in heaven.

The Outsiders Handwriting Headcanons


  • Contrary to popular belief, Dally actually has really neat handwriting
  • He just never uses it
  • He can’t stand messy handwriting 
  • Which is why he leaves as soon as two-bit or Soda start writing anything
  • It’s not overly fancy, but he has really amazing cursive
  • His handwriting is medium sized
  • When he’s really tired, his words start blurring together into an unreadable scribble
  • He likes writing with black inked pens
  • But secretly hates pens cause he’s paranoid he’ll spell something wrong
  • His spelling is actually the best, other than Pony’s
  • Probably owns a fountain pen but never tells anyone
  • Even though he doesn’t care about what his dad thinks, he writes a letter to him everyday that he never sends
  • Low-key loves writing and can write amazing shit, but has to keep his tough guy facade, so he normally never writes


  • He has a purple pen that he carries everywhere
  • He loves that purple pen so much
  • The poor boy loves to write
  • But never does, cause his spelling is atrocious 
  • He prefers to doodle
  • Normally on his arm
  • The gang was so concerned the first time they saw all these little reddish purple lines on his hand
  • But now they’ve gotten used to it
  • He has other pens, but his favorite is the purple one
  • His handwriting is pretty scribbly, but it can be really neat when he tries
  • His handwriting is really small, cause again, he’s self-conscious about his spelling
  • He’s the best at writing birthday cards though, so everyone loves when he does write
  • Low key writes like a 10 year old, but everyone finds it so cute, so it doesn’t bother him as much anymore


  • He’s always slightly buzzed, and that shows in his handwriting
  • It’s always really shaky and hard to understand
  • Actually has really small handwriting
  • But the spaces inbetween them are                 H      U      G      E
  • He can’t actually read cursive
  • But he can only write in cursive
  • So he’s always staring at his handwriting, trying to understand wtf he just wrote
  • Always writes in pen
  • Has really bad spelling, so normally half the page is crossed out
  • If he does write with a pencil, it never has an eraser, so always blacking out an entire page


  • This boy cannot sit still, so how do you think his writing is?
  • It’s literally so messy
  • Really big
  • Normally doodles, rather than writes
  • For most of his school, he just drew a soda bottle on the name part of his worksheet, because he hates his writing
  • Very poetic, but can’t write so he hates it
  • He secretly gets Darry or Dally to write for him for most stuff
  • His spelling is so awful, because he’s dylexic
  • He hated that, and always tried to avoid writing whenever
  • Wishes he had nice handwriting
  • But realizes, that he can’t be perfect
  •  Would rather have Pony read to him than write any day


  • His spelling is slightly worse than Dally’s, so it’s pretty good 
  • This bitch has the BIGGEST handwriting of them all
  • Hates writing in pen
  • But literally only owns pens  
  • He’s that kid that’s always asking to borrow a pencil 
  • But never gives it back  
  • Mostly cause he lost it 5 minutes after it was given to him  
  • Always carries a little notebook around 
  • It makes him feel as if he’s got his life together
  • He doesn’t
  • He has to color code stuff  
  • He’s the kid that highlights everything cause he thinks it’s all important  
  • He’s also the kid that writes in books  
  • Mainly cause it drives Pony c R a Z Y  
  • Writes reminders on his hand  
  • His handwriting is hands down the Worst™   
  • But he’s amazing at drawing  
  • His notebook doubles as his sketchbook
  • Sometimes wishes he could write, cause he has so many stories in the head 
    • (I hc him as a secret daydreamer) 
  • Is really good at making up angsty love stories 
  • Dal once found a short story, and when Steve found him, Dally was literally in tears 
  • They both never spoke of that  
  • He just has God awful handwriting, and wish writing was like fixing a car (sorry, I HAD TO) 


  • AWESOME speller  
  • Awful handwriting 
  • Everyone thinks that he has to have everything in a specific order
  • Nope
  • (He actually never knows where anything is)
  • His handwriting is really small 
  • And he either writes with no pressure so nobody can ever read what he writes
  • Or rips the page cause he was pressing too hard
  • His handwriting is really sloppy
  • Doesn’t really give a shit about what his handwriting looks like
  • And everyone can tell
  • His handwriting was neater when he was younger
  • Mostly cause his mom was super anal about it
  • Darry gave up trying to make sure his handwriting was neat
  • Probably has his own secret shorthand that he uses
  • Only ever writes neatly for school reports because he doesn’t want credit taken off
  • Would rather draw, but appreciates writing


  • Only ever writes in cursive
  • Also has super small handwriting
  • Only ever really writes his signature
  • Has a planner and a pencil case
  • Which are both super organized
  • He has two black pens, one blue pen, 4 pencils, one red pen and two pink erasers in his pencil case at all times
  • But at home he has a shit-ton of highlighters
  • And lots of colored pens and markers
  • Cause let’s face it, he colorcodes eVEryYtHiNG
  • He’s super proud of his planner
  • Cause now somehow he can remember everything
  • (As if he couldn’t before)

Feel free to expand!! Also, if you guys want, I could do samples of what I think each of their handwriting is!



