driving picture

i want that really cliché friend group who takes long drives together and takes pictures of each other when they’re not looking and goes on random picnics and visits museum together fuck i want it so bad where y’all at

Judging by how frequently this happens, and how Freddy reacts to it...

…it would appear that the gang’s general plan for their various trips is as follows:

1. Drive until you run out of gas 

2. See what happens from there

Seriously, this just keeps happening! Fred, you do realize you can fill the tank before it reaches empty, right? …right?

I’ve heard the word before,
but it’s never meant much more
than just a thing I’ve never had.


it’s dark, it’s late // a playlist by marie

spotify // 8tracks

a playlist for when its…. dark and late… also good for night driving i think really has that ambience btw theres more songs in the playlists because i didnt have enough space on the picture to put them all lmao

picture by @sinosc