driving limitations

i know we’re both just messing around pretending to be whole but look at me. if the train was coming would you move. if the ground was falling from under your feet would you even notice or would it just be another tuesday for you. if somebody stabbed you could it hurt worse than you already do. what i’m saying is that i love you but i think we both drive over the speed limit when it’s raining. what i’m saying is that i want to hold your hand and i understand about how you sometimes have to sit down in the shower. what i’m saying is that i’m here for you and if the train comes please move.

I believe in magic.
No I don’t believe in wizards hiding in the shadows pointing wands and shouting incantations. I don’t think there’s witches standing over bubbling cauldrons cackling as they stir in frog legs and unicorn tears. I have no illusion of necromancers summoning the dead in Louisiana as they try to evade death.
No, I believe in something small. Something you never see. Something that lies in the air in comfortable moments. Something that can’t be made or summoned. I believe in a feeling that warms your toes and makes life seem peaceful. It reminds you that the world isn’t perfect, but for one calming moment, it could be.
I believe in magic that is different for everyone. I’ll never experience the same magic moment as someone else. And they’ll never experience the same one twice.
It happens on a dirt road in summer when it’s not hot, but it’s warm enough the windows need to be down. When you’re driving under the speed limit past a field and an old Johnny Cash song starts playing.
It’s being at an outdoor concert when people pull out lighters, not their phones, and sway in unison. The artist holds a note longer then the band plays and their voice cracks.
It’s driving through a city in the middle of the night when the windows are down but they leave you with a chill. There’s a few lights on in buildings and the radio cuts out for one beautiful, silencing moment.
It’s going to an old post office before hours and hearing your steps echoing through the vaulted ceilings. The automatic lights take a second so there’s a bone chilling darkness before the buzzing of the lights start.
It’s waking up early on a trip in a new city and going to the lobby so you don’t wake anyone and it’s completely empty because it’s the front deskman’s break. You can see the steam from the coffee you just poured while sitting in a stiff, overstuffed chair, then the sliding doors open and someone drags their bags in from the frigid morning air.
You can never make the moment and you can feel it when you’re there.
I believe in magic. I don’t believe in witches and wizards or necromancers. But I believe in simple magic that happens in ordinary moments.
—  KJS // Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #66. 

it really is so wild how hoseok can be such an incredible dancer rapper producer singer composer lyricist beatboxer and just anything he puts his heart into simultaneously like not only does he have exceptional talent in music and performance but the drive to push his limits and excel in just about every single component of them

As requested: Jefferson and Madison modern AU hcs

James Madison
● is allergic to cats
● still owns a cat and suffers in silence
● is the best at impressions
● loves autumn
● will binge-watch the entirety of a tv-show and then tell you he is “not that into it”
● believes in aliens
● is really good at giving backrubs
● never does the dishes
● always drives under the speed-limit
● goes to church occasionally
● will fix your computer because he’s great with tech

Thomas Jefferson
● was a cheerleader in college
● because he lost a bet, he takes those really serious
● broke his arm three times
● steals your pet’s affection when he’s at your place
● fluent in french (obviously)
● generally loves to travel, esp. europe
● yet he thought austria and australia were the same place
● can read very fast
● only reads the newspaper though
● can sing
● apple-fanboy

I was wondering why Overwatch skipped Valentines day, but then I realized...

When you look at the runaway train that is the Voltron fandom right now

When you look at everything SU shippers have done in the past, including but not limited to: driving some people to try and take their own lives and chasing some of the artists of the show off tumblr on the grounds of ‘queerbaiting’

When you look at how seriously this damn website takes the relationships of two fictional characters and the lengths they will go to to justify their own view and shut down others, even if it’s the very creators of the content they love

Is it any fucking wonder why Blizzard took one look at Valentines Day and said 'Yeah, we’re skipping that’

top gear: roman edition
  • Caesar: races cars in his spare time but also has incurable road rage.
  • Antony: gets Caesar's unwanted race cars but is terrible at using them then gets mad when he meets Cleopatra who is a natural at drag racing.
  • Crassus: got his Rolls Royce gold plated. Purposely drives under the speed limit so people can take good pics of it.
  • Octavian: can drive a mom van perfectly. Will criticize all your kids but refuses to listen to anyone complain about Julia.
  • Lepidus: bikes.
  • Tiberius: drives a Honda Civic very carefully. Everyone thinks he secretly owns Porsches but he's had the same Civic since he was 18.
  • Caligula: kills a kid driving the Porsche through his neighborhood at 90mph and blames it on affluenza.
  • Claudius: begrudgingly drives a nice Benz but he secretly has a old 60s hippie van where he keeps a drum set so Agrippina can't find it.
  • Agrippina: has an aggressive red corvette. Nero attempts to kill her by cutting her brakes but she's stupidly good at driving through crises so she just slows the car down by swerving against the wall. The paint is scratched but she's fine.
  • Nero: has 6 convertibles with super basses so he can blast his mixtapes while he's driving.
  • Galba: totals one of the convertibles.
  • Otho: blantantly uses two of them.
  • Vitellius: tried out another one and thought it was just ok.
  • Vespasian: finally comes and destroys all the convertibles. He rolls over them with a monster truck publicly and becomes famous for the truck, but he actually just rides a Vespa.
  • Titus: drove a Ferrari but when he became emperor he traded it in for a more sensible and yet very authoritative black BMW.
  • Domitian: did the opposite.
The Signs Driving (from experience)
  • Aries: *gets competitive when someone passes them* oH SO THAT'S HOW YOU WANNA PLAY
  • Taurus: *eats an ice cream cone while driving* yumyumyfmyyyuuuummm *spills ice cream on themselves*
  • Gemini: *gets pulled over* oh but officer I am having the most AWFUL day *tells tragic story of how their fish died* *somehow gets off the hook*
  • Cancer: the driver who drives exactly the speed limit and frustrates other drivers who are impatient to get to work
  • Leo: singing loudly to their music playing on the aux cord; people who pass them and see them seeing probably think they're insane
  • Virgo: the driver who hasn't got a ticket ever and takes every moment in the car to boast about it
  • Libra: is the cautious driver who is always alert and safe but is not afraid to honk their horn at people
  • Scorpio: *honks horn* ASSHOLE! God, people don't know how to freaking DRIVE
  • Sagittarius: probably unintentionally speeding 15 miles over the limit
  • Capricorn: doesn't mess around and goes straight to their destination, but if they are alone you may catch them jamming out to their music ;)
  • Aquarius: *thinking* what if cars were people...what if people were cars... *laughs to themselves*
  • Pisces: *drives out of mcdonalds and almost hits a car* oh! oh my gosh I'm sorry I hope they're not mad