•Ponyboy would be the sweetest boyfriend ever
•Which helps makes up for him not knowing what he is doing in regards to the relationship
•He would go to his brothers for advice
•This would lead to Soda giving him a tmi sex talk
•And Darry being overprotective of him and giving a frightening sex/relationship talk
•Pony would not know what to do at first due to this and his naivety
•But after a bit he would caught on and really pull all the stops
•Dates are usually at the lot, movie theater or the drive in
•Pony is the type of guy who would give you a single flower every date
•Upon receiving the flower it would be joined with a romantic and poetic line
•Even though if Darry sees it he gives a stern look and just about everyone else will make a snarky comment
•He would also study with you and you guys will always get distracted •Your first kiss would be in the lot, no doubt
•He would be so nervous and read when he asks you if he can
•Most days you guys would spend having fun and messing with each other
•Sometimes you even play pranks on him with Soda and Two-bit
•At night you guys talk about the future and already have the names of your children picked out
•Not being able to see a future with out each other
•Being really close with Soda
•Piggy back rides for DAYS, on both ends
•Overall you guys a SUPER CUTE couple and will be the high school sweethearts everyone talks about

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Originally posted by 80sau

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Hcs for annoying traits the guys have?

I’m assuming you requested for The Outsiders, so that’s what you’re going to get. Thanks! Not sure if the hcs are really annoying but eh.

-Johnny slaps his pockets and bites his nails a lot. Sometimes Pony will point it out and he stops, but most of the time he keeps doing it. It’s normally a nervous tick but it can sometimes be because he’s bored.

-Ponyboy always waits until the last second to shower if he’s going somewhere. He has to meet the guys at 4 pm and it takes thirty minutes to get to where they are? Showers at 3:45.

-Soda uses nine or ten knives when he makes a sandwich or anything. He never remembers he needs to use them again until after he puts it in the dish-water. It drives Pony and Darry crazy to have to wash all the knives in the kitchen because Soda was hungry at 1 in the morning.

-Steve usually just starts making random ass animal noises when it gets too quiet. He’s done it since he was a kid and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to change anytime soon. It annoys Ponyboy sooo much. (A good reason why Steve does it)

-Two-Bit sometimes just laughs randomly. He’ll be lost in thought and suddenly start cackling like a donkey and fall over. He sometimes does this in class and everyone’s just like ‘wtf??’ but he’ll explain what’s so funny and it’s always weird shit. “I imagined Darry wearing a bra and singing into a whisk” was one situation.

-Dallas says ‘man’ 28/5. We all know this. Imagine drunk Dally stumbling around just mumbling 'man’ under his breath. He has a serious problem.

-Darry is rough without meaning to be. He 'playfully’ punches your shoulder and there’s a bruise there for a month. It gets annoying after a while but you blame it on being an accident for a while. Pony has told him he’s too rough but Darry just made a bitch-face and that was the end of that.

Modern AU Outsiders Headcanons

I wrote this a long time ago and never posted it oops, and I have some ship requests that will be done soon :)

- Dally, Steve, & Two-Bit’s favorite show is drunk history
- When Soda gets a new iPhone he’s getting a Rose Gold one and no one can stop him
- Ponyboy’s go-to outfit is his purple cut off sweatshirt and his Adidas joggers and fucking Jesus sandals.
- No one really knows why, but Steve has an undying hatred for Toyotas and it’s weird as hell
- One time Soda walked in on Ponyboy aggressively lip-syncing “Creep” by Radiohead and Soda was like wtf
- Every year for Christmas Two-Bit will serenade the gang by singing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You”
- Steve, Two, Soda, and Dally have a choreographed dance to Its Tricky by Run DMC and it’s like the greatest thing ever
- Darry fucking LOVES Adele
- And Steve will try to make fun of him for it but then Darry’s like “look who’s talking, the guy who dances like Drake in hotline bling” and you don’t hear a word outta Steve for the rest of the day
- If Johnny isn’t wearing his classic Chuck Taylor’s, he’s wearing Vans
- Dallas and Steve watch Quinten Tarantino movies together all the time (their fave is inglorious basterds)
- Johnny & Pony watch Buzzfeed videos together all the time bc they think they’re hilarious
- When Pony started driving the gang had to talk him out of buying a smart car because they’re so small & dangerous and they didn’t want him driving one of those things around trying to pick up girls
- Luckily Ponyboy figured they were right and bought a nice Chevy Malibu and he loves it
- Dally knows every word to Hollaback Girl.


Little video I put together of our beach ride with the relaxed ponies and happy dog 😄

“I’m just going to run to the barn real quick to turn my horse out...”

*Rode two horses, lunged, hand walked, clipped, bathed, pulled manes, wrapped tails, cleaned tack, polished boots, fed supplements*

*crawls back to car, falls asleep, wakes up, drives home*


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